It was about two centuries ago. When the world was destroyed.

Apparently, the heroes who were supposed to save us, decided to turn tails and run, leaving us all to die. Our world was rebuilt, and no one is alive who knows what it looks like.

Because I have lived in a Den for my whole life. And my parents. And their parents. The outside world does not exist in the grey halls of a Den. All that exists is the Den.

Over two hundred years ago, a group of dragons that called themselves "Metal Dragons" came to Warfang. They said that they had the only refuge from the destruction of the world, in the form of "Dens"; underground structures that would save the dragon race. All of us had no option but to hide away inside.

Ever since then, we have been living inside Den 101 for as long as we have lived. It may be filled with nothing but grey walls and mechanical doors, but it's what we have left.

My life has been nothing but rules and the same boring day ever since I was born in the Den. I never got to know my father, he died shortly after I was born. My mother has been caring for me ever since. I was born differently to most of the people of the Den; bipedal, instead of all fours. I knew what my life was going to be.

That's what made my life turn upside down… when one day, she wasn't there anymore.