The year is 2006 and LADUWS has reached Mother Russia. Contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Modest Shubin


Dementi Kolesnikov

Golden Pavlova

Lubomir Ignatieff

DJ: Myra Zotova



Regina Ponomaryova (The Swan Queen)- 33-year-old Regina is considered Moscow's Swan Goddess. In fact, her parents own a swan sanctuary just north of the city. Over the years, Regina has mastered the art of ballet and contemporary dancing. She wanted to find employment in dancing. Unfortunately, too many people recognized her as The Swan Goddess and it was hard to find a role when so many people can spot her face. After going into a DVD shop where they recently did the Russian dub of LADUWS Season 1, she decided to give the new Russian series a whirl, and hoping that there won't by any riots.

Yemelyan Kozlov(The Ballet Man)- At 29-year-old, Yemelyan is the youngest principal at Lorefuse Dance School in Kazan. He was even a student there. For years, Yemelyan wanted to solve the mysteries of the school's past. During his time, he discovered lost treasures, whereabouts of old records long forgotten, and old videos of school shows. During the yearly student inspection, he saw that a few of them were not getting enough exercise, believing that dancing isn't a sport. Wanting to prove that dancing is a sport, he decided to join LADUWS and encourage his students to stay in shape.

Cyrus Yevdokimova (The Anastasia Cosplayer)- 18-year-old Cyrus has always believed that Anastasia can be seen all around Volograd, inside that is. Over the years, she has studied The Romanov Family, she was so fascinated by it, and she decided to live like them. Being the daughter of a private detective, she could tell the difference between a fake and real Romanov. Last year in her senior year of high school, she was selected to pick out the costumes for the winter musical production of Anastasia; she'd even helped the leading lady portray the role right. During her graduation party, her principal informed her of LADUWS: Russia. Wanting to keep Anastasia's name alive, she decided to join in her honor.

Nestor Aliyev (The Con-Man)- 28-year-old Nestor is a talented magician in Sochi. However, he doesn't just do any magic tricks, their practical joke magic acts. He started his first prank on his elementary school principal in the 3rd grade. He did a combination of a marble roll; whoopee cushion crisis, and a silly string situation that gave him a month's worth of detention. Combining it with a magic kit his uncle gave to him; he decided to be a prank magician. During a circus' visit at the theater he works at. He decided to show off some of his ballet dancing. One of them showed a flier of LADUWS and he decided to join the show.

Rose Vinogradova (The Tragic Rose)- 25-year-old Rose is a tattoo artist in Omsk. She has made tattoos for numerous people. One day, an American rock star came to her tattoo parlor, 'Law of Ink' to get a tattoo of the LADUWS logo in Russian. After telling Rose about the Russian production, she decided to give dancing a try.

Spiridon Repin(The Nutcracker Prince)- 20-year-old Spiridon had always been Yekaterinburg's prince charming. He has worked from being a storyteller at his family's bookstore to being an actor at The Anagram Theater playing numerous princes. However, at his last performance of Beauty and The Beast he played Lumiere instead of a prince. He was happy that he gets to sing, 'Be Our Guest', but was disappointed that he didn't get to be a prince this time. The director of the show felt bad that he had to let him play Lumiere. To make up for what he did, he decided to let him go onto LADUWS, saying that he could be the, 'Prince of LADUWS: Russia'.


Lina Bodrova and Seraphim Ozerov(The Swim Champs)- 27-year-olds Lina and Seraphim were part of the adult swim team in Samara. They were both always about winning and not about charity. Recently, they heard about one of their co-swimmers quitting it and joining a supernatural dance troupe. Wanting to prove that their good synchronize swimmers, they decided to join LADUWS.

Efimiya and Xenophon Zakharova(The Fiddlers On The Roof)- 26-year-old Efimiya and her 29-year-old husband Xenophon are the leaders of the Peter Pan Orchestra St. Petersburg. The Peter Pans Orchestra mostly consist of children ages 8 to 18. One day, they saw their students going through their Bugaloos Russian dub videos. After hearing the, 'Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna' song, they found it to be really insulting. However, this got them into a little trouble with a reporter for a newspaper. Efimiya and Xenophon wanted to prove to the press that their not letting kids misbehave, so they decided to go on LADUWS.

Barbara Rogova and Rafik Balashov (The Matryoshka Makers)- Cousins 18-year-old Barbara and 23-year-old Rafik co-own their grandfather's matryoshka shop, 'Muse of Snow' in Moscow. Mostly, they did dolls of Rainbow Monkeys, Maho Mushi, and Mega Hyper Heroes. One day, Rafik's wife came home hearing the news that her old school was going out of business due to financial troubles. Barbara remembered that some of her old friends from high school are going to look for a job on television, so she decided to go onto LADUWS: Russia.

Romana 'Rufus' Kotova and Ephraim Abramoff (The Polichinelles)- 24-year-old Rufus and 25-year-old Ephraim. For years, Rufus did most of the things that boys do. She wasn't just your average tomboy, so she decided to name herself after the world-renowned magician, 'Rufus Raucous'. Ephraim on the other hand, was Rufus tap dancing partner at their old dance school in St. Petersburg. One day during a class reunion, Ephraim told her that he is going to go on LADUWS so he can polish his acting resume. However, his original partner broke her ankle while rollerblading and Rufus decided to join in.

Hope Ibrahimova and Miroslav Loginov (The Magazine Reporters)- 30-year-old Hope and 33-year-old Miroslav are English/Russian magazines translators in Ufa, they've even written for TidBit Weekly and Shockawe Magazine. They've also interviewed the Russian dub actors for Snooper Dawg and The Clue Crew, Astro Slam and Ducky Momo. One day, Miroslav was interviewing former LADUWS contestant, 'Remington Alan' about his time on LADUWS. While trying to smudge a shirt off of Miroslav's shirt, Remington suggested that he should join LADUWS: Russia. Remembering that Hope was a dance at the Pavali Dance Academy, he decided to get her in on the action.

Antonina Fedorova and Dominique Zuev (The Loved and The Lovelesses)- 27-year-old Antonina and 38-year-old Dominique are stars in the Russian adaptation of the American hit soap opera, 'The Love and The Loveless', broadcasted from Honored Echo Studios in Volograd. During their six years on the show, Dominique started hearing rumors of a few crew people leaving for the first LADUWS season. Fearing that a newcomer would steal his spot on LADUWS to a younger actor, he decided to go onto the show. Unfortunately, Antonina was the only one with capable dancing skills to get on the stage.

Backup Dancers

Angelina Aleksandrova. Eric Izmailova, Plato Izmaylov, Alevtina Kuznetsova, Hippolyte Nevzorov, Margaret Ponomaryova, Vanessa Sokolova, Karp Bogdanov, Avdei Yegorov, Leon Yudin, and Naina Zaytseva

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