Chapter 15 Family Affairs Pt 1

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(Hokage's office)

For any leader of one of the five major villages, the chunin exams are an interesting and difficult time. This is especially true when the exams are held in their village and that is what was facing Hiruzen Sarutobi right now. The upcoming exam would feature teams from members of Hidden Grass, Sand, Rain, and the new Sound Village, a village that he frankly knew very little about but accepted since they were such a mystery. A knock on the door surprised him since he didn't have any meetings planned for the day. "Please come in." the Hokage replied calmly, and the door opened to reveal two new people. The first was an older man with fair skin brown hair and blue eyes with a Hidden Grass village headband and the jonin outfit for the Grass which consisted of a grey flak jacket and brown pants with a grey long-sleeved jacket. Next to him was one of his charges, a girl with bright spiky red hair that was about chin length and crimson red eyes. She was wearing a light brown short sleeved jacket with an orange stripe across the middle above a grey mesh shirt with a purple skirt thigh high stockings and black sandals and the Grass Village headband on her forehead.

"Hello Lord Hokage, my name is Kaizen, and this is my student Karin. It's an honor to meet you."

"Hello Kaizen, what can I do for you." Hiruzen replied calmly.

"It's more a matter of what I can do for you?" Kaizen answered.

"Oh?" the Hokage replied with intrigue.

"That's right. You see my students full name is Karin Uzumaki. She and her mother arrived in Kusa after the fall of the ancestral home of the Uzumaki, the Land of Whirlpools. Her mother passed away a few years ago and she's been without family since."

The Third made a mental note of her heritage before continuing, "And how can miss Karin help me?"

"As I recall, the Fourth Hokage married a member of the Uzumaki clan named Kushina. Rumor had it they had a child before her untimely death, but those rumors have never been confirmed."

The Third narrowed his eyes at that. After all that was a highly classified secret, "Let's say that your information is correct. I ask again, how that would help me?" The Third said sternly.

Kaizen kept his cool and replied, "Well I figured that Karin could meet with this Uzumaki since from what I've heard family is important to the Uzumaki clan. Surely having him meet a member of his clan would help him grow as a shinobi."

The Old Kage really didn't like this at all, "What do you think about it Ms Uzumaki?" Hiruzen said calmly as he focused on Karin.

Karin looked up calmly, "If the rumor is true. I'd very much like to meet with a member of my clan." Karin said politely.

Something about this stunk, but Naruto was also very resourceful so he could deal with it, "Neko!" the Third shouted and Neko appeared from the shadows.

"What is it Lord Hokage?"

"Retrieve Genin Uzumaki for me. Please inform him that I wish to see him immediately." The Hokage revealed to the surprise of Kaizen and Karin.

"Of course" Yuugao replied and vanished via a shunshin.

"So the rumors are true." Kaizen gasped.

"They are. You'll have to give us a bit to bring him over."

"Thank you very much Lord Hokage." Karin said with a smile.

"You're welcome my dear. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to speak with your sensei for a moment." The Third replied.

"Alright" Karin answered, and she went outside leaving the Hokage with Kaizen.

"Is everything okay Lord Hokage?" The jonin wondered.

The Hokage narrowed his eyes, "No it is not. You see the Hokage having a child is something that's not known to very many people. How in the world did you know about it?" the Third asked calmly but it was clear that he was anything but calm.

To his credit Kaizen stayed calm and didn't flinch despite the gaze of the old Kage, "I don't have that information Lord Hokage. You would have to speak to my leader about that?" Kaizen replied firmly.

The Third sighed since it meant he'd have to rely on Naruto to find out what's going on, "Very well. You can go retrieve your student." The Third replied.

"Of course" Kaizen replied

(Scene Skip)

"This better be good Yuugao" Naruto frowned as he made his way towards the Hokage's office dressed in his tracksuit with ninja pants. He and Genma were sitting down for breakfast when Yugao arrived and told him about the meeting.

"It will be." Yuugao smiled as they approached the office.

Okay then" Naruto replied, and he opened the door. Waiting for him was the Hokage and two people who appeared to be from the Hidden Grass based on their appearance. An older guy and a teenage girl.

"Hello Naruto. Sorry for interrupting but this young woman wanted to meet you." the Hokage replied.

Naruto raised his eyebrow at that, "And who are you miss." Naruto replied calmly. Something stunk already but he was going to give her a chance. To everyone's surprise the girl walked up to him and knelt down in a bow.

"It is an honor to meet you Prince Uzumaki. My name is Karin Uzumaki, and I am but a humble servant of your legendary clan." Karin replied causing all of them to look at her in shock.

"Karin, what do you mean Prince Uzumaki?" Kaizen said in shock.

"I'd like to know this as well" the Hokage replied curiously.

Karin got up and looked towards her sensei, "Kushina Uzumaki was the Princess of Whirlpool before she was brought to the Leaf as a peace offering, or so we were told. When Whirlpool fell, various members of the clan scattered through the lands hoping to one day reunite with the Princess or a possible heir. My mother told me stories of Lady Kushina before her death and honestly I've always wanted to meet you."

Naruto was a bit caught off guard, but he couldn't help but smile, "So I'm really some legendary prince?"

"Yes. Please tell me your name my prince." Karin requested.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto replied calmly.

"Prince Naruto. Though my allegiance is currently with Grass, please allow me to stay with you for even a bit during these upcoming exams." Karin requested.

Naruto was a bit taken aback by the request, "I'd love to Ms Uzumaki, but I don't have any spare rooms for you." Naruto admitted bashfully. He actually did but something about this stunk and he wasn't going to allow her in so easily.

"I see" Karin replied solemnly.

"However, if you tell me where you're staying, I'm sure I can stop by after my training is done and spend time with you and your team." Naruto replied with a smile.

"That would be wonderful" Karin replied before telling him where they were staying

"Well that settles it." the Third said happily. He had to keep his real feelings secret for now.

"Yes it does Lord Hokage. Thank you very much for indulging me." Kaizen replied before leaving with Karin. Naruto stuck around for a bit since something about that seemed off.

"So Old Man, you don't think something about that stinks." Naruto frowned.

"I do Naruto. The story about scattered Uzumaki is true, but your parentage is supposed to be a highly classified secret. There are only two reasons that somebody from the Grass would know about you."

"Either they were responsible for my parent's death, or they learned the truth from somebody in your inner circle."

"Yes. I suspect it's the latter and I have a good idea of who that person is." The Third replied.

"Well, we can worry about why they know later. I think it's best that I spend some time with Karin and see what they're planning."

"Alright Naruto but be careful. You should know very well what happens when you allow foreign ninja to get too close."

"Yes I do." Naruto replied recalling what happened with Hinata and her family. It was an incident that to this day still haunted the Hyuuga clan and there was very little Naruto could do about it despite his connection to both people.

(Scene Skip)

With training over, Naruto made his way over to the apartment that Karin was supposedly staying in, "You realize that this is almost certainly a trap." Ido smiled as she appeared next to Naruto in her typica outfit.

"Yes I do Ido, and hello." Naruto smirked. Clearly Ido had been spying on him if she knew what was going on. Oh well, it was kind of her thing at this point.

"Do you want me to observe you guys and see if anything is off." Ido mused.

"No. Karin isn't a big concern. Her team is another story." Naruto admitted.

"Should I contact Haku and Fu and have them watch over the mansion." Ido wondered.

Naruto was surprised by this level of shrewdness, "You do what you think is necessary?" Naruto replied.

"Alright but you owe me and Yakumo later." Ido said with a smile.

"Alright" Naruto replied and Ido vanished in a puff of smoke. A few minutes later he arrived at Karin's hotel room and knocked on the door. It took a minute, but Karin opened the door.

"Hey cousin." Karin said with a smile.

"Kit something about her seems off."

'I agree' Naruto thought to himself.

"So let's go. I was a bit hungry so why don't we start with some food." Naruto said with a smile.

"Sounds good" Karin replied, and they went off. If Naruto had been looking, he'd see the vicious smile on Karin's face as they left.

(Scene Skip)

Arriving at Ichiraku's, Naruto smiled as he walked through the door with Karin already aware that things weren't as they seemed, 'This is a transformation jutsu isn't it.' Naruto asked the fox. He'd been subtly paying attention to Karin and during their walk she was completely calm and silent. Considering how she was during their initial meeting that seemed unlikely.

"No doubt. The scent we found during the initial meeting is different. The question is what will we do next?"

'There's a reason I went to Ichiraku.' Naruto smiled as he approached the ramen store his plan already in place.

"Hello Naruto, what's going on?" Ayame wondered.

"I want to get some ramen for me and my friend here. She's a relative of mine from the Hidden Grass Village and she's here for the chunin exams." Naruto smiled.

"I see. So what would you like miss?" Ayame asked innocently.

"Chicken ramen." Karin confirmed.

"Alright and you Naruto."

"I'll get four bowls of beef" Naruto said calmly.

"Four" Karin gasped.

"Yeah. I've got a huge appetite for ramen." Naruto said calmly.

"I see" Karin replied curiously.

"Yeah, but let's talk about something different." Naruto said calmly.

"Like what?" the fake Karin wondered.

"Which of the clans are you from since you're from Whirlpool?" Naruto wondered. The first was chakra mind which specialized in using genjutsu. The second was the chakra body clan which used the body for various things including healing. The third was the chakra soul clan which specialized in sensors. Most Uzumaki generally had 2 of the 3 but Naruto was only the third due in part to being born outside of whirlpool.

"Chakra body and Chakra soul." Karin explained quickly.

"It must suck being a part of the chakra body clan. I'm sure your teammates used it as an excuse to do perverted stuff to you." Naruto said quickly.

"What makes you say that?" Karin said almost angrily.

"Because as much as I hate to admit it most guys are closet perverts. Any chance they can do something perverted they'll take it." Naruto replied. He did this to see how 'Karin' reacted and from the looks of things, she wasn't taking it well.

Karin paused for a moment before sighing, "You're right sadly."

"Well enough about that unpleasant topic. Let's talk about something else." Naruto said calmly.

"How about what's it like in the Leaf Village." The fake wondered but before Naruto could answer Ayame came back.

'Here's your ramen." Ayame smiled handing the chicken over to the fake Karin.

"Thank you" the fake replied and moved to take a bite.

"How do you like it." Naruto said with a smile.

"It's…" the fake started to say before they fell face forward onto the table and a puff of smoke revealed what Naruto already suspected. That the Karin Uzumaki with him was a fake and she was replaced with one of her teammates. The fake had brown hair and fair skin wearing a short black t-shirt and ninja pants. He noticed some tools but that didn't matter. Thanks to the drug Ayame put in his ramen he wasn't moving for a while.

"Do I have Ido to thank for you drugging my little fake?" Naruto smirked.

"Actually, you have Yugao to thank." Ayame smiled.

"Really?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"That's right. You didn't know this, but I was training to be in the ANBU with Yugao before I retired to help my dad run the shop and she always came by to make sure I had some business. After Lord Hokage gave the approval to adopt you, she consulted me since one of her concerns was always going to be having a place for you to eat in the event you ran out of food. It doesn't hurt that your mom used to come a lot even when she was pregnant with you."

"That explains a lot, but it doesn't explain why you drugged him without me even saying anything that remotely suggesting otherwise." Naruto smiled.

"As ANBU we were aware of certain things, and one of them was other Uzumaki scattered around the world. Yugao and I created plans that we would execute in the event that somebody came to try and claimed to be family. Yugao came to me yesterday after she learned about Karin and from there it was a matter of executing." Ayame continued. This plan involved the use of a special drug designed to detect a transformation jutsu and if it was in place disable it and knock out the person. If it was the regular Karin it would've done nothing.

Naruto could barely hide a smile since it looks like he had even more great backup, "So what do we do about this guy" Naruto wondered.

"Make a shadow clone and take this guy to Haku's home. The others are waiting to deal with him once you arrive" Ayame smiled.

Naruto smiled before making said clone and taking the slumped shinobi away. He was a bit worried about the real Karin, but he figured Ido would handle that. "Now let me finish my ramen." Naruto smiled.

"Sounds good. You are my best customer after all." Ayame said happily. Things were going very well.

(Leaf Village)

While the fake Karin was dealt with, the real Karin was with her sensei walking around the village. "Hopefully Rico is able to find out something because so far this hasn't gone well for us." Kaizen groaned.

"Do you want me to check and see if he's okay." Karin wondered.

"No. Rico is good at what he does, and I trust him."

"Alright" Karin replied. As they continued, she felt somebody trying to cast a genjutsu on her, but her instincts were telling her to let it happen. Looking at her sensei, it was clear he didn't share her recognition and was instantly caught. As they continued to walk Kaizen stopped.

"You can stop following me now you bastards." Kaizen roared and out of nowhere five ninja in garb that was similar to ANBU appeared in front of the pair.

"What's going on sensei?" Karin said nervously. She knew it was a genjutsu, but she wanted to play along and see what happens.

"I don't know, and I don't know why the Hokage's ANBU are following us considering they should know what our request is."

"We heard about your request, but what I find suspicious is that the girl next to you is suspiciously similar to one seen with Naruto Uzumaki at Ichiraku Ramen mere moments ago. Considering it's on the other side of town that's an odd situation." a ninja said coldly.

Kaizen flinched since he didn't expect to be exposed, "Clearly he's a fake Uzumaki. As far as I know Uzumaki have red hair like Karin here. We heard rumor that the Leaf had established the once dead clan again and wanted to investigate. Surely you understand that?" Kaizen replied quickly.

"Yes we do, but your girl is from the Hidden Grass. How do we know she isn't a fake?"

"Take me to the Uzumaki property and I can prove it." Kaizen said with a smile.

'You're good sensei.' Karin thought to herself. Illusion or not they had a perfect way to counter them.

"How about this. We'll escort the girl to the property and after confirming if she is legitimate or not bring her back." One of the ANBU spoke up. Clearly, he was the leader.

"Hell no. I can't trust you Leaf bastards." Kaizen spat.

"Wait a minute sensei." Karin spoke up.

"Shut up Karin. I'm the one in charge of this remember?" Kaizen said angrily.

Karin stayed calm despite the aggression, "Think about it. If we have nothing to hide, I can go to this Naruto's mansion and we'll know what's really going on." Karin suggested.

"Good point." Kaizen smiled.

'Excellent. So let's go see Naruto." Karin smiled.

With everything in place it was time to get going, "Come this way Ms Karin." The leader said quickly.

"Shouldn't we at least get out of the genjutsu first." Karin smiled deciding it was finally time to see what was really going on.

Kaizen was utterly furious and put his hands up to release the technique, "RELEASE!"

"RELEASE" Karin shouted and they back where they stood.

"What the hell was that!?" Kaizen roared.

"I don't know, but I think we should talk to the Hokage." Karin smiled.

"Agreed." Kaizen frowned as they started walking back to the Hokage's office.

'Well done, it takes considerable skill to detect my genjutsu.' A voice spoke into Karin' head.

'I'm guessing your connected to Naruto if you're testing us like this.' the redhead replied mentally.

'I am but that doesn't matter. Your teammate has already been busted and he's being interrogated as we speak. Pretty soon everything will be exposed'

'Sounds good to me. I hate this plan and these assholes. If you can help me get away from them, I'm good with that.' Karin smiled.

'Excellent. Well with my job, done I'm going to get going. I can't wait to meet you in person Karin' The voice continued.

'Same.' Karin smiled and she walked back with her sensei none the wiser. Things were about to get very interesting for her and in a good way.

(Scene Skip)

The Third Hokage couldn't hid his concern about Naruto, but when his best ANBU assured her that it was covered he was able to relax. That relaxation was broken when Kaizen burst in with Karin by his side, "What can I do for you Kaizen." The Third said calmly.

"You can tell me why one of your shinobi put me and my charge in a genjutsu where I was surrounded by five of your ANBU and asked to give up Karin." Kaizen growled. He left a bunch of details out, but he told just enough to make the Third look bad.

"I don't know what to tell you." the Third frowned. Something felt very off about this and he really didn't like it. That feeling only grew in size when ANBU Neko appeared and instantly turned towards Kaizen and his charge.

"I'm surprised that you're here Ms Karin. Last I saw you were with Naruto at Ichiraku's." Neko said as her mask hid a vicious grin.

"Is that so." The Third said with a raised eyebrow as Kaizen paled slightly.

"Yes. I saw them walk into Ichiraku's, but I left them alone since Swan was watching over them at that point."

(AN: Swan is Ayame's code name from ANBU)

The Third's eyes widened before looking at Kaizen, "So how long ago were you and your student put in that genjutsu." the Third glared.

"About the same time that a transformed version of Karin was walking into Ichiraku with Naruto." Ido spoke as she appeared from the shadows dressed as an ANBU wearing a Hanyuu mask.

"Who the hell are you?" Kaizen growled.

"You don't need to know who I am. What you do need to know is that you've got some explaining to do."

"I agree. If somebody was transformed as your student and with Naruto that's a big problem."

"I agree since I'm pretty sure Naruto was walking to the complex that you told him you guys were staying at in order to meet with Karin. That means if somebody was transformed into Karin, they would've only done it if you told them to Mr. Kaizen." Ido sneered causing Kaizen to pale and the Third to fume in anger.

"ANBU! Arrest this man right now!" the Third roared and ANBU appeared out of nowhere and pinned him to the ground before they could escape.

"What's going on here?" Karin said nervously trying to hide her joy at what was going on.

"Your sensei is going to have to explain himself. In the meantime you'll be coming with me to a separate area so there's no guarantee of any collusion." Ido smiled.

"How dare you!" Kaizen growled.

"SILENCE! You'll be having a nice meeting with Ibiki for trying to pull something like this." the Third glared. Something always felt off and now it would seem that Grass was up to something.

"What about me and my team." Karin said in a panic.

"That depends on how much he reveals my dear. For now, please come with me." Ido insisted as she led Karin away.

"Okay" Karin said nervously, but on the inside, she was very pleased. After all, she recognized the voice in front of her as the one who spoke to her mentally moments ago.

(Scene Skip)

The disguised Ido led Karin through the town and towards the apartment complex where Haku and Fu lived. Quickly focusing her chakra she could tell they were alone, "Is it safe to assume that what happening to my sensei was your plan or was it Naruto's" Karin smiled.

"It was mine, but I did it on behalf of him." Ido smiled glad that Karin played along so well.

"How's Naruto doing." Karin wondered.

"You'll find that he's doing just fine." Ido smiled as she opened the door to Haku's apartment.

"So he's in here." Karin wondered.

"That's right and he should be expecting us soon." Ido smiled as she opened the door.

Karin walked into the room and found that Naruto was there, but he wasn't alone. He was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed with Yakumo between Naruto's legs bobbing her head up and down with his pants off to the side. Seeing her cousin get oral from the random girl caused Karin to blush rather nicely.

"You couldn't wait a little bit longer Yakumo." Ido pouted.

Yakumo pulled away from the shaft and turned around to face the pair briefly allowing Karin to see his large member before it was again blocked, "Like you weren't going to blow him yourself Ido. Now get rid of that disguise so Karin knows who she's really dealing with." Yakumo chastised.

Karin looked on in confusion before Ido dispelled the transformation jutsu to reveal her true form catching Karin off guard, "You guys are twins."

"Not quite. Close your eyes for a second and I'll explain." Naruto said calmly having opened his eyes once Yakumo's blowjob stopped.

Karin wondered why she was told to close her eyes but remembered that her cousin wasn't wearing pants, "Of course Prince Naruto." Karin said with a blush before closing her eyes.

"Prince Naruto huh." Yakumo snickered.

"Yeah, something you want to tell us about Naruto."

Naruto gave both girls a flat stare before willing his boner away and retrieving his pants so he could hold a proper conversation with his supposed cousin, "I can explain the Uzumaki heritage later. Right now we need to explain what's going on to Karin." Naruto said calmly as he sat back in the chair like before.

Karin opened her eyes to see her cousin as calm as ever, "I have many things I want to ask but the first thing that I'm wondering is how in the world did you figure out that Rico was disguised as me so easily." Karin wondered. She may hate her teammates, but Rico was skilled.

"He felt off from the start." Naruto admitted not wanting to discuss the fox with her.

"I see but how did that equate to you capturing him so easily." Karin replied.

"Let's just say I have a network of people who look after me and they had plans in case somebody made moves against me." Naruto said calmly.

Karin found it odd, but she would worry about her cousin's relationships later. The priority was figuring out what happened to her team, "So where is my sensei and the other members of my team."

"The guy who was disguised as you, is currently in T&A waiting for the arrival of the other two. Given what we already know they're in a world of trouble." Naruto answered.

"What do you know?" Karin answered.

"Well for starters we know that somebody told you about my parentage which is a secret that you shouldn't know at all. We suspect that they tried to use you to get to me and steal Uzumaki secrets. How am I doing so far?" Naruto said calmly trying to hide his annoyance.

Karin froze because they had it exactly right. They wanted her to find out where the Uzumaki compound was to gain Naruto's trust. During the second part of the exam her sensei was going to sneak into the compound and steal said secrets, "Pretty good. Although there is something you should know." Karin said with a guilty expression.

"Alright" Naruto said calmly.

"You're right that my sensei wanted to steal your secrets, but it was an order given by the leader of the Grass Village. Admittedly I didn't want to do it, but I was forced to by him." Karin revealed.

"How do we know you're telling the truth." Yakumo accused.

"Because I hate the Grass Village for what they've done to me and my mother." Karin scowled as she stood up with anger.

"What have they done?" Yakumo wondered almost afraid of the answer.

"See for yourself." Karin said calmly as she began to strip. At first Yakumo and Ido were confused but as more of her flesh was revealed their confusion turned to horror.

"What the hell" Yakumo gasped while Ido looked on in disgust. Karin was down to a simple red bra and panty set that hid a budding B cup chest, but the focus was on the various bite marks on her body. Most of them were on her arms and upper thigh but there were a few near her chest.

"So he was telling the truth about that?" Naruto said in disbelief recalling the chakra body discussion.

"About what?" Yakumo wondered.

"The fake Karin told me that Karin could heal people with her chakra as long as they bite her. I'm guessing those marks are from that."

"That's right. My mother had the same ability so for years ninja would be coming in and out of the house and having my mother heal them. When they were done, they'd have their way with her and there was nothing she could do." Karin said in disgust.

"That's horrible!" Yakumo gasped and Naruto was equally disgusted.

'These bastards' Naruto thought to himself.

'If Kushina was alive she'd probably raze the village for that, and I would gladly help her.' Kurama added.

"Yeah. A few years ago my mother died because she was forced to heal too many people at once and they sent the duty to me." Karin said solemnly.

"How… how old were you when they started." Ido shuddered.

"Ten when they started healing me. Luckily, they held up on fucking me until about a year ago." Karin shuddered.

"I see" Naruto glared angrily trying to hold back his rage.

"Admittedly, I owe whoever told the village about you a debt of gratitude because the only reason I'm not dealing with that crap now is because they need me here." Karin scowled.

"You can get dressed now." Naruto said coldly as he tried to keep it together. What Grass did to Karin was disgusting.

"Of course Prince Naruto." Karin answered as she began to get dressed again.

As she got dressed Naruto wondered what would be next for Karin. It was clear that she was an innocent bystander and if the plan was exposed, there was a good chance Karin would be brought back to Grass.

"I'm all dressed Prince Naruto." Karin explained breaking him from his musing.

"Ido will take you back to your apartment. You'll be alone for now, but I promise to come visit you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Prince Naruto." Karin smiled.

"Don't have too much fun while we're gone." Ido smiled.

"We won't" Yakumo said with a flat expression on her face. She was pretty sure that Karin's story killed any mood for right now. She definitely wasn't in the mood.

(Scene Skip)

Later that night, Karin sat in the room given to her team wondering what she would do. "So now what" Karin mumbled as she tried to assess the situation. Her team was arrested and now she was in limbo. Her cousin appeared to have her back, but there wasn't much she could do. When she heard a knock on her door she was surprised since as far as she knew her team was in prison. Using her special ability "Mind's Eye of the Kagura" she tried to figure out who was there and when she sensed an odd chakra, she knew that answering was a bad idea. All of the sudden a piece of paper was slid into the room underneath her door. To Karin's surprise it was a message clearly torn off from a scroll. Karin hesitated for a moment but walked over to read the message since at this point. she had nothing to lose.

'You don't know me Karin, but I know you and I think you'll find what I have to say very interesting. As we speak, your teammates are being killed by my master who happens to be the person who told your leader about Naruto Uzumaki in the first place. Between you and me, the original plan was to kill your team during the second exam and bring you back with us to our village. Since you were caught early, that's changed. The new plan is to kill your teammates and hope that your leader convinces the Leaf to send you back home. When that happens, my master was going to ambush them and take you. I doubt you're going to trust me considering what I've admitted, but I'll leave you with this. Family is number one for Uzumaki.'

Karin was stunned by the letter but merely went back to her bed and hid the note until she could discuss it with somebody else. If this person was telling the truth she'd know soon.

Just outside the door, a person in a large black hooded cloak seemed to smile as nothing happened, "You're not as dumb as I thought. Most people would try and open the door, but you stayed calm." The figure scoffed in a clearly female voice. Because of how she angled her cloak she was hidden from view.

"I can't blame her for being cautious. I would be too if somebody tossed a note underneath my door" Ido said as she appeared in front of the cloaked girl in the same Hanyuu outfit.

"Let me guess. You're one of Prince Naruto's lovers aren't you." the female voice replied.

"Who are you?" Ido replied quickly.

"An ally to Karin and to Prince Naruto. The fact I called him Prince Naruto should be enough to make you trust me. Besides, it would be stupid to try and fight me right now since any loud noise would bring the ANBU running."

"Then get out of here." Ido scowled.

"That's the plan." The figure replied before vanishing.

"Good grief. Why do things always have to be interesting" Ido frowned. Something odd was going on behind the scenes and she didn't like it. I guess it was just something else to tell Naruto.

(Scene Skip)

Naruto sat at breakfast with a smiling Yakumo and Genma ready for the day. Yakumo had her date with him last night and although Karin's story ruined the night a bit they still cuddled, "Hey Yakumo how's your prep for the exams going?" Naruto wondered.

"Pretty good. Thanks to Ido I've been working on a special new group of jutsu. I should have most of them mastered by the time we start."

"Really. What kind of jutsu." Naruto asked with intrigue.

"It's a surprise that I'm hoping to save for the Third part of the exam." Yakumo smiled.

"Sounds like fun." Naruto replied.

"Speaking of Ido. I'm surprised she's not joining us." Genma smirked.

"She said she wanted to get some rest. Yesterday was just nuts." Yakumo shrugged.

"Understandable" Genma shrugged. Hearing what happened was bad enough but when he learned about what Karin went through, Genma was furious.

The peaceful breakfast was interrupted by Yugao teleporting into the room, "Sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but there's been an important development I thought you guys should know about."

"What happened" Genma said nervously.

"Karin's two teammates and their sensei were killed last night along with the guards watching them.

"What about Karin?" Naruto wondered.

"She's safe but we're not sure what to do now. It's a slippery slope under the circumstances but I believe that Lord Hokage will figure it out.

"I agree." Naruto replied. As the group talked Yakumo kept silent since she knew what was going on. Ido told her that this might happen but also to keep it from Naruto. He had enough on his plate.

'Are you sure we're doing the right thing Ido' Yakumo said mentally.

'Hell no but we are anyway. Naruto's got enough issues on his plate with the exams and balancing his relationships with us. This will just make it worse. I can keep watch of Karin and if something happens back her up. For now all we can do is wait.'

'Maybe you should tell the Hokage about the note and that girl.'

'I'll think about it later, but we've got a long day ahead of us if you want to master the Black Arts.'

'Right' Yakumo replied as she returned her focus to the talking group. Waiting and seeing was the best move for now but she'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. Regardless, all would be revealed in due time.

That's it for Chapter 15 and if I'm being honest this took way longer than planned. Trying to decide how to manage Karin was tricky especially because I wanted to resolve it before the exams. As for Karin's mysterious guest most of you can probably figure out who I chose but that can wait. Next chapter the fallout from the attack on Karin's teammates is revealed and Naruto has family drama of a very different kind on the way.

AN: I'm sure some of you are wondering about the Black Arts which is why I wanted to explain it separately. The Black Arts are an original style of techniques that I've used in a few other stories. Yakumo's version of the Black Arts will be shadow based but will be completely separate from Shikamaru's clan jutsu.