The year is 2004 and LADUWS has reached Spain.

Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Elijah Sierra


Jacob Roig

Martina Mendoza

Alexander Dane

Band: Quintana

Theme of The Weeks

Whimsical Wacky Week, Bird Week, Rainbow Week, Fairytale Week, Backstreet Week, Nature Week, Pirate Week, Tropics Week, Backups Week, Techno Week, Dinosaur Week, Semi-Finals, Finals Week.



Cristofer Cuesta(The Reporter)- Cristofer isn't your average 34-year-old host on Good Evening in Barcelona, he was also a dancer during his college years. Unfortunately, he injured his ankle during a charity performance and vowed never to dance again. One day, his co-workers brought up the report of his injury and were stunned. Luckily, the weather girl encouraged him to dance again by going on LADUWS. Will Cristofer have what it takes to Dance Til he's sick.

Rosamer, 'Rosa' Mingo The Samba Star- Rosa is he 19-year-old heir to The Mingo Plaza in Madrid. She was also a child dance star on the hit show, 'Little Feet Frenzy'. After her gig during Rakila's Where At All, Why We Are tour, she suggested that she would join the show to show the cutting edge of dancing. Interview Inspiration Weekly says that being on LADUWS will be the biggest chance she'll have

Pablo, 'Palban' Rocha- The Jester. Palban isn't your average 25-year-old clowning teacher. He always pulls the craziest pranks around Granada. During a poolside bash his sister was throwing, he got in on a prank with the band performing there. He filled a bunch of water balloons with ketchup, tossed chicken bones on he ground, and they all dressed like zombies. This scared the patrons so much, they thought it was real. His sister, 'Ocean' wasn't happy with the way Palban pulled a super scary prank. She told him that she wouldn't talk to him until she gives him the same amount of money their uncle left behind a year ago. Palban was desperate to gain her trust again. After remembering hearing some people talk about LADUWS airing in Spain, he decided to join in.

Belicia Villa-Puerta The Maid- For as long as she can remember, 35-year-old Belicia worked for the richest flamenco dancers in Madrid. She started out as a flamenco dancer herself thanks to their private lessons. These lessons made her win a lot of friends due to her kindness and her safety precautions. One day while coming into work, she saw that her master was having financial troubles due to lack of interest at 'Los Pétalos De La Maravilla Dance Academy'. Determined to save The Petals of Wonder, she decided to go onto LADUWS to reconcile her love for dancing.

Alvaro Roque The Amigo- Alvaro is one of the friendliest 29-year-old tour guides at The Merlo Theater in Barcelona. As a child, his parents left him for Russia and never came back, leaving him emotional and sad. Without a place to go, the manager of, 'The Merlo' took him in as his son. One day, The Merlo was getting a gig from Quentin Magana; The Magma Magician came to performance for Merlo's Foster Care. Alvaro was so fascinated by Quentin's magic; he decided to be a magician too. One day during a charity gig at the theater, he decided to do something new to his gigs. After hearing a radio commercial during a rehearsal session, he decided to audition.

Mercedes Campo- The Sister- Mercedes has always been the calmest 27-year-old nun in Madrid. Her grandparents were the founders of the St. Sloane's School for Girls, where she teaches Latin and is part of the school's Latin club. During a parent teacher conference, she heard that some of the students were taking Latin classes outside the school. First she thought it meant the language. Later, she found out that they were taking Latin dance lessons. A week later, she saw a teacher complaining about her students believing that she was too old for teaching. Worried that this would happen to her, Sister Mercedes decided to join LADUWS.

Blas Fontana The Youngster- Blas is the youngest of The Fontana Siblings on Canary Island. His parents were successful boat tour owners and his older brother and sister are in the marketing for the Fontana Tours. One day, 26-year-old Blas was getting tired of waiting for customers to come to their boat tours. So, he placed a fake AD at a scouting troop his younger sister, 'Sailor' was in. Falling for the prank, Sailor's scouting troop went on the tour. Though he was unaware, they were equally as mischievous as he was. After two scouts scared away a private yacht for an ambassador from Italy, he sued his family for the incident. Blas wanted his family to trust him again, so he decided to go onto LADUWS to get the money they lost.

Elvia Gallo The Witch- 21-year-old Elvia is a gift shop worker in Cordoba. Before she was a gift shop worker, she was a contemporary dancer for shows at night. Elvia never dances in the sunlight, because she feared that it would be bad luck. One day while her little cousin was visiting, her aunt told her that she's moving in Elvia due to her being bullied at her old school. Wanting to get the money for the child's custody, she decided to go onto Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.


Placenta and Andreo Guerra (The Dragon Tamers)- 22-year-old Placenta and her husband 26-year-old Andreo first met at 's Bilbao's China Cultural festival as acrobatic dancers for rival teams. Andreo's team was in financial debt and Placenta gave half of the prize money to them in order for his dream to come true. When Placenta learned about Andreo's dance instructor's spending habits, she decided to take the dancers into her wing. Ten years later and one year after their marriage, they decided to celebrate their love and The Dragonpalooza team's liberation by going on LADUWS.

Bertha Rana and Ciceron Del Olmo(The Rising Stars)- 21-year-old Bertha and 22-year-old Ciceron are members of the new band, 'Manor De Fascination' Bertha plays the keyboard while Ciceron plays bass. One day, their lead singer and Ciceron's cousin 'Lake' got into a testimony by a lawyer for a rival band. Bertha remembered that she was a gifted ballet dancer, so she decided that she and Ciceron decided to go onto LADUWS to help Lake out.

Xalbadora 'Xibabeba' Giminez and Duante Lobo(The Cool Kids). 24-year-old Xibabeba and 25-year-old Duante are the techno duo, 'Dynamic Bungee'. Like his last name, Duante started off as a lone wolf, but it doesn't stop him from being with his cousin Xibabeba. They have been getting a bit rocky since they started in 2000s. After they performed Daft Punks' One More Time, they became a Daft Punk Tribute group. Duante heard about LADUWS coming to Spain after seeing American imports of LADUWS The Twins' retention of One More Time, they were inspired to be on the show.

Dia, 'Da Game' Gamez and Saturnin, 'Mr. Saturn' Feo(The Wild Ones)- 29-year-old Da Game and 34-year-old Mr. Saturn are a group of video game designers from Salamanca. They don't just design any games, they design T to M rated video games. They'd even design the villains for the mature video game Doombringer. In the old days, Mr. Saturn was doing Houdini Dance magic acts to perform for others. One day during a park talent show, he saw Da Game reenacting a Kenzie Space Gal book via dancing. Amazed by her choreography they became brother/sister figures. One day, Mr. Saturn and Da Game wanted to get some inspiration for Doombringer III after the success of Doombringer II, so they decided to go on LADUWS for it.

Florencia, 'Flo' Maradona and Lazaro Olguin(The Webmasters)- 33-year-old Flo and 30-year-old Lazaro have been designing Spanish websites for music stores in Barcelona. In the old days, Flo was a disco dancer who did tributes to Abba and The Jackson 5 while Lazaro was a rockabilly star dancer who did Elvis and Buddy Holly. One day while getting a shipment of new computer tech, they saw a pamphlet for LADUWS: Spain. Wanting to help renovate their office.

Enrica and Godfredo, 'Freddy' Puig (The Knights)- 30-year-old Enrica and her 32-year-old husband Freddy both work as entertainers at a medieval themed restaurant. Enrica works as a Spanish to English translator for English speaking tourists. In the early days, she couldn't hold a job due to her uncontrollable dancing habit. After a little trouble at a tire shop, her uncle, who owns the medieval restaurant, gave her a job as a translator. Freddy, on the other hand, worked there to pay for school lunch and his own supplies. They bonded so much, that they became The Knights of The Round Puig. Recently, her Tio Reagan passed away from a terminal illness and she wanted to pay tribute to him. So, Enrica signed up for a dance show, which he never got to do.

Materia Rosa and Reno Sosa(The Fiancés)- 25-year-old Materia and 26-year-old Reno met each other during community college. Materia was a dance major while Reno was an English major. One day, Reno was giving a tour to American exchange students when he saw Materia practicing her flamenco dancing. There it was love at first sight. After ten years of taking dance lessons together, entering contests and showcases, Reno proposed to her on Christmas Day. During a flamenco lesson, Materia got a wrong number call from the studio doing Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. It was there that she and Reno decided to work on their wedding dance by going onto the show.

Paquita Suero and Tonio Toset(The Mediums)- 26-year-old Paquita and 27-year-old Tonio are both partners for a professional Medium, 'Madame Rochella La Morse'. During those days, they helped donate money to the needy. Recently, Madame Rochella has been stricken down with an illness and they wanted to help her. So, they decided to go onto LADUWS for her.

Backup Dancers

Patricio and Patrido Roma, Sailor Fontana, Artemisia Nunez, Corazana 'La Zany' Mendez, Carlita Hierro, Melosia Cortez, Simon and Jeronimo De La Fuente, Enrique, 'Enro' Castro.