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The main inspiration of this Sauron personality is Sauron Did Nothing Wrong from Arawndil and its sequel, Reforged: Tyranny is Magic, the sequel might interest bronies.

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To say that my life had turned better, was the understatement of the era. One absurd as 'one does not simply walk into Mordor', something that I pride myself in.

One second or one minute ago, I was in the Void. Being thrown there after receiving a judgment with a massive amount of bias against me and an equally incorrect sentence of passing eternity inside this hellish place. Having the worst company in the creation, Melkor.

I used all my forces to stay away from the incessant attempts of the Valar to vent his frustrations on me, in the worst sense, prattle about his accomplishments and my lack of, something that he wasn't informed by our brothers and sisters. Not that they could send a scroll or a letter about how I gloriously conquered half of the known world, cornered the resisting kingdoms and surviving elves, alongside nearly finishing off them.

A kaleidoscope of colors took the area of the infinite black expanse around me for a moment before I was roughly hurled towards a specific direction, my body and essence screamed in pain before a different kind of blackness took my vision.

When I awoke, I never felt so happy and confused at the same time. My body was whole for the first time in centuries and I could feel the access to my Power, but the world around me is...wrong, the Song having many of its parts incorrect or straight up different. From the flocks of platinum hair and the pointy ends of my ears, I must be in my disgusting Annatar form that resembles an elf.

"At least Melkor isn't here…" I sighed while sitting up and looking around. I am in a grass-covered small elevation, rectangular rocks are piled around- "Not piled, they are... Oh, by Eru…" The rocks aren't the most polished piece of masonry that I ever analyzed, but they are perfectly positioned in a concentric pattern. A full moon illuminates this location, with unknown stars meeting my eyes.

"Now, where exactly is it here?" I asked myself, choosing to wander around this strange man-made construction. I felt weakened due to the Song being so altered, my Power being near directly connected to it. It will take a while since I am back to full strength, needing to acclimatize to these new conditions.

The sound of rustling leaves and footsteps, alongside the strange otherworldly energies of this place shifting, alerted me that someone is approaching. I quickly checked if I could shapeshift, turning into a crow. "Caw caw caw." I silently cackled in my bird form, at least some of my abilities still work. I perched myself on one of the stones, sitting down to hide my body.

"A'm telling ye pal, this mist hae bin a ghost pul'in a prank or even a god." A pair of men approached the site, both reminded me of my dear brother Aiwendil, or Radagast the Brown as he called himself, due to their slightly crazed looks and animal pelts reeking of plants and mushrooms, although they are wearing brown cloaks over their brutish clothing. The speaking one sports a shorter beard than his slightly taller compatriot, but both are wielding a strange stick that emits a direct beam of light, with the tip having some kind of glass.

"Even wi' th' wonky brits sensors, ah ken whit ah felt pal, ah ken tis th' spring equinox, bit it wouldn't release this kind o' energy." The other man rebutted firmly, and it confirmed my suspicions of them being human sorcerers. Another wave of disgust passed through me, one thing that I very much despise are mortals trying to copy the Ainur powers, excluding when it is just to despise them, I generally tried to recruit or get in good graces with these.

I shook my avian head, 'I have no time to be introspective. Focus on the objective, find somewhere to stay, scout this location, build a base of operations.' I quickly thought before flapping my wings and flying away, but not before cawing right above the humans, relishing their scared stumbling.

I sped away from the rock constructions, finding more things that puzzled me. A street was connected to it, part of a much bigger web that seemed to never end, wooden or metal poles with cables stood beside them in a man-made manner, with the same light projecting artifact with glass, although on a bigger scale. To my surprise and confusion, I could feel energy flowing inside the cables, something that I normally would only find on clouds.

I flew over the streets for hours, finding a couple of buildings in the way, but they looked already occupied. The buildings were made of concrete, much to my ever-growing curiosity, and had the same cables of the poles connected to them. One of my objectives had a glimpse of completion when I approached a settlement, a few houses looking unoccupied and a specific one have an open window. The village is very rural, having no protection walls nor lookout towers, or even nightlife movement, although a few metal carriages are stationed around.

After entering the unprotected house window, I transformed into a small black dog, using my heightened senses to smell any humans inside. It smelled like no one used this location for a few months since the scents of mortals are faint, but not non-existent. After checking it out, I shapeshifted back to my elf-look-alike form, removing the pointy ends of my ears, before wandering around the house, investigating every single room that I found.

The first one was my entry point, the master bedroom on the second floor, with very basic - to my tastes - wooden furniture and floor. The wardrobe has clothes made of cotton or a strange fibrous material, I ignored the framed portraits of a human couple, but they looked very realistic and well made, almost too much. A strange black mirror was set over a drawer, its functions being a mystery to me. The last thing is a small lever beside the exit door, having the size of a finger, when I flicked it, a light suddenly flooded the room, forcing me to shield my unprepared eyes.

"What in the Void is this?" I hissed while my eyes adjusted, the light coming from a curling glass stationed on the ceiling, right under some kind of contraption made up of metal paddles. I flicked the other mini-lever up, and it started to move to generate a soft wind. Flicking the first, the light died off, flicking again, it went alive. Up and down, living and dead. "This is… some kind of very advanced sorcery… Electrical impulses going upwards to this object, letting it be energized and generate light…"

"Whoever is the owner of this house must be a very influential person, to make something as banal as illumination be automatized in such a way…" I shivered at marvelment before my thoughts stopped, "But it is also on the outside and in the roads. Don't tell me… Oh Eru, this is standardized?! Now I'm impressed!" I mentally made a note to find whoever invented and implemented this, alongside his or her political leader, and learn the secrets behind this.

I had to force myself to stop planning so much and continue the duty of inspecting this mortal house that makes the elven, gondorian, and even dwarven dwellings pale in comparison. A bathroom was annexed to the bedroom, having an advanced latrine with an attached box and a button to make water flush down excrements, I had the annoying surprise of this new form having the needs of feeding and releasing the digested food, thus I used the latrine. A shower was also installed in the bathroom, I already had invented something similar, but not in such a miniaturized way, I also used it, cleaning myself of the previous disgusting acts.

A mirrored cabinet contained a few strange utensils, tubs, and other objects whose purpose was hidden to me, another set of things for research later.

I found another two bedrooms, smaller than the first one. The smaller beds and toys signaled that they are intended for children, but the bright blue and pink colors of each left me in an annoyed mood, black and darker tones always will be a superior choice.

I walked downstairs, finding what could be classified as a common room with a dining table, fruits that seemed to be made of wax being set over it, humans being humans, I suppose. Another black mirror is there, and much to my delight, a half-full bookshelf. A cooking room was annexed to it, with cabinets having utensils and metal cans, an oven that seemingly lacks coal or firewood, and a strange white box. Opening it, I felt a wave of cold being generated from it, inside having foodstuffs, glass jars, and other objects. Once again my new form acted again, my mouth starting to water as I felt hunger.

The final room that I found was an open space, a small black pool that smelt like oil in the center, and working tools on a table and hanging on a display. I grinned, this was some kind of artisan workshop, the openness being to store the crafts, and to simply have room to breathe.

"Next step, privacy." I flew around the house, closing all windows and their curtains, before casting on myself numerous anti-scrying and anti-detection, seems like I can only do them on myself, but I wasn't accustomed enough to this new Song to do it on objects.

I sat on the couch of the common room, allowing myself to relish on the small pleasure of how comfortable it is, before starting to plan for the future. "I need to scout more this village, learn about this kingdom, about the people and their lives, about that strange duo of fakers. Who they serve, who they worship? What are these strange devices in this house? I need weapons to defend myself against whoever discovers-" My monologue was interrupted by a loud growl of my stomach, feeling what humans call 'hunger'.

"Damned corporeal body…" I grumbled while getting up and going to the kitchen. Cooking wasn't one of my used skills, but I know how to make a meal, the perfect meal. I skimmed on the icebox, inspecting all ingredients that I could find and grabbing what I needed, surprising myself again when I saw some rather exotic ingredients, the kind that I would only find in Rhûn and Harad, like spices. I picked a frozen cubed ham, many potatoes, and a few vegetables.

Opening a cabinet, I gathered a large pot and went to the strange oven. There are tops and dials, I barely moved one of them while leaning over it when I felt the pungent smell of gases, "Something incendiary then…" I flicked my fingers after momentarily turning my skin into steel and flint, sending sparks on the activated top, before a flame flew from it, condensing in a short blue fire. I twisted the dial a bit more, the flames becoming higher.

I filled the pot halfway with water, putting it on the activated top. I diced the potatoes, and vegetables before putting them inside, alongside the frozen ham. The water started to boil, I put my finger inside. Where a common mortal would scream in pain, I felt like touching a slightly warm stream.

I picked a drainer that was made of something very malleable, yet rigid, and with bright cyan colors. After the pot contents boiled, I removed all the water using the drainer and picked a fork to mash everything together. Then, I picked a glass and poured it inside, "The perfect gruel, having all the nutritional necessities that this form must require." I took a long sip and immediately gagged. The taste was...beyond horrible, but a necessary sacrifice to deal with this body.

After finishing my task, I cleaned the utensils that I used and stored what I didn't drink in the icebox, then headed back to the workshop. I found scrap metal and wood in some cabinets on it, I grabbed a hammer and grinned. "It will take some time, better start right now."



I spent a few hours tinkering in the workshop, managing to build a makeshift crucible to smelt some iron that I have found, forging it into a simple Ring that allows me to hide my presence and power much easier. However, my thrice-damned form decided to strike again. Alongside having to eat, drink, and defecate, I also have to sleep, so I spent the rest of the night on a bed in a state that reminded me too much of the Void. At least until the sun started to rise, and with it, the inhabitants of this village.

I was in the cooking room once again, after deciding to use the clothes that I found in that wardrobe - a short black tunic and bluish pants of some leather-like material -, and reheat the gruel from yesterday, when I heard a ringing coming from the front entrance.

"Oh no." I grumbled in annoyance while putting my glass down and heading to the door, "I can't have peace for a single minute… Maybe I can convince whoever is there that the owners of the house lent it to me…" I looked over a glass-covered hole in the door, a peep-hole if my memory is correct.

A slightly rotund man and a woman are standing there, the former is shorter than the latter, and has lighter skin colors than her. Both are wearing an all-black uniform, a round hat, and a boxy object is attached on their chests, alongside the word 'POLICE' in white and very annoyed expressions. The woman knocked on the door, loudly, "Open up! Police!"

'They must be the local guard…' I thought while unlocking the door and removing my Concealment Ring, silently hoping that my glorious charisma and presence doesn't fail. Eyes bulged out when I swung it open, my face impassive and eyes bored, I was expecting the woman to gain color in her cheeks due to my appearance, but both of them did. I kept a knife that I found in the kitchen behind my back, having made a sheath for it.

"Errrm... G-good morning kind sir!" The guardsman said with a bit more force than needed, I noted with the effeminate tone, "Y-you know that t-this house has another owner, d-don't you? O-or you know Mister Rogers?"

"Why, yes. He lent me his house for the foreseeable future, at least until I get my financial condition in order." I answered cooly, both guards nodded with dumb smiles, "If you don't have anything else to ask, please take your leave. I am occupied." I started to close the door when the woman put her hand to stop it, I swear that my heart didn't skip a beat.

"J-just a thing, sir." She swallowed, "W-what your name? And… are you single?"

I chuckled, something that made them mellow even more, "Call me Curumo, and yes, I am. Good day to you." They nodded again, and I was allowed to finally be alone. I instantly leaned my ear on the door, listening to the conversation outside, while putting my ring on.

"Wow… Just… Wow." The woman said breathlessly.

"Wow isn't enough. We should arrest him for being too gorgeous." Her partner replied, my annoyance grew second after second, "...Shouldn't we do something else? I forgot what.."

"Me too…" I could practically hear their frowns before I heard her tone become dismissive, "Nah, it must have been nothing important. Maybe get his number?"

"Atta girl!" They both chuckled and walked away, the conversation becoming too useless and weird for me to continue eavesdropping.

I decided to head to the bookcase that I have seen yesterday, picking a book with a term that I managed to recognize, engineering, to start skimming, "A Brief Story of Mechanical Engineering, I hope this will be useful…"

It was beyond useful. The thick one-hundred seventy pages book had given me the most knowledge that I needed about this world that I ended up in. I spent hours reading and re-reading the achievements of this alternate human race, from steam engines to electronics. I even found another book of the same series, Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology, one that is much more familiar, but having concepts that were unknown to me, "Incredible… I need to implement this later."

I rushed to the black mirror of the common room, the book still in hand. I passed my free hand on the mirror, the Television, sides before I found a button, an open circle with a vertical line symbol over it, and clicked it.

The artifact lit up in colors, sounds, and images, like a Palantír but lacking the sensations and emotions. A woman and a man in black suits are talking about local news, a line of words under them, sometimes a square with different pictures showed up, or the screen changed to a man or woman with a black stick in hands while they talk to it, "Long-distance information transmission, all in seconds, without the need of a courier or a pigeon…"

I felt something that I hadn't felt in a long time, the feeling of smallness. The only times that I had this feeling was in the presence of a Valar, or when confronted with a concept much bigger than me, like my destiny to make the World perfect, "This is what happens when you let humans alone in their devices? No, not my humans, this world humans."

I continued watching the TV, picking a small black rectangle with buttons, a remote, to switch the channels. I passed through different news and history, ignoring the ones that looked fit for children and others that looked a bit too unrealistic, maybe a work of fiction. It wasn't much information but is enough for me to get a half-clear scenario of this world. No ongoing wars, only a few conflicts in some locations. A satellite failed to be launched, the fact that humans managed to get in space is absurdly surprising.

"This was very entertaining," I looked at the two books that are practically glued to my hand, "You and I will gain more intimacy later…" And I reluctantly set them down on the TV stand while turning the device off. I walked upstairs, putting my acquired knife and makeshift sheath in my pants, opening a window before turning into a crow and flying away to the streets.

Thankfully no humans had spotted a bird suddenly exiting a house, I flew low to scout more my neighborhood. The metal carriages, cars, lazily or quickly drove around, belonging to either locals or tourists, while people walk in their daily lives' routine. Many are using small bricks with screens, cellphones, clicking, or talking to them. It was oddly calming and familiar, even with the overabundance of technology. There are very few alleys, due to the village being majoritarian made of houses with big yards, giving me some problems to transform back into a human.

A few buildings were bigger or had signs, which immediately got my attention. One had many children with backpacks going inside, alongside being a big plot of land with unused spaces, maybe some kind of training camp? Another had white with red lines on the walls, wounded people, or men and women with white clothes, get in and out, probably a healing hall. I released an indignant caw when a long white car with blaring lights and sounds passed right under me, having to land on a nearby post top to gather my breath.

The last one made me grin, or would if my beak wasn't rigid. Men with camouflaged clothes armed with black crossbow-like objects are patrolling or standing guard in a fenced land, a military base. It would be good to raid it and obtain weapons, but better not take my chances with this new kind of firepower. Maybe after I regain my strength, spells, or build more artifacts to defend myself.

My attention shifted to another place, a road that leads to outside the village, more specifically a shop in a separate parallel street. I landed on a light post, sensing the otherworldly energy of the Radagast look-alike men inside this 'The Secret Garden Cattery'. After the road had a bit less movement, I dove to an alley beside it and changed back to my humanoid form.

My Ring of Concealment managed to hide the fact of a bird turning into a man, being more than just hiding my Presence and Power but also giving a compulsion to ignore me and acts that I do, independent of which form.

I blended in perfectly, just as expected, before quickly entering the brickwork 'pet store'. Inside was less disgusting than I expected, with just a few animals in cages and many, many toys around, and foodstuff for them. It was with very low activity, having only the short and bearded sorcerer behind the counter and a young helper. The former perked up as the doorbell ringed, "Guud mornin'-" He stopped his boring greeting when I removed my ring, letting my Presence practically flood the room.

"Bugger…" His eyes went wide as plates before becoming dead serious, turning to the helper who was looking at me in awe, "Eric, git oot. Caw th' sign 'n' claise th' blinds whin ye exit." He ordered the teen, who quickly nodded and did as he said, before closing the door and bolting away.

"Weel, a dinnae ken wha nor whit yet, bit ye git in mah shop. Whit dae yi'll want?" He gruffly asked while crossing his arms to appear stronger, but I saw the way that his eyebrows crossed, his facial and body expression, he is fearing what I am, or at least my motives, and barely can resist my charm.

"The host normally tells his name first, but very well. Call me Sauron, and I-"

"Ye'r a devil or fae th' Association?" He rudely interrupted me, "Ca' me Robert Dawson, a druid." The newly identified druid said.

"As I was saying," I bit back a growl while speaking, "I am a bit… lost, needing directions and some information. First, what is the stone formation that I had arrived at?"

"Dae ye mean Stonehenge? Tis an auld magical site, common fur us druids- Haud up, ye'r th' thing that made that energy spike?" His eyes became a bit wide again before he sighed and continued, "Bugger it, whit else yi'll want tae ken?"

I smiled, with his resistance finally gone, he spilled everything that I wanted. This world was more chaotic than Arda, that was certain. Eru and the Valar don't exist here, and their equivalent is a multitude of different pantheons, each corresponding to a different faith and having different monsters or magical creatures. Frankly, it looks more confusing than Melkor's mental state and Eru's plans. The country that I am inside is called Britain, or the United Kingdom, the city being Larkhill. My arrival had attracted the attention of a few groups, namely local druids and the Golden Dawn, the national organization that deals with the supernatural.

Exited the shop with the same smile, and I could hear the sigh of relief coming from inside. There are beings in this world that are strong, stronger than me, and that never sits well in my mind. I felt my strength return today, but I know that it wasn't sufficient to even fight a low ranked devil from the 'Big Three' factions. I need to get stronger if I want to progress my plans.


In a place with the looks of an LSD high dream full of kaleidoscopic colors, a single girl dressed in a gothic dress was sitting in the air, her fingers in her ears. She was frowning before suddenly tilting, turning to a very specific dimension, of devils and angels.

"Who was that?" She asked in a monotone voice.


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