It is 2008 and LADUWS has come to Portugal.

Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Kendall Kavala

Theme of The Weeks

Beach Week, Fairytale Week, Movie Week, 60s Week, 70s Week, 80s Week, 90s Week, Backups Week, Stage Week, Semi-Finals Week, Finals



Ɓgueda Armandio(The Movie Monster) Agueda is 21-years-old and is new to the movie world. Usually, in his hometown of Lisbon, he would perform in monster movies. Currently, he got his first ever leading role in the film, 'Hot And Smoke' where he plays a teenage scout who wants to solve the mystery of a fire forest. During the climax to the filming, he saw visiting star, 'Kamila Rodriquez'. After telling him about LADUWS reaching Portugal, he decided to give it a go.

Frederica Frederico(The Space Girl)- At 19-years-old, Frederica is the current leader of Fatima's astronomy club. On clear night, she can pin point any star and tell a story from it. People say that she is crazy, but her sisters and parents say that she is naturally gifted. One night while children's astronomy club from Lisbon came to visit, she told the story of the original Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. The children begged her to go onto the dance to see if she is correct. Not wanting to disappoint the children, she decided to do it.

Fulvio Mascarousa(The Drama King) Fulvio is an 18-years-old gifted ballerina in Porto. Usually, he would dance within the flowers of the garden he works at. One day, he spotted a lovely ballet dancer who wanted to get away from the spotlight. Fulvio needed to impress her without worrying about the paparazzi, so he decided to go onto LADUWS for Love.

Eva Danmas(The Beach Girl) 27-year-old Eva is a strong-willed lifeguard from Coimbra. In the warm weather, she makes people safe at a public pool and in the cold weather she's the lead singer of local group 'The Fireroads'. During the five years of her band's performances, they weren't getting anywhere big. Eva wanted to help her bandmates, so she decided to dance til she's sick.

Donato Danta(The Sheppard) Donato is a 40-year-old parent and owner of The Danta Shepperfields in Braga. One day, he saw Outa Sync practicing on the fields. His wife didn't tell him due to his habit of freaking out all the time. He freaked out so much, that he did some of Outa Sync's dance moves. In his youth, he was a gifted disco dancer, but gave up dancing after his grandfather died of a rare illness and took over. After that incident, the band suggested that he should go onto LADUWS to go back into the dancing days.

Dina Tomas(The Prison Rioter) 35-year-old Dina hates being judged. In Lisbon, people judged her for being a criminal, when really, she only does crimes to due the right thing. She smuggled children into abandoned buildings for rehearsal space, she steals wallets from con artists, and vandalizes unfinished murals. However, the mayor's bodyguards caught her while she was hacking into his computer. She only did this so she can convince LADUWS producers to film in Lisbon. The mayor was so amazed by Dina trying to invite the mayor, he decided to let her join the show.

Denis Sousa (The Psycho Dancer) Denis has it going good as a 28-year-old video game shop owner in Evora. When he was little he was fascinated by dancing and wishes that there was a dance themed video game, because his family wasn't much of the exercise type. One day, he discovered that his father was part of a pirated video game scheme and had not choice than to turn him over to the police. After that, he moved into a foster home that lives next to the video game store that he works at. Currently, he's been seeing the foster kids dance on the streets to perform, but without busking. Wanting get the money for them and to prove that he's a father figure, he decided to go on LADUWS for them.

Cleto Mascarenhas(The Fire Veteran)- 37-year-old Cleto has been part of Guimares' fire dept. for 20 years. Starting as a 17-year-old volunteer, he ends up dancing his way though the situation. Sometimes, he does fire torch dancing while teaching kids about fire safety. The fire chief wasn't so happy about it. After twenty years of his crazy dancing and fire torch dances, he got fired! Kids at the fire dept. were disappointed about his departure. While listening to Pizza Party's Talk To The Jeans, he decided to do a flashlight version of his fire dancing to prove that he can't go back to a strict boss.


Cloe and Chico Peres (The Pussycat Duo)- These Aveiro siblings have it going when it comes to paying tribute to Josie and The Pussycats. With long tails and ears perhaps, Cloe can get the keys of Josie's voice right. But with 27-year-old Cloe's guitar chords and 29-year-old Chico's crazy drumming, they needed a new member. Currently, they saw their younger cousin, 'Kadin' at 16 wanting to break into the music business, but her parents wouldn't. So, Cloe decided to take custody of her so she can pursue music. After three months of performing, Kadin decided to help them make book another gig on LADUWS. However, they decided to dance the night away instead.

Benigna Brito and Balbina Pascoal(The Harmonic Tides)- 38-year-old Benigna and 39-year-old Balbina are the songwriting 'Harmonic Tides' from Lagos., they've written songs for American talent like Chip Skylark, Emica, and Kimberly Kelly. Before they were songwriters, they were Latin dance partners for the dance school they go to. After graduation, they started working at a local music store that plays 60s music. During their time, they written numerous songs those international talent agencies were a fond of. Recently, they haven't had a current star do their song. When they heard about LADUWS is going to be in Portugal, they decided to look for new talent there.

Graca and Henrique Tavira (The Fifth Moons of Marigolds)- 21-year-old Graca and her 23-year-old husband Henrique live in the gardens of Lisbon. They both met in middle school as Fandango dance partners. Over the years they blossomed while using marigolds in their dances, from the patterns in their clothes to using real ones in their routines. A year after their marriage, they decided to raise money to raise a family. They knew it wouldn't be easy, but they'll do the best they can.

Ivone and Judite Rego-Marosa(The Gardenia Dancers)- 23-year-old Ivone and her 30-year-old half-brother, 'Judite' are dancing partners from Faro. As a small child, Judite's late mother has always loved gardenias. However, he lost her to cancer and his father married a British woman. It was there he became a big brother towards Ivone. Before his mom died, she told him to share the message of gardenias through dancing. For years, Ivone and Judite always wore dance troupe clothes with gardenias on them. Recently, Ivone has graduated from dance school and is need to find a job. Judite worked on a Portuguese telenovela as an extra when he got word about LADUWS: Portugal. Wanting his half-sister to peruse her dream and keep his mom's memory alive, he decided to let them compete on the show.

Adriana Ferreira and Joao Paulo Sintra (The Nebula Searchers) 22-year-old Adriana and 27-year-old Joao Paulo both work at a small planetarium in Sintra. Normally, they would give away free tours and dance lessons on weekends because not everyone can see the universe. In her early days, Adriana was an exchange student to The Martha Boarding School in California. It was there she learned ballet and other forms of dancing. After coming home from visiting her old roommate from boarding school, she decided to go back into dancing. Joao Paulo was the only one available to help her with her dancing, because he wanted to do dancing ever since he was a child.

Renata, 'Renster' and Davi Oliveira (The Domino Sparks)- 34-year-olds Renster and Davi are a husband/wife team who both work at The Balanced Beaut Beauty Salon in Funchal. Every year, they operate their own charity organization, 'Oliveira Vanity' where they donate makeup products for those who can't afford them. Growing up, Davi's parents didn't have much beauty supplies. It all changed when he first met Renster when they were 10-year-old. Renster's grandfather owned The Balanced Beaut beauty salon where they take in less-fortunate people. Inspired by her kindness, Davi joined the beauty dept. Due to the lack of interest of Oliveira Vanity, they needed to get money to donate cosmetics to the poor. So they decided to go onto LADUWS for it.

Camila, 'Cameo' Freitas and Leonel Gama (The Third Vector Rangers)- 28-year-olds Cameo and Leonel both are members of the military themed dance troupe, 'The Tomar Troupe' from Tomar. They formed the dance troupe because their fathers were part of the Portuguese army. In fact, they gathered 7 other children who's parents are also members of the Portuguese Army. Currently, they lost a troupe member due to relocation. Cameo and Leonel weren't getting a new member fast, so they decided to look for new members on LADUWS.

Backup Dancers

Isabel Vieira, Nayib Machado, Mebarak Gama, Humberto Rego, Kadin, Peres, Milagrosa Cabral, Santana Albuquerque Fajardo Resende, Enrque Silvestre, Lynn Fontes, Julio De Lima, Svetlana Baptista, Caguas Almeida, and Vivo Vieira.