Chapter 12 The Wonderous Waterfall Village

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(Training Ground Three)

Another day of Training was about to begin for Team Seven and they couldn't be happier. Now that Sasuke had his Sharingan his spars with Naruto weren't nearly as one sided as before. Meanwhile, Sakura had shown vast improvements in her strength and stamina now that she was focused on being a ninja instead of Sasuke. She still needed a few more jutsu before she could be considered a major threat, but she was a major improvement over her former self. As for Naruto he was simply enjoying having a proper team, "So everybody, are you ready to go" Kakashi spoke up.

"Yeah what mission do we have for today sensei" Naruto wondered.

"Let's get… nevermind." Kakashi frowned. The three would've asked more if not for ANBU Neko appearing out of nowhere and in front of the team.

"Sorry to interrupt your training Team Seven, but Lord Hokage has requested Naruto Uzumaki for a mission."

"Why just Naruto" Sasuke wondered not out of jealousy but curiosity. Being on a Team usually meant they did missions as a team.

"Mr. Uzumaki has a personal interest in this mission so Lord Hokage figured he should be involved." Neko explained.

Naruto paused for a moment before smiling as he realized what was happening, "So this is the final test huh" Naruto smiled.

"Yes. Please come with me." Neko instructed.

Naruto smiled before putting his hands into the familiar hand signs for Shadow clones and a clone popped out, "You explain everything to them, I'll go with Neko." The real Naruto smiled before leaving with Neko and allowing the clone to handle the rest.

"Cheapskate" the clone grumbled in annoyance.

"Care to explain Naruto" Sasuke said calmly. He had some idea of what was going on, but he wanted confirmation first.

"Remember how we brought back Haku after the Wave mission."

"Yeah" Sakura replied.

"Well before she can join our ranks, she has to prove herself. Putting her in the academy would be pointless since we know she's too talented for that, so for the last few weeks she's been doing very small tasks with Anko taking control in order to prove herself. The final task she needs to do is a mission involving her being a part of a 4-man team and the boss is headed for that mission."

"And you're going because…"

"Because when Haku told the boss about it during their last date she asked if he could be a part of it, so she has somebody familiar to work with." The clone smiled.

"I see" Sakura said with a grin.

"In other words, it's just you looking out for one of your girls." Sasuke smiled.

"You just need to make sure you get along with whoever the third member of your team is." Kakashi smiled.

"Yep and although I don't know who it is, I'm sure that the Hokage will give us somebody reasonable." The clone smiled.

"But wait what about our team." Sakura wondered.

"We're just going to do a few D-Rank missions while Naruto is gone. I believe your mission should take a week or so." Kakashi smiled.

The three ninja frowned but Sakura was the first to voice her concern, "Wait a minute, you know what mission they're going on" Sakura gasped.

"Yes I do, and it'll be a very interesting one if the rumors are true." Kakashi said with an ominous smile.

"I just hope I get along with whoever the third member is. See ya" the clone smiled before vanishing.

(Hokage's Office)

As the real Naruto arrived in the office with Yugao his good mood vanished in an instant upon seeing who was waiting for him, "You've got to be kidding me. HE'S the final member" Naruto scowled. He wasn't surprised to see Anko or Haku, but the final person was Kiba Inuzuka and that was a surprise.

"Yep. The mutt has been on probation just like your girl and if he wants any hope of returning to our ninja corps this is the only way." Anko smiled

"Hey" Kiba growled angry at being called mutt. Next to being called a bitch it was the greatest insult you could hurl at an Inuzuka.

"Enough" the Hokage shouted focusing back on them. "Naruto, I understand how you must feel considering your history with young Inuzuka. However, right now I need you to work as his teammate. You're being sent on a very interesting mission and it serves as a final test for both Mr. Inuzuka and Ms Momochi. There are others we could send, but we felt that you would make the most sense." The Hokage explained.

"If it makes you feel better, you're doing this for me Naruto." Haku smiled.

"Fine" Naruto relented since Haku had a point. This was for her and he agreed to help, he'd just deal with Kiba later.

"So, what's this big mission?" Kiba scoffed. He wasn't exactly thrilled either, but he would do what he had to in order to return to the ninja ranks.

"You're to escort the son of the Leader of the Hidden Waterfall Village back to his home. It is a C Rank mission" The Third announced.

"That's it" Kiba scoffed.

"Oh boy" Naruto groaned causing Haku to chuckle.

"Something I'm missing" Kiba growled.

"Yes, and that's okay" Naruto replied.

The Third Hokage turned towards Neko and said, "Bring Shibuki over." The third ordered.

"Of course," Neko smiled and she left to get the client for the mission leaving the group alone.

"Now before we get started, I want to make this clear. This mission might seem simple, but both Mr. Inuzuka and Ms Momochi need to prove their worth to the village. The waterfall is an ally of ours and I'm taking a bit of a risk asking ninja who have questionable pasts to work with him" The Third lectured

"Come on, I told you guys I was tricked" Kiba protested.

"Yes, but as I recall there were instructions on the scroll saying it was fake once you opened it. Why did you not return to the village immediately instead of waiting for Mizuki to arrive. If that were the actual scroll instead of a fake, we'd have a dead shinobi and a lost scroll" The Third questioned.

Kiba paused, "That is on me. I was angry that Mizuki sensei betrayed us and I was going to confront him."

"Which means you're more stupid then you are a traitor. I still can't believe you actually thought stealing a forbidden scroll was a test" Naruto chastised.

"Hey, it was coming from an instructor. How was I supposed to know he was lying?" Kiba smiled.

"Because even a novice would've known that stealing a forbidden item would make for a horrible test." Naruto replied.

"ENOUGH!" the Third shouted. "Regardless of the situation you betrayed the village and this mission will go a long way towards proving your worth." The third said coldly.

Kiba was about to respond, but the door opened to reveal Neko and a young man with ink black eyes and has long, dark brown hair below his forehead protector which had the symbol for Taki. His outfit consisted of a green shirt, gray pants, and shinobi sandals along with a gray shoulder pad on his left shoulder with a brown strap over, "Everyone I'd like you to meet your client Shibuki." Neko said calmly.

"Hello" the now named Shibuki replied.

"As I said earlier your mission is to take Shibuki here back to the Hidden Waterfall. Once that's complete you can return." The third smiled.

"Okay kiddies you have two hours to get ready and meet me at the North Gate." Anko smiled.

'Two hours that's odd' Naruto thought to himself. This was an easy mission to pack for, so he didn't have any idea on why he'd need two hours.

"Naruto do you mind helping me pack. I could use some advice on what to bring and what to keep with me" Haku smiled causing Kiba to scowl.

"What kind of ninja doesn't know how to pack. This chick is a joke." Kiba criticized.

"You'd be wise not to underestimate her Kiba. Trust me she can kill you very easily." Naruto growled his annoyance growing.

"Naruto that's enough. Just come help me pack." Haku said softly trying to calm him.

"Fine" Naruto huffed, and they left via a shunshin.

"See you in two hours." Anko scoffed herself leaving an annoyed Hokage and Neko behind. As for Shibuki he was slightly worried about who he was trusting himself too.

(Scene Skip)

"So much for packing." Naruto smiled as he and Haku sat in her bed after a few steamy rounds cuddled to each other. When they arrived in her home Haku quickly slammed her lips against Naruto's and Naruto immediately understood what Haku wanted. After making a clone to do his packing, Naruto did the second thing he did best, although some would argue it was his best skill.

"I heard rumors about the Inuzuka from Anko and in addition to being arrogant he was also a bit of a pervert. So, I wanted to make it clear that you belonged to me." Haku smiled as she got up to get dressed.

"And I'm guessing Anko knew about those plans which is why she gave us two hours."

"That and your girls are going to want to say goodbye before you go on another long mission." Haku chuckled as she laid out the same outfit she wore on the bridge, though this time without a mask.

"I see" Naruto replied as he reached for the scroll his clone left with his outfit and his blade and began to get dressed himself.

"Just so you know, that young man isn't the son of the Leader of the Waterfall village, he IS the leader" a now dressed Haku smiled.

"I suspected something was off, but how do you know that?" Naruto frowned having nearly gotten dressed himself.

"A few months before we joined Gato, Zabuza and I spent a few weeks in Waterfall. We met Shibuki and the members of the village. One of whom should be of great interest to you." Haku smiled.

"Oh. Tell me more." Naruto sad with a raised eyebrow his outfit now complete.

"Actually, I think I'll just surprise you." Haku said with a devious smile.

"Now that's not fair" Naruto pouted.

"Well it wouldn't be fun in that case. Now let's go" Haku smiled.

"Fine" Naruto pouted.

(Scene Skip)

To say that there was tension among the group was a severe. Smelling Haku on Naruto as they returned to the gate and watching Naruto get kissed by not only Hinata Yakumo and Tenten but a supposed inner Yakumo that was gorgeous in her own right had Kiba absolutely furious. Shibuki being a bit of a coward made it worse. "Are we almost there yet" Kiba growled.

"No and you need to learn some patience mutt." Anko said with an icy tone.

"Why you!" Kiba growled back. Anko loved calling him mutt and it drove him insane.

"Try me kid. I'll kick your ass so bad you won't be able to walk." Anko scowled.

"Now Anko. I know Kiba's an idiot, but we are trying to work together." Naruto said calmly.

"Oh please. You know my story and you know how I feel about traitors." Anko replied angrily ignoring Kiba's protest.

"I do but now's not the time. Trust me, if Kiba does anything too stupid, you can beat his ass and we don't have to worry about him ever again. Until then, try to act professional." Naruto chided. It was ironic that HE was the voice of reason considering how much he hated Kiba but oh well.

"I'm right here you know." Kiba growled.

"I know and I suggest you be quiet." Naruto retorted.

Kiba simply stayed quiet because he was outnumbered, "So all we have to do is take this guy to Waterfall, right?" Kiba frowned.

Shibuki frowned himself, "Yes but I admit I'm having doubts." Shibuki admitted. Before Kiba could say anything else, Naruto spoke up again.

"So, what kind of place is Waterfall. I admit I've never heard of it" Naruto wondered.

"It's a lovely village but admittedly we aren't known for our ninja. We have some but they're mostly on other missions"

"That explains why he couldn't get his guys to do it." Kiba pouted.

"Anything of note." Naruto asked curiously. Haku suggested there was, and he was curious if Shibuki would reveal what he wanted to know.

Shibuki frowned but figured that their group was mostly trustworthy, "Our village is known for three things and they are all top-level secrets so I'm trusting you" Shibuki warned.

"Of course" Naruto replied and everyone else nodded as much.

Shibuki breathed a sigh of relief before speaking, "The first is the Hero's water, a special water that boosts your chakra to insane levels in exchange for your life. The second is the Earth Grudge Fear kinjutsu but that's long gone, and the user is likely dead."

"Humor us" Naruto asked curiously.

"In the early days of what we now know as the Shinobi world, we sent a ninja named Kakuzu to kill the 1st Hokage."

"What!" Anko shouted in shock.

"Sorry. I can't explain why they did it just that they did" Shibuki said fearfully.

"Sorry but I just find that so unbelievable. The First was a monster by Shinobi standards" Anko explained bashfully. She had a temper at times and Shibuki's words accidently brought them out.

"As you no doubt figured out, he failed and was disgraced by the village. His response was leaving us but not before stealing the Earth Grudge Fear kinjutsu. It turns the user's body into a rag doll held together by strings."

'Why would he steal something like that?" Kiba wondered.

"I don't know and hopefully he's long dead." Shibuki frowned.

'Hopefully so.' Naruto thought to himself. Based on what Naruto was telling him that was a nasty technique and the person using it would be a huge threat. "You said there are three exceptions, so what's the third."

"I'm not sure if I should say." Shibuki frowned

"I don't see why not. We're sworn to secrecy and anything you say about us will stay that way" Haku spoke up.

Shibuki took a deep breath, "We're also known for a monster known as the Nanabi, the Seven tailed beetle." Shibuki revealed causing everyone's eyes to widen.

"Holy shit. You mean there are more creatures than the Kyuubi!" Kiba exclaimed.

Shibuki frowned since he assumed the members of the Leaf knew just what type of creature the beast who destroyed their village was, "Ms Anko should I continue." Shibuki wondered.

"Yeah" Anko said calmly.

"The Kyuubi is one of 9 legendary monsters known as the bijuu. Beings of pure chakra with destructive power unlike anything anybody could ever imagine. Even the weakest one, the Ichibi could destroy a village without any effort."

"And one of them is in your village." Kiba deadpanned.

"Yes, but I can assure you we're under no threat from it." Shibuki smiled.

"And why's that. Our village had thousands of ninja, and the nine-tails still destroyed everything. There's no way you guys can handle it!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Kiba that's enough" Anko insisted not wanting to continue.

"Fine" Kiba pouted. He really didn't like it. As for Naruto, he quickly understood what was going on.

'Let me guess. Your sibling is sealed inside a person in the village.' Naruto said mentally to Kurama.

'Most likely and I'm guessing your mate knows who it is.' Kurama smirked.

'Probably' Naruto said calmly as he sent a dirty glare Haku's way. If the host of the seven tails was in the village it was somebody he'd probably like to meet. Well he'd worry about that once they arrived if they were allowed access to the person in question. He knew from experience that dealing with someone who held a tailed beast was a tricky thing to work out.

(Scene Skip)

"Here we are" Shibuki smiled as the group stood on top of a small hill after a very long journey. In front of them was a mountain with a massive waterfall that seemed to go up for miles.

"Incredible" Naruto said in awe.

"I just want to get out of here." Kiba scowled. The waterfall was beautiful but being around that much water was an uncomfortable feeling.

"If you don't mind, just walk with me a little further." Shibuki insisted.

"Fine" Kiba frowned. At least the mission would be over soon.

The group walked through a small wooded area until they reached the end and now the waterfall was above them. The small stones below their feet and the small stream leading to the massive fall, "Thank you all for bringing me here." Shibuki smiled.

"I don't get it. Where's the village." Kiba frowned.

"I'm afraid this is as far as most of you can go." Shibuki frowned his expression changing.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean most of us." Kiba scowled.

Shibuki was about to answer when a pair of little kids ran out from the forest, "Welcome back Lord Shibuki." The kids said happily.

"LORD Shibuki" Kiba shouted.

"Yes. You see I'm not the son of the Leader of the Waterfall village but the actual leader." Shibuki smiled his expression changing slightly.

"It's about time" Naruto smiled.

"Considering your friendship with Ms Haku over here I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise that you figured me out." Shibuki smiled.

"Wait a minute how do you know Haku" Kiba exclaimed. This mission was already suspicious and now even more so.

"Zabuza needed a place to recover after a long mission and we stayed in Waterfall for a few weeks." Haku explained.

"Yes, and now it's time for the real mission. One that's for Mr. Uzumaki only." Shibuki said with a smile.

Kiba was livid that he was basically an escort and turned towards Anko with a scowl, "You knew about this didn't you."

"Yep. Shibuki wanted Naruto for a task and although Team 7 could've been invited. Lord Hokage figured it was a great way to kill two birds with one stone since you and Haku both needed one more positive mission before you could return to our ranks." Anko answered.

"In that case why not finish the mission properly. Haku and Kiba came all this way and while I don't know what you have planned for me, I don't want to do it alone" Naruto said calmly.

"Fine but that means it's time to enter the true Hidden Waterfall village. As its name suggests the village is behind this large waterfall. There's a small pathway that leads there but you will have to swim part of the way."

"No way pal. Akamaru can't swim and if Akamaru can't come, I can't." Kiba insisted. The truth was he didn't want to glorify Naruto more, but the water thing was an actual issue.

"I can solve that problem for you Kiba." Naruto revealed.

"And how's that" Kiba frowned hoping to use the water as an excuse not to go.

"By using seals. I can put Akamaru in a waterproof storage seal that will keep him safe while we swim over." Naruto smiled.

"There we go" Anko smiled.

Kiba didn't have a good reason to turn him down much to his annoyance, "Fine" Kiba huffed.

"Excellent" Shibuki smiled and now it was time to enter the waterfall village.

(Scene Skip)

The modified team sat in Shibuki's office, with the now revealed as Waterfall's leader at the top of a small dais with a simple wooden chair. Aside from the dais there wasn't much to the room which seem to suit the otherwise simple man. Shibuki was still in his clothes from before but he had a totally different aura to him. "Before we continue, I'd like to ask Mr. Uzumaki something."

"Of course, Lord Shibuki" Naruto said politely.

"How skilled are you with seals?" Shibuki asked.

Naruto was slightly caught off guard since most people outside of his friends and family weren't aware of just how talented he was with seals. How much Shibuki knew was a bit of a concern but since Anko was okay with it, he had no choice but to play along, "The only reason I'm not considered a master yet is because the only person who can certify me as such hasn't been in the village for a while." Naruto admitted. Then again, outside of a small mission where his team was asked to organize files there, he hadn't come by the sealing office in a while. Naturally, that mission was set up by the department to check his progress since he spent most of that time doing tests while the others took care of the files. Kakashi wasn't thrilled with that news, but he understood since Naruto was in a unique position in the village.

"That's wonderful. Well my task for you is a rather complicated one. As I mentioned before, our village is known for the Nanabi and we have it sealed in a special area whose location is considered an S-Rank secret. I'd like you to go over there along with one of my ninja and check on the seal to ensure that it's safe and modify it just in case it isn't."

"I see" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"What about us" Kiba scowled.

"Admittedly I don't know what to do since I didn't expect you all." Shibuki

"How about while Naruto takes care of this. You tell us about that Hero's water. It's not every day you hear about something that special." Anko smiled.

"Of course" Shibuki smiled glad to distract them with something and it was an easy tale to tell.

"So where do I find this ninja" Naruto asked just as there was a knock on his door.

"I was told you needed me Shibuki" a female voice said from outside.

"Perfect. Please come in Fu." Shibuki smiled as the door opened to reveal a petite, androgynous, tan-skinned kunoichi. She had layered mint green hair with an orange clip on the left side and orange eyes. Her outfit consisted of a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it and white ninja sandals with her forehead protector on her arm. On her back was a red backpack held onto her shirt by crossed ties.

As she looked towards the group her expression froze, "What's going on Shibuki. Why are these people here?" Fu scowled.

Shibuki pointed towards Naruto and calmly said, "This is Naruto Uzumaki, I've asked him to look at the seal and I need you to take him to where we're holding the Nanabi" Shibuki explained.

Fu's eyes widened before looking at the young man, "Of course" Fu answered quickly her hostility having vanished completely.

Naruto noticed how quickly her hostility vanished and put everything together, "Lord Shibuki is it okay if Haku comes with me. Haku knows all about secrets so I believe she can be trusted to keep the Nanabi's location secret." Naruto smiled.

"Hey what about me" Kiba scowled.

Naruto looked towards Kiba calmly, "You'll get to learn about the Hero's Water and that's a secret in its own way." Naruto smiled.

"Fine. But I'm not telling you what I find out" Kiba frowned.

Shibuki smiled before looking towards Fu, "So Fu is it okay with you if Haku joins you and Naruto."

"That's fine" Fu nodded calmly.

"Good" Shibuki smiled and Haku Fu and Naruto left to go take care of the seal.

'Good job Naruto. Looks like you figured out what was really going on.' Anko thought to herself. There was plenty more to this mission than Naruto or Kiba knew and all would be revealed in time. Hopefully it wouldn't cause too many headaches later.

(Scene Skip)

Fu led Naruto and Haku to a small hut that was far away from most of the houses before reaching into her backpack and picking out a key. Fu walked into the home, taking her shoes off before putting the red object to the side. Haku and Naruto followed that example and walked in shutting the door behind them. The interior of the house was a very simple design not to different from Haku's. Once they were firmly in the house Fu spun towards them, "This is my little slice of heaven what do you think?"

"This house hasn't changed since I've last been here." Haku said calmly.

Fu was pleased that Haku was as friendly as ever, but she focused her attention on a surprisingly calm Naruto. "Anything to add blondie. You've been quiet this whole time."

"Nope. I'm just wondering why we've come here instead of to some special chamber or something." Naruto smiled. He knew exactly what Fu was, but he wanted her to say it.

Fu turned towards Haku with a frown on her face, "You didn't tell him huh Haku." Fu pouted.

"I kept my word Fu. Not even Zabuza was told." Haku said calmly.

"Told what" Naruto asked playing innocent.

Fu calmly put her hands together in a ram seal before a small cloak of orange surrounded her body, "Shibuki wasn't lying when he said I was the guardian of the Nanabi. Though I suppose a better term would be jinchuriki." Fu explained wondering what Naruto's reaction was. To her surprise, he wasn't bothered.

"Seeing as how I'm a seal master, I assume Shibuki wants me to look over your seal." Naruto said nonchalantly.

"Actually no. What he wants is for you to take me to the Leaf Village with you guys." Fu revealed.

"Huh" Naruto replied not expecting that twist.

Fu dispelled the wings before her expression soured, "My life in the village has not been fun to say the least. The only friend I have is Shibuki, and he's the village leader, so I don't have anybody to constantly look out for me."

Naruto felt bad for Fu because it sounded like she was how he would've been if not for Genma adopting him. Admittedly he could easily bring Fu into the fold, but the problem lies in his own situation. However, a surprising source got involved which changed things.

"Partner. I don't ask much of you, but I believe we should take her"

"How come" Naruto wondered.

"Let's just say I owe it to my siblings to look out for them." Kurama revealed.

'Alright' Naruto replied before walking over to Fu and catching her and Haku off guard by pulling her into his body, "I'll bring you back with me Fu. Things might be a bit complicated, but I've got an awesome support system that I'm sure will help you." Naruto smiled.

"Yes he does, and I'll be a part of it also." Haku smiled. She was certain that the others would embrace Fu as a friend even with her condition, and that meant Fu would never be alone.

"Thank you!" Fu said happily before melting into the hug. This was the beginning of a new friendship and for Fu it was exactly what she needed.

(Shibuki's Office)

While Naruto and Haku were talking with Fu, Shibuki was talking with the rest of the team, "You said that the Hero's water was able to amplify your chakra to insane levels at the cost of your life. How is that possible." Anko wondered.

"Rather ironically, it's because of the Nanabi." Shibuki smiled.

"You'll have to explain that one." Kiba requested.

Shibuki took a deep breath ready to explain a truly odd story, "After we sent an assassin his way, the First Hokage decided to come to Waterfall personally in order to talk to those behind our village. At the time we weren't hidden from the world and the waterfall that you saw hadn't formed yet"

"That couldn't have ended well." Anko said nervously.

"It wasn't as bad as you'd think. The Hokage understood our fear and smiled before giving us the then sealed Nanabi as a peace offering in a bug catcher."

"Unbelievable. A monster like that as a peace offering." Kiba said in disbelief.

"Yes, but that was the type of man your First Hokage was, he understood how the world worked and he didn't begrudge us for what he did. Unfortunately, the same man who sent Kakuzu after the 1st decided to try again. This time he freed the Nanabi unleashing it on the village. To say it didn't end well was an understatement"

"How bad was it" Kiba wondered almost afraid of the answer.

"Five people survived. It destroyed our old village and most of the small lake that surrounded it"

"How did you guys survive after that" Anko wondered. Those days were ruthless and somebody who was trapped like them would be slaughtered.

"Fortunately, one of the men killed was the one who attempted to free the beast and the First took pity on us. He used powerful earth magic to create the waterfall that blocks our village from outside view. His brother, the man who would become the Second Hokage, used his mastery of water jutsu to gather the water tainted with demonic chakra and seal it away creating what would later be known as the Hero's water before finishing the waterfall. The two men are the very reason our Hidden village was well… hidden." Shibuki explained.

"I still can't believe our Hokage did that." Kiba said in disbelief.

"Our First Hokage was an incredible man." Anko praised.

"Yes, he was." Shibuki smiled.

"I guess we're waiting for Naruto now." Kiba frowned hating the fact that Naruto was getting to shine on this mission even though it was seemingly for him and Haku.

"Yes, but considering he's a seal master, who knows how long it will take." Shibuki said calmly. He was hiding a few secrets from the group or at least part of it and when the truth came to light things would be far more interesting.


Now that his business with Fu was done, it was time to return to Shibuki. "Kiba's going to flip out when he realizes what's going on." Naruto smiled as they made their way into the village.

"Probably" Haku smiled.

"Why's that" Fu wondered.

"Naruto is… popular back home and learning that you're coming with us will make him angry" Haku replied.

Fu turned towards Naruto, "Will that be a problem."

"Not at all. Though I'm curious how you'll fit in to our ranks." Naruto questioned.

"I'm a genin by rank but that's because nobody wants to work with me. Skill level I'm mid chunin." Fu smiled.

"That's fine but the problem is fitting you on a team." Naruto groaned.

"Actually, that's not a problem Naruto." Haku smiled.

Naruto raised an eyebrow for a moment before the realization hit, "I'd rather not but if that's what it takes oh well."

"Rather not what?" Fu wondered.

"Due to my past with Zabuza and something that Kiba did, we're on probation. It's very possible you can get added to a team with us and we'd have a proper trio."

"That sounds fine but what I don't get is Naruto's objection." Fu said calmly.

"Because I don't trust Kiba at all. He's an arrogant fool who messed up big time. Putting him on a team with you guys would not be something I'd like." Naruto explained. What Naruto hid was that Kiba was a horn dog and Fu was extremely naïve. He could easily trick her into something.

"I get what you're worried about, but you have a simple solution." Haku smiled well aware of her concerns.

"Am I missing something." Fu said nervously.

"Do you remember the main character's brother from Make Out Paradise." Haku smiled causing Naruto to look at Haku in shock.

"Yeah I do. He was really creepy and annoying." Fu replied continuing Naruto's concern.

"Kiba is kind of life him and since you're… not used to people. Naruto is worried he might pressure you into something." Haku explained.

"I see" Fu replied.

A part of Naruto really wanted to know how the girls knew about the books, but another part just didn't care, "Alright guys I guess it's time to meet up with the others."

"Or we could go back to Fu's house and chat. I haven't seen Fu in a while and getting a chance to talk to a normal person would be good for her. Shibuki isn't expecting us for some time due to our cover story and that means we'll be okay."

"Haku" Naruto glared aware of what she was suggesting.

"I don't see why not. It's not every day I get to talk to people." Fu smiled.

'Damn you Haku' Naruto cursed. Rather ironically it appears that Haku was the one manipulating Fu and Fu didn't have any idea. "Are you sure about this Fu?"

"Yeah. Besides if I'm going to stay with you, I should get to know you better which we won't be able to do on the road." Fu smiled.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that statement, but he had nothing to lose, "Let's go" Naruto smiled.

"Awesome" Fu smiled as they turned back towards her house.

(Scene Skip)

The group returned to Fu's home and Haku and Fu went in first followed by Naruto. As he turned to lock the door, he heard a very familiar sound, "Haku why do I get the feeling you planned this the whole time." Naruto groaned as he turned to find Haku's kimono had slid off revealing that she was wearing a black half bra and matching black panties while Fu's top had been removed revealing an orange bra.

"Because I did." Haku smiled.

"Even though she was on the run with Zabuza, Haku was certain they'd settle down one day and when that happened, she'd come for me again." Fu smiled as she reached for her skirt.

"And Shibuki was okay with this." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"He wasn't thrilled, but he also knew how miserable I was here." Fu admitted her skirt now off revealing a matching pair of orange panties.

"So, when you moved to the Leaf Village, you reached out to her again and came up with this mission" Naruto surmised.

"That's right but Naruto that's enough talking. You know what we want, the question is are you going to give it to us." Haku smiled.

"You realize the girls are going to be pissed right." Naruto deadpanned but little Naruto was perfectly okay with continuing.

"They've already approved. I mentioned it during our shopping trip with Anko. Now enough talk and get your clothes off." Haku said needly.

'Another one for me' Naruto chuckled as he moved to take off his jacket. Unfortunately, an explosion out of nowhere caught everyone off guard.

"We're under attack" Fu gasped.

"Yes, and that means we need to get dressed." Haku sighed.

"Whoever's invading us is going to pay!" Fu growled as she moved to get dressed. She was looking forward to this and now it was ruined thanks to some invaders.

That's it for Chapter 12 and things are about to get fun. Next time, the Village is invaded by someone familiar to both Shibuki and Fu and things are about to get fun.