A lone Ungor stumbles out of the thickets to an abandoned dilapidated settlement. Weak and slightly injured, he seeks shelter for the night, his herd nowhere to be seen. As he makes his way to a structure that still resembles a building, he bears a sharp pain from his leg where a puncture wound is present. He enters the house only to stumble then lay on the wooden floor. Instantly he falls asleep, tired from the day's unfortunate turn of events.

Before his misfortune, the Ungor was part of a greater mass of beastmen, not a notable herd but good in size. Their leader, while brutal, was also just. Any punishment or reward was not based arbitrarily but by action. Even a few Ungors were able to be elevated in their station from the actions they undertook.

If one did not know better, their leader Gekoz acted more man than beast. Although, those who have said this out loud and challenged his position all met their gory end in a swift duel.

Their targets were usually that of Man's warriors, there was no glory attacking those who did not fight back, so encampments and conveys were prime targets for the herd. Many convoys meant for Reikland did not reach their intended destination.

-Line Break-

A group of Ungor scouts have spotted an Imperial Convoy, by now the beastmen could somewhat recognize the various banners of man, the most prized of banners was the red and white of the empire.

"You two scout the vanguard, Karos and I will check the rearguard. When dusk begins to settle we will meet before heading camp to give our reports." The head Ungor ordered.

"Understood." The other three said in unison.

The leader and his partner departed from the other two and began assessing the troops of the convoy. The road where the men marched was flanked on both sides by thick dark forests. The Ungor and his partner accounted for the forces of man to be of average spearman, and swordsmen on the outer reaches. Men with firelancers and crossbows were in the center alongside carts filled with weapons and gold. There were no men on horses to speak of that were of a threat except a small number surrounding a carriage, as they reached near the end they saw it was rather decorative.

"It must be the leader." Spoke the partner.

"I never understood why the leaders of man are the least able of the entirety." Stated the leader.

"Maybe he's a shaman like ours." Suggested Karos the partner.

"Look! They're stopping." Pointed out the leader.

As the column of men stopped, the figure stepped outside the carriage. She was slightly taller than the average soldier, black hair with a scar running diagonally across her left eye. The armor she wore looked expensive, but worn. Dents and depressions were scattered across the piece. On her hip, was a bastard sword that was half her length.

"It's a female?" Spoke the partner.

"She may be a female, but it's a veteran one, we should report this once we return." They listened in as a rider from the vanguard was seen speeding toward the carriage.

-Line Break-

The rider quickly dismounted and quickly jogged toward the leader who was waiting.

"My lady, there has been a slight delay regarding some of the carts. Several of the pact animals have since turned skittish as dusk approaches. They refuse to advance further unless great effort is applied, what are your orders?" Asked the soldier.

After a few seconds of contemplation, the leader spoke.

"Can we replace the animals with the spares?"

"I do not believe they will resolve the situation my lady, they too are giving their handlers a rough time."

"Well, I suppose we should pitch camp for the night, is there a clearing of some the like ahead?" Asked the leader.

"There is a small clearing not too far, we can force the animals onward to reach that destination if we tread carefully." He reported.

"That will have to be so, relay this to Cpt. Lubeck that we are to encampment once we arrive."

"Yes, my lady." The soldier saluted, mounted his horse, and left for the vanguard.

"Right then… everyone to your positions, we should be moving out shortly."

-Line Break-

"This is great, our time has almost come, we should be heading back." Urged Karos.

"Yes, once they encamp for the night, it would be a perfect opportunity if Gekoz allows for it."


-Line Break-

Eventually, the two met with the other pair.

"What have you seen?"

"They look average, green to some extent."

"Anything of note?"

"Small number of cavalry, but not armored heavily."

"We've seen essentially the same apart from the leader."

"Their leader is female."

"A female? Leading their herd?"

"It is odd, but she seems to be seasoned in combat."

"I see.."

"They are to encamp at the clearing not far from here."

"That is what we heard as well where it was relayed to a leader up front ."

"Right.. you two stay and follow this herd, we will return to give our findings. Update us once the army arrives to be sure of a successful attack."


"Alright, let's go make our report, with any luck, we'll be feasting on man in a few hours."

The pair left for the beastmen encampment as the other pair trailed the Imperial convoy to observe their movements."

-Line Break-

As the scouts returned, they were greeted by the sentries on the outskirts of the encampment.

"How went the scouting?" One sentry asked.

"Our time will soon be upon us." Grinned the scout leader.

As they walked through the encampment of beastmen. Commotion in the area was bustling, some Ungor were sparring with one another, the Gors were sharpening their axes and the Minotaurs were arm wrestling one another. The pair made their way to the ending Yurt that belonged to their leader.

Before entering, two Gors were at the front, guarding the way.

They stepped aside upon seeing the two approached.

The pair after entering awaited Gekoz to motion them to speak.

"What have you to say?" Gekoz bellowed

"Leader Gekoz, we have great news. The herd of man is setting up for the night, at a nearby clearing, two scouts are monitoring their movements still at this point."

"How does the enemy look?"

"They appear to be average, a few on horses, as well it would seem there appears to be a formidable warrior who is leading them."

"What do they have in their possession?"

"Weapons and gold it would seem, they fly the red and white banner."

Gekoz smiled.

"The Red and white banner you say? Excellent, when the moon rises, we shall begin our assault, meet with the scouts before this time, and if the news is favorable, we will commit to an attack."


As the Ungor finished talking, Gekoz rose from his throne. The two Ungors altered their position to let their leader through. The Gors, upon hearing the rustling, quickly did the same.

As Gekoz marched out of his Yurt, the attention of all who could see their leader was captured.

"Children of Chaos! Ready your weapons, and form into your ranks, tonight we dine on the flesh of Man!"

"Subsequent cheers could be heard in all manner of class, and the rustling and rushing of hooves began to stir as the beastmen prepared for combat.

-Line Break-

"My lady, the perimeter is secured, and sentries are posted, night rotations are set in 4 hour intervals." Reported a soldier.

"Very good sergeant, let us hope this night will be a quiet one." Grimaced the commander.

"My lady?" Questioned the sergeant.

"Nothing, allow the men to relax for a bit, but no later than an hour from now, we still have a grueling march yet to face tomorrow. I will be retiring to my tent for the night, do not disturb me unless it is urgent."

"Yes my lady."

As the commander was about to turn, she suddenly shifted her view to a section of thickets in the forest with a sharpen stare.

This startled the soldier.

"M-My lady?" He sputtered.

After a few seconds of scrutiny, her face shifts to a softer tone as she looks back at the soldier.

"Nothing sergeant, I thought I saw something but… it appears to be nothing. Good evening sergeant."

The sergeant turns to the direction of where the commander stared, then turns back.

"A-Ah well, good evening my lady."

And with that, she turns to retire for the night.

-Line Break-

"What the hell was that? How could she see us at this time of day." One of the Ungors was ducked behind a rock, his back turned toward it.

"I do not know, but we were almost spotted." Spat the other Ungor, prone near the other Ungor, his body in a prone position.

"She is leaving for her tent." Spoke the prone Ungor.

They both relaxed a bit.

"It seems that they are set up for the night, we just need to wait a time so more will retire for the night."

"Agreed, Zhankig and Karos must have already made their report to Gekoz by now." Surmised the other Ungor.

"Yes, hopefully, we will be able to attack soon." Piped the prone Ungor.

"Yes hopefully, now we wait for Zhankig to come and give our reports."


-Line Break-

Darkness began to fall, and within a few moments after what seemed like ages of waiting, the leader of the scouting party reached the two Ungors left to observe.

The two Ungors stand to greet the leader.

"There you are, what have you to report?" Zhankig asked.

"They have settled for the night, and only a few sentries are stationed as the rest are retired for the night." Stated one of Ungors.

"Good, come now, we must return to the herd, tonight we prepare for combat."

-Line Break-

After a time, the three reached the encampment, war parties were established, and all were waiting in anticipation for the return of the news.

Gekoz was at the front of the various formed war parties, near the entrance of the encampment.

The three treated their leader and waited for his inquiry.

"Well, what have you?"

"All but a few sentries have retired for the night, the wagons are at the center and there are few barricades hindering us due to the abruptness of the encampment."

"Good… you, take these parties east of their position and wait for the horns." He pointed at one of the Ungors.

"You will take the other to the west and wait for the signal." He pointed to the other.

"And you will take my war parties to the south for a direct assault on the center." He pointed at Zhankig.

"Where the first horn is blown, archers will volley into the camp, when the second gives way, all is to charge at once for a crushing blow." Grinned Gekoz.

"Let's move out!"

The mass of beastmen began their way in surrounding the settlement.

-Line Break-

Two sentries were stationed at the southern point of the camp chatting away, hardly at this point paying attention to their surroundings.

"So.. what do you think of the new commander?"

"I do not know yet, she seems like she is wasted here at the head of a Convoy."

"That's what I thought too, but they say she is an odd duck."

"How so?"

"I heard that she actually is from out east past the steppes."

"What? No way, what would someone in the celestial empire be doing here in the middle of nowhere, as an officer no less."

"I don't know, but she does not look like she is around her though, does she?"

"Well… I'll give you that but, surely a tough-looking foreigner would be better suited fighting on the front against the Skaven instead of idling here in the middle of Sigmar knows where what is there to fight? Beastmen?" The two had a laugh.

"Well, she seems alright, not as arrogant as some of the other officers at least."

"You're talking about Cpt. Lubeck aren't you?"

"I mean, come on what crawled up his ass to be such a tart? The way he acts it would seem were guards the goddamn emperor."

The two soldiers rambled on, unbeknownst to them, the boogeymen of nightmares said not to exist were rapidly approaching them.

-Line Break-

Zhankig had shown the war party to their destination, beastmen warriors, comprising of Ungors and Gors lines near the edge of where the forest met the field.

"Now we wait for a bit before we commence our attack, steady now, our time for glory is at hand." Gekoz steadied his beasts, who were itching for a fight.

A few moments longer, until Gekoz motions for the hornist to signal.

"Now, sound the horns of war!" He commanded.

With the sounds of the war born heard, the arches, with their knocked arrows loosen into the enemy ahead.


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