Chapter 2 Shinobi Secrets

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(Unknown Area)

A groggy Naruto found himself in the middle of a strange hallway, the room was yellow all around with narrow walls and above him was a group of massive circular pipes that seemed to lead somewhere, "Where am I?" Naruto wondered. As he got up, he looked down and realized he was in his training outfit which was strange since he swore that he was in his pajamas. Realizing he needed to find his way around, Naruto decided to follow the pipes figuring it would lead him to something that might tell him where he is or what was the odd sensation he had. Eventually, he made his way to a large room that seemed to reach the sky with a massive cage in front of him. He couldn't tell what was in the cage because it was pitch black but the odd sensation from before was practically screaming at him. As though something incredibly dangerous was around him.

"I'm surprised you were able to access this place. Isn't this interesting" a voice said ominously from behind the cage.

"Wh…. Who are you?" Naruto wondered.

"Who I am is not important. What is important is what I know?"

"Since I don't know where I am or who you are, how am I supposed to know if what you know is important.

"You have a point. So how about I give you a small test." The voice replied.

"I've had enough tests for my liking from school." Naruto deadpanned.

"Yes, but I know you're intelligent and this test will give you some of the answers you seek if you think carefully."

"Alright. So, what's this test?" Naruto frowned. He didn't know what was going on, but this voice gave him the answers he sought out.

When you go to take your shower, look into the mirror and focus your chakra. When you do, you'll notice something very interesting."

Naruto frowned because this felt like a trap, "When I notice this interesting thing, what should I do?" Naruto wondered.

"It wouldn't be much of a test if I gave you all the answers. Let's just say this is a starting point" The voice replied.

Naruto scowled because the voice was right, "Alright but I don't like it. By the way, how do I get out of here." Naruto frowned.

"Simply open your eyes. This is a dream after all." The voice replied.

Naruto frowned but focused his mind and seemed to vanish from sight.

"You are truly interesting boy. Let's see what you do with my little test. The test of the Nine-tailed fox" the now named fox said happily and a large set of red eyes and a pair of sharp teeth appeared in the shadows.

(Naruto's room)

Naruto opened his eyes after the bizarre dream and found himself back in his simple room. He had an extra-large twin bed, which always felt large, but he was okay with it since he didn't need to change his bed anytime soon. On the bed were ocean blue sheets with the red Konoha swirl all around. Getting up, he went towards his particularly large dresser which had multiple copies of his outfits, but as he went to grab his training clothes remembered the odd advice he received earlier in the morning. 'I wonder' Naruto thought to himself as he made the decision to walk over to his bathroom which was right next to the room. Genma had his own bathroom which suited him fine. His bathroom had a full-length mirror next to the simple sink and a massive shower with the showerhead above him which Naruto enjoyed because he liked the feel of water cascading down his body. Undressing quickly, he walked over to the mirror and focused his chakra as requested by the weird voice. When he did, he was shocked to see a seal appear on his stomach. "What the hell" Naruto shouted. Luckily for him, it wasn't loud enough to wake Genma, but his focused quickly returned to the seal. It had a swirl in the middle with eight marks set up a and 10 11 o clock which meant it was from the eight trigrams sealing style. What's odd is that he would've remembered if Genma or one of the others put a seal on him, which they had not. It was yet another secret to ask his adopted uncle about, but he had other matters to focus on. After all, today was his birthday.

(Scene Skip)

A smiling Naruto sat in his families living room with Hinata Yakumo Sasuke Tenten Shikamaru and Choji as they relaxed. The massive room was mostly free space with a large dark brown circular table in the middle surrounded by a large light brown couch for people to relax on with a series of smaller matching chairs surrounding the table. Since they wanted to be around one another right now, Naruto moved the smaller chairs away. An idea which was fine, since Choji seemed comfortable sitting on the couch and eating chips while Shikamaru sat next to his friend trying to nap.

Shikamaru had spiky black hair that's usually tied in a ponytail and lazy black eyes. His outfit was in a grey shirt with blue on the edge of the sleeves and a gold circle in the middle with what Naruto discovered was the Nara clan's symbol. Choji was a gentle boy with spiky brown hair and two red swirls on his cheek. He was big which was a trait most of his clan shared but he was nice. He wore a green zip sweater with a green stripe across the middle with brown pants and shinobi sandals.

The rest of their group was on the floor with Naruto Tenten and Sasuke wearing their typical outfits. "You're pretty good at this Naruto." Yakumo smiled as they played Shogi with Hinata next to her and Naruto across from the pair with Tenten and Sasuke flanking him. Instead of her usual outfit she was dressed in a pink kimono held closed by a pink sash with two pockets on the front with red mesh armor underneath. She also had some violet baggy pants underneath the kimono at least according to her. Hinata was dressed in a white kimono that looked really good on her.

"I play sometimes with Uncle Genma but he's way better than I am." Naruto admitted.

"What's the point of playing a game like Shogi." Sasuke dismissed.

"Being a shinobi isn't about just being strong and having strong jutsu. It's about being smart also and knowing which jutsu to use. Shogi helps you learn strategy. I've been playing for years" Shikamaru chastised.

"Fair enough." Sasuke gave in. Shikamaru was even smarter than Naruto and if he swore by Shogi, there was no way to dismiss it.

"Hey Naruto, can I ask you something?" Yakumo wondered causing everyone to focus on the birthday boy for a moment instead of Yakumo's impending loss.

"Sure" Naruto said calmly. He had a bad feeling about the question but gave in anyway.

"When I asked my family about coming to your party, they were nervous for some reason. They asked how I knew you and why I was invited. It actually took me a while to convince them to let me come." Yakumo admitted.

"My father was hesitant at first, but after I told him a little bit, he said it was alright." Hinata said shyly.

"I don't know why they'd hesitate, but they didn't and you're here. I say we focus on that" Naruto frowned. Hinata didn't say as much but her mentor also wanted to stay and watch us but Yugao insisted that everything would be okay. Something really stunk about all of this.

"Good point" Yakumo replied deciding to shelve the subject for later. Something felt wrong with the whole thing, but she wanted to enjoy the moment since she and Hinata both bonded with Naruto in their short time together.

They were about to return to the game when Ayame Ichiraku walked in. Ayame had fair skin with long brown hair and big black eyes. She was currently wearing a white robe with the sleeves folded and a dark blue apron, her typical outfit at Ichiraku Ramen a place she worked at alongside her father. The few times Naruto did go out to eat he would go to Ichiraku's and he loved his ramen.

"Sorry to interrupt guys but dinner will be ready soon." Ayame smiled.

"Thanks, Ayame." Naruto said politely and it was soon time for dinner.

(Scene Skip)

Dinner was over and it was time for presents. Most of Naruto's gifts were pretty simple, but Kakashi gave him his gift and convinced him to open it later something Naruto would do because it was Kakashi asking. Right now, Naruto was on the way to the den in order to discuss the fox issue with his uncle since it was a major part of the day. Arriving at the den, Naruto was surprised to see that not only was Uncle Genma here but also Yugao Kakashi and Itachi. "Did you enjoy your birthday Naruto?" Genma said calmly.

"Yes, I did. However, that's not why we're here." Naruto said with a firm tone. He wanted answers.

Genma could only smile since it showed Naruto was serious, "That's right but before I answer that, there are a few things you need to know."

Naruto was slightly surprised by this but kept his cool "Alright" Naruto acknowledged.

"The first thing I need to tell you is that Yugao Itachi Kakashi and I aren't actually old friends. Itachi Kakashi and Yugao were part of an elite unit of ANBU black ops that worked under the Fourth Hokage known as Team Ro. I was one of the Fourth' bodyguards which is why we knew each other but saying we interacted was a bit of a stretch."

"What does that have to do with me?" Naruto wondered.

"It's because your real father is the Fourth Hokage Naruto and your mother was woman named Kushina Uzumaki." Genma revealed.

"That makes no sense. Why would they treat the son of a Kage so poorly?" Naruto said in shock.

"I'll get to that shortly, but this is just the beginning." Genma said sternly. "As you know, the nine-tailed fox attack was the same day as your birthday. What you don't know is that there's a very specific reason that the fox attacked that night and it's connected to your mother."

A pit of dread appeared on Naruto's face because of what he was suggesting, "You're not saying that me being born was why the fox attacked." Naruto said in shock.

"Yes and no. However, the fact you made that connection is impressive" Itachi said calmly as he took control. "Most people weren't aware of this, but before it attacked the fox was sealed inside your mother. It wasn't a big deal and she lived a relatively normal life. However, getting pregnant with you changed things. Apparently, when a female jinchuriki gets pregnant, the seal weakens due to her body having to divert energy to your growing body. The decision was made to isolate your mother when it was time for your birth and a group of shinobi, including Team Ro, was assigned to watch in case something happened. Tragically it did" Itachi finished.

"What happened"

"A man wearing an orange swirl mask with a single eyehole, managed to get past the guards and kidnapped you just after you were born. He quickly surrounded you with exploding tags to paralyze the Fourth Hokage. Using you as a hostage he managed to summon the fox."

"Summon the fox!" Naruto gasped not expecting that.

Itachi revealed his Sharingan before continuing, "Correct. He used a special power that belongs to the Sharingan to rip the fox out of your mother and use it to attack the village. He attacked on the opposite side from where I was, so we never saw him until it was too late."

"What happened to me?" Naruto said shakily.

"After he summoned the fox, the man fought the Fourth Hokage and left you alone. Your father eventually won against the stranger but now he had another problem to deal with"

"He had to defeat the fox" Naruto answered.

"That's right but doing so was far easier said than done. The fox is a massive source of chakra and even at his full power, it would be a herculean task for your father." Itachi said calmly.

"Then what happened to…." Naruto started to say before his eyes widened as he remembered the seal on his stomach and an interesting fact about the eight trigrams sealing style, "The fox was sealed inside me, wasn't he?" Naruto smiled.

"Correct." Yugao took over, "Your mother was my sensei and that's why I know a few things about her that nobody else does. Among those things is the fact that her family and by extension yours was once an extraordinarily powerful clan."

"I… have a clan." Naruto gasped having been dealt another blow to his system.

"Correct. The Uzumaki clan lived in the now destroyed Whirlpool village and they were known for two things their incredible chakra and two was their mastery of the art of sealing. That chakra made your mother the perfect person to host the fox and as her son you have that same chakra." Yugao explained. It was also why she was comfortable giving Naruto the book on sealing and why they taught him shadow clones but that was another matter.

"Is that why you adopted me. Because you wanted to monitor the fox." Naruto said almost solemnly. His real mom and dad were dead, and it seemed like his Uncle was only here to make sure that their last act in sealing the fox wasn't in vain.

"It actually the opposite Naruto. There are other reasons, but the main one was because of the fact that your parents were important to each of us. In my case you father was my teacher and after my own father killed himself after a failed mission, your father supported me and became a father figure of sorts."

Yugao spoke next, "Like I said before your mother was my sensei and helped me become the shinobi I was today."

"I was part of a rival team, but I admired your father and when he chose me to be part of his guard, I saw what everybody else did in him." Genma praised.

"I knew the man in passing but like the others, I saw what an amazing man he was." Itachi admitted.

"We thought the world of your father and mother, and we owed it to them to make sure you were okay."

Naruto wanted to be angry but to see how they spoke about his father truly touched him, "Thanks guys and I'm glad you told me all this." Naruto admitted. It was truly a whirlwind, but these guys were his precious family, and nothing could change that.

"You're not upset." Genma said in shock expecting him to at least be angry.

"Yeah I'm upset Uncle Genma. Some psycho used me to kill my mom and dad and destroy the village. But you guys were there for me and thanks to you guys I can become a shinobi they'll be proud of." Naruto smiled.

"I see" Genma smiled. He was shocked that this went as well as it did, but he clearly didn't give Naruto as much credit as he should have.

"Just one thing Naruto" Yugao said calmly.

"What's that big sis." Naruto said cheekily.

"Big sis?" Yugao wondered.

"Well you were my mom's student and from what I heard your teams are like your family and that makes you my big sis." Naruto smiled before turning to Kakashi. "It sounds like my dad acted like your dad also Kakashi so I guess you can be big bro."

"What about Itachi" Genma wondered.

"I can't call him big bro because Sasuke would get mad, so I guess he's just a family friend." Naruto smiled.

"Alright" Itachi chuckled since Sasuke actually would get mad.

"Well listen to your big sis when I say that you can't tell anybody about the fox because it's an S-Rank secret. I would also recommend keeping your heritage a secret also because your father had plenty of enemies especially from Iwa and your mother's clan was just as infamous." Yugao revealed.

Naruto frowned for a bit, "Can I tell Sasuke Tenten Hinata and Yakumo since they're my friends."

The quartet shared a look before nodding, "You can tell them but nobody else. Now get some sleep because you've had a long day." Genma smiled.

"Yeah I have" Naruto admitted. This was insane and he had a lot of thinking to but at least now he understood everything. The seal he saw was the foxes and it was that very fox that reached out to him. Now it was time to return the favor.

(Scene Skip)

After the long night Naruto decided that he would check out Kakashi's present before talking to the fox and getting some sleep. To his surprise, it was a book called Make out Paradise and after reading a few chapters Naruto immediately realized why Kakashi kept it secret from the group. If Yugao saw what the book, she would freak and none of them needed that.

After gathering himself and recalling some interesting facts from his life, Naruto closed his eyes before focusing his chakra again fully expecting the fox to reach out to him. When he felt a small pull, he went with it and found himself back the sewers

"You passed my test boy. Well done." The fox smiled before revealing itself.

"Thank you but I'm curious what I should call you, just saying Nine-tailed Fox is a bit weird." Naruto said bluntly.

"For now, you may call me Kyuubi but I'm curious why you're not more afraid of me."

"Because thanks to the seal our fates are connected. If something happens to me, you're in trouble also and that means it's in your best interest to keep me alive." Naruto said with a bit of cockiness.

"That's not true brat. If you die, I'll return to my original state of pure chakra. It'll take me a while to reform, but I'll be fine.'

Naruto twitched since that changed things, "Well how about I make things better for you while you stay with me." Naruto offered. The sewer was unpleasant to him and he could only imagine how the fox felt.

"And how will you do that?"

"Because I realized that we're currently in my mindscape. The cage is my seal holding your power back and these pipes connect my chakra to the rest of my system. So, what if I make your prison a bit nicer." Naruto suggested.

"Prove it" the fox challenged.

Since this was his mindscape, Naruto took a moment to focus and the sewer was changed into a large field. It was thanks to this that Naruto finally saw the titanic form of the fox. Orange fur and massive tails that no doubt struck fear into many. However, Naruto realized that he was safe. "How's that"

"Acceptable." The fox said smugly. "Very well boy, I'll work with you so you can get stronger but don't disappoint me. I do want to see that bastard suffer and if you're going to get strong enough to stop him you've got a long way to go."

"Yeah yeah. Right now, I've gotta get some rest. Today was a really long day." Naruto said nonchalantly before vanishing from what he now knew was his mindscape. He had a long way to go but this was a good first step. Luckily for him he had a perfect tool to get stronger.

(Scene Skip)

It's been a month since Naruto's birthday and the truth of his adoption and birth were revealed to him and Naruto couldn't be happier. A week after his birthday, he brought his friends over and told them about his newly discovered family and he was worried about the girls reaction. Fortunately for Naruto, his friends feelings were summed up by a quote by Hinata, 'Knowing who your parents are doesn't change how we feel about you Naruto. You've always been our friend and you always will be no matter what.' Despite her saying that, Naruto didn't tell them about the fox, but he promised himself that one day he would.

His bond with his adopted family managed to grow also. Now that they could talk about his family freely, he heard many stories about his mother and father from their former students. From Yugao he learned that his mother was known as the Red Hot Habanero because of her red hair and fiery temper. She also mentioned that he was glad that he didn't inherit his mother's temper, or it would've been a nightmare.

Kakashi told him about his father and he learned that the Fourth was a genius who was actually better with seals then his mother despite her Uzumaki heritage. He also learned that the tracksuit he wore was identical to one his father wore as a kid which is why Genma smiled so much when he got it. The only problem for Naruto was his relationship with Itachi.

Ever since the night he learned the truth about his parents Itachi spent less and less time with him. He asked Sasuke if everything was okay a few weeks ago and Sasuke said that things seemed off between him and the clan but also said that it was clan business. Naruto didn't like it, but he figured that Itachi would tell him if something was really wrong. "I don't get it. Why is he so distant?" Naruto muttered to himself as he relaxed on his bed.

Almost as though to answer his concern, a person flashed into his room and it was Itachi himself. He was dressed in all black with his sword on his back which was surprising. "What's going on?" Naruto wondered nervously.

"I'm about to go away for a long time Naruto and we may never see each other but I wanted to deliver one last lesson." Itachi said solemnly.

"Why are you going away?" Naruto wondered.

"I can't say but please Naruto can you hear me out."

Naruto didn't like it, but he couldn't exactly refuse, "Of course big brother Itachi."

Itachi smiled for a moment before gathering himself, "My final lesson is that the worst thing you can do as a shinobi is to let hatred or fear guide you."

"Huh?" Naruto said in shock.

"After your father sealed the fox inside you, the Third Hokage immediately took control again because the village need stability. His first act was to gather the shinobi and civilian councils and after revealing what happened to you made the knowledge an S-Rank secret."

"But somebody leaked it didn't they." Naruto frowned.

A rare sigh appeared on Itachi's face, "Yes and that was the wrong thing to do. Most of the village doesn't understand seals under normal circumstances and this was far from normal. People would always believe that as long as you existed there was always a chance the fox would return. The treatment you received at the orphanage was due to the caretaker acting on that fear" Itachi explained.

"How did you know about that?" Naruto gasped.

Itachi sighed because this was another sad truth, "The fox's attack caused massive damage to the village and costs us many great shinobi. Because of that high-level shinobi like us were forced into various roles to help the village get back on its feet and ensure that our enemies didn't target us. As a result, Lord Hokage believed, the best thing to do with you was to place you in an orphanage where at least you would be safe until the village stabilized.

We didn't agree but we were obligated to listen to our orders. That didn't stop us from watching over you and we saw how you were treated, and it didn't sit well with us."

Naruto's eye widened, "That's another reason you guys, decided to adopt me isn't it."

"That's right. The four of us knew that the moment the caretaker could rid herself of you she would, and you'd be at the mercy of the villagers. I don't need to tell you how badly that would end"

Naruto shuddered at that because he had plenty of trouble with the other kids and he was pretty sure without the fox he would've died long before he made six. If he was on the street and had to deal with actual shinobi who were traumatized, he was doomed, "Yeah I would've been a goner."

"That's right and to ensure that didn't happen, we decided to work together to make the arrangement you have now."

Naruto was glad to know that they cared about him that much but that didn't explain why Itachi was doing what he was doing, "That's nice to know but what does that have to do with the lesson."

"Goodbye Naruto" Itachi replied solemnly before vanishing via a shunshin.

(Scene Skip)

Naruto barely got any sleep due to staying up and thinking about what Itachi told him before finally getting to sleep early in the morning. As he made his way downstairs for breakfast, he could see Genma was awake, but he was surprised to see that Kakashi was also there and they were both clearly upset about something, "What happened Uncle Genma?" Naruto wondered.

The two looked at each other before giving a nod of understanding, "Last night Itachi slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan with the exception of Sasuke. He's currently missing and Lord Hokage is going to declare him an S-Rank missing shinobi in short order." Genma explained.

Naruto was stunned by the news especially since Itachi came to visit him just before doing it, "You gotta be kidding me. Why would Itachi do that?"

"Nobody knows." Kakashi replied and although Naruto got the sense, he was hiding something, he wasn't going to call him out on it. His focus was on something else

"Where's Sasuke. I want to see him." Naruto frowned.

"He's currently in the hospital but let's walk there because we have some stuff to discuss." Kakashi said with a stern glance.

"Okay" Naruto replied. Luckily for them it was the start of the weekend which meant no school.

The pair moved in silence for a while as they navigated the village and when they finally had a little area to themselves, Kakashi spoke up. "What Itachi did is going to change everything Naruto and not in a good way." Kakashi said sternly.

"Yeah I bet. Sasuke's clan is a big deal." Naruto replied.

"That's right. In addition to being one of the two clans that helped found the village, the Sharingan is an incredible tool and with his clan gone, they need somebody who can teach him about the Sharingan to ensure that he becomes a pillar of the village"

"And by somebody, you mean you." Naruto said with understanding.

"Yes. I'm positive the Third is going to ask me to become a sensei in the next few days because he wants me used to training students before you guys graduate."

"But you trained me?" Naruto said in confusion.

"Having a team of genin is very different from training one person which means I need you to do something for me." Kakashi said calmly.

"What's that?" Naruto wondered.


"Huh?" Naruto questioned.

"You and Sasuke are currently fighting to be the top two students and typically the top student will be paired with the worst student and somebody else." Kakashi smiled knowing Naruto would get it

"I got it. You want me to become the worst student so I can be paired with Sasuke."

"Correct." Kakashi beamed.

"Deal" Naruto said calmly. His pride at being top student was on the line, so it wasn't going to be an easy ask at first. However, Sasuke was his friend and he knew that if they were a team, he could help Sasuke out with anything.

"Good" Kakashi smiled as they finally arrived at the hospital. To their surprise, the ANBU were waiting in front of the hospital.

"I'm sorry you two but I can't let you see Sasuke." Yugao said calmly but this time she was in her ANBU mask.

Kakashi frowned but ultimately there was nothing he could do, "Alright."


"Naruto, we have to go." Kakashi said sternly.

Naruto really didn't like it, but he understood that rules were rules. "Fine" Naruto pouted and the two left. He would get his answers sooner or later.

(Scene Skip)

Sasuke was finally let out of his compound two days later and Naruto decided to send a shadow clone to see him to get his answers. "You know this is the first time I've seen the compound in person." Naruto smiled as he moved through the compound. He got the feeling somebody was watching but considering that Sasuke was suddenly high valued Naruto realized it was the ANBU and since they knew they were friends he doubted they'd be too concerned.

Thanks to Sasuke telling him a while back, he knew which house was his home and when he found it Naruto used a senbon to pick the lock and walk in. Arriving in the living room he found Sasuke sitting there like a statue. He was dressed in his usual outfit, but he could tell the Sasuke from before was gone. "Naruto. What are you doing here?" Sasuke wondered as he turned towards his friend.

"To keep a long story short, I'm a clone and I came to see you."

"I take it you heard about what Itachi did?" Sasuke said with clear anger in his voice.

"Yeah. I don't get it. Why would he do that?" Naruto replied calmly but it was difficult to hide his nerves.

"To test himself" Sasuke muttered with fury in his voice.

"Say what!?" Naruto exclaimed. He thought for sure he heard Sasuke wrong.

"That night. I found him after he slaughtered my parents. When I asked him why he told me he did it to test his power."

Naruto frowned because that made zero sense, "He lied" Naruto said calmly.

"What did you say?" Sasuke growled.

Naruto knew he was playing a dangerous game but like Itachi said, he couldn't let hatred consume Sasuke, "Your brother is considered one of the greatest prodigy's in the history of our village. A village that produced the Sannin and who had one Hokage known as the Professor and another Hokage who devastated Iwa during the Third Shinobi War."

"What's your point" Sasuke said with a bit less anger. Naruto was telling him this for a reason and despite how furious he was he calmed himself.

"That there's no way he would want to all of the sudden test his power." Naruto explained. Whatever reason he had, it had nothing to do with testing his power.

"So why… why did he kill everybody." Sasuke said with frustration in his voice. Sasuke was angry at his brother for killing everybody but in his heart, he knew that his brother was lying.

"I don't know but I do know one thing. The only way to find out is for both of us to get stronger and confront him. We know he's out there and sooner or later we'll see him again." Naruto beamed.

"Both of us" a confused Sasuke replied.

"Yeah. Itachi was like my big brother and you're my buddy so let's get stronger and confront him down the road." Naruto insisted.

Sasuke looked at him with pain in his eyes, "He's too strong Naruto? He wants me to get stronger but there's no way I can beat him" Sasuke shouted with frustration in his voice.

"Yes, but I've got a plan. Starting tomorrow I'm going to allow myself to become the dead last. Kakashi told me that the top student and the worst student are paired together so if I do that, I'll be your teammate. That means we can work together and become strong enough to eventually confront him ourselves"

"But what about our third?" Sasuke wondered.

"I don't know who it'll be, but I know that with you and me, we should be fine." Naruto smiled.

Sasuke smiled as he turned towards Naruto, "Alright. We'll worry about the third person later." Sasuke said happily his bad mood over.

"Yeah. now get some rest because you're going to need to be at your best starting Monday."

"Right" Sasuke smiled as Naruto's clone vanished with his job done.

(Four Years late)

"Today's finally the day" Naruto smiled as he approached the shinobi academy ready to begin his shinobi career.

"So, is today the day you finally stop playing the fool huh?" Yakumo smiled as she stood with Hinata and Tenten with each girl wearing their favorite outfit, Hinata and her cream jacket, Yakumo and her pink kimono with red mesh and Tenten with her pink blouse. When Naruto's grades dropped the girls asked why and he told them that he needed to become dead last to stay with Sasuke and although they didn't like it, they ultimately understood but insisted that they train with him during the weekend so he didn't dull his talents. During the week, he was the academies dead last. On the weekend, he was a dynamo with powerful jutsu and incredible kenjutsu skills. Admittedly, only Tenten and Yugao knew how skilled he was with the blade and he never used his jutsu against the girls since it would be overkill and he wanted them to get more confident.

"Yeah and hopefully with everything that's happened you'll pass yourself Yakumo." Naruto smiled not bothered by the joke.

"And I have you to thank for my ability to become a shinobi." Yakumo smirked as she put her hand on her stomach. A year ago, Yakumo's family withdrew her from the academy out of nowhere. When Naruto and Hinata went over to her house to find out why, they discovered the dangerous truth. Yakumo's ability with genjutsu was actually too powerful and trying to control it was why her body was weakened. Since Naruto knew how much she wanted to be a shinobi, he decided to work on a seal that would help her better control her power. Although the clan questioned the idea when Naruto brought it up, Yakumo was okay with it since she Hinata Tenten and Sasuke knew how skilled he really was. After spending a week working on the seal with the help of Yugao and Kakashi, he managed to create a seal that regulated her power so she could continue her time at school.

"Enough nostalgia. You guys have to get going and I need to deal with Guy sensei." Tenten groaned. Her teacher was a man named Might Guy who shouted about youth and he drove Tenten bonkers.

"See ya" Naruto smiled kissing Tenten on the cheek as a means of good luck. After she was saved, Yakumo thanked Naruto by kissing him and in doing so sparked a fire in Tenten and Hinata who made their feelings for Naruto known soon after. Since then, the three girls competed for Naruto in a way similar to what Sasuke dealt with but unlike with Sasuke it was done in private due to the fact Hinata and Yakumo were heiresses and Naruto was an orphan.

"Now comes the fun part" Hinata frowned due to an interesting complication. Ironically enough, Yakumo staying at the academy complicated things rather nicely for Naruto's plans due to the way their class was composed. As Clan heirs, Ino Shikamaru Choji Shino Kiba Hinata Yakumo and Sasuke were all guaranteed to pass and Sakura Haruno a Sasuke fangirl and the daughter of a member of the civilian council was also likely to pass. That meant that even if Naruto passed there was a good chance that the Hokage would have to choose between him or Sakura and that would be disastrous

"It's not my fault that most of the civilians suck." Yakumo frowned. The idea that her staying would ruin Naruto's plan really sucks.

"There's nothing we can do about it. Let's just see what happens" Naruto said calmly. It wasn't a good situation, but they had no choice in the matter. Whoever passed would pass and they would deal with the rest afterwards. Regardless it was time at last for all three to take their final steps into the Academy.

That's it for chapter 2 and yeah there was a lot in this one. Naruto's harem is now at Yakumo Tenten and Hinata and most of the decisions I mentioned last chapter will hold. Next chapter the genin exams take place and there's an interesting twist involved.