UPDATE 3/2/21

So uhh hello..um I wanted to say that I'm goin to not continue this story mainly cause I just don't like how the story is going and mostly confused about what I wanna do so I'm just gonna rethink the story and how I want it to go then I'll make another story about ino x naruto but for now this story was just plain and the characters were just bland so I just wanna rewrite don't worry I will rewrite this story in the future but for now I'm going to continue mainly on my other story 'the monster you made' and when I finish that then I'll maybe do naruto x ino but I might wanna do some my hero academia fanfics like ships or just really anything since personally I like exploring new ships that their aren't much of liken for example naruto x temari or deku/izuku x momo and I like writing fics that stay true to the show and manga but I like adding my twists to it I just don't like staying to basic ships like naruto x Sakura or hinata or izuku x ochaco I will do maybe a couple highly loved ones but I will mainly stick to just exploring ships or just cool badass fics so yea sorry for the peopel that did like this story but I felt it was best to not continue but keep your heads up cause I will do it just not at the moment

But have a nice day/night/evening bye!