"Hold still, darling! You're almost done." Jelly held him in place, doing one final pass with her powder brush, making sure all the grey colour was perfectly set. "There! Now you are done."
Looking in the mirror, Lory admired his elongated chin and deep-set yellow eyes that Jelly had created. Glancing up, he also marveled at the flickering blue flames that rested atop his head.
"You are indeed a witch with hair and makeup Ten, this looks amazing!"
Blushing a bit at the praise, she asked, "Do I get a reward?"
Standing up, Lory adjusted his long black and grey robes for a second before leaning down.
"Thank you for your work." Lory said, as he placed a candy in her hand.
Pouting, Jelly dejectedly unwrapped the candy and started sucking on it after whispering, "That's not what I meant, darling. When will you stop treating me like your granddaughter?"

"You will be attending tonight's interview as well, right?" Lory asked, not hearing her whispered comment.
"Of course!" Jelly responded, "You asked me to help with the launch of your fashion costume line, and I will! Also, Ren-chan really needs my help this week, with everything going on. Now if only Kyoko-chan would let me help her!"
"Hush, you know they aren't supposed to know we know."
"But darling…"
"Fine! But next year I get to do both of them!"

After preparing with Jelly, Lory glided out onto the convention floor once again for the second day of the event. Trailing behind him were two LME assistants dressed in Pain and Panic mascot outfits, ready to fetch items and hand out details about the cosplay and costuming line. At a more discreet distanced also trailed Ruto, keeping track of his boss and the events around them. Having overheard that Kyoko and Ren would be attending the dancing lessons provided by the convention staff, Lory headed towards Hall 2 where it was being held.

Waiting in line for the workshop, Lory continued to pose and promote while he sneaked glances and had his assistants take pictures of his actors. Upon hearing the enthusiastic greeting of the White Rabbit, welcoming them to the Wonderful Wonder World's magical ballroom, Lory indicated to Ruto to make note of the staff member for later, appreciating his dedication to the role.

Following the rest of the participants in, Lory spied his targets sitting down in some of the aisle seats closest to the door. Strutting forward, Lory chose an aisle seat on the opposite side, closer to the podium. Quietly instructing Pain to take a video of what was happening, he angled himself so it looked like the video was of him, but really it was of Kyoko in her beautiful yellow ballgown and Ren in his dashing Beast suit.

As the dancing practice continued, Lory alternated dancing with Pain and Panic, while the other member would covertly film LME's soon to be golden couple as they waltzed together for the first time. Every so often, Lory would pass close by the pair, hoping they would notice him, but no such luck as they were both either too engrossed in the dance, or each other, to perceive it was him.

Once the workshop was over, Lory decided to leave his godson and his date alone for the rest of the afternoon, knowing he would have all the time to tease Ren once again that night while they waited for their interviews. Chuckling a bit at the poker faced reactions he had gotten from Ren the previous night Lory thought, we shall see if I can break your gentleman's mask tonight!

A/N- Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all have/had a wonderful day counting down to 2021. Also, I hope you enjoyed this second day of Lory shenanigans at the Fairytale Convention! Wishing you all the best for the coming year.