Author Note: A strange idea that I've had since 14th of December 2020.

I do not own Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir or Barbie.


Imagine, reaching the end of Humanity the long way around.

Imagine, being inserted at the beginning of the universe and having to wait until Humanity decided to stop fricken each other.

Those where some terrible thousand years, however, she was good at disguising herself with the time and staying in the background in case she prevents what is supposed to happen from happening.

However, while she was doing that, she was collecting samples from people in the world at various periods.

It wasn't hard because of the lack of hygiene and other things.

She was in ancient China as a floor sweeper for the original clash of the battle of the Miraculous, seeing how people just use magic to make life shitter for everybody else, she vowed to never let her timeline Miraculous get used by people.

She made it to the modern-day and was surprised that the God of this world seemed to have enforced an actual rule on the laws of Magic.

You can not time travel using magic, that is why future Chris Lahiffe didn't come and start screwing with time.

She was a background student at Collège Françoise Dupont.

It was really interesting to see the characters she knew from the show, grew old and leave behind a legacy and children.

It was nice to see Ladybug and Cat Noir grew into their adult selves and battle huge threats before eventually retiring.

Even the new Hawk Moth had to retire because she was getting too old.

It was interesting to see Gabriel Agreste become an old man, die and then visit his tumb stone to pour weed killer in the middle of the night.

Even if his ghost saw her, he couldn't do squat about it because he was dead.

She, of course, wrote down all the superhero identities in a book, the same book she planned to teach the generation after Humanity.

She went through 2 more Magical generations before Humanity got so advanced that these abilities given could now be obtained with technology so there was no use for them other than being a family heirloom or finding it a cool item.

The Miraculous had become a relic of the past and the new generation did not look at them with sparkling eyes but boredom.

The next generation after that completly demolished the mere idea of monks and the once great and proud ancient temples had become tourist attractions, there were gift shops everywhere.

The old proud generation of monks would be furious if thew knew what happened but they weren't alive to do anything about it.

Eventually, she saw that humanity had gotten so comfortable with machines doing all the work that they didn't bother interacting with anybody.

It was the year 4066 when the last human died.

However, she life searched the Earth and the other planets for 2 years just to make sure she was on the only human


And then she turned the robots on and instructed them to redo the entire Earth in her vision.

She had actually become a landscape designer at one time and learned how to draw magnificently so it was very easy for the robots to follow.

She also instructed them to grab all the Miraculous's and put them in museums that she designed.

She also instructed them to put anything of old significant history in those museums as well.

She sat on a hill watching the robots wreck and rebuild the Earth from the ground up.

You would think that in the thousands of years here, Aliens would say hello but humanity was truly alone in the universe.

While the robots were building, she went to the moon and Mars to check up on what she had buried there.

The Mars humans died 70 years back, even in this time being born on Mars was just a gimmick.

Humanity did inhabit there but you know, the planets will never be Earth.

There were way too many things in the way of that.

Like if there was a system failure and the shields went down, then everybody dies immediately.

That is why she made sure this version of Humanity was far more special.

When she made sure, everything was set, she came back to Earth to find that the construction she envisioned was complete.

And then she erased her orders from the data banks of the robots, she slipped in the fake memories into the data banks and then she left to get her new body.

Her face wasn't flattering enough, she had spent thousands of years looking like a nobody and letting other people shine.

Well, it was time for an upgrade and she knew the exact face to wear, after all, who better than the queen herself, the iconic Barbie?

Yes, and she was going to move into the dreamhouse with a Ken who was born on Mars.

She went to Malibu and went underground, where she found her new perfect body, she turned on the machine that controlled the whole thing and went into the chamber next to it.

It began filling with sleeping gas.

Soon she would be-

She passed out and the system did the rest.

She woke up, to the sound of somebody knocking at the door.

"Barbie. Have you finished packing?" Said a woman voice. "Ken's here to help you load your stuff into the car for the new house"


She sat up and blond hair strands flopped down before her eyes.

Beyond that, she saw a nice room filled with boxes and in a mirror, she saw the iconic Barbie in the flesh.

She smiled, showing white teeth and then she said. "Let me change and I'll be right there"

She went to the bathroom and get started for the day, what was left of the wardrobe was still a pretty killer in fashion though.

She changed and then she opened the door and said. "Now, I need help"

Four puppies rushed in along with her family and Ken to help her put her boxes in the car.

A pink sweet convertible.

She was given a muffin to tide her over for the journey and then she and her new boyfriend drove to their new house together.

It was so surreal to see her tiny scale models blown up and replacing the world from 2 years ago.

It was surreal that the person next to her wasn't a robot with a cloaking on.

Ken said. "I can't believe it. Last year, we were just high schoolers on Mars and now we're college students who, moving in together on Earth"

She played along by saying. "Yeah, it was insane that both of our parents pitched in for the house but of course we aren't getting any privacy on the weekends"

He let out a nice sounding laugh.

Of course, they weren't.

The car was parked in the dreamhouse drive through an hour later and Ken said. "Open door"

There was a click as the house recognised him and then he took her stuff from the boot and began to put it inside the house.

Meanwhile, their new neighbours came to see them moving in but didn't really offer any help.

She was okay with it because they weren't insulting them.

She hit record on her phone and then she helped Ken out, they could have used a robot to do it but what was the fun in that?

They unloaded until lunch and then they closed the door and basically ordered sushi.

As she sat there, she took a moment to admire the house.

It was the kind of house you only see being sold as a playset but this was a lot less plastic looking.

There was a skateboard ramp out back and a pool on the balcony.

When they were finished eating, both of them moved her stuff to her new very gorgeous pink room that in Ken memories she had called dibs on in the walk around.

She kissed him and then he left her alone to unpack.

She merely double tapped the box and her stuff flew out of it and positioned themselves correctly in the room.

She loved the year 4068.

"I'm done." She said, as she walked out and met her boyfriend who had just set up on a table for Jenga.

She was amused when he gave her big eyes begging her to play with him.

It worked because she said. "game on"

She kneeled before the game and began to play with him.

Before she knew the weekend had passed and she and Ken were driving to college for their first day.

They got out and rich older teenagers were everywhere.

Including their next-door neighbour's son who noticed them.

This was Malibu after all.

And those who looked like regular people, if you look closely, you could see that their skin was finer as well as the material they wore.

She saw her multi-Racial friends and they saw her.

"First day!" They all said.

"First day!" She said, and they all went to hug her.

Ken went to his friends and they just bro thumbed each other as they walked into school.

They walked into the hallway and it was just like she modelled it to be, bright colourful and luxurious, they all went to the assembly hall where they were told to take a seat by their dark-skinned female principal.

"Welcome to Malibu Galatic College," she said. "The year is 4068. I hope that you all remember this moment, as the day you become responsible adults. May your time here be one of growth in your journey to full maturity and make sure you make lots of wonderful memories. If you have any questions, please ask me, the staff, the robot helpers or an older student."

Before she said. "Now go and experience college life, Malibu Style!"

They all cheered.

Then they took out their tablets and a location hunt began.

She paired up with Ken immediately and they went looking for the first location, when they did, they took a picture of it, and it ticked itself on their screens.

They kept at it, not really wanting the prize.

However the school was huge and the hunt to them to Lunch, where they had an option of vending machine, robot cook, human cook or food they brought from home for Lunch.

Or they can order and have it delivered to them again.

Ken treated her to a nice picnic outside and they found out that the group top nerds had obtained the first-place prize after using summer to prep for College so of course, they knew where everything was.

After lunch, the older students came and they were taken to the assembly hall where they were split into groups so that they can do group activities and get to know each other better.

Barbie knew that she knew everybody better then they knew themselves but she would never tell them that.

She knew if they found out she was their God that all meaning from their lives would be gone because they would be constantly wondering if they had free will at all.

When school was over they got their schedules for tomorrow and she invented her girlfriends over so that they can chill in the house.

Fast forward a few days and she knew she had truly solved Humanity greatest issue.

Everywhere was great, no stalkers, the world leaders had their shit together and she hadn't seen one homeless person despite going through Malibu.

It was the Paradise, Humanity was too terrible to make.

However, it was kind of boring.

Everywhere was just so perfect.

Everybody was either kind to one another, had an ego or was mischievous.

But it wasn't like the old days though, those who didn't have huge egos didn't constantly rip into people and those who were mischievous pulled harmless pranks.

She kind of missed the old days but she didn't want to go back in time and live with terrible people for as long as this body would allow it.

With this face, she would probably be stalked by 30 guys who were rotating.

So how?

She got an idea.

She talked to Ken and of course, he was shocked, but if she was super careful with what she said and what she displayed, the timeline should remain.

They could always wear Time blockers so that they don't get affected.

She told her friends, family and attached blockers to them and the puppies.

They all were really supportive.

Then she put a time chip into her computer and watched it ask her which year she wanted to connect with, she chose the time where the second fight for the Miraculous had only just started, where Ladybug and Cat Noir had yet to reach adult age.

She made a social media account and called it the 'Offical Barbie' and then made a video account on the most popular website.

She took the most flattering images she could of herself and Ken helped her because he thought it would be fun.

They also took a picture of the house because there was no way, people in that time can match the true 'Barbie Dreamhouse'.

Then she uploaded the pictures and went to visit her family and get smothered in puppy intelligent love.

She took a picture of herself without makeup on in the morning and posted, which to be far was still magnificent and then she went to school.

She came home, to live stream for the first time in front of 1k people.

She saw herself on the screen and said. "Hi, my name is Barbie. I'm 18 years old and live in the year 4068 Malibu, nice to meet you"

Her chat was completely silent as she graced viewers eyes and smoothened them.

Then they exploded.

"Oh, my god! Your real!"

"I've never been so happy to see a person!"

They were all shocked and delighted that she didn't photoshop her images that much.

She heard she was pretty and said. "Oh, thank you" she smiled showing white teeth.

"Beautiful smile"

"How are your teeth so bright? Do you live in a mansion?"

She said. "Yes, I do live in my own house with my boyfriend Ken. The house is actually on my social media and in my channel header. I and him just started college together"

She ignored the feeling of people seeing her house and trying to narrow it down.

They're not going to find it because it hadn't been built yet.

"So why did I choose to start this?" She said. "Well, I just want to make people smile and brighten up their day. If somebody is happy because of something related to me then there is one more person happy in the world"


"What a beautiful reason"

"You're so wholesome"

"What is your skincare routine?"

"Beautiful house"

"Show me your boobs."

That person was reported immediately, they don't do that here.

She said. "So what I do to do? I love hanging out with my friends. I love hanging out with my family and the puppies"

"You have puppies?" The chat said.

"Yes, I do have puppies. I have 4 exactly. I've got a framed picture here" she said and then she took a digital frame photo and showed them.

"See. I'll try to get those puppies on stream one day" she said, "So you can meet them and my little sisters." Then she said. "I love to ice-skating. I love to bake, I love to help out while I can and I love spending time with Ken."

Suddenly she heard. "Did somebody say my name?"

It was Ken.

"Let him in," she said and the views watched with wide eyes as the door opened with a click and then a guy came into view, he bent down to her and said. "Just wanted to ask you what you want for dinner? I thought Tacos."

The chat went silent again as Ken graced their eyes and ears.

"Tacos sound good," she said.

"Well, tacos it is," said Ken before he looked at the camera and winked.

She pushed him playful away and said. "Stop trying to seduce my viewers"

"Well, okay princess," he said, as he walked out.

She turned to see the chat had become silent again.

Finally, somebody typed in.

"Rich, great face and has a hot boyfriend who cooks? Can I have your life?" Said, somebody.

"Is that your boyfriend? Introduce us"

"I'll try to ask him if he can do a short video but it's up to him if he wants to be with me next time," she said and then she was strongly urged to do so.

She then spent more time online and then she smelled Tacos and signed off, saying goodbye not knowing her subscriber count had been going up while she lived streamed.

She made a post of Ken saying yes and how good the tacos were.

She posted photos of herself with her friends and family through the week.

And yes, she posted her with the puppies, the followers saw that she was a real person.

She eventually posted a video introducing Ken on both accounts.

She went on the cam with Ken beside her a week later, while they were getting to know him, they got him to show him their mascot suit as he had signed up.

Ken probably made somebody's week seeing him showing up in the mascot suit and clearly have fun in it.

He made her and the viewers laugh.

Ken taught them a basic cheer dance.

It was harmless fun with young wholesome attractive people, what was not like?

However, they had lives despite the protests when they tried to end the live stream because they had to study.

They signed off and then they ordered Pizza while they studied.

The following morning, she found out she had actually been trending in North America while she life streamed yesterday in that timeline.

Oh, well.

She went to join Ken for breakfast.