Twas the night before Christmas, and all across Earth,

everyone wanted one thing: some god-damn mirth!

In the home of AndrewMycol, who now lived alone,

not a noise could be heard, not even a moan.

Andrew had lost someone precious. His mother, so dear.

2020 had left him with one wish: to impale cancer with a spear.

Still, Andrew had gained much that year, that much he knew.

He was out of college, had many friends, and his YouTube channel, it grew!

So fast had his channel grown, it was hard to believe.

Andrew could only stare and ponder what he managed to achieve.

So Andrew slept on Christmas eve, a new year around the bend, not knowing that he was about to get a surprise visit from a friend.

It was a quarter to midnight, Andrew asleep in his room,

when coming from his roof, he heard a loud *BOOM!*

Yes, for on his roof, there arose such a clatter that Andrew rushed out of bed to see what was the matter.

Out his front door, Andrew flew like a flash,

Praying his roof wasn't broken, for he didn't have the cash.

When on the rooftop, what should appear,

but a mysterious hooded figure, but without any rein-deer.

The intruder was a man, so lively and quick,

and Andrew knew in a moment, "this was not St. Nick."

The figure shouted out, "Hey, Andrew! How are you doing tonight?"

And Andrew, perplexed, could only say, "All right?"

The figure then jumped down to the lawn, right up to Andrew's face.

He paused for a moment and said, "Sorry, I should respect your personal space."

Andrew looked at the figure. He had heard his voice before.

"I feel like I know you, stranger." To this, he swore.

"Me? I'm just a friend saying hi on Christmas day."

He then pulled off his hood. "It's me, your Internet pal, Jay!"


*The story now paused, RJ "Jay" Writing Ink walks up in front of the readers, wearing his black Assassin's Creed hoodie, carrying his Keyblade, and now sporting a festive Santa hat*

Jay: Okay, guys. I hope you got your fill of the poetry. Because If I keep this up, then I'm never going to explain why I'm even at my buddy Andrew's place. Now, back to the story.

*UNPAUSE to reveal Jay talking with Andrew*

Jay:...and that's why I came here tonight, Andrew. So I could wish you a Merry Christmas.

AndrewMycol: Jungoguy, you don't even know where I live. How is this even possible.

Jay: Simple, Andrew-none of this is real. This whole story is just an elaborate way to tell people about the gift that I got you for Christmas.

AndrewMycol: Wait, you got me a Christmas gift? Jungo, you didn't have to.

*Jay shrugs*

Jay: Yeah, I didn't. But this year's been absolute hell for a lot of people. We both lost someone important to us! So let's focus more on the generosity of the season this year than we usually do.

AndrewMycol: Thanks, Jungo. I appreciate it.

Jay: Now, then. I promised you a gift at exactly 8:00 PM EST on Christmas Eve, and here it is.

*Pulls out a holographic image of the gift in question: The Henry Stickmin Collection on Steam*

Jay: I figured that you still wanted it even after all these months, so I just thought, "what the heck?" I just wanted you to have fun. And trust me, this game is fantastic!

AndrewMycol: Well, thanks, Jungoguy. I'm grateful, man.

Jay: You're welcome, AndrewMycol. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go. I've got a few other friend's houses I have to hit before Christmas Day.

*Jay proceeds to climb back up onto Andrew's roof.*

AndrewMycol: Wait, how did you even get here? Because I don't see a sleigh.

Jay: I never said I used a sleigh, Andrew.

*At this moment, Jay is sitting atop a giant Christmas tree sitting next to Andrew's roof. In a few seconds, the ground begins to shake as Jay swaps out his Santa hat for a crash helmet and then holds onto the tree as it proceeds to launch into the air*

Jay: ~Crashing through the roof, in a one-horse open tree, busting out I go, laughing all the wheeeee-ha-ha!~

And so, Jay visited the houses of many of the friends he'd made on the Internet, wishing them each a Merry Christmas, and giving them each a present.

To his friend KPRS4Ever, he gave her a cat self-groomer for her furry friends and a brand-new laptop with touch-screen features.

To his friend ROTHEM, he left him a laptop to write all his stories. Plus some books on how to write in English.

To The Wandering Hippie, he left him a book on pop culture references to use in his stories. And a Spongebob Funko Pop!

To BlackWolf, he left fanart of her StarCo kids and words of encouragement not to give up in her writings.

To LordCornwallis, he left a collection of Funko Pops! of Team RWBY.

Mr. Chaos, he left the funniest gift he could recall a punching bag of Cersei Lannister, stupid face and all!

To ThDorkMagnet, a promise he would make come true: for Light of the Sun and Stars, a brand new review. And some Steven Universe artbooks.

For Lord of the Storm, LockandKey, Tassji S, and AdDude, he could not think of any goodies.

So instead, he left them each a box of delicious, homemade cookies.

At last, Jay was finished. His task was over and done.

In the cold winter snow, he shouted out, "Hooray, I won!"

And as he flew on his tree, heading home before first light,

he couldn't resist crying out, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!"

Hey, guys, RJ Writing Ink here. I hope you enjoyed my little short story for Christmas. I know I said I was on break until the new year, but then I remembered I bought my friend, AndrewMycol on YouTube this game he wanted as a surprise present for Christmas. Watch him on YouTube. He just passed the thousand subs mark on his channel.

Then when I was driving home, I thought, "you know what would be awesome? If I combined that into a story about all the nice things I'd do for the people I've gotten close to online in 2020.

2020 has been absolute hell for humanity, and I don't think we'd pull through if we didn't stick together. So, thanks for everything, you guys.

Merry Christmas, you guys. And I think I speak for everyone when I say this: HAPPY NEW YEAR!