God, with this piece of writing, I'm now working on three fan fictions! Well, this one should take too long, since there's only one more chapter after this, and since this one's Dory's POV, the next one is gonna be Marlin's.

Anyway, I know that you're probably thinking this is kind of pointless. All this is, is my favorite part of the movie, just with feeling and thought into it. But I kind of like writing it. Now I can watch that part of the movie with more in-depth feeling, and whoever reads this can too.

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"Please Don't Go Away"

By: I-luv-mark

{though I don't luv mark anymore :P}

I had no clue how much pain he was going through. I was so speechless that I didn't even know what to say to him. I wanted to try, but knowing me, I would say something stupid, or something to make him feel worse. I just didn't know what to do.

I saw him go back into the water a few seconds after What's – his – Name flew off…Nigel! Yeah, that was his name. I followed him down into the water and went to give my best shot at comforting him.


"Dory…" he interrupted. "If it wasn't for you, I – I never would have even made it here. So, thank you." He started to swim away from me, and that was when I realized that he wanted to leave me there.

"Hey, hey wait a minute! Well, wait!" I called as I swam in front of him to stop him from going any further. "Where are you going?"

He sighed heavily. "It's over, Dory," he said quietly, looking down. "We were too late. Nemo's gone… and I'm going home." The whole time he was talking, he didn't look at me at all. He went past me and started to swim away again.

"No. No, you can't," I said to myself more than to him. But when he just kept swimming, I panicked and yelled, "Stop!" He stopped, and now that I could try to get him to stay with me, I knew it was going to be the hardest thing I ever did. It had to be when I felt the most nervous, too. But I had to try, no matter what. There was no way I was gonna let him leave without having my own say in it.

"Please don't go away. Please?" When he didn't turn around to look at me, or say anything, I kept at it.

"No one's ever stuck with me for so long before," I told him. I remembered how every time I met someone, they would leave me after a very shot while with me. But Marlin was the first to every stay that long with me. He had even cared about me enough to put himself in harm's way to make sure I was safe. I don't think anyone else would have done anything like that for me.

"And if you leave – if you leave…" What would happen if he left? I didn't know, and I didn't want to know, so I didn't finish that sentence. "I just, I remember things better with you," I blurted. When I first said this, I didn't know what I was talking about. I almost thought that I lied to him. But that was when I realized that Marlin actually did help me remember better.

"I do, look! P. Sherman, forty-two…forty-two…" Ugh, why can't I remember it? Now, of all times to forget that address!

I tried hitting my self on the head to remember it, but that didn't work. I guess I was too scared of losing my only friend that I forgot the address. I groaned. "I remember it, I do. It's there, I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it." This was true. From the first day I met him, I felt something when I looked at him, but now I know that it was remembering.

At this point, it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my throat, it was beating so fast. I guess it was from a mixture of fear, sadness, and desperation. I felt my eyes begin to water, for Marlin still hadn't said anything or even looked back at me. I wondered weather he was even listening.

"And – and I look at you, and I…" I paused again, but this time it wasn't to think. I had felt a sob start to come out, but at the last minute, I choked it back down. Though there were tears that started to come.

"…And I'm home." My voice was shaky as these words came from my mouth. I could tell that Marlin noticed I was about to cry, because he started to look back, but stopped. I knew that he wanted to look at me, just to let me know he was listening. That made feel a little bit better, but I still felt to the tears coming.

"Please," I whispered pleadingly. "I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget." I didn't know what I would do if I forgot everything that had happened in the last few days. Because if he left me, I would forget everything, including how to get back home. I would probably die here if he left me. But most of all, I would forget him.

There was an awkward silence between us, I felt some hope rise inside me, and I thought that I had convinced him to stay. But his next words were the most hurtful I'd ever heard in my life.

"I'm sorry, Dory," he whispered. He was apologizing for what he would do to me. "But I…do." And with that, he swam away from me and out of my life forever. As he swam out of sight, I felt my heart sink, and I felt more hurt than I ever will for the rest of my life.

That was when my worst fear happened. Just a few seconds after I couldn't see him anymore, everything started to get blurry. I put my fin on my head, to keep from falling and I closed my eyes. I reopened my eyes and my vision was starting to come back, but very slowly. I blinked a few times and everything was clear. I looked around.

"Where am I?"