Chapter 3 The Ways of a Shinobi

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(Shinobi Academy)

Naruto walked into class with Hinata and Yakumo by his side with a smile on his face. He practically bathed in the stares of anger and jealousy coming from his classmates and top of the list, was Kiba Inuzuka who was furious that Hinata was so attached to him, "Get ready Naruto. Hinata will see once and for all what a failure you are." Kiba said cockily. His current outfit consisted of a large gray hoodie with fur on the inside and dark gray pants on top of his head was his ninken Akamaru a small white dog.

Naruto was about to respond but Yakumo beat him to it, "You do realize that he's barely dead last and despite all your talk of being top dog, you've failed to win ANY of your spars against him." Yakumo smirked causing Kiba to scowl.

Kiba was about to respond but he was interrupted by a surprising source, "Will you three sit down? It's bad enough we have to deal with Sasuke's pair of fangirls, if you guys starting making a bunch of fuss it'll be a real drag" Shikamaru groaned. Shikamaru's current outfit was a grey jacket with green edges with the Nara clan symbol on it with green mesh underneath it and brown pants. He had taken to wearing his clan's traditional earrings also.

"Right" Naruto acknowledged since he agreed with that and the three moved to their spots. Literally seconds after that, the two girls in question arrived.

"Come on forehead I got here first" Ino growled.

"Shut it pig I'm here." Sakura frowned. Ino's outfit was a purple high collared blouse with matching apron skirt with bandages on her abs and legs and white arm warmers with blue sandals. Sakura wore a red qipao dress with short sleeves and a zipper down the middle and green bike shorts with blue sandals of her own.

'Here we go' Naruto groaned as he sent a glance of pity towards his old friend. Amongst his many fangirls, Ino and Sakura were at the top and their obsession drove him crazy. Sasuke's current outfit consisted of, a navy blue short-sleeved shirt with a high collar, white shorts, and, for white arm warmers, the classic Uchiha crest was on his back. Before they could do anything, a familiar tone put them in their place.

"Will you two shut up and sit down or do we need a repeat of last week." Yakumo shouted causing both girls to freeze. Yakumo grew tired of the two girl's antics and put them in a genjutsu that had them believing they were Kiba's fangirls. They acted the same sloppy way they did to Sasuke and everyone laughed at them besides Kiba who simply enjoyed the moment. The only reason they stopped was that an embolden Ino moved to kiss Kiba and Yakumo decided that was enough and broke the genjutsu with her lips moments away from connecting. The scream that resulted was the stuff of legends and to add to the girl's humiliation, Naruto recorded them and then convinced Iruka to use the recording as a lesson on genjutsu. Needless to say, both girls learned not to test Yakumo's patience or to annoy Naruto and his group after that.

"We'll be good" Sakura said hastily.

"Yeah" Ino added and they took their seats without any more problems. The whole class laughed as they recalled that day including Sasuke who was glad to see his fangirls finally calmed.

(Scene Skip)

The graduation exam was disgustingly simple. All you needed to do was successfully perform the Substitution, Replacement, and Clone Jutsu's. Normally it would be child's play for Naruto to pass but there was one thing or rather one person who had him on edge and that was the second proctor for the exam Mizuki. Mizuki had white shoulder length hair and green eyes while wearing the typical flak jacket and head protector. From the moment he met the guy during his second year he had a bad feeling about him, and it was an opinion shared by not only him but his three girls and Sasuke who told him that Mizuki seemed off. Unlike Iruka, Mizuki made it clear he was biased towards him and constantly got in his way. Admittedly, it helped with his plans on being dead last, but now it was time to pass and hopefully nothing went wrong.

The girls had already gone with each easily passing and everyone who he suspected would pass had done so including Sasuke who arrived, to small claps from his fangirls. Now it was Naruto's turn, "Naruto Uzumaki" Iruka shouted and as he got up Yakumo looked at him with a smile.

"This is for good luck" Yakumo smiled before kissing him on the lips, something they almost never did outside of the compound catching Naruto and the rest of the class off guard since most correctly assumed he was with Hinata. As they clashed tongues, Naruto felt a bit of her chakra invade his body and he knew instinctively what that meant. Because of her work with Kurenai and her recent power increase, Yakumo developed a technique which when active would block any genjutsu used on the person in question. If nothing happened, it would expire in around an hour but if the blocker worked Naruto would recognize it and be able to act. As he walked into the classroom Naruto felt an odd sensation in his chakra network but Yakumo's blocker quickly activated taking care of the nuisance.

The only person who could've cast a genjutsu was Mizuki and it was bad news, 'Let's see Mizuki used a genjutsu to mess up my chakra network presumably to get me to fail. That means I've got two options on how to deal with it. Fail intentionally and see what Mizuki wants or pass and pray Mizuki doesn't target somebody else.' Naruto thought to himself. His musing was broken by Iruka speaking up.

"Alright Naruto it's time for your graduation test. To start I need you to do a replacement jutsu for me." Iruka said calmly.

"Right" Naruto replied before replacing himself with Iruka and then moving back.

"Good. Now a transformation." Iruka said calmly.

Naruto nodded before transforming into Iruka and then back to himself.

"Good now the clone jutsu." Iruka said calmly.

"Alright" Naruto replied before making his clones. To the shock of Mizuki and the pleasure of Iruka, Naruto made three perfect clones choosing to do that instead of shadow clones which would cause Mizuki to get cautious. Thankfully, his friendship with the fox helped him stabilize his network enough that he could do regular clones.

"You passed Naruto" Iruka smiled warmly.

"Thank you, Iruka sensei." Naruto smiled as he received his headband.

As he walked back to the class, he could feel Mizuki's annoyance and he knew the man would try something but thankfully not to him. That left one question 'So, who would he choose' Naruto thought to himself.

Whoever Mizuki went after would have to be either stupid or impulsive because without those things they wouldn't be swayed by what would surely be smooth words from Mizuki. Immediately two people came to mind. The first was Kiba Inuzuka whose impulsivity was well known and ironically would be more eager to upstage him after what happened with Yakumo. The second was Sakura Haruno who could be swayed by Mizuki if he used the right motivation. Regardless of who he chose, Mizuki would have to work fast and that meant he'd need to work equally as fast in order to stop things from going wrong. Today was going to be a long day after all.

(Scene Skip)

Returning home, Naruto was pleased to see that Genma was waiting for him in the family room, "I take it you passed." Genma smiled.

"Yes, but I need you to get a hold of Yugao ASAP." Naruto frowned.

"How come" Genma questioned.

"Because she would be able to tell me what I need to know to stop a traitor." Naruto replied and Genma looked at him in shock.

"Give me a minute" Genma frowned before leaving via a shunshin.

After a few minutes Genma returned but not with Yugao, "Kakashi taught you how to Shunshin right?" Genma wondered.

"Yeah. I practice a little bit when I'm bored at home." Naruto admitted. Kakashi finally taught him how to Shunshin a year ago and it took him a day to master with the help of his shadow clones but that was a tough day indeed.

"Then come with me to Lord Hokage's office. Since I didn't know where Yugao was, I had to ask him, and he's very interested in what you have to say." Genma admitted.

"Alright" Naruto replied quickly, and both vanished via a shunshin into the Hokage's office. To Naruto's admitted surprise not only was Yugao here, but so was Ibiki Morino the leader of T&I. As he looked towards the Hokage and saw his stern expression, it was clear that this was business tie.

"Naruto, explain why you think we have a traitor and who you think it is?" The Third requested in a calm voice. Naruto wasn't fooled by the calm tone and realized this was an order and one he had better follow.

"Lord Hokage, I believe that my instructor Mizuki is a traitor. I can't explain why, but as long as I've known him, he's seemed off in a dangerous way. However, I believe we have a more pressing matter to attend to if my concern is valid." Naruto admitted.

"I don't think a boy that just graduated the academy should tell the Hokage that there's a more pressing matter then having an academy sensei being a traitor. Especially since it's on an instinct" Ibiki said coldly. Ibiki was an older man with two scars down the middle of his rugged face. His outfit consisted of gray high collared button up jacket with black pants and a small belt down the middle with a large black trench coat above it. He was an imposing figure, but Naruto wasn't intimidated thanks to being around the fox for so long.

"What if I said that traitor may be planning to act against the village tonight using a student as a patsy." Naruto explained causing Ibiki's eyes to widen.

"What makes you say that" Ibiki scowled.

Naruto turned towards Ibiki, "As Lord Hokage knows, today was the genin exam for the academy and I was one of the participants. What Lord Hokage doesn't know is that just as I arrived, Mizuki cast a genjutsu on me that was designed to disrupt my chakra flow. I believe he was going to use it to intentionally make me fail."

"Why would he want to make you fail Naruto." Yugao wondered.

"Let me answer your question by asking you this, what's the most valuable thing in the village. Something a traitor would want to steal."

Yugao frowned before looking towards the Hokage, "Naruto that would be the Forbidden Scroll that's hidden in my office. It contains powerful jutsu that are only taught to the worthiest of shinobi. Interestingly enough the shadow clone jutsu I know you use at times is one of them." The Third revealed.

Naruto smiled because it confirmed his thought, "I believe Mizuki wanted to use me to steal the scroll for him. Your fondness for me is well known among the ANBU given what you did for me so they might not think too much of me coming in. I also possess enough stealth to steal the scroll without anybody being the wiser if simply walking in wouldn't work and Mizuki was counting on it."

"That's a bold statement boy." Ibiki said coldly.

"Yes, it is, but here's the problem. Mizuki still plans to steal it but I suspect he's going to use another student to do it. I have two people in mind, but I don't know which one he'll target so instead I tried to figure out what he would target hence why I asked for Neko."

"Two?" Genma said with admitted surprise.

"Yes. Kiba Inuzuka and Sakura Haruno." Naruto admitted.

"Naruto, those two passed the exam. Why would he target them and not one of the people who failed?" The Third wondered.

"Kiba has hated me since our first year at the academy. I always beat him in spars our first year and I was close Hinata who he fancied from the start. When I intentionally dropped my grades, he took it as a sign his earlier losses were flukes and never stopped acting on it and tried to prove himself. Unfortunately for him, Hinata and Yakumo still hung around me and since they're the most reasonable of our upcoming kunoichi he was pissed."

"Intentionally? Don't tell me you've suspected Mizuki for that long?" Ibiki wondered.

"No. My reason for being last was a separate matter, but ironically it's connected to the reason for him to target Sakura."

"And that is?" Ibiki scowled not liking the mind games.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto smiled.

A frown appeared on the Third's face since he quickly realized what Naruto was after, "Kakashi told you that traditionally the best student is paired with the worst student and that's why your grades began to tank is it not." The Third scowled. Their friendship was also well known and the best way to ensure they went on the same team was this one.

"That's right. I promised him that I would help him confront Itachi someday and I can't do that if we're on different teams. As for Sakura, she's a Sasuke fangirl but her greatest competition is Ino and frankly she doesn't compare to her at all"

"And why do you say that?" Yugao chuckled. She agreed completely but she was curious what Naruto's reasoning was.

"Most of the girls believe that as the last of the Uchiha he'll want to rebuild the clan and that he would need a strong shinobi to do that. Sakura may be the smartest student outside of me and Shikamaru, but she has zero talent for anything outside of the most basic jutsu. Ino is a clan heiress which means she already has the clout to give Sasuke what he needs along with some added strength which would force Sakura to do something to even the odds."

"Mizuki would get Sakura to steal the scroll for him saying that it would impress Sasuke if you showed off a powerful jutsu that a civilian wouldn't normally learn." Yugao finished.

"That's right. However, I think he's more likely to get Kiba to do it because Sakura wouldn't fall for such a ruse. Kiba meanwhile is pretty stupid and impulsive."

The Third and Ibiki shared a glance, "So let's say you're right. What's to stop us from arresting Mizuki now." Ibiki challenged.

"Because the only evidence you have is the word of a genin. You wouldn't dare use that and he's not stupid enough to leave evidence lying around at home." Naruto smiled.

"Well said boy." Ibiki replied clearly liking his answer and deciding to go along. "So. How would you catch our traitor since that's clearly what you were planning to do."

Naruto smiled since this was a good chance, "Here's what I'd do" Naruto said calmly before whispering his plan. It was cruel but if Naruto was right it would all work itself out.

(Scene Skip)

Naruto relaxed in his room while he waited for the results of his plan. Naruto suggested replacing the scroll with one of his shadow clones with instructions written inside. Essentially, he was going to tell whoever stole the scroll that it was fake and Mizuki was going to betray them which would allow them to escape. He didn't like either person but Mizuki would surely kill them or in Sakura's case do much worse and he didn't want that for either of them.

"Naruto it looks like you were right. It was Kiba who stole the scroll. They're on the hunt for him as we speak and Lord Hokage has given us the permission to join the search" Genma revealed.

"Alright." Naruto smiled as he reached under his bed and pulled out a red case with the Uzumaki swirl on it. The case contained the katana Naruto bought back when his training began but he never used it outside of training and now was his chance.

"You're actually going to use it?" Genma said with admitted shock.

"Yeah. I've been hiding my skills but not anymore. Let's show Mizuki whose boss" Naruto said happily as he retrieved his blade at last and grabbed the black baldric that came with it and slipped it on his shoulder.

"There we go. It's a shame you want to be a shinobi because you'd make a fine ANBU." Genma said with pride.

"I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. Living in the shadows just isn't my thing." Naruto smiled and slipped his blade onto his back.

"Let's go" Genma smiled. Naruto had come a long way since his training began and soon, he would be a ninja, but first he had to catch a traitor.

"Yeah and I think I know where to start."

"Where" Genma wondered.

"The forests, Kiba would want a place to take the scroll and learn the techniques." Naruto said calmly.

"Can you go there via shunshin." Genma wondered.

"Not yet. I'll work on it later, but we have to move on foot for now." Naruto replied.

"Well let's go" Genma shouted and the pair got moving.

(Scene Skip)

As they moved towards the forest something occurred to Naruto, "Does Kiba's mom know about what happened. Their clan are trackers so finding Kiba should be easy." Naruto said calmly.

Genma smiled, "Normally you're right and if we had no warning, they'd be among the first people we called. However, since we knew about what was going to happen, we didn't need to worry. Lord Hokage has ANBU stationed at the edge of the village for Mizuki but we figured Kiba would be okay." Genma replied.

Naruto nodded his approval but the shadow clone he used as the fake scroll dispelled and the memories were not good, "Shit we need to move NOW!" Naruto yelled out.

"What happened?" Genma said nervously.

"The dumbass read our message but ignored it and confronted Mizuki." Naruto panicked.

"That fool" Genma frowned and the pair sped up. Kiba stood no chance against Mizuki which meant this would end badly for him. The pair hurried towards the forest moving as quickly as they could and arrived within a few minutes. What they saw was Mizuki standing a few feet away from a battered Kiba who was in deep trouble. He had cuts and bruises all over his body and he was bleeding badly. If he didn't get medical attention soon, he was dead. Luckily or unluckily for him, he was without his dog which certainly bothered Naruto more than he cared to admit.

"What now" Mizuki frowned as he looked up to find Naruto and Genma. Kiba did too and he couldn't help but groan.

"Naruto" Kiba said weakly.

"Hmph. I guess this mutt was good for something after all." Mizuki said smugly. He was after Naruto after all and here he was on a silver platter.

Naruto and Genma frowned before hopping down to confront him, "So I guess I'm taking Kiba to get medical attention." Genma sighed before picking up a battered Kiba.

"Yeah. Mizuki wants me and he's gonna get me." Naruto said with a smug smile of his own. He owed Mizuki a beatdown and it's going to be special.

"Alright. I'll try to get back as soon as possible." Genma smiled before vanishing via a shunshin.

"Got it" Naruto replied as he focused on Mizuki. He wasn't sure if he wanted to use his blade or not, but he was ready to deal with the rogue chunin. The smug look on Mizuki's didn't bother Naruto and if anything, he was pleased to see that he was underestimated. A ninja's best tool was deception after all, and nobody did deception better than Naruto.

"Oh, Naruto you should've kept Genma with you. Maybe then you would've had a chance." Mizuki smiled as he jumped at Naruto ready to punch him square in the gut. When his shot connected a sickening grin appeared on his face. A grin that faded when Naruto vanished, and a puddle of water appeared causing Mizuki's eyes to widen. "Water clones. This bastard couldn't do regular clones for ages?"

"You should pay more attention Mizuki. Look at my back." Naruto smiled.

Mizuki didn't know what he was talking about but when he noticed the blade on his back he scowled, "So you have a blade now. Hah is that supposed to scare me."

"No but what it implies should. Tell me something Mizuki, have you ever wondered why the class is so annoyed with me." Naruto smiled.

"What sort of question is that? They're angry because such a pathetic ninja is in their midst." Mizuki taunted hoping to get Naruto to drop his guard.

Naruto reached back and pulled out his blade, "Actually it's the opposite sensei." Naruto smirked before vanishing in a burst of incredible speed. Before Mizuki could react, Naruto was behind him with his blade at the back of the chunin.

"What the" Mizuki gasped wondering what was going on.

"My classmates were angry because most of them knew how skilled I really was. You see in my first year at the academy I was the top student but out of nowhere my grades fell. Most of my classmates were furious because they knew something was off. The only ones who didn't are that mutt Kiba and possibly Sasuke's fangirls. Everyone else knew how strong I was and that's why they were pissed" Naruto smiled.

"So what. That doesn't mean you can beat me." Mizuki smiled using the small opening to back up.

"You're right that doesn't" Naruto smiled before putting his hands in front of him in a familiar cross shaped symbol.

"That's" Mizuki gasped.

Naruto simply smiled before saying, "Shadow clone jutsu" and Mizuki could only watch in terror as 100 Naruto's appeared to surround him in a circle.

"Shadow clones… how did a monster like you learn that technique."

"I was taught it when I was eight. That monster, as you so kindly put it, was actually pretty helpful once we agreed on something. So, I trained in secret and pretended to be a novice at class." The real Naruto smiled with the clones behind him waiting to strike.

Mizuki's eyes widened in disbelief. Naruto knew about the fox and that meant he was in trouble. Reaching behind his back he grabbed the massive shuriken that was on his back and tossed it at the real Naruto. "DIE" Mizuki shouted in a last-ditch effort to save himself.

"Worthless" Naruto frowned as wind chakra gathered around his blade. Mizuki could only watch in horror as his shuriken was cut in half by the real Naruto's blade without any effort at all.

"Impossible. You can enhance it with your chakra."

"That's right. I can do many things with this blade but it's not going to be what kills you." the real Naruto smiled as ten of the clones began making hand signs.

"We are!" the clones shouted as they all took a deep breath. "Wind Style: Air Bullets" before 10 of the clones sent a small sphere of air towards the traitor. If it was one bullet that would be one thing but there were 10 bullets and they were coming in fast.

"NOO!" Mizuki yelled as the bullets slammed into him one after another. Because of the way they were lined up he couldn't find anything to replace himself with and since only 10 of the clones had attacked the others would be able to find him the minute, he substituted himself. Put simply, Mizuki was doomed. Luckily for him, as a traitor he held valuable information on who sent him so he would be spared execution. True he was currently in agony as the bullets struck, but Naruto couldn't kill him and the young man knew it.

As Mizuki fell to the ground, Naruto couldn't help but frown as the clones behind him dispelled with their task done, "That was too easy what do you think Neko" Naruto smiled as Yugao arrived at the scene.

"It was, but you also caught him off guard with your real skills. Excellent use of clones by the way." Yugao praised. Most people would have attacked at once but with a layered attack he left Mizuki zero openings.

"Thanks. I take it you're going to deal with our traitorous friend here." Naruto replied pointing to a bloodied Mizuki.

"That's right. You'll need to talk to Lord Hokage about what happened, but I can convince him to let you do it tomorrow morning."

"That's surprisingly generous." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I've got it on good authority that you have a graduation present waiting for you at home."

"Good point" Naruto said with a slight blush.

"Now get out of here mister before I change my mind." Yugao snickered.

"Got it" Naruto replied before leaving via a shunshin.

(Scene Skip)

The next morning Naruto and Yugao made their way to the Hokage's office in order to discuss what happened, "So Naruto did you enjoy your graduation present." Yugao teased as they walked up to the Hokage's office.

"Yes I did, big sis Yugao." Naruto replied with a roll of his eyes. How Yugao knew about his 'present' he didn't know but it didn't matter now.

"Good but now we get down to business." Yugao frowned as they arrived at the office. "ANBU Neko coming in." Yugao stated before placing her mask on. Walking in, they were met by the Third Hokage whose serious expression was hard to ignore.

"So, Naruto how are you doing?" The Third asked.

"Just fine. I'm just glad that I was able to help my village." Naruto replied diplomatically. The fact that Kiba was the one who betrayed the village suited Naruto perfectly since he hated the mutt.

"That's good but you did far more for the village then you realized. Despite your issues with him which were revealed to me by Iruka, you still helped Kiba and had you arrived a few minutes later, he would be dead. The fact you took out Mizuki by yourself is also to be commended."

"Thank You Lord Hokage" Naruto said politely.

"For your efforts you will get an S-Rank mission put on your docket and you will receive S-Rank pay deposited into your account."

"Awesome" Naruto said happily but something else occurred to him. "Does what happened with Kiba effect the ninja teams." Naruto wondered.

"Most likely. I'm going to meet with the council after this to discuss that very issue. Believe me when I say I'm not looking forward to it"

"I see" Naruto replied with a nervous expression on his face.

"If you're worried about Yakumo don't be. The Inuzuka clan values loyalty above anybody in the village and considering that Kiba committed treason there's a good chance that his mother will make what Mizuki did look like amateur work."

"I see" Naruto said with a reserved smile.

"Now get going. I'm sure you want to enjoy the next few days because after this your shinobi career arrives." Yugao said through her mask.

"Right?" Naruto replied before leaving via a shunshin to the surprise of the Hokage.

"He is something special isn't he" the Third smiled.

"Yes he is, and he would never have become that if you didn't agree to letting Genma adopt him." Yugao beamed.

(Uzumaki Compound)

"I can't tell if we were lucky or unlucky that Kiba was such a moron" Hinata smiled as she sat with Yakumo observing Sasuke and Naruto spar. Two days had passed since Mizuki's betrayal and thanks to their connections Yakumo Hinata and Sasuke were told the fallout. Mizuki's fate aside, Kiba was taken off the roster of potential genin and ordered to be re-trained by his mother so he learned respect for the pack.

"I think it's lucky personally. With him out of the picture we have nine candidates which means I'll have a team. Plus, we have an extra day to relax" Yakumo smirked.

"Yes, you have a team but unfortunately, it won't be with Naruto" Hinata frowned. She knew that Kurenai would be her teacher and Naruto was destined for a separate team with Sasuke and since there was only one spot left the role was more than likely to go to Sakura Haruno one of Sasuke's annoying fangirls.

"Look on the bright side. We can visit him anytime we want." Yakumo replied. The fact they could visit him whenever was a beautiful thing and it was why she wasn't at upset at Hinata's statement

"What are you guys talking about?" Sasuke wondered as he walked towards the girls. He and Naruto stopped moments ago, and he noticed the two girls discussing something and couldn't help but wonder

"How his promise to you is making it impossible for us to be with Naruto." Hinata teased.

"Hey at least all of us are going to be on teams." Naruto mused.

"Yes, but we're probably stuck with Sakura." Sasuke frowned.

"I would've thought after watching us be lovey-dovey all the time, you'd appreciate having a fangirl on your team." Yakumo smirked emphasizing her point by walking over and kissing Naruto on the cheek.

"I guess but Sakura can't do anything ninja wise. She's smart but in a fight she's relatively useless as she is now. Ino would've been the better choice" Sasuke frowned.

"Not at all. Ino's main jutsu doesn't work unless the opponent isn't moving and if it misses, she's a corpse for a while. She's better with Shika and his shadow possession jutsu." Naruto reminded him.

"Good point" Sasuke groaned.

"Well it doesn't matter now. You guys will be with Kakashi who already knows most of your strengths so he can focus on getting Sakura up to speed." Yakumo mused.

"True. I guess we could ask Kurenai to help Sakura get a few genjutsu under her belt on the side also." Naruto smiled.

"Getting help from others is one of our groups specialties." Hinata smiled. Their little group all had issues growing up and none of them wouldn't have survived without the help of Naruto's teachers who didn't mind helping since they were friends of Naruto. Hinata had major confidence issues and talking with Yugao helped her get rid of them along. Yakumo was nervous that she would be the one left out because for the longest time she wasn't in shinobi shape due to issues with her powers. After Naruto helped cure her issues, Kakashi and Genma helped her come up with a training program which got her in shape and Yugao talked to her friend Anko in T&I about getting an apprenticeship so she could keep up her training even if she didn't get into a team. Sasuke had nightmares for a few months after the massacre and when Naruto noticed how much trouble it was giving him, he convinced Genma to let him stay over once a week and convinced the two former members of Team Ro to talk to him about the good parts of her brother, something they did without hesitation. It helped calm Sasuke's nerves and it drove him to find out why his brother did what he did.

"Yeah but that's enough reminiscing. I say we go inside and relax." Naruto smiled.

"In other words, Naruto wants to cuddle for a bit." Yakumo said with a smile that said she knew something Sasuke didn't know.

"Guilty as charged. One of the many benefits of having sane fangirls." Naruto shrugged.

"Rub it in why don't you." Sasuke pouted and the group laughed. What they didn't realize was that Kakashi Yugao and Genma were watching.

"It's hard to believe that group is the strongest set of shinobi we've had since the Sannin." Kakashi said happily.

"Yes, but this is where it gets serious. Now that they're ninja, they'll have to learn about the real world." Yugao frowned.

"Yeah but at least they get to be kids for a bit. We didn't have that luxury." Kakashi sighed. He could appreciate Naruto and his friends enjoying themselves, but they'd have to learn the harsh truth sooner or later.

Genma turned towards Yugao with a curious expression, "So did you talk to Kurenai about the two teams possibly hanging out together."

"Yes I did. She agrees with it and I think with Kiba out of the picture it'll be much easier. Shame the girls will have to control themselves." Yugao sighed.

"What do you mean by that?" Kakashi wondered.

"A few weeks ago, Hinata found that copy of Icha Icha you gave to Naruto and asked me for advice?" Yugao said with a scowl.

"Did she now?" Kakashi said nervously.

"She asked me what I should do, and I said talk to Naruto. I think she has because she's been a bit bolder recently." Yugao smiled.

"More than you realize." Genma smiled.

"What do you mean Kakashi and Yugao said nervously.

"The last three days i noticed none of the girls used a guest room and Naruto washed his sheets each night before he went out for training." Genma smiled.

"Do you think they're..." Yugao panicked.

"No, they're not having sex. I do suspect they're doing everything else though." Genma chuckled.

"Oh crap" Kakashi said nervously. If Kurenai found out he was in trouble.

"Don't worry I made sure Hinata knew to come to me for any other advice on the subject."

"Phew" Kakashi smiled.

"Anyway, I need to make lunch since they're sure to be hungry."

"And I've got to get back to work." Yugao smiled before vanishing with a shunshin.

"I'm going to go train for a bit. Naruto and Sasuke are going to keep me on my toes." Kakashi smiled and the group went their separate ways. The kids were no longer kids and now the real fun was about to begin.

That's it for Chapter 3 and things are getting fun. Next time, everyone gets their teams and prepares to take their next steps towards becoming true ninja. Things are about to get fun for our boy so get ready for the show.