Chapter 13 True Hero

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(Waterfall Village 10 minutes before end of previous chapter)

"This is bull Akamaru." Kiba groaned as he moved around the Waterfall village. Since his two teammates were taking a while to get back, he asked if he could walk around and to his admitted surprise Anko was okay with it.

"ARF" the dog barked back clearly agreeing with his owner.

"Yeah something about this mission stinks." Kiba frowned as he took a moment to look around the village. He was extremely young when the fox attacked so he didn't know what it looked like but from what he was told it towered over the Leaf Village. If the seven tailed beast was anything like that, there was no way to keep it hidden. Kiba looked around and couldn't find a single place that was large enough to hold a monster that big. He kept walking until he arrived at the entrance of the village.

"Mr. Ninja is everything okay" a little boy said nervously.

"Yeah I'm looking for that girl Fu. Have you seen her?" Kiba wondered.

"I haven't but."

"Kid get out of here now" Kiba interrupted noticing four ripples appear in the water.

The kid saw the ripples and realized something was wrong, "Right" the kid said quickly before fleeing.

With the kid gone Kiba focused on the water and when four figures made themselves known, he knew he was in trouble, "Let's go Akamaru" Kiba said confidently.

"ARF" Akamaru replied as he focused on the people who were clearly here to invade waterfall.

(Scene Skip)

(Present time)

Naruto Fu and Haku made their way towards the explosion and none of them were happy, "I can't believe we got interrupted." Fu pouted.

"Can we focus on the fact that your village is under attack." Naruto groaned. He wasn't exactly thrilled either, but the attack was kind of a big deal.

"The only good part about the village is Shibuki. The rest of them can kick rocks." Fu snorted.

'I know that feeling.' Naruto sighed. Fu was as much of a fan of Waterfall as he was of the Leaf.

"Once we get back to the Leaf, we'll have plenty of time for fun. For now, let's deal with these guys" Haku said with a calming smile.

"Works for me." Fu said happily.

"Right." Naruto said calmly.

The two were soon joined by Anko and Shibuki, "You guys look like you could use some company." Anko smiled.

"Not that I care much but where's Kiba." Naruto said calmly.

"Don't know. He was getting bored waiting for you guys, so we let him take a walk." Anko smiled.

"Just lovely." Naruto deadpanned.

"He's totally involved in the explosion, isn't he?" Fu chuckled.

"Yep and I gotta bail his ass out again." Naruto groaned.

"Let's go see" Anko smiled as the group accelerated in hopes of finding out what was going on. The group eventually made their way to the entrance of the village and they found Kiba surrounded by four people and tied up with ninja wire around his wrists and waist in such a way that even his family's traits weren't going to help. To make matters worse Akamaru's feet were also tied together.

In the front was Murasame a muscular shinobi wearing a black, sleeveless shirt, grey pants, ninja sandals, and brown-colored arm warmers. He had chin length gray hair that was spiked at the top along with a teal line marking that goes over his nose. The second person up front had long spiky hair, small dark eyes, and a goatee. He wore a dark blue jacket, grey pants, sandals, and a bandanna that held his hair out of his face. Behind the second person was Kirisame. He had white eyes with tiny black pupils though you could only see his right eye due to messy, chin-length brown hair and very thin eyebrows. He wears a black skin-tight suit underneath all of his clothing, which also covers his mouth and nose and had a forehead protector from the Hidden Rain Village. His outfit consisted of a light grey T-shirt over his black suit, a blue-colored strapped suit that acts as his pants and a shirt over his grey one along with a light grey scarf around his neck. His weapon holster on was on his right thigh and he wore black shinobi sandals. The final person was Hisame a young, quite tall, and slim kunoichi with fair skin, short light brown unkempt spiky hair, azure blue earrings, red lipstick, pupil-less black eye irises, and short thin light brown eyebrows. She wore a pink tube top that has a dark red linen along with an open, light blue shirt, navy blue pants a white hairband to keep her hair away from her eyes, a shuriken holster on her right leg and ninja sandals.

"It can't be. You're Suien sensei." Shibuki said in disbelief towards the man with the goatee.

"It's been a long time Shibuki. How are you?" the now named Suien smiled.

"Wait a minute, you know this weirdo Shibuki?" Fu said in disbelief.

"Know him. Girlie I was the one who trained him as a shinobi."

"Just great. Kiba gets captured by a rogue shinobi who was a trusting sensei yet again." Naruto deadpanned.

"Fuck you Naruto." Kiba scowled reminded of his failure when his journey started.

"Suien sensei what are you doing here?" Shibuki shouted putting the focus back on him.

"I'm here for the Hero Water Shibuki. You're going to bring me to it, or we kill the brat." Suien said with an icy tone.

"Shibuki don't do it" Fu said nervously.

"She's right Shibuki. You've told us how valuable the hero water is." Anko repeated.

"Be quiet girls or the brat dies. This ninja wire is specially designed to slice through the body if you try to escape and if he tries to use his fangs, I'll stop him. You can't win." Murasame warned.

"Plus, I have a few followers waiting and all I need to do is summon them." Suien smiled.

Shibuki paled since he knew this was bad, "Alright" Shibuki gave in. He had no choice but to do what Suien wants.

"Damn it" Anko cursed.

"Shibuki!" Fu shouted angrily.

'This sucks.' Naruto thought to himself He had a clone in reserve that could save Kiba, but now he had to find those other ninja and deal with them. This mission was getting annoying.

"Let's go Shibuki" Suien insisted and the group walked through the village.

(Scene Skip)

The group arrived at a large tree with a small alcove and Suien smiled, "To think you hid the Hero's water here the whole time."

"Yes. Sometimes the most obvious location is the best one." Shibuki sighed before walking into the cove. After a few minutes he came out with a small bottle.

"The Hero's water" Suien smiled.

"Yes, and I'll give it to you as long as you give us the kid and leave.' Shibuki said firmly.

"Now why should I listen to you" Suien said cockily.

"Because if you don't, I'll drink the Hero's Water and then beat all of you."

"Are you crazy Shibuki!" Fu screamed.

"She's right you'll die." Anko yelled out.

"You're bluffing" Suien smiled.

"Do you want to find out." Shibuki smirked.

Suien scowled because it was a classic bluff, "Fine. Give me the water, and I'll give you the brat."

"Him first" Shibuki insisted.

"Fine" Suien twitched and they tossed Kiba and Akamaru towards an annoyed Anko.

"I'm sorry" Kiba sighed.

"We'll talk later." Anko scowled as Naruto walked behind him and used his sword enhanced with wind chakra to free Kiba. This was a disaster and there wasn't much they could do.

As a smiling Suien was given the Hero's water he took it with a smile before nailing Shibuki in the stomach.

"Shibuki!" Fu shouted.

"I'm okay Fu" Shibuki said bashfully getting up from the floor.

"Let's go" Suien smiled knowing he got exactly what he wanted.

"Hold on. How do we know this is the Hero's Water?" Murasame spoke up.

"Good point. We should have somebody test it" Hisame smiled.

"Good idea" Suien smirked before opening the water and taking a drop. He figured that it wouldn't be as bad if he took so little. To his surprise, he didn't feel anything which caused him to scowl.

"Something wrong" Murasame shouted.

"Yes' Suien growled before focusing on Shibuki. "THIS ISN'T THE WATER!"

"What!" Shibuki gasped.

"That's regular water you little bastard. Where's the real Hero's water." Suien screamed.

"You'll never find it" Fu spoke up.

"What was that!" Suien scowled.

"Fu. What did you do?" Shibuki gasped. It was obvious that Fu knew the water was fake, but the real question was what she did with the actual hero's water.

Fu frowned before walking forward with a determined look on her face, "You were my hero Shibuki and I knew the day would come that you had to use the water and I didn't want that to happen. So I decided to sneak into where you had the Hero's water and put it somewhere else replacing it with regular water."

"You bitch" Suien scowled.

"Thanks, and I'm about to show you the real power of the Waterfall village." Fu smiled.

"Is that so" Suien scowled.

"That's right. Funny story about the Waterfall Village is that we have two secret weapons. The first is the Hero's water." Fu smiled. "The second… is ME!" Fu roared before an orange chakra swirled around her.

"No way! She's!" Murasame gasped.

"What the hell" Kiba said in disbelief.

'Do it Fu' Naruto thought to himself. She was unleashing the power of her tailed beast to save her family. He could appreciate that.

"Now get ready you guys. You're going to pay for attacking my village." Fu smiled as she approached the group with an orange cloak around her body with two orange tails behind her.

"FUCK!" Hisame cursed as she tried to run just for a snake to appear from the ground and wrap around her.

"Where do you think you're going" Anko smiled deviously.

"MHMMM" Hisame screamed helplessly as the snake squeezed her life out in an instant.

"Hisame!" Murasame shouted but thanks to the distraction he didn't notice Fu approaching at speed.

"You should focus more on yourself." Fu smiled nailing him in the stomach using the bijuu enhanced chakra to cause some serious damage.

"AHH!" Murasame yelled before falling onto the ground. The chakra corrupted his body and before long he was dead also.

"Aww I wanted to get him." Kiba pouted but didn't notice a water whip coming from Kirisame.

"Heads up mutt" Naruto lectured before severing the whip with his blade.

"You little bastard!" Kirisame scowled.

"Thanks, but I'm not done" Naruto smiled vanishing in a flash of speed and impaling Kirisame from behind. That was three down.

Suien was furious that they were being beaten despite all of his preparation, "You little BRATS" Suien shouted as he began making hand signs something Fu noticed.

"Too slow. Scale powder jutsu" Fu shouted before firing a blast of white powder at Suien who wasn't able to finish his hand signs in time and watched it explode upon contact with his body.

"GHWAHH" Suien shouted in pain. This was all going backwards for him.

"Unreal" Shibuki gasped. Their group completely devastated Suien and the troops.

"It's not over yet. We still have my other troops." Suien scowled as he tried to get up.

"No, you don't. They've been taken care of" Haku smiled before it was revealed she was a water clone. She made the jutsu in secret while they were walking and snuck away to find the other troops. Between her and Naruto it didn't take long to deal with the extras.

"You've lost Suien sensei. Surrender now and perhaps you can be forgiven." Shibuki said warmly.

"Never" Suien scowled.

"You're all alone up against all of us. If you have a death wish I'll be glad to grant it, but Shibuki here seems to like you." Anko smiled viciously.

"Please sensei. I don't want to kill you" Shibuki said softly.

"You're still too soft" Suien chuckled.

"Perhaps so" Shibuki smiled.

"Are you sure about this" Anko said firmly.

"Yes I am. He was my sensei and I owe him a lot. I believe he did what he did to help the village."

"Sorry but no" Fu frowned before appearing behind Suien and used the cloak to chop him from behind.

"FU!" Shibuki gasped.

"If I didn't steal the Hero's water, he'd be attacking all of us and you could be dead. I'm not going to just let someone like that go" Fu reminded him her anger burning.

"That's enough Fu. We won" Naruto sad firmly before staring at Fu.

Fu stared back and noticed his expression and realized he was right. "Fine but you owe me for this" Fu frowned before dispelling the cloak. As the chakra faded Fu collapsed and a smiling Naruto caught her.

"Rest now Fu" Naruto said with a smile.

"Uhh so anybody wanna tell me what that was all about." Kiba said in confusion. Fu was ruthless and he apricated that but there was something unnatural about what happened.

"Let's get back to Shibuki's place and we'll talk there." Anko conceded.

"What about these guys" Shibuki wondered.

"You leave that to me" Anko smiled planning to send her snakes to feed on their bodies.

"Alright" Shibuki sighed. There was a lot to discuss and questions that needed to be answered.

(Scene Skip)

The group returned to Shibuki's office and after everyone got seated Shibuki decided to explain the truth about the mission they were sent on and Kiba was predictably furious.

"Say WHAT!?" Kiba screamed.

"Will you calm down Kiba. Fu's still asleep" Naruto chastised. He was currently in a seiza with Fu's head on his lap still unconscious from using the jinchuriki cloak.

"How the hell am I supposed to calm down. I was basically brought on a mission to bring you another lover. One that apparently has some freaky power" Kiba yelled.

"I can understand how angry you are and in truth I didn't know until we arrived myself. However, Fu's power isn't freaky. It's actually quite understandable."

"Then explain it to me." Kiba growled still sore over what happened.

"Remember how Fu was supposed to escort me to the Nanabi's seal."


"Well what you didn't know at the time, and I only figured out after we saw her, was that the Nanabi was actually sealed inside Fu herself." Naruto admitted.

"Impossible" Kiba gasped. The idea that a monster liked a tailed beast was sealed inside a person was insane.

"Very possible. The term is called jinchuriki and if I remember correctly every single one of the tailed beasts is currently sealed inside a person." Shibuki revealed as Kiba looked on in shock.

"Wait so there are 8 more people like Fu" Kiba shouted.

"That's right" Shibuki nodded.

"And that includes the nine-tailed fox" Kiba continued.

"That's right Kiba. This is an S-class secret but the 4th Hokage sealed the fox away and doing so cost him his life." Anko revealed.

"So, who did he seal the fox in." Kiba wondered.

"That would be me." Naruto said calmly.

Kiba's eyes practically bulged out of his skull, "So that's why everyone calls you demon brat." Kiba said in shock.

"That's right. It was supposed to be a secret, but somebody leaked it and it made my life hell. Everybody around me hated me with very few exceptions and if not for Uncle Genma and his friends, I'd have probably died before I reached the age of six."

"No way" Kiba said in shock.

"It's true. When he was six, the lady who ran the orphanage was planning to kick him out and leave him to the mercy of the village. Something that would've likely killed him." Anko scowled.

"You gotta be kidding me. What about the Will of Fire and all that other stuff?" Kiba protested

"The Leaf Village was considered the strongest village among the Five major ones due to our history of powerful ninja and brilliance of our clans. That brilliance was useless in the face of the fox and if not for the Fourth sacrificing himself and sealing the fox inside Naruto, our Will of Fire would've been snuffed out and the fox would've done it as easy as breathing." Anko explained before changing the subject slightly since Kiba was a bit confused based on the expression on his face. "I'm curious. Do you still think about what happened with Mizuki?" Anko asked calmly.

"Yeah. I hate how powerless I was in that case." Kiba admitted with a growl.

"Well imagine that feeling and imagine hundreds of shinobi and thousands of civilians feeling that same way."

"Whoa" Kiba gasped aware of how insane that was.

"Whoa is right. To make matters worse, most people believed that Naruto was the fox reincarnated and since nobody wanted to see the fox appear again. They acted on that fear" Anko said firmly.

"I see" Kiba said solemnly before turning to Naruto and was about to say something when Naruto interrupted.

"I've long since accepted what happened and to be honest, I can't blame them completely." Naruto admitted.

"But… what if they did kill you." Kiba gasped.

"I can't focus on what could have happen, I can only focus on what did happen. What did happen is Uncle Genma and the others took me in. The villagers can hate me all I want, but that doesn't matter because of my family." Naruto said firmly.

"Well said Naruto and I have no doubt Fu would've gone through similar struggles had I not watched over her." Shibuki said solemnly looking at the mint haired girl. "The Hero's water is simply a tool, but people like you and Fu are true Hero's. Taking on a few enemy shinobi is one thing but the fact you hold back a monster capable of destroying Hidden Villages without batting an eye is incredible. I understood that and I made sure to watch out for Fu as best as I could. That job is now yours, Naruto" Shibuki said with pride.

Naruto looked down at Fu and leaned down to kiss her cheek before looking at Shibuki, "I promise to watch over Fu and make sure she lives a happy life." Naruto said happily.

"I hope so Naruto, but I really do need to wake her up since she needs to tell me something." Shibuki frowned.

"You heard the man Fu, get up." Naruto smiled and everyone watched as Fu opened her eyes.

"Can't I lay on your lap for a little longer." Fu pouted.

"Afraid not. Shibuki wants answers about you know what." Naruto smiled.

Fu's eyes widened before sighing, "Got it" and looking to face her leader.

"I understand you moved the Hero's water because you wanted to make sure I didn't use it and to keep me safe. If you show me where the water is, I promise that I'll train every day to get strong enough that you don't need to worry about that anymore."

"Alright" Fu smiled trusting the words of the man who saved her life.

"That's settled so I take it the mission is done." Anko smiled.

"It will be once Fu brings me the water." Shibuki suggested.

"Give me an hour and I'll bring you the water." Fu said with a smile on her face.

Shibuki looked confused before remembering a certain detail, "Very well."

"Wait a minute, why does she need an hour." Kiba wondered causing everyone else to chuckle.

"Don't worry about it Kiba" Naruto smiled before getting up and turning towards Fu. "Shall we milady." Naruto smiled.

"We shall and I don't feel like waiting so can you shunshin over." Fu smiled before reaching out her hand.

"Sounds good" Naruto smiled before pulling her into his body wrapping his right arm around her waist.

"Don't forget me" Haku smiled before getting up and pulling into his left arm.

"Of course." Naruto smiled as he vanished via a shunshin with the two girls in his arms.

"I don't think they'll be an hour." Anko smiled.

"Probably not but she deserves to be happy." Shibuki sighed.

"Lucky bastard" Kiba grumbled realizing exactly what was about to go down and wishing he could have a girl of his own.

(Fu's home)

The trio arrived in Fu's bedroom with a flash and they quickly separated, "So before we were rudely interrupted, I believe you were going to fuck us." Haku smiled.

"Are we sure we should do this" Naruto said nervously. Haku was perfectly okay and so was he despite the battle but he wasn't sure about Fu. Using the cloak should've drained her pretty badly

Fu smiled before walking over to Naruto and pecking him on the lips before stepping back, "I'm fine Naruto take a look" Fu smiled before stripping completely, revealing no scars at all on her lithe frame, something that should've been impossible given that she used the cloak.

"Impossible" Naruto gasped. The bijuu cloak should always leave a bit of damage even he wasn't immune to that.

"I spoke with Chomei a year ago and convinced her to use less demonic chakra with the cloaks. That way Shibuki didn't worry on the off chance I ever needed to use it" Fu smiled revealing the secret.

"So… are we going to do this or not" Haku smiled completely naked yet again.

"Yeah we are" Naruto smiled before tossing away his ninja sandals ready to enjoy his two most recent conquests.


A smiling Fu walked over to Naruto and put her arms on his face pulling him into a kiss. Naruto attempted to slide his tongue into Fu's mouth and Fu gave him access. As for Haku, she walked behind the kissing pair them with a smile on her face.

"Don't forget me" Haku smiled before wrapping her arms around his waist from behind pressing her large breasts into his back.

Naruto pulled away and turned towards Haku with a smile, "Of course not" Naruto replied before moving to kiss the black-haired beauty and like with Fu, it wasn't long before Naruto and Haku were clashing tongues.

"No fair" Fu pouted as she watched Haku and Naruto kiss.

Haku pulled away, "Well then help me get him naked also. It's not fair if we're the only ones without clothes" Haku smiled before resuming her kiss with Naruto.

Fu pouted but realized she had a point and reached for the zipper on his jacket and pulled it up revealing the skin-tight shirt underneath, "My turn" Fu insisted

"You're quite greedy Fu" Haku smiled as she pulled away and allowed Fu's lips to replace hers while Haku slowly revealed his skintight shirt.

"Yes I am, but Naruto's still not naked."

"Then how about you girls take care of my pesky pants together. I'll take care of the shirt" Naruto smiled.

The two girls looked at each other and smiled, "Okay" before Haku walked next to Fu. As Naruto pulled his shirt off Haku and Fu hunched down so they were eye to eye with his bulge.

"He's really big. I can tell just by looking" Fu said happily drooling at the thought of enjoying his dick herself.

"Yes he is. Why don't you take off his pants?" Haku smiled mischievously aware of just how big Naruto was from experience.

"Alright" Fu said happily reaching for his pants pulling them and his boxers down before being smacked by his monster being unleashed.

"That was mean Haku" Naruto said trying to hold back a chuckle.

"I couldn't help it" Haku smiled before taking her place on his left side.

"Very funny" Fu pouted taking his right side.

"Enough talk, why don't we get this guy ready for you." Haku smiled.

"Sounds good" Fu smiled. Almost on cue the two girls began licking his shaft using deft tongues.

"So good" Naruto grunted happily. The two girls worked surprisingly well together, and Naruto was the one benefiting from their skilled teamwork.

"Hey Haku mind if I get a proper taste" Fu said in a sultry voice.

"Go ahead" Haku said happily as she backed off allowing Fu to move in front of him and kiss the tip of his dick. Finding that she liked the taste Fu wrapped her lips around his shaft while Haku settled for teasing his balls.

"Ughh. You girls are amazing" Naruto said happily enjoying the girl's efforts.

"You're excited aren't you Naruto" Haku teased as she played with herself using her hands while her tongue teased Naruto's balls

"Naturally. We're both pretty girls and Naruto is a man." Fu smiled. Like Haku, Fu couldn't resist playing with herself as she played with Naruto knowing that the sooner she got ready, the sooner they could fuck.

"Oh yeah. You girls feel amazing. I'm barely holding on." Naruto grunted resisting the urge to reach out and push Fu further down his junk. The site in front of him was amazing and it was the type of thing he rarely got to enjoy.

"Naruto… you taste so good" Fu said happily. The more she sucked on Naruto's dick the more she wondered how it would feel inside her. So much so that her juices were flooding onto the floor.

"Just wait until you get his big dick inside you. I'm shuddering just remembering when he fucked me." Haku moaned happily knowing Naruto would fuck her once again.

Fu quickly moved over to the bed and spread her legs showing off her soaked snatch, "Naruto… I can't take it anymore. Fuck me." Fu pleaded.

Naruto smiled before walking onto the bed and lining himself up with Fu's snatch, "Are you sure about this Fu?" Naruto smiled lining himself up with her entrance.

"Yes Naruto. Make me your woman." Fu said lovingly.

"Alright" Naruto said gently before sliding into Fu.

"AHHHHHH!" Fu screamed as she lost her virginity at last. Her hymen was long gone thanks to training, but this was a new feeling entirely.

"Taking his big dick must be hard for you Fu." Haku said warmly.

"Then help her out" Naruto smiled knowing Haku was eager to get involved.

"Alright" Haku smiled as she crawled onto Fu's left side, bending her body so Naruto had access to her pussy and she could help him pleasure Fu, something she did by planting a kiss on Fu's breasts.

"Haku!" Fu moaned not expecting her to do that.

"Just relax Fu. I'm going to make help you feel good. Just do the same once it's my turn." Haku smiled as she began teasing Fu's breasts with kisses.

"Nghh. Ahh. Mhmm." Fu moaned at the odd stimulation.

"I guess now it's my turn." Naruto smiled as he began moving inside Fu.

"Ahh. Yes. That feels so good!" Fu moaned out. The combination of Haku's kisses and Naruto's dick was incredible and her body was feeling sensations she never felt before.

"Don't forget about me Naruto." Haku pleaded

"I won't Haku" Naruto smiled before taking his left hand and using it to fondle Haku's rear while keeping his speed going.

"More!" Haku moaned happily.

"Give us MORE Naruto!" Fu moaned. The pain she once had vanished and now all she felt was pleasure.

"You feel so good Fu. I can't believe this is your first time." Naruto smiled.

"Your… your just so good at this. I feel amazing." Fu moaned again. Pleasure was coursing through her body and she knew that Naruto wasn't even going all out yet.

Naruto pulled out for a second and smiled wanting to up the ante, "Get on all fours Fu. You too Haku"

"Alright" Fu smiled before following Naruto's demands.

"Of course Naruto." Haku said eagerly. Knowing how deep Naruto could go in this new position and anticipating her turn being next, Haku moved to position on Fu's left side.

"Fuck me Naruto! Give me all you've got." Fu said with a lustful tone in her voice.

"Alright" Naruto smiled happily more than eager to give her what he wanted. Naruto grabbed Fu's hips and slid into her again, but unlike last time, he was able to get his full length into Fu piercing her womb with ease

"YES!" Fu screamed enjoying Naruto's length going deep inside her.

"We're just getting started Fu" Naruto smiled before he began moving at a fairly fast speed.

"Don't forget about me" Haku pouted shaking her ass to tempt Naruto.

"Of course." Naruto smiled happily before moving his left hand off Fu's hips and sliding two fingers into Haku's pussy.

"So good" Haku purred relishing Naruto's fingers being inside her.

"His dick is amazing Haku. I'm nearly at my limit." Fu moaned out. This was true pleasure and she knew that Naruto would be doing this to her a lot more moving forward.

"I can't wait to get it inside me." Haku cried herself.

"Don't worry Haku you'll have your chance soon." Naruto grunted his limit arriving.

"I'm gonna cum soon Naruto. Please make sure to fill me up with your seed." Fu screamed out.

"I will Fu. I'm almost there myself." Naruto said happily.

"Focus on Fu Naruto. I want to cum using your dick instead." Haku said in a lustful tone. Naruto's fingers were doing a good job, but she knew nothing could compare to his dick.

Naruto nodded before taking his free hand away from Haku's snatch before putting it on Fu's hips and sped up to finish off his newest lover, "CUMMING!" Naruto roared and sprayed his seed inside the seven tailed host giving her a healthy dose of seed.

"That was amazing" Fu moaned as she collapsed onto the bed from exhaustion

"Now it's my turn." Haku said happily eager for her turn.

"Alright Haku I'll get to you, but I need Fu to move back a bit.

Fu quickly and moved to the back of her bed before spreading her folds, "How about you help me clean up Haku." Fu smiled well aware of Naruto's plan.

"Gladly" Haku replied before diving onto her snatch sticking her tongue into Fu's folds and lapping up Naruto's seed while putting her ass into the air.

"Ahh. This feels good too." Fu moaned putting her hands on Haku's head to shove her closer to her quim. If this was what she had to look forward to in the Leaf Village, Fu was really going to enjoy her new life.

Thanks to Haku's and Fu's actions Naruto was ready to go again and he had his sights on Haku's pussy, "Get ready Haku" Naruto smiled before lining up with Haku's snatch.

"Fuck me Naruto!" Haku said lustfully ready to enjoy Naruto's seed in her upper and lower mouths.

"Got it" Naruto simply smiled before sliding her into her with ease.

"NGHHH" Haku screamed into Fu's mouth and as Naruto began moving inside the black-haired girl.

"This is incredible you feel amazing Haku." Naruto grunted happily. Between his work earlier on Haku and the juices left from his romp with Fu, Naruto was able to move fast.

"Keep going Naruto. You feel so good." Haku cried out. The more she was with Naruto, the more bizarre and insane experiences she had, and she loved every second of it.

"Don't forget about me Haku. You still have some of Naruto's seed to clean out." Fu smiled happily.

"Right" Haku smiled before returning to eating out Fu.

"This is AMAZING!" Fu cried out as Haku ate her out. Her whole life she felt like she was alone and Shibuki was her only friend until she met Haku. When Haku left, she was lonely, but knew she'd be back thanks to their promise. Now, not only was Haku back, but she brought a stud in Naruto who already made her feel amazing. According to Haku's letter he had other lovers but that they were accepting of everything, and surely they would embrace her once she arrived.

"You girls are awesome I can barely hold on." Naruto said happily.

"Don't worry Naruto I'm close, which means you can cum inside me." Haku smiled.

"I'm close too." Fu screamed out.

Naruto smiled before ramping up the speed for one final barrage, "Here we GO!" Naruto roared his release flooding Haku who screamed into Fu's quim causing her release.

"CUMMING" Fu screamed out spraying her juices onto Haku's face.

"Well… now we're all dirty." Haku smiled happily.

"We should probably shower before we go back." Naruto smiled pulling out of Haku.

"Wait… are you still hard" Fu gasped.

"I guess so." Naruto said bashfully.

Fu and Haku both looked at each other and both came to an instant agreement, "Shower sex" Haku smiled.

"Shower sex" Fu nodded.

Naruto wasn't exactly going to say no and considering Fu was leaving the house after this he figured it wouldn't matter, "I'll have to apologize to Anko later because I'm pretty sure this will be more than an hour." Naruto smiled.

"They'll be okay. Now let's get dirty." Haku smiled.

"Don't you mean clean." Fu said curiously.

"No" Haku smiled.

"Lead the way Fu." Naruto smiled and Haku nodded in agreement as the trio went into the shower to enjoy each other's bodies and forget about everything else for a bit.

(Scene Skip)

"WHERE WERE YOU GUYS!" Kiba screamed out. Naruto Haku and Fu ended up taking three hours instead of the one that Shibuki suggested.

"Well funny story actually. We kinda exhausted ourselves in the shower and had to take a nap afterwards. You know, so we can get home a little faster" Naruto said bashfully. As jinchuriki, Naruto and Fu had a ridiculous amount of stamina and that served to fuel them in the shower as they explored each other's bodies. They were so exhausted once they were finished that they had to sleep for a little bit, so they didn't have to rest on the way back.

"Nice!" Anko smiled.

"Good grief" Shibuki chuckled.

"Let's get out of here already. I'm ready to go home." Kiba frowned. This mission was an utter disaster from the start for him. The only good news was he was closer to becoming a ninja.

"That's fine with me." Anko smiled.

"But not me." Shibuki smiled.

"What!" Kiba yelled.

"Fu you forget to tell him about the hero's water." Naruto shrugged.

"Oh yeah" Fu smiled before taking off the red cylindrical object on her back and handing it to Shibuki.

"Fu, I told you to give me the water." Shibuki frowned.

"Open it Shibuki" Fu smiled.

Shibuki frowned before opening the object and seeing there was water in it, "Well that settles that." Shibuki smiled.

"So, can we go now!?" Kiba frowned.

Shibuki smiled since he understood Kiba's annoyance a little bit, "Yes you can. It's been a pleasure to have you guys in my village. Despite what happened with my former sensei, I still enjoyed having you here."

"Yeah. I would've liked a chance to properly explore the village." Naruto smiled.

"And here I thought you liked spending time with me." Fu teased.

Naruto smiled before kissing Fu on the cheek to her surprise, "I did Fu, but exploring new places is one of the cool things about being a shinobi." Naruto admitted.

"Fine" Fu blushed slightly before turning towards Shibuki, "For all you've done for me I will forever be in your debt. I'll miss you Lord Shibuki." Fu said warmly before bowing to him.

"Goodbye Fu and have fun in the Leaf Village." Shibuki smiled happily.

"I will" Fu replied trying to hold back her tears.

"Let's get going kiddies. Thanks to the love birds taking too long we'll have to rest in the forest and I kinda wanna get to the Land of Fire before nightfall." Anko chuckled.

"Right." Fu smiled and the group left the office to go back to the Leaf. It was a wild adventure, but for Fu it was just the beginning of what promised to be an incredible journey.

That's it for Chapter 13 kiddies and with this Fu is in the harem. Next chapter Naruto's love life becomes a bit more complicated as others go out on missions. As for his shinobi life, he decides to show more of his true strength to his team.