I do not Barbie and Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Barbie was just doing her thing in her own time and the number of people in the past eating was increasing as more people she knew joined in.

She was asked if she would do promotion but she didn't see how she could do that without contacting her past self but the phone numbers for that was destroyed in a bunker she destroyed.

So she declined and continued to have fun on camera's while ignoring the threats insults and people trying to prod her for her location.

And then a company offered to open a bank account for her in the past in case she ever did charity work.

She let her geek friends do an investigation into the company from their future computer to see if they did anything shady in the past and future.

However, they found that it was a small business made up of good people that never blow up.

She decided to contact them by video chat and you could see the president shock seeing her, clearly, he didn't expect her to reply back and was flabbergasted that it was really her.

She used a machine to send old money back in time and then talked to them about her producing a song and having them put a portion of the sales in a charity.

The Barbie Foundation was born that day.

Then she got to work producing the song and lots of people heard about it and offered to pitch in.

With a bunch of rich Malibu people pulling money together, there was no way the video would look cheap.

It was New Year's day when the song 'Strength in Number' was released in the past.

It featured banging music promoting a great message, amazing looking people, great fashion style and cool gadgets.

It exploded worldwide.

She finally broke into the world of the past.

Barbie got a call from a sweating President who told her, her song had gone worldwide and the music platform they posted the song on was calling them trying to cut them future deals.

They were about to go worldwide in their advertisements and physical copies.

She gave her blessing and her song took off from there.

#Paris in the past#

Collège Françoise Dupont was having an assembly and the Principal was using a video for it, in the middle of the video an advertisement came up.

Advertisements were nothing new, but this was special.

Three amazing looking young ladies came to smoothen their eyes with an amazing look and song.

The students not really paying attention, suddenly became attentive and their mouth dropped open.

The whole student and staff mouth were opened.

Even the Principals mouth opened.

You could skip the advertisement after 10 seconds but the whole school actually watched the entire thing.

In the 30 seconds, Students started dancing in their seats.

"Are those real people? That's insane, their so pretty!" students whispered.

"That outfit is gorgeous. I want that outfit!" said one student.

"That's the cutest robot dog I have ever seen! I want one!" Some student said.

Students went online to type the header in and found the site before buying the song.

Barbie past self sat there in the background and thought 'So that's what I did in the future' recognising the body, we'll it was her responsibility to make sure she eventually did become Barbie.

The advert ended but not the curiosity.

The moment the assembly was over, more than one person went searching and found Barbie glowing Video's and pictures online.

"Oh, my God!" Said Alya Cesaire.

Yes, there was a day where the class Journalist let out a shocked gasp.

"What?" Said Marinette Dupan-Chang.

"The blond one is named Barbie and shes on social media," said Alya. "Age 18, extremely rich, lives in a huge luxurious house in Malibu with her boyfriend who is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. She's real and V-blogger."

Hearing this, Sabrina was already on it and showed Chloe who was stunned, even the people below average Barbie in terms of looks were still easy on the eyes.

Ken winking Giff graced her eyes and she found out that Barbie was a blond-haired and blue-eyed just like her.

She had an amazing sense of fashion, like her and was rich like her.

"So do I subscribe?" Said Sabrina.

"Why is that a question? Subscribe!" She said.

Their teacher coughed to get all of their attention.

"We need to start class" deepened their science teacher.

They put their phones away.

But Barbie had become known in the class.

Chloe had found somebody more relatable to her, then Ladybug.

And it was about to get crazier.

Within days, the nothing but Gabriel advert posters all over Paris had finally broken into and the posters for 'Strength in Number' was placed in various parts of Paris and there was a short clip on the jumbotron in the city centre advertising her channel.

They chose the clip with Ken in his chicken suit on Livestream.

It wasn't just Paris either, but all over the world, she had graced millions of people eyes.

She graced a lot of stalkers eyes too.

Malibu was stunned by how many Barbie people we're streaming in trying to find her.

They, of course, raised the prices of everything and offered Barbie merchandise to smoothen the sadness of those who couldn't find her.

If Barbie didn't live in the future, she would have been kidnapped by now and the dream house would have not stayed the dream house because of all the break-ins.

Hallelujah for the laws of time.

However, people who did look like somebody from the cast of Barbie suddenly got a lot of attention and even appeared on the tv expressing their shock finding out from people wanting to take pictures of them they look like a famous person.

Imagine, being deemed as Ugly and finding out there is somebody famous you look-like.

Some embraced it by dressing like that person while others, shielded away from it.

Many people wanted to dress like Barbie or have rooms that look like her room.

And then Barbie posted a post, about honouring her fans by compression a video of them dancing to her song.

It went viral of course.

Camera phone quality and high-quality professional video came out of the woodworks.

Solo and a group came out.

All classes of people sent their video, including president daughters and real-life Princesses.

Young and old, joined in.

It lasted two weeks before the Barbie Foundation sorted through the countless of videos and pressed it into three videos.

And then Barbie went on live with the girls and guy from the video.

Before 2Billion people.

#Year 4068#

Barbie said. "Hi, everybody." And the comments blew up. "So who is shocked by how song blew up?" Asking the main cast.

"I was shocked." Said the nerd guy from the video. "When you asked me, Barbie if I wanted to take part. It didn't really set in for me until I saw the set." Before he said. "By the way, my name is Ryan"

"I'm Celcy," said the dark-skinned one.

"I'm Gloria," said the Asian one.

It was gathering of hotties, it was so surreal for the newbies to see them live.

They were shocked that they actually looked like this life.

The veteran's fans laughed and said. "First time?"

Barbie said. "So we're going to watch, I think 3 videos, that are a compilation of our fans dancing to our song sent to me by the Barbie Foundation and react to them"

"Alright, let's do this," said Celcy brightly and they all smiled.

And then she pressed play with the first video.

People around the world started freaking out because they saw their low-quality video and even though it was low quality, the cast said something positive of the video and acknowledged that they existed.

Below on the video was the entry name and the part of the world they were in.

They saw Chloe Bourgeois, ribbon dance.

"I love her style," said Barbie and a blond girl in Paris died being acknowledged by her new idol.

However, the person next was a real-life Princess who went all out and it showed as they were awed.

There was quite a few from Paris, including Wayhem in his room who lost his mind.

Three amazing videos they went through, where they were surprised time and time by how many nationalities loved the song.

By the end of the video, the four of them were speechless before they clapped.

"Amazing!" Said Ryan.

"I've never seen anything like it!" Said Celcy.

"That was awesome!" Said Gloria.

Barbie said. "That was incredible. Who knew so many people loved the song. It was incredible to see the different types of dance and styles and you should all be proud"

They were.

She then said. "So we would like to make a big announcement."

What? Are you finally going to come out so we can stalk you? Thought a lot of the viewers.

However, it wasn't that.

She said. "To all those who sent their videos in, I like to announce to you that you will receive a plushy of your favourite person"


Oh, my god. Countless people went insane.

Finally, they knew what that weird question was for! To think it would be amazing!

She then said. "To those who were picked for the videos, you will be sent a signed autographed poster and picture from all of us as well"

Oh, my God! the winners were going wild.

She then said. "For those who couldn't send one in, that's okay, there will be more chances for you. We know how hard it is and nobody is forcing you to. There are no losers when it comes to us, just people who are rewarded. So I and the Barbie foundation want to reward all of you for your massive amount of courage. Those who sent their entry in will receive an email so that the Barbie Foundation can know when they can drop your package off."

This was amazing news.

She said. "We will also like to thank the newcomer fans and those who have stuck by me from the very beginning for your continued support. I could have never imagined that my simple Vblog, would blow up so big. So I would like to thank all of you. I will also like to thank my friends, my boyfriend and family for their support to. I hope to see all of you in my next stream and if you can't make it or you lose interest, that's okay. Even I can't be here, all the time. But I hope you all go away with your day a little bit brighter."

They will.

"Well, Bye," all of them said.

And then they signed off.

And in the coming days, Barbie kept her end of the bargain and the plushies we're sent out along with the signs out.

And how could she satisfy millions of people?

The official song was 3.99 compared to the plush that cost 1.20 to make and the Barbie Foundation made a crazy amount of money from the song.

The news covered the dolls reaching people home's and then it got leaked that Barbie had given a portion of the sales money for the song to a Charity to help children without the media present and what was even more shocking was the fact she had never actually taken a paycheck from the foundation which went viral and made those who heard about it go speechless.

She didn't take one cent.

The girl could be a big fat Billionaire and yet, she chooses to help people and even made sure the janitor had a good salary.

How could such an angel exist?

Perhaps, it was really was the year 4069 where she was?

The world of the past had caught Barbie fever and it was both amazing and scary.

The hashtag #FindBarbie and #LivewithBarbieintheYear4069 was at the top of all news around the world.

By become a V-blogger she had actually broken the timeline.