Far out into the seas of a flattened Terra, lied a small island which held a small, green mushroom shaped house. Inside the basement of this house was a certain craftman's origami workshop, where he created wonderful pieces of art simply by folding paper.

The Toad was working on his biggest project yet. A castle made up with many origami blocks, which layed the brickwork for the castle. An origami castle was his project, and it was just missing one thing. A king and queen, like any castle should have.

The craftsman used a special technique to create the King for his castle. He had the knowledge of how to fold origami in such a fashion that it literally comes alive! It required the use of a certain kind of magic the Terrans who shared the Mushroom Kingdom with were so fond of. Origium Arts.

And so, the craftsman masterfully folded the paper he had to create the King, who he named "King Olly". He wanted Olly to become a good king, so the craftsman went to his desk to find some pencils to write a little message on him as a friendly reminder.

However, while the Toad was busy trying to find his misplaced pencils, a hooded man snuck into the workshop.

"Ah, are you my first subject of my origami kingdom?" Olly asked the strange man naively.

He simply ignored the foolish origami being. A dark, malicious cloud of miasma creeped from his body.

"What is misty stuff you are spewing?" Olly questioned, as the magic began to suffocate him. "*Cough!* What is this stuff..."

The hooded figure quickly fled the scene, going back up the steps to the basement. Meanwhile, the craftsman returned, pencils in hand.

"Sorry about, Mr Olly, I'm not the most organized person here. I have something very import to write on you..."

"Hands off! And it's King Olly!" He snapped back, but it was too late. The Toad had scribbled something on his body!

"H-How dare you! Is this how you treat your King?" Olly screamed at the craftsman, who leaped back reflexively.

"Whoa, calm down, I can explain..." He responded in vain. Olly tore down part of the wall of the basement with some sort of telekinesis, stuffed the Toad inside, and sealed up the craftsman for good.

"These papery beings need to be taught a lesson..." Olly grumbled, looking at the desk of the craftmen. The tools seemed innocent enough, being colored pencils and tape, but Olly knew how much destruction such... things could cause in a paper world. Using his magic, Olly begun to enchant the craftsman's tools to become the generals of his new army. A king needed a strong military to secure his rule, afterall.

"You all shall be the mightest warriors of my Origami Kingdom, the Legion of Stationery" He spoke. "Spread all across the world, far and wide, to slow down anyone who trys to stop my plans. Make every last Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom know the meaning of pain!"

Olly warped the tools out of the workshop, scattering them all across Terra. However, he left one very import tool behind...

"Come with me, Stapler." He told his dog like tool. "You have a very important job..."

In the backyard of the craftsman's yard, stood the hooded figure who corrupted King Olly. He was surround by pale men in green clothing, each with demon like horns and a mask that completed covered their faces.

"Excellent..." The hooded man spoke seemingly yo himself. "I did exactly as you said, master."

"You are far more cooperative compared to my previous host." A femine voice spoke in his mind. "That blasted princess was always trying to reject me due to her pure heart. You are the most malicious man I've ever met, Theresis."

"I was simply taking back what was mine. I'm only working with you to ensure control Victoria, and to permanently destroy Babel. They thought they were clever with that sly gambit, but I will slaughter that rabbit in front of their eyes!"

"Your wishes will be granted, Mr Sarkaz King."

"Good. You have not disappointed me, Shadow Queen."

Theresis's mercenaries were confused about this ordeal; their boss normally just the type yo talk to himself. There was also a very strange shadow behind him, a ghostly figure that was made of dark streamers...

"Any issues, boys?" His goons immediately ceased talking.

"I do not tolerate such chatterboxes." He sighed. "If you are going to spread silly rumors, I will give you plenty of time to do so. For the rest of your lifes."

Theresis teleported himself away from the Mushroom Island, leaving his Sarkaz troops stranded on the Island. Before they could escape, King Olly came out from the origami workshop, with his stapler close by.

"What the hell?" One of the Sarkaz laughed behind his mask. "The boss thinks that piece of scrap stacks up with the rest of his forces?"

"Piece of scrap? You are all silly pieces of scrap against me" Olly retorted childishly. "Watch!"

The Sarkaz swordsman was raised into the air, and pieces of his body began to fold in on each other. He felt every last bone-breaking crease and fold Olly subjected him to, and trust me, it's painful for paper folk.

"And now for the finishing touch." Olly sicced the Stapler at the folded Sarkaz, biting down the mercenary to hold the folds in place. He still looked like one of Theresis's mercenaries, except fully 3 dimensional since the Sarkaz was now origami.

"Gr-AaAaaH..." He groaned in a distorted voice, approaching his former allies. "CaAn'T... uNfOolD..."

The rest of the needs begun to panic, drawing their large swords. It was futile against Olly's abilities.

"Bind them, Stapler." He told his weapon as it pinned down the remaining Sarkaz.

That seemingly innocent day would become the birth of the greatest threat to not only the Mushroom Kingdom, but Terra as a whole.