A/N- Welcome to the randomness that is this fic! Many thanks to my fellow co-authors for Once Upon a Convention for the inspiration, especially to Blushweaver for including Lory, prompting the need for this fic. Because really, you know he must have been walking around ALL days of the convention. I hope you enjoy!

The excitement was palpable within the halls of the hotel as the convention was opened. All around groups of people chattered and looked around in amazement, taking in all the sights and sounds. There were squeals and shouts of joy, laughter and constant shutter noises as people gathered and took pictures of everything and everyone. Especially of those in cosplay. Walking menacingly, their long chicken legs creeping among the crowd, one convention-goer was lapping up the attention caused by their outfit. Glancing down at the small display near his chest, Lory quickly posed for the people they saw approaching for a picture to the right. Flicking a switch, a flicker of light caused a figure to pass the right-hand window of the hut that made up the body of the outfit. Slight screeching noises emitted from the hidden speakers in the wooden roof.

Behind him silent as a shadow, another person followed handing out business cards promoting the cosplay and the design collaboration behind it. Flyers containing upcoming panels and runway shows that would be occurring during the convention were also handed out to those interested in seeing what more the fashion line had to offer. Ruto took note of the people that exclaimed more excitedly about seeing the models then the cosplays, in case he needed to put up some further preventative measures for their safety during the convention.

This process continued for some time. The pair would walk around the floor of the convention, showing off the impressive cosplay while also promoting the new R'Mandy fashion brand collaboration with the president of LME. Lory posed, while his shadow handed out flyers and took pictures. While their walk through the crowds seemed aimless, Lory had one goal in mind. Peering out from the shuttered windows at eye level, Lory looked around for his charges once again. I know they should be here. Ren had his last work debriefing an hour ago. Having no luck, he checked once more for anyone still taking his picture, then headed off further into the convention. Several minutes later, still with no luck in the main convention area, Lory headed to the side halls where the panels were being held.

Reaching the lines for the panels, he considered checking inside the conference rooms for the actors. Glancing down at their list of outfits (provided by Ruto of course), he was just about to consult his assistant when he noticed them. There in one of the lines was Kyoko, dressed in a peasant's dress with a white apron and a blond wig, talking excitedly to his godson in a bear suit. A bear suit! Well, I'm glad I don't need to be worried about their identities being revealed today, Lory thought, chuckling at the sight.

Posing for the crowds, Lory stood nearby, taking discreet pictures of the couple while they waited in line. As they left to enter the room for their panel, Lory messaged his assistant orders to keep a distance and observe for trouble. Satisfied for now, Lory headed off to enjoy some more of the convention. I shall leave you two alone for now, although how you thought I wouldn't find out about this is crazy, he thought shaking his head in disbelief. Unless you two are going to surprise me at the dinner tonight, I shall see you later Ren, ready to lament the lack of Kyoko at a convention made for her. Until then!