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Obi-Wan stared at this bedroom ceiling.

It had been almost a week since he'd had a good night's sleep. He hadn't slept through the night since the day Anakin had told him about his dreams and the strange things that had happened to him throughout his life. It was not completely unlike his own situation.

Sleep was definitely evading him. He had been too preoccupied by many things, which led him to a struggle with his own dreams. They weren't prophetic dreams –just plain old nightmares.

Every time he closed his eyes, he was unable to silence the voices in his head. Those little voices diligently reminded him that he could not go to sleep. He had way too many things to figure out. During the past few weeks, he had grown increasingly tired of his job. He had felt burnt out before, but never to the extent of considering quitting.

It was not just the fact that he was swimming in work and they didn't hire any extra help. It was not just the fact that he had been doing the same job for almost fifteen years without any hope of growing; it was one of those jobs in which you stayed out of the goodness of your heart more than out of desire to build a career. It was not just the fact that the charity events that motivated him so much were becoming scarcer every day. No, it was not just that.

He was also growing tired about the moral ambiguity that came hand in hand with working for a religious organization. With each passing day, Obi-Wan saw more similarities between religion and politics. It was not that he hadn't noticed those things before. He'd always had some reservations about religious institutions and their members. After all, he hadn't joined the seminary like most of the other teenage boys from his group home did. Even if it was a little bit shameful to admit, he had just been happy turning a blind eye to those things –sort of-, as long as he saw those religious organizations using their power for the greater good.

Those similarities between religion and politics had never bothered him in his day-to-day before, at least not really, not in a significant way. But now he was so tired of it that he was revisiting his previous idea of taking a long vacation. He figured he could ask Anakin if he wanted to go with him whenever he took that vacation. The idea of travelling to some beach paradise accompanied was way more appealing than going alone. Especially if Anakin is the one accompanying me, he thought.

And that was his other problem.

When Obi-Wan and Anakin had first met, he had considered Anakin strange, eccentric even. The man had a no-nonsense quality that could only be the product of youth or not giving a damn about the rest of the world. Back then, he had thought that Anakin spoke with no filter, with no regard for other people's reactions or opinions. But he had been wrong.

The more he got to know Anakin, the more he realized the no-nonsense persona was just a front. There was a certain vulnerability to him that was not easy to perceive at first sight, but once he had learned some things about his past and present life, Obi-Wan could see it clearly. Instead of that straightforward tough guy, he now saw a sentimental person, made purely of flesh and blood, who often hid behind sarcasm and carefully crafted statements to hide his true feelings. He was not unlike Obi-Wan at all.

After figuring that out, Obi-Wan couldn't help but take a keen interest in him. He had never been so interested in a person in his entire life.

Now, every single time he and Anakin interacted, Anakin made sure to touch him or be close to him in any possible way. At first, he had seen it as a minor nuisance; he figured Anakin did it only to get a rise out of him to use as mocking material. Like with many other things, Obi-Wan later realized that wasn't the case, because Anakin just happened to be a touch-inclined person in general.

He didn't exactly have many close friends, spending most of his own time with Obi-Wan himself, but he had seen him interact with other people: store employees, regular customers from his shop, casual acquaintances they had run into in the streets. Anakin appeared to have the same chatty and flirty demeanor with all of them. After all, he remembered Anakin behaving the same way when they had first met.

There were some things that Anakin only did around Obi-Wan, as well. As far as he could tell, he was the only person that Anakin hugged frequently and the only person that Anakin had talked to about his dreams and his past. He attributed that to the fact that they spent the most time together, but it wasn't a very comforting thought. After all, that only meant that, in level of importance, he was only a little bit above the cashier at the convenience store.

His life had never felt more dire and bleak as it did when he thought about his own triviality.

What Anakin didn't realize was that those touches and that flirty demeanor had an effect on Obi-Wan, and it wasn't necessarily anger. At first it had been, he had felt angry and embarrassed at such displays of improper behavior. He still was, but now he had come to crave those touches like the oxygen in his lungs. He was suddenly afraid that if at any moment Anakin was not there –like when he had gone away to attend his brother's wedding- his body would stop functioning in his absence. He no longer felt comfortable in any situation that didn't include Anakin. The few times that Anakin had to stay at work until very late, Obi-Wan hadn't been able to fall asleep until Anakin got home.

Ironically, he wasn't able to sleep when Anakin was home, either.

The problem was, Anakin didn't mean anything by his actions. He was just being himself. He didn't do those things because he felt a certain way towards Obi-Wan, it was probably just a habit to which Obi-Wan was just the newest recipient. He didn't know much about Anakin's previous roommate, but he was willing to bet a week's paycheck that her shoulder had also served as Anakin's pillow when they lived together. Countless times, he thought about pushing him away, equally fueled by embarrassment and self-preservation. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.

He sighed, as he remembered the events of that day.

He and Anakin were walking down an unfamiliar street. Since it was Anakin's birthday, he had decided they were going to eat out. For the past week, since their trip to the mall, he and Anakin had been doing everything together, even simple trips to the convenience store down the block. Obi-Wan didn't remember the last time he had gone out of his apartment so much. He was suddenly worried about his savings account taking a hit from all of the things they had bought recently: their new TV, a coffee table for the living room, eating out multiple times that week, kitchen gadgets that they didn't really need but they were a perfect excuse for Anakin to take Obi-Wan to Bed, Bath & Beyond for the first time in his life.

He had also noticed that he was starting to spend a lot of money in gas. It was not really a surprise, because having a car in the city was really expensive, but he had never struggled with that before. He used his old car only for work and the occasional errand, always trying to stay roughly in the same neighborhood or at least the same part of the city. Most people didn't even bother with a car, using cabs or public transportation. Other people, like Anakin, opted for a less expensive form of transportation, like a motorcycle or one of those new tiny, electric cars. Because of that, he had proposed that they walk to the restaurant, using the fact that Anakin needed to exercise more as an excuse.

They walked several blocks towards the restaurant of his choice, which turned out to be a little place -so small it was hard to tell it was actually a restaurant or even a diner. The place looked old, overall. There were only two tables set up outside, and Obi-Wan suspected that the building was not just a kitchen, but it also probably doubled as the owner's house. The sign in the front was old and withered, but not faded enough for him to miss the fact that there was a spelling mistake on it.

He forgot all about those details after tasting the food. He was not the biggest fan of Tex-Mex food because it involved a lot of beef. Obi-Wan was more of a chicken and fish kind of guy. Anakin had insisted on ordering for him, and when their food arrived, he was presented with a plate full of some type of taco. It was the most delicious beef dish he had ever tried. Anakin laughed at his enthusiasm more than once throughout the meal. He left the place in an incredibly good mood.

"What kind of cake do you want?" He asked Anakin when he noticed they were walking past a bakery. It was a small, humble-looking place. It didn't look like one of those places where you had to call days in advance to get a cake.

"I don't think we could eat a whole cake by ourselves." Anakin replied, stopping in front of the bakery. "I have seen you wolf down entire boxes of cookies, but I don't think even you could eat a cake that is meant for like ten people." He teased.

"Like you don't wolf things down yourself." He muttered, annoyed. It was always exasperating when Anakin teased him about his love of junk food, considering the fact that Anakin couldn't even eat a tiny piece of kale or broccoli without gagging.

"Well, I was thinking we could get like, a box of pastries or something and share them over coffee. Or tea, in your case." Obi-Wan quite liked that proposition. There was just something about an invitation for coffee that made him feel elegant, like he had all the time in the world. He liked the idea of sipping at a random beverage and gossiping with your friends or family. It was a pleasure of life that he didn't indulge in too often. Friends and family were a bit scarce nowadays.

"Do you think they sell that here?" Obi-Wan asked, peeking through the bakery window. He saw a lot of cakes on display, but there was also a smaller display full of cookies near the cash register.

"You go get the coffee, I'll get the sugar. There's a coffee shop down the street, if I'm not mistaken." Anakin pointed in the general direction of the coffee shop. He couldn't see any signs, but Obi-Wan figured he could walk for a block or two.

"Can you get me some brownies, if they happen to sell them?" He requested. Brownies were his favorite dessert. Anakin nodded with a smile and squeezed Obi-Wan's shoulder before walking inside the bakery.

Obi-Wan had walked for a grand total of three minutes when he stumbled upon the coffee shop Anakin had mentioned. It was one of those hipster places where they wrote your name on the cup, but all of the ingredients were organic and there were a lot of references to it being a family-owned business. After looking at the menu, he ordered tea for himself and a black coffee for Anakin, which was what he usually drank.

He couldn't help but notice that the girl behind the counter kept flirting with him, leaning forward while she wrote down his order so that he could look at a very low neckline that displayed her cleavage. Her lips were painted bright red, and she constantly pushed her bottom lip out, feigning concentration as she worked the cash register. When she asked for his name so that she could write it down on his cup, he saw her draw a little heart over the i.

She was conventionally attractive, Obi-Wan guessed. Her blonde hair was shiny, a very similar shade to Satine's, if he recalled correctly. He couldn't have been less interested in her. When he gave her Anakin's name for his cup, he noticed there was no heart in lieu of a dot.

He figured she did that flirting scene with all of her customers in order to get good tips. He slipped a five-dollar bill into the tip jar. It was about as much as the price of one of the beverages, so he figured that was a good tip. Then she handed him the paper cups with a smile on her face, waving cheerfully and telling him to have a nice day. When he repositioned the cups in his hand for a better grip, he noticed that the cup with his name on it also had a phone number written down on it. Perhaps it had not been a tactic to get more tips, after all. He just ignored the number and walked back to the bakery.

Anakin was already outside waiting for him, carrying a cardboard box that was big enough to fit a cake on one hand and a paper bag on the other.

"Did you get brownies?" He asked eagerly. He handed Anakin his coffee cup and he grabbed the paper bag with his free hand. He was pleased to see that it was indeed full of brownies.

"Yes, also some cookies and fruit tartlets. I think you'll like those." Anakin paused. "What's that?" He asked, looking at Obi-Wan's paper cup. The expression on his face went from surprised to unreadable.

"Nothing." He mumbled under his breath. He could not have cared less about the coffee shop girl. He hadn't even considered her pretty, or even nice for that matter. When he had looked at her, he had a feeling that she was one of those people who cared too much about appearances and always tried too hard. Those were not exactly qualities he liked.

Anakin had been silent the entire walk back to the apartment. When they set their purchases on the table, he started looking a little bit more relaxed. Obi-Wan turned on their new TV, which was huge. He figured it was only fitting that Anakin chose their entertainment for the evening, being his birthday and all, so he focused on getting some plates for dessert instead. He had bought some candles so that Anakin could blow on them, but he hadn't counted on the fact that they would buy pastries instead of an actual cake. Maybe he could put a single candle on a tartlet, the way people did with cupcakes.

While he set that up, Anakin selected some Irish TV show about a serial killer. He was waiting for Obi-Wan on the couch, holding up both their cups. He was still staring at the girl's phone number and the heart above Obi-Wan's name. He was frowning, but his expression quickly changed into a smile when he saw Obi-Wan carrying his birthday pastry. Obi-Wan was worried he was going a little overboard with the candle. It was only the two of them, after all; it wasn't like there were a lot of people there to sing him happy birthday. But he loved birthdays, and he wasn't going to let Anakin's go unnoticed.

"Make a wish" Obi-Wan said when he approached him with his birthday tartlet. The coffee cup and the blonde girl's number were long forgotten.

"Done. But I won't tell you." Anakin replied after closing his eyes and blowing out the candle.

"Take a bite, or I'll push you." Obi-Wan said, his voice full of amusement. It was something the other kids used to say whenever birthdays were being celebrated at the children's home. Quinlan had actually pushed him into a cake once, and it hadn't been a pleasant experience, but it hadn't been terrible, either.

Anakin bit into his tartlet. He closed his eyes in pleasure and muttered something while his mouth was still full. It sounded a lot like "It's really good", so Obi-Wan guessed that was what he had said. He finished chewing and got up towards the kitchen, no doubt looking for another tartlet. He returned with a plate filled with various confections.

"Try this." He said, feeding the tartlet directly to Obi-Wan, who was grateful for the distraction of having his mouth suddenly stuffed full. He focused all of his energy on chewing. Otherwise, his face might have turned red.

When Obi-Wan was done with his tartlet, which had been entirely fed to him by Anakin, berry by berry, he pressed play. Anakin's head assumed its regular position on top of his shoulder.

"Thank you. For everything." He said in a quiet voice, very close to Obi-Wan's neck. Obi-Wan just nodded. It was his birthday, he wouldn't have done anything less.

As they watched some episodes of the show Anakin had selected, he continued feeding pastries directly into Obi-Wan's mouth, including the extremely-coveted brownies. Obi-Wan tried to just go with it, remembering that Anakin could be inherently inappropriate without meaning anything by it. He tried very hard to keep a straight face when Anakin put his fingers in Obi-Wan's mouth so that he could lick the leftover chocolate. He was convinced he failed spectacularly but, if he made some kind of pleasure face, Anakin either didn't notice or attributed it to the chocolate. Anakin's fingers were warm and they felt smooth on his tongue, the taste of sugar and chocolate making the experience inherently better.

Obi-Wan gave up trying to sleep, and his thoughts were not helping. He was not going to be able to get over his confusion regarding his feelings for Anakin while he thought about that moment. It had been a little bit uncomfortable and maybe even inappropriate, but erotic nonetheless. Obi-Wan knew it had been so one-sided that it was bordering on weird -especially while watching a serial killer do his thing-, but he could not deny that it had caused a reaction in his body. One more reason to be confused.

He got up from his bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. He needed to calm his thoughts, think about neutral things like wheat fields or the ocean or anything relaxing. It all went to hell when he saw the leftover sweets on the table. Anakin had bought enough cookies and pastries to last them three days, but Obi-Wan was determined not to touch a single one of them. He was sure he was never going to be able to look at any finger food the same way.

He briefly considered going out for a midnight run to clear his head when he heard noise coming from Anakin's bedroom.

He paused and stood still, listening for the noise again. Perhaps Anakin was also awake and he had dropped the remote or his phone? Perhaps he had been drinking alone, as usual? He figured that if both of them were awake, he could go talk to him. He could probably make up some excuse to ask Anakin to stop touching him so much and bring his problem to an end. That wouldn't be so hard, right?

He heard another fait noise coming from his bedroom, so he decided to try talking to him. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He was about to knock again when he was able to feel Anakin from the other side of the door. He was afraid and desperate.

"Anakin?" He knocked one more time, but there was still no answer.

A couple seconds later, he heard him scream.

Obi-Wan went on autopilot, immediately forgetting about his predicament. Anakin was probably in pain. It was possible that he had been in the bathroom and slipped, breaking an arm or a leg. Maybe he was experiencing severe pain from appendicitis or some other sudden ailment. Either way, he needed help. Obi-Wan opened the door without hesitation, thanking God for the fact that it wasn't locked.

Anakin's room was dark, but he was able to see that he was actually laying down on his bed, shirtless and seemingly asleep. But something was very, very wrong. Anakin was sweating, moving his arms as if he was trying to shield his face from something. And he was muttering things under his breath, occasionally screaming. Obi-Wan didn't know what to do except wake him up.

"Anakin?" He said loudly while gently pushing his shoulders down, positioning his arms in a more natural position. "It's just a dream, wake up." He shook him, trying not to be too rough, but it wasn't working.

He did the only thing he could think of: he sat down next to Anakin on the bed and positioned his head on his own chest, the same way Anakin often did while they watched TV. He thought that maybe he would wake up more easily if he suddenly felt he had been moved into a seating position. Obi-Wan continued shaking his shoulder and saying his name until he actually woke up, eyes opened wide in terror.

Anakin let out another scream, but he stopped when he noticed Obi-Wan next to him. He let his weight fall into Obi-Wan once more, taking deep breaths to calm himself. One of Obi-Wan's hand was still on his shoulder, and with his other hand he grabbed a tissue from the night stand to wipe the sweat away from his face.

"Obi? Why are you on my bed? Does that mean I'm still dreaming?" Anakin asked after a few minutes had passed and he had somewhat calmed down.

Had Obi-Wan not been sick with worry, he would have laughed. Anakin had just woken up, his brain was still fuzzy with remnants of sleep. There was no way that he had meant his statement to sound so suggestive, he was just trying to make sense of the situation while slowly waking up.

"You were having a nightmare." Obi-Wan explained, matter-of-factly. "You were screaming, I could hear you all the way to the kitchen."

"I'm sorry."

"Are you okay? Was it one of your dreams?" Obi-Wan asked with concern. It must have been a very bad dream for Anakin to scream while asleep. And he had been able to feel what he was feeling. Anakin's dream had been full of despair, and whatever he was dreaming of had scared him so much.

"No, just a regular dream. It was about a car accident." Anakin replied without looking at Obi-Wan.

While Anakin didn't really have a tell to signal whether he was lying or not –as far as Obi-Wan knew-, looking away was a pretty good indication that he could be lying. Anakin tended to be headstrong and straightforward; he was an expert at hiding his true feelings. But now Obi-Wan knew him better, and Anakin's façade was pretty transparent to him. He knew that, when Anakin looked away while having a conversation, he was either lying, ashamed of something, or both. To the average person, the gesture might have come across as distracted and fidgety, but Obi-Wan already knew better. He didn't need his reading abilities –as he had begun to call them- to know when Anakin was hiding behind a lie.

Nonetheless, he let it go. Even if he was pretty convinced that Anakin was lying to him, he didn't want to push him too hard, knowing that Anakin would most likely discuss his feelings in due time. And his dreams are none of your business, the voice in his head said, and Obi-Wan had to begrudgingly admit that it was right. Why would he need to know about Anakin's dreams, anyway?

He just stayed there, in silence. He knew Anakin wanted the company, and he hadn't even been close to sleeping before it all happened. It certainly would have been a lot more difficult to sleep now that he was hyper-alert, concerned for Anakin's well-being.

He absentmindedly stroked Anakin's hair. It was something that he only did when Anakin was upset or in need of comfort. It hadn't happened that often, but it was a lot more often than the times Obi-Wan had shared stories of his past or important details about his life. The grand total of times that had actually happened was an impressive zero.

"Why were you in the kitchen, anyway? Isn't it like one in the morning?" Anakin asked, interrupting his thoughts. He pulled away from Obi-Wan and glanced at his alarm clock to make a point. It was indeed past one in the morning. Just a few hours until Obi-Wan had to wake up, assuming that he even fell asleep.

"I couldn't sleep." He answered dismissively. Would Anakin be disgusted if he shared the fact that he couldn't sleep because he was thinking about him?

"Why?" Anakin asked, and Obi-Wan sighed, knowing that Anakin was not going to let it go until he got an answer. Even half-asleep, he was annoyingly stubborn.

"Just thinking about some problems at work." Obi-Wan replied, and it was not a complete lie. Stressing out about work was keeping him awake, even if it was only half of the reason behind his lack of sleep.

"Scoot." Anakin said, pushing him away, towards the center of the bed. Obi-Wan didn't even have time to argue before Anakin started explaining. "Right after high school, Ru worked as a masseuse. There are some techniques to help people sleep, some pressure points in the shoulders, supposedly. At least they worked on me. She helped me a lot, the first week or so after my accident. I was in so much pain that I wasn't sleeping well. I'd like to think I learned a thing or two about massages." He added, positioning himself behind Obi-Wan, who had adopted a seated position at the center of the bed.

"Don't break my neck." Obi-Wan cautioned in a feeble attempt at humor. He was beginning to regret not going back to his bedroom as soon as he had made sure that Anakin was fine. A neck massage was not at all what he thought would happen when he barged into Anakin's room. He had thought they'd be halfway to the emergency room by now. But Anakin was fine. He was safe and behind Obi-Wan, his breath so close to Obi-Wan's skin that it was both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.

Anakin put his hands on top of his shoulders and started applying pressure. Obi-Wan gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, but Anakin didn't say anything about it. His hands were strong and steady, but as far as Obi-Wan could tell, he was not doing anything special. Obi-Wan wasn't exactly someone who ever paid for massages, so he didn't really have any point of comparison. Anakin's actions were actually helping his muscles unclench a little bit, and he was certainly feeling a little bit less tense, but he was sure he was not going to fall asleep anytime soon. He didn't feel sleepy, he didn't even feel less awake.

Maybe that was due to the fact that he was in Anakin's bed, his neck and shoulders being touched nonstop by him and not due to the fact that Anakin's sister-in-law's massage techniques didn't work, but he was not falling asleep either way.

"What's stressing you out? You should talk about it." Anakin asked while still working his fingers over Obi-Wan's upper back.

Too late, Obi-Wan realized that the so-called massage had never been intended as something to help him sleep, but as something to get him as comfortable and relaxed as possible so that he would lower his guard and open up about his problems. He wanted to slap himself for even falling for it.

"Was that story even true?" He asked Anakin, not even bothering to feign annoyance. He was indeed too relaxed to care. Anakin's fingers momentarily stopped moving, no doubt in surprised at being caught in the middle of a lie.

"Not one bit." He replied smugly, moving his hands lower on Obi-Wan's back, applying pressure once more. "I talk about my problems all the time, it's only logical that I listen to yours in return." He supplied sincerely.

"Maybe tomorrow." He relented. As much as he was embarrassed about being fooled into talking, he could not ignore the fact that his work-related stress was eating at his insides. He needed to talk about it, and Anakin had offered, after all. It was a luxury that he was never afforded in the past. This was the first time in about fifteen years that he actually had someone who would listen. The feeling was foreign and unsettling, but maybe it was a little comforting, too.

Anakin didn't push the topic further, but he had insisted for Obi-Wan to stay and watch TV with him. They sat down at the top of the bed, their backs resting against the headrest and Anakin's head resting on Obi-Wan's shoulder, as usual. He figured it was as good a way of killing time as any other, given that none of them was going to sleep anytime soon.

As they continued watching the serial killer show from earlier, Obi-Wan couldn't help but remember the events of that afternoon. He felt a sudden flare of anger and resentment at Anakin for being able to hug him and touch him and manhandle him and just act without inhibitions or any regard for the fact that his actions had consequences. He never stopped to think about his actions making Obi-Wan uncomfortable or being misleading, he just did whatever he pleased, like a spoiled child.

His anger subsided when he spared a look at Anakin. His eyes were closed and he was frowning. His back and shoulders were relaxed, his weight against Obi-Wan's body, but his face looked tense. Obi-Wan realized that he was still shaken up about his nightmare, despite trying to create a distraction by focusing on Obi-Wan's life.

In that moment he understood that he would never be able to ask Anakin to stop, he would never be able to pull away, at least not without hurting Anakin's feelings. If Obi-Wan ever did such a thing, he would probably feel as if he was ending their friendship, or as if he no longer cared. Sometimes it was easy to forget that even though Anakin liked to present himself as tough, in reality he was extremely sensitive.

Back when Anakin had taken his trip to Arizona and Obi-Wan had taken care of his business, he had found multiple documents detailing the finances of the shop. Sure, he had been cleaning out the office merely as a nice gesture, but the administrator in him had been curious about the inner workings of that place. He knew snooping was wrong, but Anakin didn't have to know. He had been surprised to learn that the shop made a lot more money than he thought, and in that moment, he had dismissed that fact, thinking that maybe Anakin had a lot of expenses if he wasn't able to maintain an apartment with that kind of profit.

Over the four months that they had been living together, Anakin hadn't struggled to make rent even once. He had never batted an eye when pitching in for the groceries, or one of the many recent purchases. He didn't behave like someone who was struggling financially. Obi-Wan was suddenly hit in the face with the knowledge that Anakin hadn't relinquished his previous apartment over money troubles, as he had claimed. That had been a lie, told not to a friend but to a stranger he had just met. Money wasn't an issue. No, he had left because his former roommate had hurt his feelings by pushing him away, and he had wanted to get out of that place as soon as possible.

Obi-Wan had no doubt that, if he ever hurt Anakin's feelings like that, he would never be able to forgive himself. He was not a headstrong child; he was just in dire need of comfort. Comfort that I can provide, Obi-Wan though with pride.

When he looked at Anakin once more, Obi-Wan was invaded with an overwhelming sense of calm. Maybe Anakin's feelings were now entangled with his own. He didn't think it impossible, after all, Anakin had reading abilities of his own, albeit a little bit different. He seemed to be comfortable, at ease, even; all traces of his previous fears now gone. In a split second, Obi-Wan decided that if talking about his life was what it took to make Anakin happy, he would do it.

"I have told you before that I am an orphan. But I've never told you what it was like for me, growing up..." He began.

Effortlessly, he provided Anakin with a summary of his childhood and teenage years. He told him how most boys in the group home joined the seminary sometime during their teenage years, but most girls just left, longing for motherhood and a family that would become forbidden if they joined the convent. He even briefly touched upon the subject of Quinlan abandoning him to become a priest, only to contact him a few years later after that didn't work out. He explained how he had his own reservations about joining the seminary, ultimately deciding to leave for college instead. He then recounted how he came to find his current job, and how he had managed to stay motivated throughout the years.

At some point during his story, he vaguely noticed Anakin slipping his hand into one of his own. He absently traced circles on it with one of his fingers, feeling some scars –from his accident, no doubt- that weren't visible to the eye, but they were evident to the touch. As promised, Anakin listened and provided silent comfort.

When Obi-Wan was done explaining, his eyes were heavy with sleep, exhaustion finally catching up to him. The TV had become nothing more than insignificant background noise, the show long forgotten. He kept talking about various things, trying to stay awake. He was only aware of Anakin's hand on his, and he could no longer ignore that he felt very, very tired.

"Let's go to sleep." Anakin whispered, gently repositioning them.

Obi-Wan felt Anakin's hand move away and he tried to protest, but he found himself uncapable of making a sound. His discomfort was appeased when he felt Anakin's head on his chest, now a familiar presence. He was vaguely aware that Anakin was still shirtless, and his skin provided the warmth that the bed covers didn't.

The last thought Obi-Wan had before finally falling asleep was that he had never let himself become attached to someone, until now. He had known physical attraction, even fascination at someone's personality, but he had never known attachment. He had never known that feeling where you need a person so much that, if they ever left or died, you would simply die of natural causes, ceasing to breathe in their absence.

AN: Okay so first of all let me say that I consider this chapter to be like, the real beginning of the story. The six previous chapters I consider some sort of vague introduction to establish the context of some things, but this is where we start seeing more depth to both characters and their developing relationship.

In chapters 2 and 3, Obi-Wan is really hessitant to let Anakin in, but he still sees him as a relief from loneliness. Then, in chapter 4, which is Anakin's first and only chaper so far, he calls Obi-Wan his soulmate, but even if the idea is already planted in his brain, his feelings aren't romantic yet, more like a need for companionship and affinity that he finds with Obi-Wan. Unknown to them, they form a force bond (I see it as happening out of friendship, because there is no student-teacher/ training premise in this story lol). When Obi-Wan starts noticing the similarities between their strange abilities in chapters 5 and 6, he begins to see that they understand each other, which didn't happen in his previous "relationships" with Qui-Gon and Satine (which I will probably elaborate more on, in the future, but they aren't the main focus of this story, and neither is Anakin's previous relationship with Padmé). As you can see, Obi-Wan's chapters are somewhat vague, he elaborates on his feelings but he tends to evade certain subjects, like the fact that he finds Anakin attractive upon first meeting. Anakin is a little bit more open, but he still glosses over certain events like what happend to his mother or Ahsoka leaving. This chapter is a lot longer than the previous ones because Obi-Wan starts to open up more about his feelings for Anakin, reflecting o them deeply like any sleep-deprived person would. My intention for this chapter is to start that transition between cold-and-lonely Obi-Wan to the one who is a real person with feelings and weaknesses and strenghts. The next chapter is Anakin's POV, and I do plan on him opening up more, as well.

Now, regarding the timeline for this story, I am not bothering with dates or months or anything like that, I will just use the day of the first events of the story as day 1. Also, as you will be able to see in the following timeline, the previous chapters take place over the course of a few months, but I am thinking that the following chapters should have more of a continuity to them, for example one day or one weekend per chapter.

Day 1- Obi-Wan notices his car is malfunctioning.

Day 2- Obi-Wan takes his car to the shop and meets Anakin.

Day 10 - Obi-Wan picks up his car and asks Anakin to be his roommate.

Day 11 - Anakin makes breakfast for them and their friendship begins.

Days 11-18 - Anakins moves all of his furniture, gets settled etc.

Day 33 - They watch Stranger Things together.

Day 68 - Anakin comes home drunk.

Days 74 - 81 - Anakin's trip to Arizona, his force-vision dream is on Day 80.

Day 110 - They watch HIMYM and talk.

Day 111 - They go to the mall and supermarket.

Day 119 - Anakin's birthday, current point of the story.

Sorry if this was a super long note lol, I am just super excited about the future of this story!