Chapter 1 Adoption

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(Hokage's Office)

"That man never changes" Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village sighed. It was a little under six years since he returned to being Hokage after the Nine-tailed fox appeared in his village and attacked causing many fine shinobi and civilians their lives. One of those Shinobi was Minato Namikaze who sacrificed his life to seal the fox into his child Naruto at the cost of his life and the life of his wife Kushina Uzumaki. Remembering Naruto and the cruel and he was dealt the night he was born, brought a sigh to his face since he was the reason for his current annoyance.

Danzo Shimura, a man who has long since desired to be Hokage had been petitioning him to bring young Naruto into his ROOT organization, a shadowy protectorate to the village in order to abandon it. Even though he should've abandoned ROOT long ago, the attack meant the village was vulnerable and Danzo's methods were the right thing even if he truly didn't like them. He was brought from his musing by a flash as a single person appeared in the middle of the room.

"Lord Hokage, I'd like to have a word with you." the person said calmly in a clearly female voice. The person had a porcelain mask that resembled a cat's face and she wore the standard uniform of the Hokage's forces the ANBU black ops, black and grey armor, metal arms guards and she had a katana strapped to her back. A pair of black ninja pants and black ninja sandals with a kunai holster on her left leg finished the unique outfit.

"Neko this is highly unusual." the Third Hokage admitted. Neko was the current captain of the ANBU and was one of the ninjas who guarded him at all times, even in his office.

"It's about your… conversation with Danzo." The now named Neko replied nervously. Danzo was a sour subject for the Third so she was taking a risk.

"What about it." The third glared.

"I believe… he may actually be onto something. When it comes to Naruto I mean." Yugao said calmly but paused because she could feel the Third's killing intent slowly rising.

"Choose your next words carefully Neko" the third warned. He was already in a bad mood and hearing his captain agree with his arch-rival was not going to help that mood.

"Well Lord Hokage, Danzo wants to bring Naruto into ROOT because he could turn the fox into a weapon for the village."

"I'm aware of that" the third said impatiently.

"Well what if we give him special training, just not from Danzo." Neko said with a smile.

The third looked intrigued but wary, "What are you suggesting Neko?" The Third asked again. He could understand weaponizing Naruto, but he got the sense Neko wasn't suggesting that.

"As you know, once he turns six next month Naruto will reach the point when the orphanage he's staying at isn't obligated to keep him around. I have reason to believe that the caretaker has every intention of kicking him onto the street after that." Neko said calmly.

"And why do you think that?" The third asked curiously and nervously. The fact that she knew about those details was disturbing and he needed to know more.

"Well… the former members of Team Ro along with Genma Shiranui have been watching Naruto for years in secret when we're not on duty. We've seen the way he's treated and it's not good. Admittedly I've had to stop Dog and Weasel from attacking the caretaker on multiple occasions." Yugao said nervously since this was a dangerous admission.

The Third was caught off guard by the new revelation due to the people who were watching Naruto and what they told him. Team Ro was an elite squad of ANBU under the Fourth Hokage and Genma Shiranui was a member of the Fourth Hokage's guard squad. For them to watch over Naruto wasn't a shock, since most of the members loved the Fourth and they knew how much he was looking forward to becoming a father. Hearing that the caretaker abused him was equally unpleasant and he would have to look into that later. However, he realized what Neko was after and he wasn't against it, "I take it you want to adopt him Neko." The third questioned.

"Not quite sir. What I was suggesting is that Genma Shiranui adopt him. The others would eventually meet him under the guise of being Genma's friends and help him train and gain the skills he would've had if his upbringing was normal. I personally owe Kushina-sensei my life and you know how much the Fourth meant to Dog. Helping their son is the least we could do to honor them especially since we feel like we failed." Neko admitted.

The Third couldn't help but smile and he got the feeling that this discussion had been a long time coming. The truth was, he always felt guilty about leaving Naruto like that and given what he learned about the caretaker the idea of him living on the street was not a pleasant one. He would be at the mercy of the village and actual ninja could do some serious harm. This way he would get training and be safe from harm at the same time, "I agree but Genma lives in a single apartment. Are you sure that's wise?" The third replied curiously.

"About that" Neko said nervously since this was the hardest part of all at least given the plan the group had been discussing ever since they first noticed the abuse. "We were thinking that he could live in his father's compound. It would allow him to have a proper home and we would make sure to take care of his needs there. We could control the villager reactions by having him seen with us for a long time. The villagers are scared but they aren't fools." Neko finished.

The third was surprised by the suggestion and it was an excellent one given the circumstances. The compound was his birthright and ensuring that everything the Fourth had was safe was something he'd gladly approve of. The fact that they requested it this way meant the civilian council couldn't complain. Naruto would be safe and getting proper training. More importantly Danzo would get off his back. The answer was obvious. "Very well Neko. I'll draw up the paperwork for you to make it official. I assume you'll continue your duties as captain even while you're helping him."

"Yes. Genma will be his primary caregiver and we'll visit when we can. I know it'll be difficult at first but for sensei it's worth it." Neko said happily.

The Third couldn't be happier and in truth he agreed. Naruto would be safe and they would watch over him for as long as required. He could even get Jiraiya involved in secret but that was another matter. "Thank you for this conversation and you're dismissed so you can tell the others the news." The Third said proudly. With Naruto safe and watched by the ANBU he was sure to become a fine ninja. "By the way, you can tell him who his parents are when you feel he's ready. If he's anything like his father he'll figure you guys out soon enough" the third warned.

"Of course Lord Hokage." Neko approved. They were going to do it eventually anyway, but at least this way they had permission. With the business over, Neko left in a flash to tell the others.

(18 months later)

A now 7 ½ year old Naruto Uzumaki woke up from his warm bed and couldn't help but smile at how wonderful his life was now. Just before his sixth birthday, he was taken in by a man named Genma Shiranui who brought him to his home, a massive compound where he had everything a young boy could want. Apparently, Genma family died in the nine-tailed fox attack and his friends convinced him to adopt somebody after watching him suffer for a long time. Those friends were Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, and a woman named Yugao Uzuki. Naruto wanted to take the man's last name, but he insisted that he keep his original name. It was odd, but he wasn't about to say no since he had a proper home now. Making his way over to his closet, Naruto chose his outfit for the day.

Unlike most people, who seemed to have one outfit only with hundreds of copies, Naruto had a variety of outfits but two of them stood out. The first was a skin-tight blue shirtworn below a black zip up jacket that had a small bit of orange on the shoulders and black ninja pants. The orange was an homage to the jumpsuit he wore in the orphanage which was now his pajamas. His second outfit was a grey tracksuit with black stripes along the side and a small hood. He saw it in a clothes shop and couldn't help but pick it out. He did notice a small smile appear on Genma's face when he chose it which made the decision even more perfect and he paired both with black shinobi sandals. "Time to do my morning workout" Naruto smiled as he took off his old jumpsuit and picked out the first outfit which was typically his training clothes. That workout right now was 200 pushups 200 crunches and a small jog around his new home. He needed to make sure he was ready for today Kakashi and Yugao were coming to visit to continue his training.

(Scene Skip)

"So Naruto have you been keeping up with your training." Kakashi smiled as he and Naruto sat at the training ground. Kakashi was a friendly young man with spiky silver hair who dressed in what Naruto was told was the standard jonin outfit. His most notable feature was the blindfold on his right eye which Naruto never asked about out of respect.

"Yes I have and I've been working on that jutsu you gave me for my birthday." Naruto replied still dressed in his workout clothes since he was going to be training.

"Alright show me." Kakashi smiled happily.

Naruto put his fingers together in a cross and shouted, "Shadow clone jutsu." Before long 10 copies of Naruto appeared dressed and ready to train. When he turned seven Genma agreed to start helping him as he prepared to enter the ninja academy and they figured out one thing very quickly, he was never going to be able to use the clone jutsu because he had a massive amount of chakra and no control. To alleviate that, Kakashi taught him the Shadow Clone Jutsu in exchange.

"Good and now that you're ready it's time to really kick up your training." Kakashi smiled before reaching into his pocket and grabbing a small piece of paper.

"What's this?" Naruto wondered.

"It's called chakra paper. If you touch it, you'll be able to learn what nature you are and it'll make the next part of the training much easier." Kakashi smiled.

"Okay" Naruto smiled grabbing the paper. He was shocked to see the paper get cut up before each piece became slightly damp. "Uhh is that supposed to happen."

"It's perfectly fine Naruto. This means that you have a wind style nature with a slight water style one. If the paper had crinkled that would've meant you had a lightning style nature. If it burned you had fire and if it crumbled slightly, you'd have earth."

"So what nature are you Kakashi." Naruto smiled.

"I'm mainly lightning but I know a whole lot of jutsu. In fact I'm going to use the shadow clones to teach you those jutsu now."

"Huh?" Naruto said in confusion.

"When shadow clones dispel, the real you will learn everything the clone does." Kakashi explained causing Naruto's eyes to light up.

"So that means I can learn a wind jutsu a water jutsu and work on sealing with at the same time." Naruto smiled. Another gift he got for his 7th birthday was a book on sealing from Yugao. She said that it's difficult but she thought he could handle it.

"That's right, but they don't gain physical traits which means you have to work on those alone."

"That's fine. Itachi taught me a cool kunai exercise and we even made a small field for that. So I'll go there."

"Perfect. Yugao should be here shortly so we'll get started soon also." Kakashi smiled before making the same hand signs. Naruto was surprised that only two clones appeared.

"Hey Kakashi, why can you only make two clones?" Naruto wondered innocently.

"Don't worry about it. Just make sure you're focused on your training."

(Scene Skip)

When Yugao arrived she took the real Naruto away and brought her off the compound and into town, "An underrated ninja talent is the art of kenjutsu or swordplay and I'm going to teach you about it, but first I need to get you a sword." Yugao smiled as they walked towards what was supposed to be the local weapons store with Naruto dressed in the hoodie. Yugao was a beautiful woman with long purple hair big brown eyes and a bit of red lipstick. Her outfit was odd to Naruto since it was different from the jonin outfit but Yugao told him not to worry about it the first time they met.

"Cool. Will I get something like what you have Yugao." Naruto wondered.

"Maybe. It'll depend on what you're comfortable with." Yugao replied.

"I see" Naruto replied as they approached the store. Walking in Naruto was immediately struck by all the weapons that were placed throughout the building. He was so distracted by the weapons, that he didn't see somebody slam into him tossing him to the ground on his back. He mentally groaned because there was only one person who did that with him, "It's been a while Tenten. I guess you got adopted by a blacksmith." Naruto smiled as he looked up and saw his only friend from the orphanage. She was a young woman with slightly tanned skin brown eyes and brown hair that she kept in a pair of buns. Her current outfit was a pink sleeveless qipao-style blouse with red sleeve trimmings, yellow fastening buttons and dark green pants. Her kunai pouch was on her thigh and she had a pair of blue sandals.

"I couldn't help it. I haven't seen you in 2 years and I guess I got excited." Tenten said happily. She truly missed Naruto after she left.

"Yeah but if you don't mind, I'm kinda here to buy a sword. Can you get off me for a second?" Naruto said bashfully. Tenten wasn't as small as she was back then and it was a bit awkward for him having her body pressed against him. Her slowly developing body.

Tenten realized how close they were and quickly got off before turning away so Naruto couldn't see her blush. "Sorry about that Naruto?" Tenten said bashfully.

"It's fine" Naruto replied getting up calmly unaware of the blush that adorned his best friends face.

"Now that you two are done catching up, I guess it's time for business." Yugao smiled warmly having seen said blush.

"Yeah" Tenten said hastily before taking them to the section of the store with the swords. "So what type of blade are you looking for." Tenten wondered. The pair had discussed weapons a lot back at the orphanage so she knew that Naruto was aware of types.

Naruto paused for a moment before remembering something, "How about a katana. My style needs something light that'll get the job done." Naruto suggested.

"Style" Yugao wondered.

"I was learning about my nature with Kakashi this morning and he said I was wind and water. That means I need something with cutting power for wind but for water I need something that's light and quick based." Naruto revealed.

Tenten and Yugao were shocked for different reasons. Yugao because he understood so much so quickly and Tenten because Naruto made the job much easier. "Looks like you've done your research." Tenten smiled before looking for something for Naruto. She quickly found a 70 centimeter black katana with grey grip.

"That looks awesome." Naruto replied happily grabbing it and after the two girls gave him some space took a few swings.

"Looks perfect" Yugao smiled.

"Yeah." Naruto smiled before thinking of something. "Hey Tenten since you like weapons and Yugao is going to teach me, how about she teaches you also."

Both women were shocked once again but Tenten smiled, "I would love to but I'm busy at the ninja academy. I don't know if I'll have time" Tenten frowned.

Naruto frowned since he knew how Tenten envied Tsunade and that she would want to focus on her studies as much as possible. "How about this. You go to the academy and play with Naruto during the weekend. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time that way." Yugao suggested catching him and Tenten off guard.

"Are you sure" Tenten asked nervously.

"Yes and I doubt Naruto will disagree."

"That works fine for me" Naruto nodded.

"Then let's do it." Tenten smiled. A partnership was born and Naruto had a new blade. Overall it was a great day.

(4 months later)

Things with Naruto were looking bright over the last four months. His reunion with Tenten, finally gave him somebody his age to talk to and although Tenten was in the academy a lot, they spoke during the weekend. They trained together and it was like nothing had changed and today was going to be a rare moment of excitement for the young blonde. For a reason that Naruto didn't understand before, he wasn't allowed to really go in the village alone, but his training was going well and he convinced his uncle to let him try just once. When he initially refused, Naruto brought out the puppy dog eyes technique, something Tenten taught him recently and he gave in.

His first stop on his trip was Ichiraku Ramen, a small place that Genma brought him to on occasion. Naruto appreciated the calm old man and he would admit that his daughter was cute also, but he never said anything since it might make things awkward at the store. After that, he decided to walk around the village but that's when his good mood vanished. "Die demon brat" somebody shouted and Naruto had to dodge a tomato that was thrown at him from out of nowhere. As his walk continued, he was shouted at multiple times and had things thrown at him each time. He brushed it off for the moment but it was something he would talk with his uncle about later.

When he arrived at the local park to play, he was determined to make friends but then he saw something that caused his already bad mood to sour. Three guys had ganged up on a single girl and from the looks of it they were bullying her. The girl was wearing a light orange kimono with sandals and she had dark blue hair in a bob cut and white eyes that were otherwise featureless. "What's with those eyes you freak." The largest boy said cockily and Naruto snapped.

"Leave her alone." Naruto shouted towards the group and the three boys who were talking to the girl simply turned their focus towards him.

"So you want to help the freak too. Hah I bet you're a freak like her." The largest boy said cockily. He was a tall boy with dark brown hair and black eyes. He was wearing a simple beige shirt and matching pants

Naruto twitched and decided that he was going to teach these guys a lesson. Putting his fingers in a familiar hand sign he smiled, "Shadow clone jutsu" and ten Naruto's appeared at his side.

"What the" the boy said nervously. His two buddies quickly fled seeing the clones and Naruto smiled viciously.

"So are you going to leave her alone or do I have to introduce you to my friends." Naruto smiled as he cracked his knuckles.

"Uhhh it's okay. I'll get going." The boy said and he fled just like that.

"Phew" Naruto said with relief as he dispelled the clones and walked towards the girl. He really didn't want to fight and he was glad it all worked out.

"Umm thank you." the girl said timidly. It was obvious that she was shy.

"No problem. It's nice to meet you by the way." Naruto said calmly before extending his hand. "I'm Naruto what's your name."

"Hinata. Hinata Hyuuga." the now named girl replied.

"Umm is there somebody I can take you to. I don't want those guys coming back and getting any more ideas." Naruto said warmly.

"Ummm…" Hinata stammered but Naruto didn't need to wait long before the problem took care of itself.

"Lady Hinata are you alright." An older man with long brown hair said nervously. He was wearing a long white kimono and had the same eyes as Hinata along with a leaf headband.

"Yes I am Ko. This young man helped me." Hinata said with a slight amount of courage.

The man turned to Naruto and flinched briefly, something noticed by Naruto and Hinata before saying, "We should get going Lady Hinata." The now named Ko scowled.

"Okay" Hinata stammered again and they left with Ko giving him a very dirty look. He'd been around with Genma and Yugao before but he never saw the looks he saw today. Plus there was the fact that he never got to go out until now. Something was very wrong and he would have to go to his adopted Uncle for help.

(Scene Skip)

Later that night, Naruto was sitting down at the table with Genma for company. Genma had brown shoulder-length hair and he always had a senbon in his mouth, it was an odd habit but Naruto didn't mind. Like Kakashi, Genma wore the jonin outfit most of the time, "Uncle Genma can I ask you something." Naruto said calmly. For some odd reason he also wanted to be called Uncle Genma despite adopting him, again Naruto was okay with it.

"Sure Naruto what's up."

"Why would the villagers call me Demon Brat." Naruto said calmly and Genma nearly choked on their meal. Naruto frowned because he had a feeling Genma knew exactly why.

After gathering himself, Genma tried to look calm before asking, "Who called you that?"

"A few people actually and I get the feeling you know why." Naruto frowned.

Genma scowled since he knew this day would come the minute Naruto was on his own. He hoped the village would calm down but clearly it hadn't, "I do but I'm not sure if I can tell you yet." Genma admitted.

"So it's some dark secret about me." Naruto frowned.

"That's right, but I'll make you a deal. I signed you up for the ninja academy like your friend Tenten but even though you're not eight until a month after it starts, I was able to get you in." Genma said with a smile.

Naruto enjoyed the news but he wasn't going to let this go, "That's fine but what about this secret." Naruto replied impatiently.

"I want to make sure that you're ready and seeing how you behave at the academy will go a long way towards that. So I'll tell you on your eighth birthday" Genma said calmly.

Naruto hated it but that made sense, "Deal" Naruto agreed. He would get his answers.

"Good because your life is about to get complicated." Genma frowned. After that the pair sat down for dinner and although it was silent, it was obvious that things were about to change. Whether it was for the better was to be determined.

(1 Month later)

After a tense month, Naruto was finally ready to join the ninja academy himself and he was nervous and excited at the same time. He ultimately decided to wear his grey tracksuit since it was more comfortable but he was sleeping his blade a secret. He was currently standing outside the home waiting for Kakashi who would be taking him to school and he was ready to go. Kakashi soon appeared with his usual smile. "Hello Naruto, are you ready for school." Kakashi smiled.

"Yeah" Naruto said happily.

Kakashi smiled before his expression changed slightly, "Before we go, there's a place I'd like to take you." Kakashi said calmly.

"Okay" Naruto said calmly and Kakashi put his hand on Naruto's shoulder before vanishing with a Shunshin.

The place they appeared was the Leaf Village's memorial stone, a large pillar that had the names of ninja who fell in war. After giving Naruto a second to gather himself he turned towards the young blonde, "Do you want to know why I brought you here Naruto." Kakashi wondered.

"No." Naruto admitted.

"The Leaf Village has been peaceful for a long time, but it wasn't always that way. When I was your age, I was already a chunin and went on many missions and when I was twelve years old, I was involved in war. That war cost me two of my teammates, one of whom gave me my Sharingan." Kakashi smiled before pointing to his hidden eye.

"Why are you telling me this?" Naruto wondered.

"I'm telling you this because I want you to take the academy seriously. It will be boring at times and it will drive you crazy, but the things that you learn will help you even if they're stupid." Kakashi instructed.

"Okay" Naruto replied. Kakashi was his top tutor and if he was telling him that, Naruto would be willing to listen.

"One more thing because it will be important. Among your classmates is Itachi's younger brother Sasuke. I want you to do everything you can to become his friend." Kakashi said calmly.

"Why?" Naruto wondered.

"Just do it." Kakashi said with a sterner expression this time.

"Fine I will. Geez Uncle Genma's hiding something. now you." Naruto frowned. The secrets were getting annoying as far as he was concerned.

Kakashi sighed because he knew this was a sore subject for Naruto and even though he had behaved over the last month, it was obvious that what happened bothered him, "Listen Naruto. The world is a cruel place which is something a lot of us learned the hard way. To be honest, for Genma Yugao Itachi and even me, you're a bright spot. Please Naruto no matter what happens, don't stop being that bright spot that makes everything better for everyone around you." Kakashi seemed to plead.

"Alright Kakashi." Naruto smiled since he knew the man never pleaded for anything.

"Now let's get going. I'm sure you'll have plenty of other people to talk to besides Sasuke, I hear that a certain pale eyed girl will also be there also." Kakashi smiled.

"How do you?" Naruto said in shock since he was pretty sure nobody knew about his encounter with Hinata

"I know a few things" Kakashi smiled but before Naruto could reply Kakashi took him in another shunshin towards the school.

(Scene Skip)

Lunchtime arrived on his first day of class and during the short time he'd be in school, two things were made very clear to him. One was that school would be really boring since the teacher only spoke about things that Naruto didn't really care for. Genma and his friends taught him plenty already and all he really needed was the practice against the other ninja. The fact he couldn't use shadow clones or most of his techniques was annoying but there was nothing he could do.

The other thing that stood out to Naruto was the number of ninjas that were from major clans in his class. In order to get Genma to let him go outside those months ago, he had to read a book on the major families in the Leaf Village. In addition to Hinata and Sasuke, there was a girl named Ino from the Yamanaka clan. A guy named Choji from the Akimichi clan. Another guy named Shikamaru from the Nara Clan. Shino from the Aburame clan Kiba from the Inuzuka clan and Yakumo from the Kurama clan. Yugao made him read up on the major clans of the Leaf village saying that it's not just about what you know but also who you know. Naruto found it odd but Yugao never steered him wrong either.

As the kids moved to find spots to eat, he made his way towards Hinata who was talking with Yakumo, "Hey there Hinata, you want to eat lunch together. Naruto said warmly.

Hinata looked up and saw Naruto but before she could reply she was beaten to the punch. "How do you know Hinata?" Yakumo said almost defensively. Yakumo had long brown hair with matching brown eyes. Her most notable feature was Yakumo's large forehead but Naruto didn't say anything. She was wearing a simple dark blue long-sleeved jacket that was zipped up along with black pants and ninja sandals.

"I helped her with some bullies a month ago. I wanted to be her friend, but I haven't been able to go outside since then" Naruto admitted.

"That was you." Yakumo said in shock. She and Hinata were friends through their shared mentor. After what happened at the park, Hinata told her mentor about the encounter and her mentor reached out discovering that they'd be classmates at the academy which made Hinata cheer up. Of course she wasn't going to tell Naruto about that.

"Uhh yeah." Naruto said bashfully sure of what he had done or hadn't done.

"Umm… can we eat lunch now." Hinata said timidly. No doubt she wanted to change the subject.

"Fine by me. I'm hungry" Naruto smiled understanding that Hinata really didn't want to talk about this.

The group proceeded to eat lunch together and he learned about the two girls. Yakumo wanted to be a ninja but she had issues with her body that nobody could explain. Those issues meant that she wasn't likely to become a ninja but she insisted on joining the academy anyway.

As for Hinata, she was the heiress of the main branch of the Hyuuga clan and her father was pretty harsh in his training. Yakumo didn't hide her distaste for the man and Naruto got the sense that there was a story behind it.

When it was time for Naruto to reveal his story he did so and the two girls were both surprised to learn that he was adopted. "Hey Naruto, why don't you call yourself Naruto Shiranui." Yakumo wondered.

"Uncle Genma insisted I keep the last name Uzumaki and only call him uncle Genma. I never understood why but I just ran with it." Naruto replied.

"I see" Yakumo said with a strange glance.

"Is there something wrong?" Naruto wondered.

Yakumo realized she was staring at tried to dismiss it, "No you're fine." Yakumo said hastily.

"Okay" Naruto said with a curious glance. Well he would worry about it later. He had two new friends and that was good enough.

(Scene Skip)

Two weeks had passed and school was going exactly as Naruto would've liked. He spent most of his time with Yakumo and Hinata but he did speak to some of the other heirs when he got a chance. Shikamaru and Choji were fun but they were content to just relax and Naruto accepted that but let them be. Shino was silent and Naruto and they got along because he thought it was cool that Shino had bugs inside him. He really didn't like Ino or Kiba since each was a loudmouth in their own way. Then of course there was Sasuke. At first, they didn't get along because Itachi trained him and not his own brother. Naruto asked Itachi why and discovered it was because he wanted Sasuke to be his own man. When he told Sasuke that they became friends and both were determined to become as strong as Itachi was. Finally was Hinata and Yakumo, who were his closest female friends aside from Tenten who occasionally came to visit them. "So guys my birthday is in two weeks and my uncle Genma is hosting a party at his compound." Naruto smiled as he sat with Yakumo Hinata and Sasuke during a shared lunch.

"So who's coming." Yakumo wondered.

"Well Uncle Genma is going to have some friends who have helped me and I was thinking of inviting you guys, Shikamaru Choji Shino and Tenten." Naruto smiled happily.

"Aww Naruto what about me." Ino interrupted causing him to frown. Ino had fair skin with blue eyes and short blonde hair. Her outfit was a pink hooded sweatshirt with a purple skirt that was tied up by a black cord and sandals.

"Well I don't like you so you're not invited." Naruto said harshly. Ino had a very bad attitude and thought herself a queen of sorts. She did get along with Sakura Haruno one of the few civilians who actually seemed interesting, but otherwise she was just a pain.

"That's cruel Naruto. Don't tell me you're inviting Dog breath." Ino replied haughtily referring to Kiba Inuzuka a young man with messy brown hair and sharp black eyes with slit like pupils. His outfit was an olive V-neck with red trim and brown pants. With Kiba was a white dog named Akamaru that was basically his partner. It was an Inuzuka thing so Naruto didn't care.

"You realize that's why Naruto doesn't like you Ino." Yakumo scoffed.

"Whatever" Ino huffed and walked away.

"I don't like her very much" Sasuke spoke up.

"Not many do. She might not be as bad as some of the girls in the school, but she's up there. Personally I pity Sakura for dealing with her." Yakumo said coldly.

"Be nice" Hinata said calmly. Their group dynamic helped her with her confidence, and she was beginning to open up to others but she was still ways away. As far as Naruto was concerned that was a beautiful thing and in due time she would be as bright as the others.

"Well let's worry about Ino later. I'm really excited for this party and I know it's going to be awesome." Naruto said happily. He'd been waiting for the party the whole time for multiple reasons but mainly because of what his uncle promised. His shinobi career was important but his family was equally so and he was tired of the secrets.

That's it for Chapter 1 everybody and yeah this is different from my usual wares. Let me start by saying that it is a harem and most of the members are decided for me already. Hinata will be in Tenten will be in Yakumo will be in. Eventually Haku who will be female and most likely Fu. Ino and Sakura are out and I'm still in the planning stages so I'll worry about people who appear later when I reach their part of the story. This will be an M story and lemons are going to happen, but it will be a while so get ready for a lot of buildup. Next chapter Naruto learns the truth about his adoption and that's just the beginning. Naruto's peaceful world is about to crumble.