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Obi-Wan Kenobi was a simple and humble man. His life was one big routine in which he got up early every day. After going on his morning run, he showered and dressed in modest clothes, which were often secondhand, and drove his beat-up car to his job at the church.

He had been working there since he was 21 years old, it was actually the only job he ever had after getting his administration degree from community college. He really liked working at the church, even if some details about it bothered him sometimes. His job basically consisted on handling donations and the finances in general, booking the church for events and even teaching Sunday school sometimes, if all the priests were occupied. It wasn't really a job requiring much skill or expertise. He didn't wholeheartedly agree with some of the things he saw on a daily basis, but he didn't complain. His salary wasn't huge, but since he lived modestly, it was enough to afford a roof, clothes and even put some money into a savings account after receiving each paycheck.

So, naturally, when Obi-Wan's old car started making a weird noise out of the blue, he decided to get it checked instead of giving up on it. He had enough money saved to buy a new car if he wanted, or he could have gotten a lease for one, since he had very good credit, but he disliked the idea of spending so much on something he didn't really need. He was determined to keep this car until it was rendered completely useless. As soon as he got to work that day, Obi-Wan grabbed the phone book and called a nearby car shop to make an appointment. The man who answered the phone gave him a bad feeling, so he hung up his office phone and started looking for another option.

Obi-Wan couldn't really explain it, but sometimes he had feelings or hunches about people. He liked to entertain the idea that he had some kind of guardian angel or something, but rationally he knew that he was probably just picking up on people's body language or their tone of voice. Obi-Wan didn't have many friends, but he was on friendly terms with some of the people who regularly attended church and volunteered for charity events. Whenever he engaged in conversation with someone, he liked telling the story of that time when he left the supermarket because he had a bad feeling, only to find out that half an hour later, a man he had crossed paths with had taken the customers hostage and robbed the store. Some of the priests believed that he could perform miracles, but they seldom brough it up, because Obi-Wan was shy, and the idea of being a miracle worker made him feel uncomfortable.

After looking at the yellow pages for a few more minutes, he found another car shop. The person who answered the phone assured him he could drop off his car early the next morning. Since his car was an older model, computer diagnostics were out of the question, so his car would probably have to stay a few days while they disassembled some things to figure out what was wrong with it. He didn't really mind being without a car for a couple days, since the church was just a 30-minute walk, and he could take a cab if he needed to run an errand or something else came up.

He woke up the next day earlier than usual, ready to drop his car off. He didn't have to be at the church at a certain hour, but he liked to do most of his work in the early morning. That way, his afternoons were free to meet with people who wanted to book the church for an event, which were almost always couples who wanted to get married or couples who wanted their child baptized. He drove over to the shop in silence, following directions on Google Maps and swiftly avoiding a stray cat crossing the street. When he arrived at the address, the metal curtains where closed, so he figured he could wait a few minutes. He stayed in the car and took a look at the place, which appeared to be an oversized garage. The front sign was old, up to the point where the name, Watto's, was barely legible.

After waiting for about ten minutes, he heard the engine of a motorcycle coming his way. The motorcycle driver parked in front of the metal doors and climbed down, his face covered by his helmet. He searched his pockets for keys and unlocked multiple padlocks before lifting up the curtains and gesturing for Obi-Wan to park inside, as he did the same with his motorcycle. As Obi-Wan was killing the engine, he saw the man remove his helmet to reveal neck-length brown hair that curled at the ends and a handsome face. He was tall and lean, almost too perfect, like one of those models on pictures at the clothing store. The only thing shattering that illusion of perfection was a big scar just beside his right eye. He looked young, about 21 maybe, but Obi-Wan had never been good at guessing people's age. He didn't know why, but he had a good feeling about this man. He seemed incredibly bright, somehow. By now he knew too well that it was better to always listen to his feelings.

He climbed down from his car and followed the young man, who was unlocking a room in the back, probably an office.

"Hey there." He greeted Obi-Wan as he held the door open for him. Obi-Wan thanked him with a polite nod as he entered the office. "You must be the person who called yesterday. I was a bit surprised, we don't often get older models."

"Yes, nice to meet you." Obi-Wan extended his hand for the other man to shake. He was used to dealing with people at work, so human interaction came naturaly to him then. He was just not the best when it came to interacting with other human beings on a personal level, so he was not surprised when he realized that he forgot to introduce himself. He sat on one of the available chairs, while the young man sat across the desk and pushed a button on the computer to turn it on. There was a name plate on the desk that read A. Skywalker, which was probably the name of the young man. "I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi." He finally introduced himself, probably a few seconds too late.

"That's... an uncommon name." Replied the young man, frowning slightly.

"I know, It's the name of a character from a sci-fi movie." It was one of the only things that Obi-Wan knew about his past. He had been dropped off at a church as a baby, or at least that was what he had been told by one of the nuns at his group home. He was left there with the clothes he was wearing, a name and nothing else.

"Cool. I'm Anakin Skywalker, but people just call me Ani." The other man introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you." Obi-Wan said automatically, without realizing that he had in fact already said that. Anakin didn't seem to mind, he just started asking him questions about the car and he said that he had a pretty good guess about what was wrong.

Unfortunately, he informed Obi-Wan that one of his employees had called in sick, so he estimated that fixing his car would take about a week, maybe even more if it turned out that he needed to order parts online. Obi-Wan assured him that it was okay, he didn't need his car urgently for anything in particular. They proceeded to fill out some paperwork and Anakin saved Obi-Wan's number to his contacts so that he could call him with any news. He even offered to give him a ride to work in his motorcycle. He knew Anakin was just trying to be nice to a customer, but just the thought of riding in the motorcycle with him was really embarrassing to Obi-Wan. He politely thanked him and walked a couple blocks to a big street so he could get a cab.

Obi-Wan's week went by uneventfully. Nothing too interesting or out of the ordinary happened at work, and like always, he stayed home on the weekend, watching TV and cooking for himself. He liked living alone, even if his apartment had two bedrooms. Sometimes he considered looking for a roommate just for the sake of putting the empty bedroom to good use. He didn't really need help with the rent, but he supposed some extra money couldn't hurt. It was not actually an urgent matter for him, so he never got around to putting up flyers or ads in the newspaper. Also, having a roommate would mean that someone would always be there to disturb his moments of silent contemplation and brooding. Needless to say, he was seldom enthusiastic about the idea.

Monday came and he walked to work once more, still waiting for any news about his car. On Wednesday, exactly one week after dropping it off, Anakin Skywalker called him and told him he could pick it up the next morning. He said something had been wrong with the gasoline pump but he had been able to fix it, and his car should be as good as new. Obi-Wan didn't know much about mechanics, but he was glad Anakin had been able to repair it. He thanked the young man and finished his day's work, walking back home when he was done. Obi-Wan wasn't a big fan of change, he quite liked his little routine, so he was happy to be getting his car back so that his daily routine could go back to normal.

He took a cab to Watto's the next morning and again waited for Anakin to arrive and open the shop. He waited for longer this time, and when Anakin pulled up in his motorcycle, he got a weird feeling about him. It wasn't exactly bad, it felt as if he was able to pick up on the other's man sadness, or maybe it was just a bad mood. When he removed his helmet, Obi-Wan saw that he now had dark circles and bags under his eyes, his hair was sticking up in odd places and most of his clothes were wrinkled, except for his leather jacket. He gave Obi-Wan a weak smile as he said hello and beckoned him to show him his car.

"So, as you can see, it no longer makes the noise when you step on the gas." Anakin explained as he drove Obi-Wan around the block, testing the car. "Sometimes, especially when the quality of gas is not the best, little things can get stuck in the gas pump, so gas doesn't go through and then you have trouble speeding up. It's bound to happen at some point with older cars, because they have been used for many years."

Obi-Wan listened patiently to Anakin's explanation. His own knowledge of cars only went as far as changing tires, so he listened to the expert and tried to learn something, in case this happened to him again. Overall, Obi-Wan was very satisfied with the service at Watto's, so he decided he would come back the next time he needed his car fixed. Anakin seemed really knowledgeable, and when he handed Obi-Wan the bill, he found the price reasonable.

"Can I pay with my card?" He asked Anakin, who gestured to his office with a sour expression.

"Sure, um, sorry about what you're about to see." He said quietly as he opened the office door for Obi-Wan, who almost gasped in surprise when he saw that Anakin's previously neat office was now a mess. There were boxes everywhere, the couch had been rudimentarily set up as a bed with pillows and a blanket, and there was a half-empty bottle of some kind of liquor on Anakin's desk.

"Do you live here?" He asked in surprise.

"It's a complicated situation." He sighed, and Obi-Wan got the feeling that he was going to get the whole story even if he didn't ask. "When you called last week, a girl answered the phone, right?" Obi-Wan nodded, remembering the kind and confident voice that had assured him they could fix his car without even knowing what was wrong with it. "Well, she was kind of... my apprentice, you could say. I'd been teaching her for years, and she was also my roommate. Last week she quit with no explanation and she moved out, so now I had to move out because I couldn't afford rent, and I figured I might as well just sleep here, because I had to take on all of her work." Anakin pinched his nose, as if he was fighting a headache, and glancing over at the bottle of liquor, Obi-Wan momentarily wondered if he was hungover. "And worst of all, last night my phone stopped working, and I need it for work, so I had to use my savings to buy a new one. That's actually where I was when you arrived earlier. So, I'll give you my new number in case something happens with the car, the one you have is no longer working."

Obi-Wan couldn't help but feel a little bit of pity for the other man. Last week, he had been chatty and cheerful -a little cheeky, even-, now he seemed gloom, and his mood was starting to make Obi-Wan sad. He knew better than to meddle in other people's affairs, but he wanted to offer some kind of help, maybe buy him a hot meal or something.

But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that the decent thing to do would be to offer him his second bedroom. Anakin was by all means a complete stranger, but Obi-Wan didn't think that he was going to sack his apartment or pay his rent late. He seemed like a decent person, and Obi-Wan was almost never wrong about these things.

"Actually, I've been looking for a roommate." He stated, and Anakin's eyes lit up. "My apartment is not big or fancy, but the rent is cheap and that couch looks positively horrible to sleep in." Obi-Wan blushed deep red when Anakin got up and hugged him, thanking him a dozen times. "So, um, at what time do you get off work?" He asked as Anakin let go of him, and he was almost positive that his face was still red.

"Around six or seven." Anakin answered, and his tone was a hundred times more cheerful than it had been a couple minutes before.

"Okay, I can come by around seven and you follow me there. You will probably need help with the boxes anyway."

"See you at seven." Anakin hugged him once more, and when Obi-Wan reminded him that he had yet to pay for the gasoline pump repair, Anakin said it was on the house, and thanked him again for his kind offer.

Obi-Wan was a very calm person. He never acted on impulse, never did things that he could regret later, but he guessed there was always a first time for everything. He was sure no sane person would just trust a stranger like that, especially in the big city, but Obi-Wan liked dealing in good faith. He tried to convince himself that he was just being a good catholic, helping out someone in need. If he ever told anyone that he had invited a motorcycle-riding, scar-sporting stranger into his home because the man gave him an inexplicably warm feeling, they would probably laugh in his face, but Obi-Wan knew he had to trust his feelings.

After all, that was what he had always done, and so far, he hadn't been hurt.