Jambo, Kenya. It is 2010 and Let's All Dance Until We're Sick reaches the jungles of Kenya. Unlike other seasons, the viewers at homes will vote this.

Dancing, the earliest form of storytelling. They'd even used dancing to cure the ill and the weak.

18 contestants will spend the next three months dancing in the moonlight. They'll compete against each other and be judged by the judges. Every few weeks, our judges will decide who will get sent down The Long and Winding Road. In the end, only one will with 10,000 dollars. To survive they'll battle and each other.

Who will Shimmy and Shake til the ankles breaks

Jump like a Pogo Stick and Dance Til We're Sick.

And Let's All Dance Until We're Sick.

Host: Kunia Okomola

Theme of The Weeks

Tribal Week, Lion King Week, International Week, Fairytale Week, Schoolhouse Rock Week, Big Time Rush Week, Rainbow Week, Bug Week, Superhero Week, Backups Week, Backstreet Week, Nature Week, Animal Week, Semifinals, Finals



Kudio Okilo(The Doctor) 34-year-old Kudio works as a pediatrician in Nairobi. He wasn't just any doctor; he used herbs and flowers to cure the sick. His wife works as a philosopher at Nairobi College of Science and as children, they were the children of botanists and they both shared the interest in flower dancing, a rare dancing in Kenya where they make flowers bloom overnight. One day, he was visiting a village where they couldn't afford medical care where he sees a bunch of kids getting donated goods from Let's All Dance Until We're Sick's charity foundation, 'Dance Til We're Well'. Influenced by the good deeds that the show has done, Kudio decided to dance for the villagers.

Shany Chukwumereije(The Circus Clown)- For 24-year-old Shany, it's not easy performing as a clown in Malindi. Usually, she would perform at Cirque De Myth, a circus that relies on any type of mythology from Greek to African. During a clown performance of Orpheus and Eurydice, she spotted international talent agents looking for new dancers for the American season. Wanting to go to America, Shany decided to a mango juggle. Unfortunately, she didn't know that the head talent agent was highly allergic to mangos. The other talent agents didn't want to see Shany disappointed, so they requested that she should join the first ever LADUWS: Kenya.

Niagh Adesida (The Debuty)- 32-year-old Niagh is the sharpest cop in the Kitale Police Dept. He never had time for dancing. One day, he found a teenage dance troupe using an abandoned coffee shop as a rehearsal space. He tried to tell them to leave, but they didn't listen. So, he decided to beat up the leader. As punishment, the judge ordered him to go onto LADUWS, to admit that dancing can make a difference. As for the dance troupe, 'Prison Sparks' they decided to go onto the show as the backup dancers.

Ramla Diya(The Coach)- 27-year-old Ramla is a fresh contemporary dance teacher at the Kisumu Dance Academy, a small dance school that usually teaches kids ages 6 to 16. As a child, Ramla has been fascinated with contemporary dancing and decided to go to KDA to live out her dream. During her college years, she meets the old owner of the school and has hoped that she could return one day. However, her family's cornerstone was having financial dept. and decided that she could help raise money. A year before, her parents encouraged her to go to KDA after the unexpected death of the owner. Wanting to keep his memory alive, she decided to take the risk. Seeing a LADUWS flier on the bulletin board, Ramla decided to join the show, to prove that the smallest things can make a big difference.

Hasina Ezekwesili(The Tribal Leader) 26-year-old Hasina is the leader of the African Dance Troupe, 'Naivasha's Night Owls' where they all use artificial owl apparel in their dance apparel. From Save The Owls rallies to Owl Sanctuary gigs, Hasina and his crew became one with the owl. One day, they saw reruns of the second season of LADUWS from a dancer's international DVD collection. Since the other 11 members had other plans in their lives, Hasina was the only one who can do it.

Kapuki Solarin(The Princess) 20-year-old Kapuki didn't start off as a princess. Kapuki was orphaned at age 6, leaving her to be raised by her dancing hating grandfather in Mombasa. Little did he know, is that she self-taught herself ballet and all forms of dancing. Every time she tried to ask him why he hates dancing, he rudely brushes her off. One day, her maid, who was aware of her dancing secret suggested that she should be on LADUWS and surprise him because life has surprises everyday.

Amana Ironsi(The Football player) 22-year-old Amana is a middle school football coach in Eldort. Before dancing, he was a gifted tap dancer and sometimes-included soccer moves in them. One day, he saw that the school's sports dept is in dept. So, he decided to go onto LADUWS to help raise money for them.

Elewisa Ademola (The Television Broadcaster)- 37-year-old Elewisa is the general manager of Mortal Angels TV in Nairobi. At 33-year-old she hardly had time to relax. Everyday she has business meetings, broadcasting international channels, and getting other talents. One day while seeking from Total Eclipse Studios, where Let's All Dance Until We're Sick is being aired, she sees an old business partner who suggested that she should use dancing to relax. Elewisa didn't want to get any lawsuits or make her friends think she's married to her job, so she did what that she had to do.

Kheri Okoye (The Baristo)- 22-year-old Kheri has worked on Okoye Coffee Farms in Nakuru for as long as he came remember. For a second job, he worked at a coffee shop nearby. Sometimes, he sees some of the customers danced til their sick to the radio. From the VHS tapes that the manager owns, he played American, British, and Australian reruns of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick on them. One day, he got a new female Australian worker who was once auditioned for LADUWS, but got rejected for being off timing. Wanting to show her that being off time is a unique trait of hers, he auditioned LADUWS: Kenya.

Salehe Aguda (The Lion Queen)- 19-year-old Salahe is like a female version of Simba. Her father was killed in a car crash when she was only 9 and decided to run away from all the trauma. Her mother on the other hand, had a little financial trouble. Without a choice, she went to live with a family friend in Mombasa, who is a skilled Broadway choreographer. Years later while reciting Nala's lines, she spotted an AD for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick and it was there that she should do all the Lion King dances she learned on the show.


Mwinyi and Bakari Mbanefo(The human Timon and Pumbaa)- 29-year-old Mwinyi and her 20-year-old husband Bakari run a bug zoo in Nakuru. For sixteen years they have ben saying, 'Hakuna Matata' to patrons. Luckily, thanks to Mwinyi's old college friend from her exchange student program at Stanford, they were able to use the name for, 'Hakuna Matata Zoo'. One a month, they get Timon and Pumbaa to perform for them and recently, Pumbaa got a tummy ache after eating too much gummy worms and they were afraid that he would eat all the gummy worms the kids eat. Mwinyi and Bakari needed to find a new act fast while they're on LADUWS.

Banou Jang and Chui Okafor (The Hyenas)- 30-year-old Banou and her 31-year-old comedy partner, 'Chui' got it chuckling at the Knowledge Mask Comedy Club in Nairobi. During their time, they'd seen comedians come and go. One day, they saw a comedian at 19 who is on The Cutting Edge. Though they are still young, Banou and Chui decided to take their sense of humor to the next level by going onto a dance show.

Neema Akintola and Jabali Agumina(The Hornbills)- 29-year-old Neema and 40-year-old Jabi are co-librarians in Nyeri. Unlike most libraries, who had the latest books, there's have a lot of books that dated back to the 1900s. Students were getting tired of old and worn out books. In order to make libraries fun again, Neema and Jabali decided to go onto LADUWS and get money for new books.

Hasnaa and Reth Igbinedion(The Mandrills) 29-year-old Hasnaa and 30-year-old Reth are a married couple who run a youth center in Thika. Usually, they were for people who can't afford big time extracurricular activities for children. From drum circles to traditional African dancing, these two really gave children self-confidence. However, when they started having their own children, they needed to make sure that they get the confidence they need. Remembering from Hasnaa's video diaries she made as a child, she decided to go onto LADUWS and save the footage for her children.

Athumani and Badru Ojukwu (The Circles Of Life)- 24-year-old Athumani and her 25-year-old cousin, 'Badru' run,'The Nodding Star' costume shop in Eldort. Usually, they would sell traditional African clothes. One day, they saw a British acting troupe coming in for a human retention of The Lion King. One of the dancer's was the sister of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick dancer, 'Rayan Knaggs'. After she told them about LADUWS reaching Kenya, they decided to market their store and use their own clothes on the show."

Chriki and Russom Amaechi (The Bead-Makers)- 27-year-old Chriki married 29-years-old, 'Russom' on the grassy parks of Mombasa. This wasn't just any wedding; they wore traditional African apparel with numerous beads on them. From the hats, to the accessories. A few months within their marriage, Chriki read an issue on Romeo Magazine about 10 signs of divorcement. Worried that it would come between her and her beloved Russom, they decided to on LADUWS, thanks to the previous issues on 10 ways to keep marriage lasting long.

Backup dancers

Imani Okonjo, Amani and Nalah Akintola, Tabia Falana, Jaha Biobaku, Kondo and Chuma Ohakim, Salim Iweala, Chandu Akenzua, Okapi Ohakim