A/N: For the purposes of my completely scientific Theories of Dimensions; episode 24, Fractured, did not happen.

...And Pointed Ears

The atmosphere in the common room was slightly tense as the two teams stood nervously waiting. Elastigirl hurried to Beastboy as soon as he stepped into the room.

"Sweetheart, are you al-" Elastigirl broke off when she saw Raven step in behind him. Her eyes widened and she gladly excepted the child when Raven held her out to Elastigirl.

"Her name's Rita." Raven said quietly.

"She's beautiful." Rita replied, smiling down.

"Why don't you go sit down and I'll make you some tea." Beastboy said.

"Okay. Thanks, Gar." Raven said, moving to the couch with Elastigirl following.

"Eeeee! What an adorable Bumgorf!" Starfire exclaimed, joining them.

And you two!" Beastboy said, pointing at the approaching leaders. "No questions until she's told her story!"

Robin and Mento both looked slightly put out at his outburst but turned and followed him to kitchen.

"Thanks for coming, Dad." Beastboy said, putting on the kettle.

They listened to the ladies' baby talk from the coach and Cyborg's explanation to Robotman and Negativeman of the Tower's control systems while waiting for the tea. Soon Beastboy was settling beside Raven, handing her the steaming mug as the rest of the men settled around them.

"Alright, Ra-" Robin and Mento both began. They looked at each as the others grinned and Mento inclined his head to Robin.

"What's going on, Raven?" Robin asked.

"Would you tell everyone what happened first, Gar." Raven said after taking a sip from her mug.

"Uh, sure. Well, I was just watching a nature doc, you know, looking for new animals that could be useful, when one of Raven's portals opens up and she falls out of it. I hit the panic button right away 'cause it looked like she'd been in a war zone, but when I ran over, it wasn't Raven. She looked just like Raven, only older. She gave me, Rita?" He looked at Raven, who nodding in confirmation at the name. "Then the others came in and Raven knelt down to check her wounds but the older Raven grabbed her and pressed their chakras together and then, she... just... died. Raven looked pretty out of it after whatever the older Raven did so I figured I'd take care of Rita for a while and, that's about it."

"Robin and I set up a temporary... morgue. Until we figure out what's going on." Cyborg added, knowing the thorough Doom Patrol leader would wonder about the body.

"Do you know who the woman was?" Mento asked brusquely.

"She was me." Raven said. "From a parallel dimension. One where I was quite a bit older and had a child."

"And the father?" Elastigirl asked.

The room grew silent, everyone waiting for an answer. Elastigirl was watching Raven, whose cheeks displayed a light dusting of pink.

"I think that's fairly obvious." Mento said with a sigh when the silence continued to stretch out.

"Really? Would you care to explain?" Robin asked with an edge to his voice. He clearly did not like Mento discerning the answer before he did.

"The first thing Beastboy did after her appearance was call us; and Rita is Elastigirl's real name." Mento replied.

"Eeee! I knew it!" Starfire exclaimed, clapping her hands and leaning into Elastigirl to get a closer look at Rita. "She has the pointed ears just like friend Beastboy!"

Robin stared at Starfire with his mouth open for a moment before turning to Beastboy and Raven.

"Is that true?" He asked.

"Yes." Raven answered. "When my other self pressed our chakras together she was giving me memories. It was... rather disorienting. That's why I spent the day in my room."

"You seem to be taking this pretty well." Robin said turning to Beastboy.

"Yeah, man. Why aren't you freaking out?" Cyborg agreed.

"I figured it out pretty quick." Beastboy replied, rubbing an ear. "So I've had the whole day to deal with it. I mean, I am still pretty freaked out, but it's not like we're alone. We've got two pretty awesome families to back us up, so I'm pretty sure we'll be okay."

"Well then, I guess we need to decide what to do with her." Robin said, shifting into task mode.

"Hold on, Robin." Elastigirl broke in. "Raven, do you want to continue?"

Raven stared into her tea, looking small and fragile hunched over the mug.

"Travelling across parallel dimensions is much harder than alternate or pocket dimensions." She said quietly. "It would have taken several weeks at least to find a suitable dimension and prepare the portal. She didn't have time to give me very much information, but just the fact she's here tells me Rita was in danger too great for her parents to protect her from."

"Do you know what that danger is?" Mento asked.

"One of the recent memories she gave me was of Changeling, that's Garfield's nom de guerre in her dimension, fighting sladebots. I believe Slade was trying to kidnap Rita.

"What would that psycho want with a baby?" Robotman asked.

"An apprentice." Robin answered through clenched teeth.

Raven nodded.

"But why your baby? And why take her now?" He asked, mostly himself, staring at Rita intently.

"I, I'm not sure." Raven said.

"But you have an idea?" Elastigirl asked, gently laying a hand on her knee.

"I... think he wants my and Gar's powers combined." Raven said, looking up at Elastigirl before turning to Beastboy.

"Rita would give him that, but he'd have to condition and train her from childhood to ensure she'd obey him."

"Wouldn't it be easier to use mental control through drugs or hardwiring?" Cyborg asked, tapping his own head to clarify.

"With our combined healing abilities there's a good chance drugs wouldn't work, and in order to hardwire anything into her he'd first have to incapacitate her." Raven said.

"That'd still be easier than raising a child." Robin said. "Slade's proven he can take out a single Titan. He'd just have to wait and get her alone."

"Not her." Raven said.

"What do you mean?" Beastboy asked, looking up at her sharply.

"With our powers combined, and the right training, Rita will far surpass any of us in strength. Slade would not be able to take her down, even with an army of sladebots."

"Just how powerful are you saying she'll be?" Mento asked.

"Yeah, you make it sound like she'll be Superman level." Cyborg said with a hesitant laugh.

Raven shook her head.

"Both Gar and I could challenge Superman with the right training. Rita could wipe the floor with him."

"Duude..." Beastboy said, gazing at his daughter in awe.

"Raven, are you sure you're not still confused from the memory swap?" Robin asked, eyebrow raised. "You and Beastboy are not on par with Superman."

"I said with the right training, Robin." Raven said narrowing her eyes at him. "Superman's greatest strength is that all his powers come to him naturally, but imagine Gar being able to use all the talents of the animal kingdom at once and in any form. The strength of an ant, speed of a falcon, reflexes of a butterfly, claws, teeth, venom, acid-"

"Infrared vision." Beastboy broke in. Everyone turned to look at him. "That's what I was watching when it all started. Pit Vipers have infrared vision."

"If he spent enough time training, Gar could use all those abilities at the same time, in the same form." Raven continued. "And from the memories my other self gave me, I'd say it's extremely effective."

"If this other Raven and... Changeling, were so powerful, why did they need to send Rita here?" Mento asked.

"I don't believe my other self ever went through the training required to exercise so much power, but even if she did, my powers are inherited at birth; having Rita left my other self with only a shadow of her former power." Raven said. "And Changeling... was already dead."

Raven shrank further into herself, a tear splashing onto her hand. The weight of her counterpart's grief seeping through the barrier she'd made between their memories, threatening to wash it away.

"I'm sorry." She said, standing abruptly. "I need to be alone."

"That is the second time today." Starfire said in a sad voice as the two teams watched Raven leave.

"I'll go talk to her." Beastboy said, standing. "Mom, Vic bought all the stuff on the list you gave me, he can show you where it is."

"Okay, sweetheart. Go take care of your baby-momma." Elastigirl said with a smirk.

"Rita!" Mento said in a mildly disapproving voice as Robotman and Cyborg guffawed.

Beastboy ducked his head, darting out of the room. Even my mom's against me! Beastboy groaned to himself as he slunk down the hallway.