Chapter 16 Family Affairs Pt 2

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(Ido P.O.V)

I was once the internal anger that Yakumo Kurama hid from the world given a corporal form thanks to the sliver of nine-tailed fox chakra that slid into the seal created to help my 'host' Yakumo Kurama control her massive power. I desired freedom and I believed the only way to get it was to corrupt Yakumo and use her anger to eventually take over her body. Unfortunately for me, the seal was too powerful, and I couldn't influence her the way I wanted. So I watched and waited, hoping that an opportunity would present itself.

As I watched Yakumo spend time with the man who ruined my plans of freedom, I began to crave something entirely different. I wanted Naruto to look at me the way he did Yakumo. Kiss me the way he did Yakumo. I wanted him to see me as he did Yakumo, and it drove me insane. Unfortunately for me, the only way I could get what I wanted was to work with the weaker part of me and help her become strong so the seal would weaken. It took some time but eventually I got my wish and Yakumo allowed me to manifest on my own. Now I had that freedom and access to Naruto, but much like my host my time with Naruto wasn't quite what it wanted to be, "The things I do for love." I muttered in annoyance as I watched over the room of Karin Uzumaki, Naruto's cousin dressed in the Hanyuu mask.

With her two teammates dead thanks to the master of that odd red head, the question of what would happen to Karin was a tricky one. Last I heard checked the Hokage sent word to Grass about what happened and asked what was wanted of them but there was no doubt what would happen. The Grass would demand that Karin be returned to them but all that awaited her was a fate as breeding stock. A truly disgusting thing if I was being honest. I was broken from my musing by somebody appearing next to me and to my surprise it was Naruto or at least what I suspected was one of his shadow clones.

"Still here huh Ido" Naruto smiled warmly.

"Yeah. With everything going on, somebody needs to watch her." I said offhandedly. It was hard to forget the contents of that later and although I'd kept it a secret, it was only a matter of time until the truth was revealed. Admittedly I was not looking forward to that day at all.

"Well I'm glad you're doing your part. So you know tomorrow is Yakumo's turn for a date and that means you also." Naruto smiled.

"Thanks for reminding me." I smiled back.

"Sure. I'm headed out since my job is done. Oh and get some rest since I'm sure both of you have been looking forward to this." Naruto smiled before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Barely a second later, Karin's door opened, and the redhead popped out.

"Looks like I missed him again." Karin groaned in annoyance. Karin was currently wearing just fishnets with a red bra and panty set underneath which made her intentions clear.

"Yep." I said apologetically aware of why she was so frustrated. The people of Grass had so much sex with her that she had turned into a closet nympho and with her teammates dead she needed somebody to scratch that itch.

"Then I guess you're taking care of me again huh Ido." Karin replied with a lustful smile.

I smiled back before taking off his mask and walked inside, "Looks like it." I replied with a smile. Well I couldn't have Naruto, but Karin was a skilled lover and if you can't have the one you love, sometimes you have to settle.

(Scene Skip)

(Normal P.O.V)

Naruto returned home after a tough day of training and he couldn't help but think about the situation with his cousin. Since Yakumo and Ido had their date with him, Haku was watching over Karin tonight A part of him wanted to listen in on their conversations due to the interesting parallels between the two girls. If Haku hadn't been found by Zabuza there was a good chance that she would've eventually been forced into a life similar to Karin unless she somehow made it to the Leaf Village. It was a frustrating thought but before he could dwell on it more he looked up and saw Anko sitting on the couch, "So kid do you want the good news or bad news first." Anko said calmly.

"Bad news and Hello Anko" Naruto deadpanned. Anko was very straight to the point and he did appreciate that, but a little friendliness would be nice.

"Hey to you also. Anyway, Grass wants Karin back ASAP, and the old man is arranging her transport."

"You've got to be kidding me" Naruto cursed. The Hokage knew why they wanted her back and the idea that he would do so anyway was unbelievable.

"Sorry kid. Politics suck and sometimes we gotta do bad stuff in order to keep the peace." Anko scowled.

"Fine" Naruto lamented since he had no choice.

"The good news is that she'll be escorted back to the village by Team Harem." Anko said cheekily.

"Team Harem?"

"Yep. It's my joke nickname for that future genin team of mine. I mean Kiba ain't in your harem but Haku and Fu are. Plus there's me." Anko smiled.

Naruto was a bit caught off guard but only a bit, "Since when have you been in my little harem Anko." Naruto asked curiously.

Anko pouted a bit before smiling since it was a conversation they hadn't really had, "I'm not in your official harem, but I have been helping everyone out along with Yugao and Hana. Think of me as a harem advisor"

"Ah" Naruto replied. He didn't really pay attention to who the girls spoke to because it wasn't really his business.

"Anyway, she's headed back to Grass and there's nothing we can do. Just wanted to tell you out of respect." Anko said solemnly.

'Umm… that's not actually true." Ido interrupted appearing in front of the group as her actual self instead of the Hanyuu mask outfit she'd been wearing to watch Karin.

"What are you doing here Ido. Our date isn't for another few hours." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"I have a confession and it relates to your cousin Karin and the interesting situation she's in." Ido said nervously. Naruto was going to be furious with her.

"I'm listening." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

Ido explained what happened the night of the death of Karin's teammates and about the mysterious visitor along with the letter she gave. The more she talked the angrier Naruto appeared and even Anko was scowling. After she was done, she looked towards Naruto knowing this would end badly.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't seal you into Yakumo and prevent you from EVER coming out again." Naruto growled.

"Because you like threesomes and Yakumo and I constantly provide them." Ido replied hoping that she could calm him down despite her clear screw up.

Naruto wasn't amused and turned towards Anko, "Anko will you go get Yaku-"

"Wait!" Ido interrupted praying that she could salvage this somehow.

"I'm listening" Naruto said with no amusement in his voice.

"Lord Hokage assigned me to watch over Karin since I can move independently from Yakumo. To do so he made me an unofficial ANBU with the Code name of Demon and even gave me a uniform. Since we know that Karin is in danger, we can change the parameters so that you can join the mission as Demon and protect Karin. Hell I'm sure you know a trick or two that can help you fake her death in the worst-case scenario."

Naruto took a deep breath since that was a very good point, "Alright Ido you're spared from getting sealed away for good."

"Thank you!" Ido breathed a sigh of relief.

"HOWEVER! You are sealed away for tonight as punishment for hiding this. Go tell Lord Hokage what you just told us but after that go straight back to Yakumo and stay put. Am I clear?" Naruto said firmly.

"Crystal." Ido said quickly.

"Now get out of here before I change my mind." Naruto said firmly trying to keep his anger in check.

"RIGHT!" Ido replied before vanishing to go tell the Hokage.

With Ido gone, it was only Naruto and a silently fuming Anko, "I'm surprised you're not angrier. All things considered she really messed up. I'm pretty sure that I would've attacked her myself if I didn't know it was pointless" Anko growled.

"I should be much, but there are a few reasons she's getting a pass." Naruto said calmly.

"And they are?" Anko wondered.

"For one thing, bad information is as dangerous as no information. Just because somebody claims to be something doesn't mean they actually are and for all we know that note is another trap. The second thing is much simpler to explain. Whoever gave Karin the note was wearing a cloak the whole time and stayed outside even though they could've easily done otherwise. That suggests that they were doing something independent of the group." Naruto said calmly.

"Good point and that actually eliminates one potential person who was behind this." Anko said calmly.

"It does" Naruto said curiously.

"Yeah, but that's another story for another day. I'm guessing the final reason is because the person called you Prince Naruto. You have to be curious if the person is legit" Anko said cheekily. For them to call him Prince Naruto suggested they were Uzumaki and one who was far more aware of Naruto then even Karin.

"I'll admit that has me curious, but the third reason is this. If the person is right, we have a way to get Karin away from Grass. Like Ido said I know a few tricks that could do the job and if Ido does her part I'll be at Ground Zero to implement them" Naruto said happily.

"I see" Anko smiled happily.

"Well I've got a date to prepare for." Naruto said nonchalantly as he went up to his room. Things were about to get very interesting.

(Scene Skip)

A few days later and it was time to take Karin back to Grass. The team had gathered outside of the West Gate, but it wasn't 'Team Harem' as Anko originally wanted. It was actually a different reunion of sorts, "It's been a long time since we've been on a team together huh Yugao" Kakashi Hatake smiled.

"While that was true back then. I'm the one in charge Captain" Yugao teased from behind her mask.

"Enough you two. Team Ro's reputation is on the line even though it's only us three" the final member of the escort squad said calmly. The man had short brown hair hidden by his ANBU mask a cat face with green and red markings. He wore the standard ANBU gear but had a sword on his back.

"Right Yamato" Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"Then let's get going. Grass is waiting for this young lady and I suggested we don't keep them waiting' Yugao said firmly.

"Right" everyone shouted, and the escort mission was on. Even though they were all ninja Yugao insisted they walk to Grass because the ambush could happen at any moment once they leave the border and without knowing who was coming after them, they needed to conserve energy. During the walk, Naruto was watched by Yamato who finally spoke up about an hour in.

"Not that I don't trust you two but what's with Demon here." Yamato said from behind the mask.

"Due to Karin's connection to Naruto, we needed to watch over her to make sure that she was a legitimate Uzumaki. Demon here was chosen to watch over her since she has unique skills even by ANBU standards." Yugao said using the official statement.

"You're lying Yugao. Please tell me the truth." Yamato replied firmly.

Yugao frowned before motioning to Demon aka Naruto. Yamato was a trusted ally and considering the circumstances he'd understand, "Well what Yugao said is half right." Demon replied.

"What do you mean?" Yamato wondered as he subconsciously reached for his sword.

"Well the actual Demon was assigned to do all of that. But I'm not her." Naruto replied before removing his mask.

"Prince Naruto, what are you doing here?" Karin said nervously.

"Protecting a member of my clan." Naruto replied before focusing on Yamato.

"I'm afraid we haven't been introduced properly but I am Naruto Uzumaki. I've heard many stories about Team Ro from Kakashi and Yugao which is why I'm glad to have you by our side Yamato." Naruto said calmly.

Yamato put his blade down and reached his hand out, "This is our first time officially meeting Naruto but much like the other member I watched over you before Genma's adoption. I'm not much of a people person so Kakashi and Yugao didn't introduce you sooner." Yamato replied.

Naruto shook his hand, "That's fine. I look forward to seeing what you do." Naruto replied.

"Of course" Yamato replied firmly.

"As nice of a moment as this was, we do have a mission." Yugao smiled. Things were calm for now but everyone there knew that things would get interesting later.

"Right" everyone replied as they continued the walk

(Scene Skip)

The moment they reached the edge of the Leaf's territory Yugao paused as she turned back to the disguised Naruto and Karin, "From here on out we're not in the Land of Fire. That means that any attacks are easier to ignore."

"In other words the ambush is going to be coming soon." Kakashi continued.

"That's right. Karin, from here on out we're going to need you to activate your sensory power." Yugao sighed.

"Umm, about that. We may have a bit of a problem." Karin admitted bashfully.

"What's that" Kakashi wondered.

"Prince Naruto's chakra is incredibly potent. I'm worried that my powers won't function properly because of that." Karin explained.

"Understood" Naruto replied before pulling off his shirt so his torso was revealed.

"What are you going to do Prince Naruto." Karin wondered trying desperately to hide her blush.

"This" Naruto replied before flashing a few hand signs. Once he was done, he pressed his left hand against his stomach and the group watched as a seal appeared on him with the symbol for suppress.

"How long have you been able to do that Naruto?" Kakashi wondered.

"After the battle with Wave I started working on it. My shadow clones did most of the work for me which is why I was able to do it despite my hectic schedule."

"Got it" Kakashi smiled. That was a bit of a clusterfuck for them and having the ability to suppress chakra was useful.

"Can you remove it on your own if needed." Yugao wondered.

"Yeah. So Karin are you good." Naruto wondered as he quickly got dressed again.

Karin focused her Mind's Eye of The Kagura and was able to sense things much easier, "I'm good Prince Naruto."

"Alright" Naruto frowned. He was a bit annoyed at the Prince Naruto thing, but he would allow it under the circumstances. If all went as planned, he would have plenty of time to get her to start calling him his actual name.

"Then let's go" Yugao smiled as they left Land of Fire territory at last and started moving.

The group walked for about ten minutes before Karin paused, "We've got four people coming at us from the Northwest. Their chakra is fairly strong, but it feels slightly corrupted." Karin explained.

"Corrupted you say" Yugao said with a very nervous expression on her face.

'Yes. I can't explain it, but it feels off." Karin answered.

"Then let's wait for them." Kakashi smiled. For about a minute the group waited and then four cloaked figures appeared in front of them.

"Will you walk into my parlor? Says the spider to the fly" a male voice said cockily.

"If anything the ones walking in are you guys." Naruto chuckled.

"He got you there. We did kinda walk towards them instead of waiting" a female voice said this time.

"Whatever. Let's just kill these guys and get the girl." a third male voice said.

"Uhh guys. Isn't the silver haired guy Copy ninja Kakashi." A fourth voice said.

"Shit you're right." The female said nervously.

"So are we going to talk or fight." Naruto smirked from beneath the mask.

"We're gonna fight masked dude and I think I'll face you" the female voice said before tossing off her cloak. Naruto's eyes widened since she was a short fair-skinned girl with red hair cascading down her face and brown eyes. Her outfit consisted of a tan tunic with elbow length sleeves over a black shirt. She also had black arm-warmers, skin-tight black shorts with calf length leg warmers with white bandages and black shinobi sandals. Finishing her outfit was a black hat that seemed to contain her hair and a purple rope that was in an inverted bow.

'Looks like I found our redhead' Naruto smiled as he prepared to fight just to have a surprising voice interrupt him.

"Kakashi Yamato Demon, we've got to get out of here." Yugao said quickly.

"Right" Kakashi replied before flashing hand signs. "Hidden Mist Jutsu"

'What's going on?' Naruto thought to himself, but he was quickly grabbed by Kakashi.

"Hold on tight Naruto" Kakashi said firmly before vanishing via a shunshin. Naruto didn't see it but Yugao had done the same with Karin while Yamato vanished on his own.

"Clear the fucking smoke" the girl shouted.

"On it" one of the voices shouted before slamming his hands against the ground dispersing the smoke. When the smoke cleared were gone and the team of ambushers was clearly frustrated.

"This is all your fault Tayuya." One of the male voices said angrily.

"Fuck you Kidomaru. You're the one who wanted to say that stupid fly joke."

"It doesn't matter now because they're gone." A third male scowled.

"Lord Orochimaru will not be happy." The man who cleared the smoke sighed. The ambush was a failure and now they would have some explaining to do.

(Scene Skip)

Yamato Kakashi and Yugao appeared in the forest and then let go of a confused Naruto and Karin. "What's going on Yugao. I thought we were going to fight" Naruto said quickly wondering why they ran away.

"The person who was trying to kidnap Karin and was responsible for the death of Karin's teammates was Orochimaru of the Sannin." Yugao revealed with a grim expression on her face.

"You're kidding" Naruto said in shock. Orochimaru was a former student of the Third Hokage and one of the greatest criminals in Leaf history while being an S-Rank signature

"Not at all. That belt was his signature and when I saw that, I knew there was a good chance that our opponents had Orochimaru's other signature, the curse mark." Yugao explained.

"Curse mark."

"Yes. A vile mark that can offer great power but it's incredibly dangerous. If they had it, this battle would've gotten incredibly tricky since we would all have to fight one-on-one and leave Karin vulnerable." Yugao revealed.

"We should head back to the Village. Lord Hokage needs to know about what's happened." Yamato said sternly.

"Agreed." Yugao said firmly. Things had changed and not necessarily for the better.

(Scene Skip)

As Yugao explained what happened to the Third Hokage, the expression on the old man's face was not a positive one, "Are you certain she was dressed as one of Orochimaru's?" the third said with a stern expression on his face.

"Yes, and Kakashi and Yamato can verify." Yugao answered.

The third leaned back in his chair before sitting silent. This was both good news and terrible news depending on how you looked at it. The next part had to be done right, "Naruto!" the Third said sternly towards the no longer disguised teen.

"Yes, Lord Hokage" Naruto replied.

"Would it be possible to take Karin into the Uzumaki compound." The third said sternly.

"What!" Karin Naruto and Yugao said at once. Kakashi and Yamato were silent.

"If Orochimaru is involved, she needs to be hidden and thanks to the seals that protect the compound it is one of the few places that can do it. I'd say the Grass has lost all rights to her under these circumstances."

Naruto was calm but he understood his point, "That's fine."

"Prince Naruto, are you sure." Karin said in shock. This was everything she wanted and more and now it was being handed to her. She didn't know how to feel

"If it's to keep a member of my clan safe, I'll gladly open my doors to you. The only reason I didn't before is because I didn't trust that your team wasn't planning something." Naruto admitted.

Karin was thrilled at the news, "We can start moving my things in once we're done. I have everything in storage scrolls in my backpack so there's nothing else to get" Karin smiled as she touched the black backpack she'd been wearing the whole time. She wasn't great at high level sealing, but she could make storage scrolls and that was proving to be extremely useful.

"Sounds good." Naruto smiled.

"Well we're done for now so you two can get her moved in. I need to discuss something with Team Ro in the meantime."

"Alright. Let's go Karin." Naruto smiled.

"Right!" Karin said happily as the pair left to go move Karin into the compound.

With Karin and Naruto gone, the Third Hokage was ready to get down to business. Flashing through some hand signs, the third pressed his desk and activated a privacy barrier, "I'll ask again Yugao. Are you certain that the girl was wearing her belt like Orochimaru?"

"I was. Karin also mentioned that their chakra felt foul which when combined with the girl's outfit made it clear that she was working for him. They weren't very strong, but the curse mark makes them dangerous. I chose to retreat because it was the easiest way to protect Karin"

"That was a wise move. The curse mark is unpredictable and if Orochimaru is involved caution was wise."

"Thank you sir, but where does that leave Karin." Yugao wondered. She was stuck in a very interesting situation.

"Given what we know now, it's obvious that Grass was working with Orochimaru to begin with and since she was attacked, we can also offer her asylum."

"What are the chances that the girl who exposed herself is the one who warned us about the ambush." Kakashi wondered.

"Incredibly high but I'm more concerned about any other servants Orochimaru may have snuck into the village. If she was responsible for the note, there's a good chance the others killed her teammates. I don't know how Orochimaru got people into the village, but I doubt they're the only ones" The Third replied.

"I suggest we pay close attention to the borders since a lot of foreigners will be coming soon with the chunin exams." Yugao continued.

"Agreed. This isn't over and I'm sure we'll hear from my wayward student before long. You three are dismissed for now but be cautious. Meanwhile I have a letter to write to the Leader of Grass and this one will be far less civil than the last one." The Third said firmly. Things were about to get very ugly.

(Scene Skip)

"Thank you very much Prince Naruto" Karin smiled as she sat on the simple bed inside her new room with Naruto in front of it for now. After leaving the Hokage's office, he quickly used a shunshin to get her to the compound and opened the gate. He would work with her on keying her into the security system later, but she'd probably stay home for the most part.

"No problem. This is your room now, and you can set it up however you like." Naruto replied. The door was in the middle of the room and on the right was a twin bed that was at a right angle with the side wall and a dresser close by the door and a small window on the opposite side. The back of the room had a small desk for Karin in the middle and the left side of the room had a dresser and closet. Karin could adjust it however she liked. and Naruto would be fine with it. The shower situation would be interesting moving forward, but he'd simply have to pay more attention to what was happening.

"Thank you Prince Naruto, but I have a favor to ask you before you go?" Karin said with a small blush.

"What's that?" Naruto replied curiously. He got his answer when Karin got up and pulled off her jacket and she stared at him with a lustful smile.

"Can you help me break in the bed?" Karin replied.

Naruto was a bit caught off guard by that and he was admittedly tempted to do so. Karin was attractive but he had to think about the others, "I can't" Naruto quickly replied.

"You already have a harem. I don't see what's the harm with one more addition." Karin replied quickly.

Naruto was a bit surprised that she knew about that until he remembered who was with her most of the time, "Ido told you huh?" Naruto frowned.

"She did. I was curious about you and Ido told me about your life and about your harem. She also told me that if I wanted to join I could, and she would talk to the others on my behalf." Karin said with a lustful smile.

Naruto was torn because Karin clearly wanted it, but he didn't want to just keep adding girls. Though Ido seemed to be okay with it and he had a feeling the others would be also, "Fine but on one condition." Naruto replied.

"What's that" Karin smiled as she walked towards Naruto ready to enjoy all he supposedly had to offer.

"No more Prince Naruto. I'm simply Naruto."

"Deal. Naruto" Karin said happily as she closed the distance between them.

"Alright" Naruto replied as he wrapped his arms around Karin's waist and pulled her in.


A smiling Naruto leaned down slightly in order to plant a kiss on Karin's lips. It was a soft kiss which showed his affection for Karin, but Naruto was still admittedly unsure. "Are you sure about this Karin." Naruto asked again.

Karin merely smiled before hunching down and with a surprising ease pulled down his pants and boxers revealing his length, "Sure enough to do this." Karin smiled before wrapping her lips around his length and going down five inches immediately.

"Karin!" Naruto grunted not expecting her to take that much of him.

"You're very big Prince Naruto. Your girlfriends must be so happy." Karin smirked before she attempted to return to him just for Naruto to stop her with his hands. The amount of strength he used was surprising.

"I thought we agreed that I'm not Prince Naruto anymore." Naruto said with a stern expression.

"Forgive me Naruto. You just were acting like some spoiled Prince instead of a clan leader who has a harem." Karin chuckled.

"Is that so" Naruto said with a scowl.

Karin smiled at hitting the mark, "Yes it is? So what are you going to do about it?" Karin taunted.

"I'm gonna do this" Naruto replied as he grabbed her head and began pushing her into this.

'That's more like it' Karin thought to herself as Naruto kept the rough treatment up.

"How's that Karin. Is this more like it" Naruto smirked as he pulled away to see how Karin was reacting to the new treatment.

"Yes." Karin purred to his surprise. The look of lust in her eyes was shocking and it dulled his desire to continue.

"They really did a number on you Karin." Naruto said with a bit of shock. He just ruthlessly face fucked her and she was turned on by it.

Karin stared at Naruto with a rough smile, "That's right Naruto so if you truly want to make me yours. You need to be rough." Karin purred.

Naruto didn't like that at all. Even with the fishnet on, it was hard to ignore the marks on her body, "No!" Naruto said firmly.

"What do you mean no. Naruto I want you to fuck me!" Karin shouted angrily.

Naruto frowned since he really didn't like it, but he would play along for a bit longer, "Karin. Strip and lay on the bed. I'm going to give you what you want." Naruto said firmly.

"Finally!" Karin said happily and she stripped completely taking off the fishnet and her bra and panty before lying on the bed facing him.

'She went with that far too easily.' Naruto thought to himself as he walked over to Karin.

"Wait a minute Naruto you're not stripping." Karin said with shock as Naruto approached the bed.

"Because I'm not going to fuck you." Naruto said firmly before quickly going through hand signs.

"So what are you" Karin started to say but stopped as Naruto placed his hands on her stomach.

"I'm going to heal you." Naruto replied and his hands turned green as the medical chakra flew through his body. He may have a healing factor, but he learned medical ninjutsu for others. As his chakra went into Karin, he could see the marks on her body slowly vanishing.

"Warm. This is warm." Karin muttered not expecting that.

Naruto looked down at his prone cousin and smiled, "What they did to you was terrible and I know it's made you jaded. I will fuck you eventually Karin but not until you heal." Naruto replied leaning down to peck her on the lips as his chakra continued to fade.

"Naruto… this." Karin moaned not expecting that.

"The old Karin Uzumaki who served men endlessly is gone. You're with me, now and you will find a new life. I'll do everything I can to make sure that the Hidden Grass won't get to you. Now rest up cousin because your healing has just begun."

Karin smiled as she looked down and saw the marks on her body vanishing. Naruto really was offering her a new start and he was serious about it, "Thank you… Naruto." Karin said softly as she sat up on the bed with tears in her voice.

"Your welcome Karin. Now if you need to cry just cry." Naruto smiled as he wrapped her arms around her.

Karin merely nodded and leaned her head on Naruto's shoulder before the tears came out. Everything that she had suppressed for the last few years seemed to come out all at once and Naruto just sat there and let her do it.


(Scene Skip)

"CUMMING!" Naruto roared as he sent one final load into Fu as she bounced on top of his cock. With the exams getting closer and closer ninja from other villages were pouring in, which meant Naruto's dates were restricted to the mansion. Fu was actually his final date before the exams, and he was a bit wound up since Karin insisted on using a naked apron to cook the dinner he and Fu ultimately enjoyed.

A smiling Fu collapsed onto his naked chest with a smile on her face, "It's a shame I can't compete in the exams but according to Anko. We'll become an official team once they're over." Fu said happily.

"That's good." Naruto replied with a smile.

'Fu are you going to tell him or not.' Chomei asked curiously.

'No I'm not Chomei.' Fu said angrily into her head.

"Is everything okay Fu" Naruto said nervously noticing that she was talking to her tailed beast even if it was briefly.

"No everything is…" Fu started to say before taking a deep breath. "Actually there's something I need to tell you about." Fu said sternly.

"What's up."

"One of our siblings arrived in the Leaf Village this afternoon."

Naruto looked at her in confusion for a moment before his eyes widened, "Which one."

"The one tailed raccoon. Given your surprise, I take it you didn't notice."

"Not at all. I was focused on training and Kurama didn't say anything to me."

'I don't care about that stupid raccoon. We can destroy him easily, so I didn't consider it significant' Kurama replied.

Fu smiled, "Well considering your strength and skill with seals it makes sense. Still, last time I checked they were with the Sand Village. Bringing your jinchuriki to another village is a major deal."

"I agree. So why don't we go have a chat with our little brother." Naruto smiled.

"Do we have to. I want to stay in bed." Fu pouted.

"I do also but like you said, you don't just bring a jinchuriki into the village." Naruto replied as he got out of bed and went for his tracksuit since it wouldn't take as long to get dressed and they needed to act on this soon.

"You suck." Fu pouted as she went to grab her clothes.

"I know" Naruto replied as he sent a signal to his fellow tailed beast as he got dressed. Most people weren't aware of the connection between the tailed beasts and Naruto knew if he flared his chakra Gaara would take notice. To his pleasant surprise he felt a small response.

'I'm amazed the connection is still this strong.' Kurama muttered.

'We'll worry about that later. Right now we need to get going." Naruto said calmly having finished getting dressed.

"Yeah" a now dressed Fu pouted before going over to Naruto and wrapping her arms around him before he used a shunshin to go over to training Ground 7.

When they arrived, Naruto started sending a signal out again hoping to connect with his sibling, "Now let's see what happens." Naruto said calmly.

"He's on the move." Kurama said firmly.

"Perfect." Naruto replied.

"Here we go" Fu frowned as she sat and waited as Naruto lured his fellow host to their location. It took close to twenty minutes which was a surprise but eventually they saw a figure approach.

"And. Here. We. Go." Naruto smiled. The host of the one tailed beast had fair skin with green eyes and no pupils or eyebrows. He also had spiky red hair with the kanji for love on the left side of his forehead in what Naruto suspected was blood. He wore a black body suit with an open neck, t-shirt-like sleeves, and almost full-length leggings. He had a white band across his left shoulder and the front of his body which was used to carry a massive gourd. Finishing his outfit was white socks and black ninja pants.

"You… you are the one who called me here. Mother is very interested in you." Gaara said in a gravelly voice.

"Thanks. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. What's your name?"


"Well Gaara. What are you doing in the Leaf Village?" Naruto wondered.

"I'm here for the exams." Gaara replied calmly.

"I see." Naruto replied.

"Why would Suna bring you to the chunin exams." Fu wondered.

Gaara glared at Fu before seemingly pausing for a second, "I don't care. I just want blood." Gaara replied.

'Yeah, something's very wrong with this kid.' Naruto thought to himself.

'Shukaku is messing with his head. Be very careful because this one will be a threat.'

'Alright' Naruto replied. "Well Gaara, keep the blood to the exams." Naruto replied.

"We'll see" Gaara replied.

"I guess that's all I can ask. See you at the exams Gaara." Naruto said firmly bringing an end to the simple conversation.

Gaara didn't say anything but simply turned to walk away. Naruto and Fu looked back and both would admit that things were getting very interesting and not the good kind.

(Scene Skip)

Training went by fairly quickly since Kakashi wanted them to truly be fresh for the exams and that gave Naruto a chance to get some ramen before he told the Hokage about meeting Gaara. Making his way to Ichiraku's he saw Ayame's face and smiled. "Hey Ayame, what's up." Naruto said calmly.

"Not much Naruto." Ayame smiled back.

"Chicken Ramen for me if you don't mind. I'll only take a few bowls since this is a quick trip."

"So eight bowls." Ayame teased.

"Something like that." Naruto replied and he went about getting his food for the day. With everything going on, it was actually kind of hard to focus on the chunin exams.

'Partner we have a problem.' Kurama spoke up breaking him from his musings.

'What's that' Naruto replied but before Kurama could answer, the curtain to Ichiraku came open and revealed a very familiar red head.

"Nice place." The girl said with a smile as she sat down next to Naruto.

Naruto took a second to gather himself, "You've got a lot of nerve approaching me after what you and your team tried to pull a few days ago." Naruto frowned.

"You sure don't know how to say thank you Prince Naruto. After all, by showing myself I was able to convince your teammates to bring Karin back to the Leaf."

Naruto's eyes widened since that suggested she did what she did on purpose. "You seem to know who I am, but I don't know who you are." Naruto replied.

"The name is Tayuya Uzumaki, but you should've at least known the Uzumaki part since I called you Prince Naruto."

Naruto had to admit she had a point, "So what do you want Tayuya." Naruto said cautiously.

"Well since you owe me for what I did I want to make a deal with you."

"What sort of deal?" Naruto questioned.

"As you're well aware, I work for Orochimaru and frankly the guy is a bastard. If you help me and one of my teammates escape him, I'll tell you what he's planning."

"And why should I trust you." Naruto said with a glare. This was too good to be true.

"Well for one, I helped you with Karin. Also, I approached you just now knowing very well that I'd been exposed. I'd have to be pretty stupid to do that without having a good reason."

"Yes, you would be. Then again Orochimaru is a whole different beast and if you work for him there's no telling what you'd do" Ayame said with a scowl as she approached the desk flaring a bit of killing intent. She'd listened into the conversation the whole time but waited until now to interrupt since Tayuya might reveal something interesting.

"Ex ANBU huh?"

"That's right and it would be a simple task to call my old teammates and have you arrested."

"It would be but remember, I'm offering to be a double agent. If you arrest me, Orochimaru might change his plans."

Ayame gritted her teeth, "Give us one good reason to trust you." Ayame said angrily. Tayuya simply smiled before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a silver headband with a musical note, "That's" Ayame gasped.

"Something I'm missing?" Naruto frowned.

"Her headband belongs to the Hidden Sound Village, a new village that popped up a little over a year ago. They asked to join these exams and were approved by Lord Hokage out of curiosity. You're not saying that."

"That's right. The Hidden Sound Village was created by Orochimaru and is a way for him to send his shinobi all around the world officially. I'm actually signed up for the chunin exams myself along with two others." Tayuya smiled.

"I'm assuming one of the others is who you want me to save?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yup. Her name is Kin, but you'll meet her later since this is still a covert op." Tayuya replied before getting up to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ayame frowned.

"Back to my hotel. I don't want my team to get suspicious after all." Tayuya answered with a grin on her face.

Ayame wanted to say something but realized that she had already done plenty to help their cause, "Get out of here." Ayame growled.

"Right" Tayuya smiled before walking away.

Naruto couldn't help but groan, "Things are getting real interesting huh?" Naruto frowned.

"Yes, and unfortunately, not the good kind." Ayame sighed. The exams were a few days away and now a major player was changing the game.

That's it for Chapter 16 everybody and boy is it getting fun. In case you were wondering how Naruto was able to summon Gaara to his side. I used a similar principle to what happened in Godzilla King of Monsters when King Ghidorah brought all the monsters towards him. Anywho next time is the chunin exams and Naruto has to deal with friends and foes alike.