"Universal Crusader"

The galaxy was in sorrow. For the first time in recorded history, all power in the Republic was consolidated to one fallen Jedi. His name was Darth Vader. On the other hand, the Emperor might have been manipulating him his entire life.

"Imperial business," two officers explained. "You, you are under arrest, Vader."

He was only a struggling flute player who had no choice but to stand up for his rights, "I am not a Darth. It's just a coincidence that my name sounds like his."

"We do not believe in coincidences," the officers continued. "You will change your name, immediately, or we are going to change it for you."

He was a simple, middle-aged entertainer with a name similar to that of a dictator and a broken flute. Realizing the options before him were shockingly limited, he chose to protect his good name by picking up a weapon.

He went to the Hutts. In Jabba's Palace, he tried to rally thugs to his cause but was mocked by each and every one of them. They irrupted in laughter.

"What makes you think the child dictator is your offspring? A father like that would be worth more than my entire life. And I own the planet," Jabba the Hutt spoke.

"I am not proud of it," he braved, "but I once spent the night with Shmi Skywalker. It was the worst mistake of my life – no woman will touch me."

As usual, the gangster was angered by any sexual references. He yelled out, "Ah! Kill the slave lover!"

Combat ensued. Vader took out his weapon. It was a razor-like syntherope. To be fair, the thugs would fight with no weapons. After many fell, Jabba let him go, "I can see where Anakin Skywalker gets his lightsaber skills from. I will let you live."

The flute player that was once part of the band at Jabba's Palace was cast out into the desert surrounding it. The suns were hot, but he was still alive.

The next morning, the suns began to rise on Tatooine. Vader was in serious danger. He collapsed from the heat before a mighty boot. It was that of the dictator Darth Vader.

"Vader? I knew justice would prevail. You must be my son!" the old entertainer spoke as he fell at his feet. If he wasn't so dehydrated, he might have shed tears.

"Get off me, father," the dictator said as he kicked the man. "These robes are not here simply for looks. It is a life support apparatus."

Helped back to his feet, he stated with thanks, "This is the happiest day of my life. Surely you will take me up into the heavens with you."

Darth Vader replied, "Yes, father."

"But not on a starship," he said cutting the man's head off with his lightsaber.

The one who helped him to his feet was a female guide trained in the Force. She was killed by Force grip for simply being a witness. The 'child dictator' only had the want for death and destruction to befall all those who cared about him.

The End