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The Cheerful Encounter

Amora smiled as she adjusted her dress and she entered into the Tickle Realm with her brother, Eros. They were close friends of the family and she wanted so badly to see her friends.

"It's been a while since we've seen the royal family," she grinned.

"Yes it has. I do hope they have recovered since their last battle," Eros said.

"I do believe they have recovered, brother," Amora said, but as she turned her blue eyes widened in pure amazement. For there in front of her was a large snow white Lauhinian. Her mouth slightly dropped open and she saw him speaking to some of the other Lauhinian council members. "Who is that?" She whispered.

"Did you not know? That's Lord Ecstacio, also known as the Great White Prince," Eros whispered back. "Highly elusive and very powerful."

"I can tell," she smiled, now blushing a bit.

"Amora...for the first time I must say no," Eros said, giving her a look.

"Whatever do you mean," she huffed, glaring back.

"I mean that he is not going to fall in love with our kind or probably fall in love at all. His tale is a tragic one and it is only meant to be told when people need to hear it," Eros said.

"Please, Eros...tell me...," she said, now turning to face him completely. Eros began to tell Ecstacio's story and Amora's face immediately fell. Once he was done, she got a strong look of determination. "Eros, we represent the Love Realm. We can't let him stop loving because of what happened."

"He does love...," Eros said.

"No, I mean accept that others love him and that a female may want him as a mate," she said, now turning and seeing Ecstacio lead Jocu out to train. "And I will personally see to the task."

"Oh, sweet realm...this will not end well," Eros said, now staring at the clouds in defeat.

A few hours later...

"Move your back; you're going soft," Ecstacio commanded, now dodging Jest and Jocu!

"You moved too rapidly!" Jocu growled.

"No, you are just losing your touch," Ecstacio shot back, dodging their blows. As he trained them, he could tell they needed a short rest and snapped his fingers. They immediately stopped. "Rest for a half moon and then come back."

The brothers nodded in respect and bounded off for their short break. As they did, Amora slowly emerged from behind a berry tree and smiled.

"Hello, Lord Ecstacio," she said cheerfully. He turned and the two looked at each other. Amora was amazed at how tall he was and he simply nodded.

"Greetings, Love Realm Princess. You have no doubt come to see my nephews," he said.

"I have already seen them; I came to see you, sir," she smiled warmly.

"And why is that?" He asked, now turning to her.

"I wanted to speak to you about me possibly being a protégé and learning some of your combat techniques to protect from the Nitians," she said.

"Queen Bliss will assist you," he said.

"Oh, come now...," she smiled, now coming forward. "I am not as soft as I look."

"I cannot train you in the manner I train my nephews," he said. She smirked and walked over to him, reaching to touch his tail. She then gasped as he shifted his backside and his tail was moved from her reach. "Please refrain from touching my person."

"Lord Ecstacio...give me a chance," she said, now becoming persistent. The large being only turned away and walked away, making her smile and follow him. As she followed, Jocu chuckled as he saw it all from a balcony window.

"This will probably not end well," he said quietly. But before he could say anything else, he saw Zambanza run out with a look of complete horror on her face! "Hey...what's going on, hon?"

"I-I-I-I need to get out of here," she said, now looking like she was shaking more. But before she could say anything, Eros ran in and gave her a playful smirk. Jocu then burst out laughing because Eros' pinkish/red skin was now blue!

"Get over here, you mischievous young one," he chuckled. He wiped his white hair from his face and put his hands out. "I am going to give you the biggest cuddle for that!"

"What did she do, Eros?" Jocu laughed out.

"She turned me blue, that's what!" He smirked, now trying to catch the clown.

"That's what you get for trying to hug me! I GAAAAAAAH!" She gasped as Eros grabbed her and pinned her to the bed in a bear hug."L-Let go!" she said, her face now red.

"Not until you change me back," Eros teased, now tickling her ears. Zambanza began laughing and giggling and Jocu turned and saw Jape leaning against the door.

"Jape, when did you get here?" Jocu smirked.

"The moment I knew Eros was chasing my daughter," Jape smirked. Everyone then burst out laughing; Jape's protective side was definitely showing.

"Relax, your daughter simply has to change me back," Eros laughed, now tickling the young girl on her ribs. He easily could have changed himself back, but it was more fun to make Zambanza do it.


Ecstacio had finished his rounds in the countryside and Amora had finally stopped following him. She then went back to the palace and saw Lauhin himself finishing a meeting with the queen.

"Princess Amora...welcome," he smiled.

"Thank you, Your Highness," she smiled, but he noticed a twinge of sadness in her eyes.

"What is wrong? I sense sadness," he said, now coming forward.

"I...I just...," she started.

"You met my brother, Ecstacio...," the king smirked.

"I did. I had never met him before," she said, blushing slightly.

"He is a mystery; I know that you don't know him well, but he doesn't trust very easily," Lauhin said.

"King Lauhin...I understand, but I do want to get to know him better," she said, now smiling widely. "I am an expert on love and I won't stop until he understands how people do love him and how he should let them."

"I see...I have one question for you, Princess," the black king chuckled, now raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Your Highness?" She asked respectfully.

"Have you yourself ever been in love?" He asked.

"No, Your Highness, but...I feel like I may have a close feeling to what it feels like," she said, now glancing over at where Ecstacio's kingdom is.

"Well then...we shall see what happens," Lauhin winked, now patting her on her shoulder and smiling. He then turned and walked away at the sound of laughter. Zambanza was currently being tickled by Jape, Jocu, and Eros and the kingdom rang with laughter. There was just nothing like it!

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