"Purchase of a Hero"

Bogie believed he was walking down the streets of Coruscant. In fact, he was under the suns of Tatooine. A little critter was stalking him. It had the ability to manipulate weak minds. It led his mind to the Night Bar. Curiosity compelled him to enter it. Inside, he witnessed a woman in chains serving drinks to some aliens. Her name was Val Varge. She was a slave. The little critter was her master. Bogie just happened to be an entertainer. He purchased a meal and began to talk about himself. This charmed her. An R2 unit was there. Bogie would sit down with the aliens and admire himself with a holovid he always carried around with him.

Later, a Gamorian entered the bar. His name was Gamor. He seemed to be a bounty hunter. He was looking for trouble. He was armed with a blaster and skill enhancing drugs. Bogie tried to defend the bar but did not know the effects of drug use. The little critter protected his new customer. Meanwhile, outside, stormtroopers were fascinated with a stock light freighter. Val Varge stopped the fight long enough to inform Gamor. He ran at the Imperials, firing his blaster. The stormtroopers put up a good fight but ultimately died. Bogie, Val Varge and Gamor boarded the stock light freighter. Its name was Gem. They launched into the air.

Gamor spotted a 3PO unit attempting to communicate with a busted landspeeder. Gamor wanted it. They landed. They landed right on the landspeeder, crushing it. The droid tried to run, but Gamor claimed it for his own. The skill enhancing drugs helped. Val Varge had never seen anyone jump so high. Bogie would take command of the stock light freighter until Gamor was sober. They entered orbit. Bogie was shocked to know Val Varge had never seen space before. He swore that someday she would be free. The Gem entered hyperspace.

Travelling through hyperspace, they received a message from the Hutts. The Hutts demanded that they return the Gem to its rightful owners. The Hutts proved that they were the rightful owners by correctly identifying the cargo as skill enhancing drugs. Bogie was ordered to change course for Dantooine. They had little choice.

There was a fleet of Imperial scout ships there. The Gem was swarmed by attacking TIE fighters. Bogie saw a gas cloud. He dumped the cargo upon entering the gas cloud to make it appear as if he was destroyed. Inside was a stock light freighter damaged beyond repair. Its name was Ugly One. It had only one occupant. Sato was her name. Sato and her father were transporting credits for the Rebellion when the Empire caught up with them. Her father made the Imperials believe they were destroyed by jettisoning their fuel and igniting it. He was successful but badly burned. The crew of the Gem heard her story and volunteered to complete the mission. They moved the credits from the Ugly One to the Gem. Sato's father was also moved to a more dignified location. They exited the gas cloud their very fastest. Swarmed by TIE fighters, they left the Empire in the dust of their wake.

They arrived at Corellia. A rebel base was there. It was larger than expected. Val Varge had her chains removed. Sato reported the location of the Ugly One. Once they were done delivering the credits to General Madine, they were invited to a meal. There, they were asked if they wanted to join the Rebellion. Their debt to the Hutts would be paid off if they did. In this way, their hands were tied. They were ordered to be at a briefing that took place the next morning. They slept very little.

At that briefing, a renegade Imperial was spoken of. His name was Youngblood. With the rank of commander he gave to himself, he was constructing a base meant for an army of Darth Vader clones. It was on Kashyyyk. All he needed was a blood sample. A squad of rebel soldiers volunteered to violate the base with stolen codes. The crew of the Gem was ordered to transport them there and back.

On arrival, the crew of the stock light freighter drew lots to find out who would stay behind and guard the ship. Fate chose Bogie. This did not bother him. Everyone else prepared for the mission. The 3PO unit expressed the desire to stay behind but had no logical reason. Bogie would kick off his boots and admire himself with the holovid he always carried around with him. He realized he was no longer an entertainer.

Soon, he would receive a frantic message – the soldiers violated the first door but could not open the second. They were trapped. The room was filling with a toxic gas. Bogie could hear the commander laughing and cursing them for him having to escape in a shuttle. Bogie launched into battle. A dogfight ensued. Commander Youngblood was a better pilot but was also insane. The Gem won. Bogie landed to discover that the Wookiees had destroyed the base for the Rebellion. It turned out they also did not like the Empire. There was a celebration. General Madine went out of his way to be there. Crix Madine recommended that the soldiers receive a Jedi burial. Bogie had inherited a severely damaged stock light freighter. He was ordered to have it and the 3PO unit repaired before receiving another mission. The little critter was still there.

The End