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Secret Starlights

Chapter 1.

"Hmm hmm, what should I make for everyone today…?"

Nana sings softly to herself from the lounge kitchen, bouncing on her heels as she looks around the room at the various ingredients at her disposal. It's Saturday, and all of her friends are either out today running errands or practicing back at school. Nana herself had been practicing as well until about twenty minutes ago, but she'd come back a little early to get a head start on whipping up a snack for them.

She checks the pantries and cupboards and finds a fair amount of things needed for muffins, so she decides to go with those. Along with the flour, butter, and sugar, she also picks out some blueberries from the fridge and bananas from the counter.

With the room to herself, Nana ties on her apron and begins measuring everything into bowls and cups, singing all the while. She doesn't need a recipe book for these anymore, and can pretty much do it all with her eyes closed - figuratively speaking of course.

After pre-heating the oven, she combines her ingredients in order, folding over the batter before adding in the fruits.

It's just then when she hears movement in the room behind her and looks over her shoulder.

And of course she would've been delighted to see any of her classmates or friends, but of course since it's this person, she's a little extra happy.

"Ah! Mahiru-chaaan~!"

Much like herself, Mahiru is dressed comfortably and casually today, and when she hears Nana's voice she lights right up to see her.

"Ah, Banana! I didn't know you were here!"

Nana puts down her bowl of batter and scurries around the island, arms open wide as Mahiru comes up to meet her in a big warm hug. Mahiru giggles, burrowing her face into the side of her neck.

"You smell so sweet, Banana!"

"Heehee, I've been baking! Mahiru-chan, you're so warm!"

"I've been practicing!"

They giggle softly together for a moment, pressing close in their embrace. Usually when the others were around, Mahiru would be shy about this sort of thing. So in spite of how much Nana loves doing it, she'd try to hold back.

But whenever they're alone like this, it's not a problem.

As they slowly ease back from the hug, Nana nuzzles their noses together briefly and leaves a small kiss on Mahiru's cheek. Mahiru squeaks and blushes pink.


"Mahiru-chan, you're too cute!"


"Heehee~" Nana lets her go, but not without smoothing her hair a little bit. "Is everyone finished practicing now?"

Mahiru shakes her head.

"No, not really. I was just a bit tired, so I figured I'd come back early and make some snacks."

"Perfect! Then you can join me!"


Nana takes her by the hand and guides her over to the counter. Mahiru can't help the smile on her face. She ties on her own apron and begins helping Nana with the muffin batter.

But it doesn't take very long for Nana to realize that something seems a little off with her girlfriend.

Mahiru only hums along with Nana's tune for a few seconds before tapering off with a little yawn, and when it comes time to pour the batter into the muffin tray, Mahiru makes a little bit of a mess. When she notices she's spilled some batter across the tray and a bit on the counter, she gasps.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry! What am I doing…?"

"It's okay!" Nana gives her a cheerful smile and fetches a paper towel to clean it up with. "See? All better!"

"I didn't mean to make a mess…"

"I know that, silly!" Nana puts an arm around her back and pulls her into a soft side-hug. "But Mahiru-chan, are you feeling okay? This isn't like you."

"Ah-" Mahiru tries to answer, but it just turns into another yawn.

Nana frowns just a little bit and rubs her back softly.


"Ahh, s-sorry!" Mahiru straightens up from where she'd almost been about to slouch against her. "I'm fine! I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night, that's all."

"Hm? That's no good. What happened?"

"Well, usually I can sleep right through Karen-chan's snoring. I've become pretty desensitized to it by now," Mahiru explains. "But last night Hikari-chan had a bad dream and I woke up because I heard her. I helped her calm down and fall back asleep, but after that I couldn't sleep myself… Karen-chan kept snoring, and I was worried about Hikari-chan… and the next thing I knew it was 7am…" She finishes with another yawn, as if just thinking about sleep makes her that much more tired.

Nana gives her back another pat.

"Ah, that makes sense. You're just that type of person, Mahiru-chan. You were so worried about Hikari-chan you couldn't settle back down and let yourself rest. You're such a good girl."

"E-Eh? I-I wouldn't say that…" Mahiru's face turns cherry-pink again and she looks down at the muffin tray. Nana smiles and kisses the top of her head.

"Well then, this is no good! You've gotta take it easy today, Mahiru-chan! You've already been practicing all morning."

"Eh? I'm fine! We don't have classes or anything-"

"Nope!" Nana shakes her head. "No can do, Mahiru-chan! Here, you should sit down." Nana gently turns her around away from the counter and brings her to the kitchen table instead, pulling out a chair and having her sit. "You just relax, okay? And I'll finish up these muffins. You can have the first taste!"


"No arguments will be heard on this matter!"

"Now you just sound like Junna-chan..."

But Mahiru admits her defeat and accepts her seat at the table as another yawn escapes her.

Satisfied, Nana gets back to the muffins, sliding the trays into the oven. She sets a timer, and little by little the kitchen begins to fill with that sweet, warm smell of freshly-baked goodies. And once the timer goes off, Nana claps with joy.

"They're done!" She scurries to get on her oven mits, then slowly pulls out each tray. The muffins have risen perfectly, and are still steaming with heat. "Wow! I think they look amazing! Mahiru-chan, what do you-?"

But as Nana turns back to her girlfriend at the table, she finds Mahiru slumped forward with her head on her arms, fast asleep. Nana purses her lips to contain a soft giggle.

"Well, that can't be comfortable."

So for now, Nana puts the muffins back into the oven to keep them warm for later, then removes her oven mits and apron before carefully untying Mahiru's as well. But even when Nana touches her or quietly calls out her name, Mahiru doesn't stir.

Nana takes a moment to appreciate her cute sleeping face; being they're in different dorm rooms, it's a sight she doesn't get to see very often. Nana strokes through her hair softly for a moment, patting her back and her shoulders.

"Mahiru-chan, you're really cute~" She leans down to leave a kiss on her forehead, and she also does check to make sure she doesn't have a fever, just in case. But thankfully Mahiru doesn't feel warm, and her breathing is steady and undisturbed.

So there's only one thing left to do.

Nana crouches down beside her and carefully slips one arm beneath Mahiru's knees and the other around her back.


With precise movements, she scoops Mahiru into her arms smoothly enough that she hardly even stirs. Nana straightens up and carries her into the lounge, then gingerly lies her down on one of the couches. She places a pillow beneath her girlfriend's head and moves her hair aside so she won't be lying on it.

Nana smiles and watches her sleep for a moment. She really is too cute. Nana can't resist resting a hand on hers and leaning over to give her one more sweet little kiss on the lips.

This time Mahiru moans softly, and her eye lashes flutter open.

"Ah," Nana pouts. "Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

Mahiru blinks tiredly up at her, turning her hand over beneath Nana's to entwine their fingers.


Nana tilts her head curiously, then kneels down beside the couch so she won't seem so intimidating.

"Yes? Are you okay, Mahiru-chan? Do you need anything?" Nana is prepared to hurry to fetch her a glass of water or whatever else she might request.

But Mahiru shakes her head slowly, her voice a cute rasp.

"Banana… can you stay…?"

"Eh? Me?" This time it's Nana who blushes slightly, and her heart backflips with joy. There's probably still at least thirty minutes before the others come back, if not longer. It's the perfect opportunity to nap with her. She nods vigorously. "Of course, Mahiru-chan!"

She's so happy she can hardly contain it, and manifests it by kissing her again. Mahiru smiles against her lips, tugging her down by her sleeves.

Nana slips her arms beneath Mahiru to gently ease her onto her side, making a bit more room for herself to climb onto the couch as well. She lies down facing her girlfriend and opens her arms to pull her in right away, hugging her shoulders.

Mahiru clings to her waist, nuzzling in against Nana's collar and pulling her in more, away from the edge of the couch. In turn, Nana has to make sure she doesn't push her back against the cushions too much and end up squishing her by accident. She rubs her hands slowly up and down Mahiru's back, peppering little kisses through her hair line.

"How's this?" she asks. "Are you comfy, Mahiru-chan?"

Mahiru can only manage a sleepy sound of confirmation.


"Mahiru-chan, you're too cute!" Nana gives her another soft squeeze, cradling her close and letting her adjust however is best for her.

But of course, even when she's half-asleep, Mahiru is still worrying about others.

"What about you, Banana…? Ae you… comfy…?"

"Mahiru-chan, I'm perfect! Don't worry about a thing. Just get some rest now, okay? Once you wake up we'll eat those yummy muffins together with everyone!"

"Mm… okay…"

It's clear to Nana that poor Mahiru can't hold onto the waking world for even a second longer. She hears her let out a big sigh, and after that she's quiet. She feels Mahiru's heartbeat as it slows down, feels her breathing become deeper and more tranquil.

Nana holds her close, sharing some of her warmth and soaking Mahiru's in as well. She closes her eyes, planting lazy kisses into her girlfriend's hair as she continues rubbing up and down her back.

The rhythm of Mahiru's pulse against her chest begins to lull Nana to sleep before long as well. She gives her one more kiss and one more squeeze.

"Sleep well, Mahiru-chan~"

And both girls rest for a little bit that afternoon, with the scent of sweet warm muffins all around them.

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