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Chapter 2.

After a morning of relentless training, Claudine had decided to shower and then retreat to her room to rest a little bit. Lately, she's been doing a bit more practicing than is typical, even for her, and this morning she'd actually felt a sudden wave of lightheadedness while in the middle of her routine, so she'd decided to take a step back for the rest of the day.

She may have left the studio a bit suddenly though, as all of her friends had been fairly surprised to see her go before anyone else.

And of course, being Claudine's girlfriend, Kaoruko had been the first to whine and complain about Claudine 'leaving her there to suffer' as Futaba had dragged her roommate by the scruff to continue practicing. Claudine knew she'd be getting an earful from Kaoruko later, so she'd opted to take this time to relax a little.

She sits on her bed and leans back against the pillows, picking up the book on her nightstand - a French romance novel - and begins reading.

Now and then her head aches just a little bit, and she has to look away from the words and close her eyes for a moment before continuing.

She manages to go through an entire chapter before she's alerted to the noise at her door. Claudine looks up just in time to see Kaoruko come half-barging, half-slouching in.


Claudine sighs and closes her book.

"I guess it's my own fault for not locking it."

Kaoruko scrunches up her nose and gives her an indignant look of disapproval.

"Kuro-han, how could you? You left me there with those jackals!"

"Oh?" Claudine smirks. "Were they that bad today? I suppose I could tell that both Tendo Maya and Junna had some tough workouts in mind."

"Urgh, 'tough' isn't even the half of it! I was sweating bullets and Futaba-han hardly let me rest!"

"How unfortunate."

"Have a little sympathy," Kaoruko pouts. "You left me there all on my own…"

"But you survived, didn't you?"


"It counts." Claudine chuckles and pats the space next to her on the bed. "Come and sit down then, Kaoruko."

"Only if I can make it to the bed…" Kaoruko hobbles over like an old woman, moaning all the while. Claudine chuckles and opens her arms, taking her girlfriend by the wrists and pulling her over the last few inches. Kaoruko sits down heavily beside her.

"It was awful," she mutters. "Thirty burpies! The humanity!"

"Oh please," Claudine nudges her. "That's easy for you, Kaoruko."

"Perhaps, but not after thirty leg-lifts and thirty squats as well!"

"There, there." Claudine reaches up and rests both hands on Kaoruko's shoulders to start massaging her gently. Immediately, Kaoruko leans back to slouch against her touch.

"Aaah, Kuro-haaaan~" She closes her eyes and sighs in bliss, turning her head this way and that as Claudine assuages the soreness away.

Claudine can't help but smile; for all the complaining Kaoruko might do, Claudine knows she enjoys it all just as much as the rest of them do. And truthfully, Kaoruko is the only one who really speaks her mind on the less favorable parts of this career; while everyone else keeps their qualms to themselves, Kaoruko is never afraid to voice how she's feeling about anything. And that includes how she feels about Claudine.

"Mmmm, Kuro-han~ Don't tell Futaba-han but your massages are better~"

"I'm so honored."

"I'm just being honest." Then, in an odd twist, Kaoruko actually pulls away from the massage and turns around to face her with a rather stern look in her eyes. "Now if only you'd do the same, Kuro-han."

"Eh?" Claudine blinks, baffled. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, don't play dumb," Kaoruko scolds her, eyes narrowed. But then they soften, just a little, and a hint of concern finds its way into her tone. "I saw you earlier. You left practice early because you weren't feeling well. Isn't that right?"

"Eh-?" Claudine is actually rather shocked to have Kaoruko call her out like this. She hadn't expected anyone to have noticed her lapse in focus. But she supposes she shouldn't be all that surprised that Kaoruko had. After all, she is rather observant, and will get aggressively over-protective of those she cares about.

Kaoruko continues glaring at her until Claudine has no choice but to come clean.

"Well… perhaps I got a bit dizzy-"

"Aaah! I knew it!" Kaoruko turns and grabs her by the shoulders. "You've been pushing yourself too hard lately, Kuro-han!"

"Kaoruko, please. I'm fine."

Kaoruko pouts at her.

"You know, you're really unfair, Kuro-han. Always looking out for the rest of us and making sure we don't overdo it. But then you go and push yourself."

"I'm not pushing myself," Claudine reasons. "That's why I stopped and came back early. So I wouldn't be pushing myself. Oui?"

Kaoruko opens her mouth to retort, then pauses and closes it again.

"I suppose… But even so! You should have said something to me, at least. As your beautiful and devoted girlfriend, I would have-"

"Jumped at the opportunity to get out of practice with me, right?"

"Uuu, Kuro-han!"

"Sorry," Claudine smiles. "But all jokes aside, merci, Kaoruko. It makes me happy to know you were worried."

"Indeed I was." Kaoruko withdraws her hands to cross her arms and give a huff. "Though, I am relieved it was nothing serious. How are you feeling now?"

"Don't worry. Je suis trés bien."

Kaoruko gives her a pensive once-over.

"Fine. But honestly, what are you doing reading at a time like this? This is the ideal opportunity for a nap."

Claudine smiles.

"Well, it wasn't ideal before," she says. "But now that you're here, Kaoruko…"

Kaoruko smirks.

"Oh, you flatter me~ Fine, I guess it's better you didn't start without me."

Claudine opens her arms, and Kaoruko slides right into them, settling between her legs as Claudine pulls her into a kiss. Kaoruko encircles her sides, leaning forward against Claudine's chest. Once they part from the kiss, Kaoruko pushes her down onto her back and hovers over her.

"You know, it really is unfair how pretty you are."

"Oh?" Claudine reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind Kaoruko's ear. "Well, from where I'm lying, you look awfully pretty too, Kaoruko."

"Oh, I'm sure~"

Kaoruko dives in for another kiss, and Claudine pulls her down hard into it, locking her arms around Kaoruko's shoulders to keep her in place. Kaoruko lets the kisses stray to Claudine's cheek, then a little down her neck, trailing them as far down as her collar. And Claudine can't help but chuckle at the ticklish sensation, which miffs Kaoruko to no end.

"Hey! That isn't the mood I'm going for!"

"Je suis désolé." Claudine laughs again, and Kaourko finds she can't stay irked a second longer. She cracks a smile to see Claudine giggling, and is willing to let the more heated mood go for now.

"Fine. I'll settle for this, I suppose."

"I'll make it up to you later."

"Very well."

So for now Kaoruko lies down on top of her and just cuddles up, hugging Claudine around her sides and kissing her again. It's softer than before, and Claudine remembers to take a breath when it's finished.

Kaoruko controls herself and opts for more innocent gestures, such as slipping Claudine's headband off and carding through her bangs. After a moment of this, she slowly lies her head down over Claudine's chest.

In return, Claudine runs her hands in slow, massaging patterns across Kaoruko's back, earning a few cute moans from her here and there.

Kaoruko can feel herself starting to drift off thanks to Claudine's expert hands and the comforting beat of her heart. But she's is determined to stay awake and have her sleep first, considering Claudine is the one who'd gotten lightheaded earlier.

So she keeps her eyes open, staring at the cream-colored canopy of the bed off to one side as Claudine's breathing gradually starts to slow, and her hands become still. Kaoruko smiles.

"There we go. Rest, Kuro-han."

Claudine makes a tired sound in the back of her throat.

"Mn… Kaoruko… merci."

"There's no need for that," she murmurs. "Get some sleep."

All Claudine can do in response is give her one more squeeze before she drifts off, comfortably snug beneath Kaoruko's warmth.

And once Kaoruko is certain she's asleep, she closes her eyes as well, listening to Claudine's heartbeat until she drifts off with her into a gentle afternoon nap.

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