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I hope you are all keeping well. I'm back this time with a brand new story which is set in the Family Forever series.

How did the family cope following the Hoods attack? Well read on and you'll see.

Disclaimer: I own nothing other than original characters, my imagination owns them.

Summary: In the wake of The Hoods attack on the Island the Tracy family must step back and take stock. This may just be the most difficult mission that International Rescue has faced so far.

POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNING: This story will contain talk and details of an eating disorder in later chapters. Read with caution.

Aftermath – Initial Thoughts part 1

By Rosa241

Scott POV:

Glancing to the side I couldn't help but sigh heavily. He hasn't sad a word since we took off, not a single solitary word. The poor kids just sat there staring out the window with this exhausted look upon his face. Not for the first time I find myself wondering what on earth he's been doing while we were trapped on Five. What exactly has Alan been through today?

I want to say something, anything just to make him feel better but no words are coming. Every time I open my mouth nothing comes out. I'm his older brother. I'm his oldest brother. He's supposed to be able to rely on me, after all isn't my job to protect him? I didn't do that today. I let him down. The crackling of the com system almost has me jumping right through the ceiling.

"Thunderbird Two to Thunderbird One."

Flicking the intercom I feel relieved to have someone to speak to.

"Thunderbird One receiving, what's the situation?" It's my Dad's voice who comes through the speaker and fills the cockpit.

"Thunderbird Two has taken off, ETA 2 hours."

Nodding my head I take a deep breath. Two was slower than my bird but mine didn't have the medical facilities that Two had. As much as we needed to get John home fast he also needed medical attention. There was no way that we could get John home fast and provide him with adequate medical care. In the end Virgil had decided that it was best to keep John on two so he could watch over him. Somehow he'd come out of it without any serious injuries, although that burn on his back looked rather nasty and no doubt his arm was smarting right about now.

"FAB Thunderbird Two. Our ETA is about 40 minutes so I'll see you back at base."

"Affirmative. Everything okay on your end?"

Okay? No! We're not okay.

Watching Alan out of the corner of my eye it's almost like he doesn't even realise that I'm talking to dad right now. There's a look in his eyes, one that's been there since he walked out of that bank, that scares me more than a little. We're not okay but I know that's not what my dad's asking. Right now he's making sure that we're both okay physically.

"Yeah, we're both fine for now." Truth be told it's about all I can say to him.

Flicking the com off my gaze was draws back to my youngest brother once again.

There was a time when I knew exactly what to say to him. It didn't matter what happened I always knew the right thing to say to help him but right now…right now I have no idea what to do.

When did that happen?

When did I lose the ability to talk to him?

We've always been able to talk to each other but right now there are no words in my head. I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to say to him and that thought scares me more than anything else I've been through today.

How do I make this better?

Jeff POV:

As the com goes off I can't help letting out the breath I wasn't entirely aware I'd been holding. Scrubbing a hand down my face I can feel the tiredness seeping into my bones. This day. This damn day. How the hell did this happen? How did that…that…monster invade my home and attack my family? Why didn't we know?

My traitorous mind flashes back to my previous argument with Alan.

"Dad I know I shouldn't have been in the ship but Fermat and I found-"

For the first time since our fight I find myself wondering what exactly the end of that sentence would have been. If I hadn't have cut him off then what would he have said? Could this whole thing have been avoided if I'd let him speak?

Don't think about that right now. Don't.

Forcing the thoughts out of my head I focus my mind on the task ahead. The most important thing right now is getting everyone home in one piece. Virgil is back in the med bay with John. Gordon has Tin Tin and Fermat on board three, ideally he shouldn't be flying alone but we don't have a choice. Virgil needs to be taking care of John right now which leaves me to pilot two.


My star child.

So much like his mother.

By some miracle he'd managed not to end up with any life threatening injuries. Quite possibly the only benefit of being trapped up on Five for so long is the fact that we were able to give John a thorough check. Of course be 'we' I mean Virgil. There were no serious injuries, at least that we could see, other than the arm and those rather nasty burns.

How the hell was he able to lock onto Five without our knowledge? No one should be able to do that.

"Dad I know I shouldn't have been in the ship but Fermat and I found-"

Maybe if you'd listened to him then you might have been able to stop this.

Stop it Jeff.

Your family don't need you falling apart right now. Those boys need a father.

Focus on the task at hand. Taking another deep breath I force myself to clear my head.

I know that I can trust Scott to take care of Alan. He always has and he always will. I know I should have told Scott about the bank but the look on Alan's face when we walked out of there stopped me. The last thing he needed was for me to start bringing that up in public. We could deal with his injuries when we got back to the Island. Besides, even though I didn't tell Scott he'll see if Alan's hurt. No doubt his big brother senses will be going crazy right now with everything that's happened.

Gordon can take care of Fermat and Tin Tin until they are reunited with their parents. It'll take both of them some time to get through this but I'm sure their parents can help them work it out. We'll all be there, we'll all rally round to help them.

"You won't even listen to me when I'm trying to tell you something important!"

What if I'd let him speak?

Virgil POV:

"I'm losing all power. Repeat, I'm losing all power."

My brothers voice coming through sounded so scared, so full of pain and fear that it tore me apart to listen. I've always taken care of my brothers, always. Throughout every bump and scrape I've been the one to make them better. However John's injuries are far more than a few bumps and scrapes.

His right shoulder was dislocated without a doubt and that wrist doesn't look to good either. Eyeing the swollen joint I couldn't help but wince. He must have been in such pain! Thankfully being reunited with my bird meant that I could finally get access to the medical supplies that would really help him out. The pain relief was the first point of call. He finally looked like he was somewhat relaxed now which took a great deal of weight off of my mind.

The real problem is going to be that burn across his back. From what I can see those burns are most likely second degree. Hopefully it doesn't stretch too far down his back, so far I can only see a circular patch between his shoulder blades but I don't know what's lying underneath that suit.

Its remarkable that his wounds aren't more serious. At least his physical ones. Who knows how he's going to react to someone trying to kill him, hell trying to kill all of us. That thought stops me in my tracks.

He tried to kill us.

He tried to kill all of us.

How the hell do you react to that?

How do you deal with a maniac that tried to kill everyone you love?

There's no manual or guide book that tells you how to deal with this. My mind flashed over my family for a few moments.

Scott will stay strong until it kills him. Stubborn oaf. No doubt he'll end up running himself into the ground trying to take care of everyone else.

John…god only knows how he's going to react to this but knowing John he'll try and think his way out of it.

Gordon will deal with life the way that he always does. He'll smile and try to take everyone's mind off of the problem. That's half the reason he and Scott clash more than the rest of us. Scott focuses on dealing with the problem, Gordon focuses on taking a step back and giving the problem a chance to settle. That and they're both stubborn idiots.

As my mind flashes to my youngest brother I find a terrifying thought racing to the forefront of my mind.

I don't know how he'll react.

I can pin point just how everyone will deal with this but not him.

Why don't I know?

When did I stop knowing my little brother?

And that's your first chapter right there.

I hope this comes across the way it was intended. I want to get the perspective of everyone in the family and how they feel about the whole thing. They all suffered at the hands of the Hood and I don't want to just focus on Alan – although that may not be obvious since their minds did all come back to Alan. That's easy enough to explain away since they were all together so they know what each other went through. With Alan being separated from his family they don't really know what happened to him so they're bound to be wondering.

Just to make you aware I will be editing some details of the movie whilst writing this (nothing major just a few little scenes here and there).

Next time round we'll take a look at Gordon, John and Alan's points of view of the day they've just had.

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