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Whims/Anime here! Happy holidays from me! Um, this came late but, whatever. I was busy crying over my Secret Santa 2020 oneshot and 2020 in general. This is a Harry Potter No. 6 AU and, while I have my issues with a certain writer, I love the world of magic. And, since I know nothing of Mahoutokoro and not much information is given at all despite me looking at the wiki for a while, I'll have them attend Hogwarts instead. Also, after crying writing my Secret Santa gift, I wanted to write something cute.Also, starting next year, I might start uploading in AO3 too! First uploading my completed fics because why not? Then, definitely, all these oneshots.

"If I never met you, I never would have realized what kind of person I am."

-Shion, No. 6

The Patronus Confession

Shion was waiting by Honeydukes, fiddling with his scarf. His soon to be boyfriend was late, as the pocket watch he took out showed him. He had said he wanted to meet him at 3:00 exactly and it was already 3:26. He huffed, checking the time again as if that would make him show up faster.

"Damn Slytherin," Shion huffed, beginning to walk away, "making me wait-."

A bee the size of a bird hovered in front of him, startling Shion and making him scream. He nearly tripped as he stumbled back before he felt someone catch him. He saw the green of the familiar Slytherin scarf first before Nezumi caught him. Nezumi struggled a bit as Shion tried to catch himself, ending with Shion in a dip that made Shion turn pink.

"I see you're falling for me more day by day, Shion," Nezumi said, giving a small wink.

Shion turned red, "Nezumi! Where were you?!"

Nezumi helped him stand upright, still looking a bit smug. Shion immediately noticed his disheveled hair and the slight pink tint to his cheeks that couldn't be due to running or anything. His robes were misaligned too. Shion sighed, fixing Nezumi's tie.

"Who decided to duel you this time?"

"Some fourth year kid in Gryffindor who thinks they're the best in the Dueling Club. Inukashi's friend, I think. Ambushed me on the way here but I obviously won, of course. I am the Dueling Club Captain, after all." Nezumi boasted, "So, because I was late, I decided to bring you something earlier than expected."

"Like the bee from Zonko's Joke Shop?" Shion asked, pouting.

Nezumi grinned, "Is my little badger upset?"

"So what if I am?" Shion replied, crossing his arms, "You know how much bees get to me. To get one right in front of my face. . . some nerve."

Nezumi had the audacity to laugh. Shion was about to say something when Nezumi leaned closer and kissed his cheek. Shion froze, watching an uncharacteristic soft smile grace Nezumi's face. He found himself remembering why he didn't mind the cocky yet charismatic Slytherin. Nezumi always knew how to make him calm down by just being affectionate.

Nezumi reached into his robes, pulling out a small present. Shion took it, looking at the small box before unwrapping and opening it. Inside was a beautiful silver ring with runes written on the side. In the middle of the ring was a ruby with a small silver dragon wrapped around it.

"Nezumi, this is. . . beautiful."

Nezumi looked a bit flustered, scratching the back of his head, "Well, you know, I was waiting for the right time, when you actually took up my offer to date me. But, well, it's Christmas Eve and my mom sent it to me because she said that it's better now than never. You know her and her Gryffindor spirit."

"I love it." Shion said, grabbing the ring and putting it on. As he did, he noticed the ring shrunk to fit him. He smiled, feeling his cheeks warm. He hugged Nezumi, who returned the embrace with fervor. Shion gave a small squeak as Nezumi picked him up and twirled him.

"You're getting heavier," Nezumi teased as he set him down, "Does that mean you're eating my gifts after all?"

"I-I have no idea what you're talking about," Shion replied.

"Sure you don't." Nezumi replied, trying to warm his hands with the gloves he had on.

Shion took out his wand, casting a heating charm for himself and Nezumi. After, he grabbed Nezumi's hand and the two began walking through the winter wonderland that was Hogsmeade during the holidays. Shion paused in front of Tomes and Scrolls and grinned.

"Wait here!"

Nezumi looked almost hurt at that. Shion laughed, despite himself. Nezumi loved his books too much, it was as if he should've been a Ravenclaw. No wonder he and Safu got along so well. The two spent hours just reading in the library and Shion expected that Nezumi had read all the books at least once.

"You won't let me go in?"

"No, I wanted to surprise you with something. I ordered a book a while back that you might like."

Nezumi huffed, "Fine, I'll wait out here. Just don't wait too long or your charm might wear out."

"You know it won't."

Nezumi shrugged, "Just saying."

Shion rubbed his hands together, pausing at the door. He shot Nezumi a smirk, "This is also payback for making me wait for our date and for the bee."


Shion entered the door before Nezumi could finish, finding just a few people inside. He walked to the register, pausing on the way to admire a newly published Tales of Beedle the Bard. He picked it up before waiting for a worker. When one did show up, Shion asked for the book collection he had ordered a week ago. The worker obliged, going to the back to grab the books he ordered. As Shion waited, he looked out the window to see Nezumi watching him. Shion hid a small laugh as he could've sworn Nezumi was pouting.

What a sight. The brightest Slytherin of their year, the captain of the Dueling Club, was pouting because he had told him to not go into the bookstore he loved. It was equally cute that he bothered to listen.

It seemed like only yesterday that the two of them had been strangers. The Hufflepuff Head Boy with a love for Ancient Runes and Divination and the Slytherin Genius with an equal love for Dueling and Potions. The two of them were so different, it was a wonder they ever ended up meeting, let alone start dating. He supposed that no one could ever really expect anything. Things just happened.

It wasn't official but Shion knew that today was the day.

"Here you go. You buying that, too?"

Shion turned to look back at the worker, hiding back the bit of embarrassment of being caught staring like a lovestruck idiot at Nezumi. He coughed, nodding and buying what he had come for. He held them in his arms as he exited the shop, watching Nezumi singing softly under his breath.

Nezumi's singing never failed to make him swoon.

"Surprise." Shion interrupted, handing the two books to Nezumi.

Nezumi looked so excited as he grabbed The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble. Shion had remembered how much Nezumi had been talking about wanting to buy the book and, now, he had finally been able to purchase it for him.

"How long have you been planning this?" Nezumi asked as they started walking away from the bookshop.

"Oh, I don't kiss and tell." Shion replied, leaning against Nezumi's arm, "Do you like it?"

"Of course I do. When will you let me read it?"

Shion rolled his eyes as they moved away from Hogsmeade. Nezumi looked confused as he did but Shion knew he could never do what he was about to in front of others. Especially when Safu said she would try to take a peek.

"Am I going to get killed?" Nezumi joked as they walked further and further away from the town of Hogsmeade.

"No!" Shion laughed, "Why would I buy such an incredible book only to kill you before you read it? You'd probably come back and haunt me."

"You know me so well."

The two finally stopped near a fallen tree stump, close to the forest. Nezumi set down his books, probably sensing the importance of what Shion was going to say. He hoped that's why Nezumi looked less like a jokester than earlier. It made his job easier.

Shion sighed, "I just wanted to give my answer. About the whole official dating business. I've been stalling for a long time."

Nezumi nodded, "You have."

"Don't ruin the moment."

Nezumi smiled but he didn't say anything. Shion took out his wand before taking a deep breath. He looked up and saw the beautiful eyes of the boy in front of him and knew that he was an idiot for waiting this long in the first place.

"The answer is yes. It's always been a yes. . . I should've told you yes since you asked but I felt like it was too good to be true and you were playing with me. You're popular and handsome and I'm just there. I never expected you to be the one asking me anything or trying hard to woo me. But I should've just let it happen and tried just as hard to woo you. I will give you all the love I was holding back because you always deserved it. I was too stupid to do so. The truth is. . . Nezumi, I love you."

Nezumi was floored by that admission. Shion smiled, thinking back on all the moments Nezumi gave him gifts, gave him forehead and cheek kisses, and smiled at him. With a wave of his wand, Shion uttered a single spell:

"Expecto Patronum."

From his wand, a hedgehog appeared. It ran around Nezumi, who looked so happy at Shion's admission and the form of Shion's corporeal Patronus. Nezumi took out his own wand as he hugged Shion. Shion could feel his and Nezumi's pounding hearts from how tight their embrace was.

"Shion, you made me wait long enough. But, I have to say. . . It was a worth it. It was worth it to hear those words after so long. And your Patronus-. Am I the memory you channeled just now?"

Shion nodded. Nezumi broke their embrace before he casted his own Patronus. Shion watched with delight as a crow appeared, flying around the two of them. His hedgehog Patronus jumped to be closer to Nezumi's Patronus and the two began to run around together. They were playing and Shion could almost cry out of the sheer amount of joy he felt.

"I love you, Shion. You never had to earn my love and you don't need to prove anything. Just stay with me."

"I will. I won't leave you."

Nezumi cradled Shion's head, leaning forward. Shion, without thinking, leaned forward too and the two met halfway in their first kiss. Shion wrapped his arms around Nezumi's neck while Nezumi's arms brought Shion closer.

As the two kissed, their Patronuses glowed brighter around them, circling them as the area buzzed with excitement and happiness. It was like a dream, even as the two Patronuses vanished and the two pulled apart from their kiss and embrace.

Nezumi pulled something out of his robes and pointed his wand to the sky. He threw something in the air before shooting a hex. The result was that the object, a small ball, exploded around them and small lights like fireworks appeared around them while what looked like falling stars fell onto Shion's hair. Shion hugged Nezumi as they watched the display of lights, basking in the presence of themselves. In that moment, it was as if only the two of them existed and watched the light and beauty around them.

In the secluded area in the forest, away from prying eyes, Nezumi and Shion's love finally finished blooming, like snowdrops in the dead of winter.

"Never change yourself for anyone."

-Nezumi, No. 6


Shion is in Hufflepuff (hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial) while Nezumi is in Slytherin (ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented). It fits.

Safu is a Ravenclaw and Inukashi is a Slytherin (they have a great sense of self-preservation, a trait common in Slytherins).

In accordance to the Pottermore Patronus list, a hedgehog may thrive on giving and receiving love and may feel they need more of it than others realize. While upfront about their endearment and affectionate personality, hedgehogs are also known to be anxious and overly cautious. They often worry about their own and others of their kind's safety. Those around must approach the hedgehog with care and precision, though, because when defensive and hurt, hedgehogs are remembered not for their sweetness, but for their sharp spikes.

Following that vein, the crow is very resourceful, ambitious, and cunning. Once they set a goal, they always seem to get what they're after. Crows are also fearless. Regardless of what sort of creature they find in the way of their goal, they will do anything they can to overpower it. They are also very smart and have been observed using tools to achieve their means.

Snowdrops are flowers that bloom in winter and they are pretty

Happy holidays!