Bullet. Alleyway. Me on the ground. Blood everywhere.

You can probably piece together what happened.

I was walking down the aforementioned alleyway on the way back to my dorm when I got cornered by a sketchy looking dude with wild hair and alcohol on his breath. He took out his pistol and asked me for my wallet.

I tossed him my wallet. Not that I had much in it, maybe 50 or 60 bucks at the most. The guy looked at the wallet and said, "Don't fuck with me, man! I know you've got more on you!"

I tried to explain how I was a broke college student and didn't have anything else. I turned out my pockets to prove it, but he still wasn't buying it. I was starting to panic now. I didn't have any more money, but he wasn't letting me go.

At that moment, I saw a police car drive by the entrance of the alley.

"Hey, HEY! Help me!" I yelled out. Thankfully I got their attention.

The robber was startled by my call for help. He turned around to see who I was calling to, and seeing it was the police, tried to run past me. I stepped to my left to avoid him, but unfortunately, he decided to go around my left to pass me. He ended up colliding with me, and accidentally fired his gun. The bullet penetrated my chest.

Jesus Christ, it hurt so bad. I fell to the ground, blood spilling out of my chest. The last thing I remember before I died was the sound of police sirens wailing, the guy who shot me cussing profoundly as he ran away.


Being that I wasn't particularly religious, I hadn't expected anything to actually happen after I died.

I was standing on the steps at the entrance of a large building, Columbia University in particular. My head was flooded with memories that weren't mine. This body certainly weren't mine. Neither was the camera around my neck or the glasses on my face.


My days of reading fanfiction on the internet in my previous life had given me enough experience to realize what had happened. The fact that it had happened on the other hand, was astonishing.

Or maybe it was just that the Buddhists had been right all along. But that didn't really make sense in my case. My new memories told me that I was 17. Why would I be reborn as a teenager?

I guess I should be kinda bummed out about the fact that I died, but honestly? I wasn't. My life sucked. I had been a broke-ass college student, working three minimum wage jobs to get by. Estranged parents, no friends, and shitty grades only added to that.

So, the chance to start over in a new world (hopefully a world where I can have superpowers) was exciting.

I was on a school trip, and waiting for someone, my memories told me. A friend.

So, I had friends. Already off to a better start.

"Hey, Pete." I hear someone say behind me. I turn around to see a slightly taller guy my age. He had long brown hair and a grin on his face as he approached me.

"Hi-ya Harry," I say, recalling his name. This was the friend I was waiting for.

So, my name was Peter and my best friend's name was Harry. Hmmmmm.

"Aren't you gonna be needing this, Harry?" A voice said. Harry turned around. A 50-ish man, presumably his dad, was getting out of the back of a Bentley with Harry's backpack in his hand. He handed Harry the bag. He looks at me and then smiles.

"Ah, you must be Peter Parker! Harry tells me you're quite the science whiz. Y'know, I'm something of a scientist myself!"

Okay, okay, okay, cool, cool, cool.

That last line confirmed it. I'm Peter Parker. That is Norman Osborn. The Green Goblin. I'm actually the fricking Spiderman!

Or rather, will be. As far as I knew, I hadn't been bitten by the spider yet. Judging by the scenario, this was probably the beginning of Spiderman 1. The Sam Raimi movie. But I wasn't sure if there were any other Marvel heroes in this world.

"Peter, this is my dad, Norman Osborn." Harry said.

"It's an honor to meet you, sir," I said, shaking hands with him. "I just wanna say, what you guys are doing at Oscorp, designing the guidance and re-entry systems for the shuttle mission to Mars, really brilliant. That's so awesome." That last bit was just something I fetched from Peter's memories as conversation topic.

"Impressive, you seem to know your game," Mr. Osborn said. "Your parents must be proud."

"I live with my aunt and uncle, actually. My parents died when I was little," I said.

"Sorry to hear that. I lost my parents as a young boy as well."

At that moment the teacher called out to me and Harry from the entrance of the main building. "Hey, you two! I'm closing the door, get over here!"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Osborn," I said as I walked towards the university.

"See you around, Parker." He said as he went back into the Bentley.

I catch up with Harry inside the building. I see him smile at a cute red-haired girl that I assume was Mary Jane Watson. MJ smiles back, before returning to the conversation she was having with her friends.

I feel Harry nudge me slightly towards MJ.

"Go on, say something."

"What, now? Are you in your senses?" I respond. I may not be madly in love with MJ like Peter normally would have been, but I still didn't want to ruin my impression. After all, she was pretty.

"C'mon, what's the worst she's gonna say?" Harry asked.

"How about 'ew'?" I said.

The tour began. Me, Harry, and some 30-odd students as well as the teacher followed the tour guide, a female scientist of Asian descent, through the Genetic Research Institute, where we spotted a bunch of spider exhibits.

"There are over 32,000 known species of spiders in the world," the tour guide was saying. "They belong to the order Araneae, which is further divided into 3 sub-orders: Mesothelae, Orthognatha, and Labidognatha."

I saw a tall, heavily built guy, probably Flash Thompson, move close to MJ, and put his arm around her. He nuzzles her neck. MJ pulls away and looks around to see if anyone saw. She spots me looking and blushes in embarrassment. I looked away immediately. I'll admit she's kinda cute when she blushes like that.

The tour guide was explaining the jumping abilities of the genus Salticus spider when she caught my eye. Remembering that there was a camera around my neck, and that I needed shots for the school paper, I gestured to the camera. "For the school paper?" I asked.

"Mmhmm." She nodded.

In my previous life, I wasn't exactly an expert photographer or anything, but I guess in this world, I got Peter's skills as well as his memories. I took a few shots, most of them pretty decent. Luckily, I stopped snapping photos before Flash or his cronies could get to me.

We move further on, passing more spider exhibits as well as scientists working on some science things.

"Over the course of five painstaking years, Columbia's genetics research facility has finally mapped the genetic codes of each of these spiders," the tour guide said. "Armed with these DNA blueprints, we have now begun what was once thought impossible: inter-species genetic transmutation!

"In this Recombination Lab, we use synthesized transfer-RNA to encode an entirely new genome, combining genetic information from all three spiders into these fifteen genetically designed super-spiders, the first mankind has ever produced."

The class proceeded check the spiders out. They're seriously creepy looking.

I saw MJ and Harry standing next to one another.

"Disgusting," I heard MJ say in a fascinated voice.

"Hateful little thing," Harry said in agreement.

"I love it!" MJ said.

"Huh? Really? I mean, me too!"

What a simp.

"Just imagine," the tour guide said. "if one day we can isolate the strengths, powers, and immunities in human beings and transfer that DD code among ourselves. All known disease cou1d be wiped out. Of course, we' re nowhere near ready to start experimenting with humans, so for the moment we're concentrating on these fifteen spiders. Any questions?"

"Fourteen." MJ said quietly.

"Pardon?" the tour guide said.

"Oh, I mean that there are 14 spiders here."

"What? Surely there are fifteen. Wait let me count, one, two, three…"

As she counts, I feel something crawling up the back of my neck. Something small, like a spider.

This might be the moment.

I braced myself for the bite. It came a second late, and it stinged bad. I almost let out a gasp of pain. After the bite, I flicked it off my neck with my hand. I saw it fall to the ground, dead.

This was it. Hopefully. I swear if I get reborn into the Marvel/Raimi universe (I wasn't sure if it was just Spidey, or if there were other heroes active/soon to come) as Peter Parker, and get bit by a spider, only for it to be some dumb, normal spider, I will lowkey kill myself.

Okay, probably not. But I'd still be pissed as shit. I knelt down by the dead spider to look at it. Sure enough, it looked like one of the super-spiders.

Holy shit, I was actually going to be Spiderman! My fricking childhood dream come true!


When I got home that afternoon, I was feeling really dizzy. If I recall correctly, this also happened to Peter when he got bit in the original Raimi trilogy, so that was fun.

I opened the door to what my/Peter's memories told me was my home. Entering the house, I saw a man in his late-50's or maybe early-60's, and a kindly old woman of similar age, having supper together. Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

They didn't look quite as ancient as they did in the Raimi films, but they're still old. A bit more similar to the Amazing Spiderman film versions.

Aunt May saw me and beamed. "Oh, hello sweetie, how are you? You're just in time for supper."

"Hey, how was the field trip, Michelangelo?" Uncle Ben asked.

"Uh, yeah it was great," I said. "Listen, I'm not feeling that great, I'm gonna go take a nap. Okay?"

"You sure you don't want anything to eat, Peter?" Aunt May asked as I approached the stairs.

"Nah, I'm not hungry, thanks."

"D'you get some pictures, Peter?" Uncle Ben asked as I climbed the steps.

"Yeah, I got some good shots. I'll show you later."

I went into my room. That was when my head started to spin really bad. I felt like I had a fever, and only barely managed to get to the bed before I blacked out.


When I woke up the next day, the first thing I did was take my shirt off and look at my reflection.

Using the words of Peter himself from the movie, there was big change.

I had a lean, muscular build now. Not unlike that of a professional swimmer or, I guess, Spiderman. My eyesight was also much better; I didn't need the glasses anymore.

I looked out the window, and damn did I realize that Pete had a great view of MJ's room in the next house. And MJ didn't exactly bother to draw her curtains either.

Fortunately, or actually, I guess unfortunately, I missed the more interesting parts of her morning routine, and all I saw was her fixing her hair before exiting the room. Luckily, she didn't see me looking. That would have been awkward.

At that moment I realized that I, in fact, was almost late for school. Getting dressed, I quickly ran down the stairs, feeling refreshed and energized in a way I had never felt before.

"Hey, Michelangelo!" Uncle Ben grinned at me as I jumped the last few steps into the dining room. "You're up! How're you feeling?"

"Better than ever, uncle Ben," I said happily as I drank my glass of orange juice. I then devoured a sausage and then ran out of the house with a slice of buttered toast in my hand.

"Have you got your lunch money, Peter?" Aunt May called after me.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it!"

"Hey buddy, don't forget we're painting the kitchen after school today!"

"Okay, don't start without me!" I said as I left the house. Closing the door behind me, I heard uncle Ben chuckle to Aunt May, "Teenagers. Raging hormones."

I managed to get on the school bus in time, unlike yesterday. Nothing much happened at school. Nothing happened during lunch. MJ didn't trip and almost fall, no organic webs incident, no hallway fight with Flash.

So maybe, just maybe, it's not the Raimi world. Perhaps I'm in the broader Marvel Universe.

If I was, then superheroes hadn't started popping up yet. If there had been any active superheroes flying around, then Peter Parker would definitely know about it. Yet there weren't any memories or knowledge about real, active superheroes in Peter's head. The material about superheroes that there was, all came from my memories.

After school, I was on the bus on the way back home. My arm was partially hanging out the window, and I was resting my head on it. It had been a somewhat disappointing day. My powers hadn't shown themselves yet. They usually developed overnight according to the movies and comics.

I felt the hairs on my arm stand up suddenly. My ears started ringing and tingling. I felt as though there was a potential threat in the bus behind me.

Responding to my instincts, I ducked, the back of my seat shielding my head and body. The 'threat' turned out to be a spitball fired by Flash a couple seats back. The projectile spitball hit the kid in front of me in the back of the head.

He turned around and looked at me angrily. I just pointed back at Flash. The guy's anger suddenly vanished and he turned back to the front. He was probably scared of Flash.

So, I had Spidey-sense. HELL FUCKING YEAH!

I was going to be Spiderman. I was actually going to be Spiderman! I had powers now! Years of dreams and fantasies were finally coming true!


I had promised to paint the kitchen with Uncle Ben after school. That would take up the whole afternoon, meaning that I couldn't go out and discover my new powers.

Not a problem. Tomorrow was Saturday. No school, so I could do it then.

My clothes were covered in paint after the kitchen was done, so I went up to take a shower afterwards. I undressed and was about to step into the shower when I noticed a cockroach on the vanity.

It was near my toothbrush, and no way in hell was I going to risk having something I put in my mouth everyday even close to a roach. I moved to defuse the threat (by which I mean making the cockroach go bye-bye), but then something unexpected happened.

That motherfucker flew right at me.

Okay, but can we just agree that giving cockroaches the power of flight was a huge mistake on God's part? Like, that shit's freaky.

I yelped like a little bitch and tried to dodge the bug, and the next thing I knew was that I was sticking to the ceiling.


I managed to climb down, and after squashing the damn bug, I tried sticking to the ceiling again, and briefly succeeded before falling. It wasn't exactly graceful, but it was a start.


The next day, after breakfast, I headed out.

"Hey, Michelangelo!" Uncle Ben called out to me. "Where're you heading to?"

"Uh, to Harry's!" I said.

"Okay then, be sure to grab some milk and eggs on the way back."

"Sure, thing."

I was not, in fact, going to Harry's. That's right, I used lies and deceit to hide my true destination. Maybe not the most dramatic thing to lie about, but that's okay. If I was going to be a superhero, I needed to improve my lying skills in order to hide my identity. Better to start sooner than later, right?

I walked around town looking for a good, isolated place to test out my powers.

After almost an hour of wandering around I came to an abandoned factory in a safely secluded part of town. The factory had been abandoned for a couple decades, but was safe enough for me to fuck around with my powers without having the roof fall down on my head.

First things first. Organic webbing, yes or no?

After half an hour so of me doing the classic Spiderman hand-gesture, I could soundly say no. That meant I'll have to develop my own web-shooters. I just hope that Peter's intellect could get me through that.

Secondly, wall climbing/sticking.

That one was already a yes. I knew I could do that, but I would have to practice doing it to really get the hang of it.

It took some time, but eventually I got it. My hands weren't permanently sticky, which was a good thing. In order to climb walls, I had to activate the power by will. Only then could I climb walls and stick to stuff. I had to stay focused too, otherwise the power would de-activate mid-climb.

Thirdly, physical abilities.

Spiderman was far stronger, faster and more agile than the average human. Speed and agility weren't as big of an issue as strength.

If I recalled correctly, Spidey once punched Scorpion's jaw off when he wasn't holding back. Granted, it hadn't been Peter in control of the body, rather Doc Octopus, but it was still Spiderman's power.

I had to be careful, lest I do some serious damage. I had to punch with more strength than an average person, without that single punch being fatal or permanently damaging.

The more I practiced my powers, the more I lost track of time.

It was half-past 4 in the afternoon when I got a call from Uncle Ben on my phone. I picked up.

"Peter, where are you? It's getting late," he didn't sound mad, but concerned.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle Ben! I lost track of the time, I'm on my way home," I said.

Please don't tell me he was going to leave the house to look for me. Because that will definitely end with him getting shot.

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon," I reassured him.

"Okay, be careful. Remember to get some milk and eggs on the way back okay?"

"Okay." I hung up.

Time to head to the store, then back home. Walking the whole way would suck. So, after leaving the factory and getting back to the main part of town, I went into an alleyway, made sure no one was looking, and then began to climb up the side of a building.

Once I was on the top, I ran towards the edge of the building and leaped onto the roof of the next building. I kept running and leaping, letting the wind ruffle my hair and adrenaline course through my body. It was a truly wonderful experience.

At the store, it turned out that I didn't have any money on me. Ugh, whatever. Guess I'd have to find an ATM, call Uncle Ben and withdraw some cash from his account, then pay him back later.

As I was about to exit the store, some guy, with a mop of dirty-blond hair and sunglasses, pull a knife on the cashier and demand money.

Looks like a job for Spiderman!

Or actually, in this case, regular old Peter Parker.

The robber got the cash and ran out of the store. The cashier then picked up a phone and called the police.

I was standing at the doorway, blocking the robber's exit. He saw me standing and took out his knife. He said, "Listen kid, don't do anything stupid, I don't wanna hurt you. Just let me leave, and we can all go home."

I step to the side to let him pass. He moved to get out of the store but I stuck my foot out at the last second, causing him to fall out onto the sidewalk on his face. The knife and the bag of cash fell out of his hands. He tried to get back but I punched him in the face.

Maybe a bit too hardly, though.

He fell to the ground, unconscious. At first, I was worried I had done something worse. I checked his pulse. He was okay, just unconscious, and apart from a busted lip and a broken tooth, would be alright.

I grabbed the bag of cash. For a brief second, the thought of taking it and running crossed my mind, but I disregarded that immediately. Stealing is a crime. I was going to be Spiderman, not a criminal. Even if I didn't have the motivation that Spidey normally had, I was still going to be the good guy. Or at least try to.

I went back into the store with the cash and returned it.

"There," I said, handing the cashier the money. "I didn't take any, you can count it."

The cashier took the sack. He looked at it for a moment before turning to me and saying, "Hey, you know what? Take whatever you need from this joint. It's free."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, really."

Huh. Guess being a good guy paid off.

I left the store with the eggs and milk, as well as a few other things for myself, and headed back.

Unfortunately, I couldn't do the rooftop leaping after I got the groceries, because that might crack the eggs.

After getting home, sometime a I was relieved to find out that Uncle Ben had not gone out to find me, and was still alive.

Weirdly, I felt a sense of attachment to Uncle Ben and Aunt May as though I had known them all my lives, like Peter, and not just barely 2 days. Obviously, I didn't want them to die, but the concern and feelings I had were something else.

I suppose it's a result of me being thrown into Peter's body. Maybe along with gaining all his memories and skills, I also gained all his feelings.

This had been a good day, I reflected as I went to bed that night. I had learned a lot about my powers and even prevented a robbery!


(Elsewhere in New York)

At an Oscorp facility, a bald, skinny old man with a pointed nose was arguing with a short fat scientist. The contrast between the two men was almost comic.

"I blame you for this!" the skinny old man spat at the other man. "You told me to bring my magnetic air-transport system to Oscorp!"

"I-I know, but-" the other man tried to say weakly.

"You arranged the meeting with Norman Osborn!"

"I know, and I had the best intentions at heart but-"

"He studied my ideas and REJECTED them!" the old man yelled. "And then, he announces Oscorp Tech-Flight, 4 months later!"

"I know, and I-I'm sorry Adrian but-"

"Don't you dare apologize, doctor," a new voice said. Norman Osborn entered the lab with two bodyguards behind him. "Oscorp has nothing to apologize for."

"Nothing to apologize for?!" the man called Adrian sputtered. "How dare you?! You stole my work!"

"That's dangerous talk, Mr. Toomes," Norman Osborn said, approaching the two scientists. "Dangerous and unsupported."

Placing a hand on Adrian Toomes' shoulder, Norman went on, "Listen, old man. You've been at this for decades without even a single success to your name. if you couldn't accomplish anything as a young man, who'd believe you created Tech-Flight, as an old one? Boys," he said, addressing his bodyguards. "Show Mr. Toomes out, will you?"

Toomes' face was dark as he turned to the fat scientist. "Good news," he growled. "I don't blame you anymore."

He was then dragged out of the facility by Osborn's bodyguards.