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It was a miracle they got any sleep.

A certain blond girl wanted them to sign everything and see the creepy album she had of them.

Yeah, they weren't going to spend more time with this girl willingly.

However, you don't get bodies like them by sleeping in.

They hit the Hotel gym at 6 so imagine the welcome surprise from those in there seeing such attractive people working out.

It took some time for them to work the machinery and items because they were so used to everything being automated but there was definitely now pictures and video of both of them working out at the hotel.

They left the room and headed back to shower and changed, then they were told their schedule for today.

They went to have their breakfast and both of them ignored the war that ignited amongst the servers on who would serve them going on in the background.

Somebody finally did come and both of them tried their French out, which turned out to be incredibly sexy for everybody involved.

While they were waiting for their food, they were approached by other guests who were fans and agree to take pictures and signed things.

Their food came and they complimented the food as they ate.

When they tried to pay, they were told the Barbie foundation had paid for more than their stay but both of them still wanted to tip.

The whole restaurant watched stunned as both of them took out their wallet and gave a thousand euro tip.

Then they got their coats from their rooms and they were gone before a certain blond girl could wake up.

Their first stop was a children hospital centre.

The staff and children were shocked to see them and then the children suddenly became incredibly lively as they met the people they had been watching from the screen.

The two of them were good with children.

"Are you two going to get married one day?" Said a child on Ken lap. "She's so beautiful"

"Yes. Yes, she certainly is," he said, looking at Barbie.

But it turns out the child wasn't the only one who would ask him about Marriage.

After the Barbie foundation gave the children gifts to ease them leaving, they went to an old people home who were even nosier about when the two would tie the knot and have children.

They were 19 and still in school but apparently, they wanted to give Ken ideas and showed him their wedding photos.

He just smiled and let them talk.

They had lunch at a popular Paris cafe.

When they were done, they were allowed to go anywhere in Paris for an hour.

So they chose to go the local skating rink in Paris and those who had been stalking them, waved the 'we only came here to watch' stick at security as they filled the stands.

The venue had seen numbers like this, since 20 years ago.

Seeing the fans, both of them encouraged them to get on the ice.

The fans spent money on skates before wobbling their way onto it.

However, both Barbie and Ken made dreams come true by helping them stand up and skate even if it was very basic.

"I'm touching Barbie hand!" Said a guy over the moon.

Meanwhile, the skating rink employees counted the money in the background.

They made many people's day, in a single hour.

But their hour was soon up and they had to leave, much to the crowd disappointment.

Somebody tried to interfere but didn't get past the line of security.

They went back to the hotel and were told to get ready to teach a dance class.

They were surprised but accepted it.

They made it to the dance class, and you could tell it was a surprise for the ladies because they looked shocked when they strolled in.

"Oh, my God is that Barbie and Ken?"

"Barbie, Ken! We love you!"

"Oh, my god!"

They stood before the class and both of them decided to teach them a dance they learned recently.

However the number of times Ken had to help a female out though...

But he was not oblivious to their need to touch him, he was uncomfortable but it wasn't like he could not help them out.

Imagine going from humans who don't watch an attractive person butt as they walk past you, to humans who try to feel your arms and brush against your button purpose.

Thank God for the future.

However, when they finished he held Barbie hand and kissed her deeply on the lips.

"What was that for?" She said.

"Just a reminder that I love you," he said, as they left.

They then went to the mall and signed things for fans for 2 straight hours, before getting ready for their tv interview, not knowing that there was activity on the Barbie account.

So when they got to the news station, after greeting fans that were waiting outside, they had no idea what they were getting in to, until they went live.

The sight of the two of them drew in the biggest viewers the station had ever seen and were most likely never see again.

"So we have Barbie and Ken here with me," said Nadja Chamack.

The camera zoomed out and both of them smoothened countless eyes.

Nadja said. "So Barbie. Ken." Before she said. "Just wow. You come to us all the way from the year 4069. What's it's like being in our time, through your eyes?"

They both looked at each other.

"It has been...interesting," said Ken.

Barbie said. "Of course, we had to figure out a few things because of the advancements we're so used to. Which we can't spoil for you or the viewers. Some of the inventions in our time were made too close to this time so we don't want to change that"

"Man. I had such a hard time getting ready this morning" said Ken. "I'm so used to having everything just done for me, that a staff member had to show me and all I'm think 'How do you people live like this.'"

Barbie said. "Ken's clearly not a past guy but I aced it after my first try"

"Yes, she did." Said Ken. "I was like 'Barbie, how? I need to know your secrets. Teach me your ways'"

She laughed.

They're so fun together. Thought the audience.

Nadja said. "So here is a question for Ken." That got his attention. "Yesterday, you revealed onto the world that you were from Mars. Can you expand on that further without breaking the timeline? Did you grow up with any unique language?"

"...Ooh," he said. "Good question"

How are you so sexy? Look at that face! Thought many people.

"Yes, I did actually," he said. "But from a young age, you're taught several languages because you have all sorts of people coming in, that are not just coming from the planet Earth. But when I'm with my family, I speak this language called 'Chapquanza'. Such as"

And then he made some completely non-human sounds that resembled a demonic dog.

Everybody and their grandmother's eyes were open.

He said, back. "I just told you. I like your clothes"

"Oh, thank you," said Nadja.

Barbie said. "Yeah...Ken taught me a few but there was no way I could learn that fully"

"It's not very popular amongst none Martians," Ken said. "I think it sounds natural but Barbie tells me it sounds like your being chased by a vicious dog which made me laugh out loud"

She's not wrong. A lot of people were very interested to know how that language was established.

Nadja said. "Thank you, for sharing."

Before she said. "So have you guys seen it yet?"

"Seen what?" Said Barbie.

"The video posted on the Barbie account that is currently making its way up the trending page," said Nadja, so they hadn't seen it. "Let's have a look"

They turned to the screen behind them and when Ken saw the title he said, with a red face. "No. They didn't"

They did and Nadja pressed play as the music video 'King of the Kingdom' got played.

Barbie looked really surprised and Ken looked really embarrassed.

It was basically the guys singing about what they wanted and Ken brought the wholesomeness to selfishness but Trey was clearly the one stealing the show here.

His ego was amazing on screen.

The guy just bumped poor Ken out of the way.

When it was done, there was silence.

Barbie finally burst out laughing and said. "When did you guys do this?"

Ken was truly embarrassed and people took pictures of their screens.

"Ur, well," said Ken, strongling to answer before he found his voice and said. "When you girls were doing that Strength in Number song, we decided to get together and do this."


He said. "Yeah...I wish I had said no. I had no idea what I had got myself into"

Everybody could clearly see that.

Nadja said. "Can we talk about how amazing all of your voices are? It was just you, four doing most of it. Trey's voice was the biggest surprise. He just held that note near the end"

Yes, he surprised millions.

Ken said. "Well, I was surprised too but it makes sense since looking good is so important to that guy"

Nadja then paused and said. "Trey. He's such an interesting person with such an interesting personality. Some of your best moments, feature him. Do you think he's good for you're dynamic?"

Trey reminds Paris of a certain blond-haired girl and many had a fun theory that he might be a descendent of her.

Well, they were actually correct. Trey was a clone of one of Chloe descendants, taken 700 years from now.

In fact, a lot of fans, we're having fun trying to find out, who were the lucky people who were their ancestors in this time.

"Oh, yes. Definitely" said Barbie. "There is never a dull moment with him, we would never ask him to alter himself for our live stream. It's just..."

"When he goes full Trey, you just have to leave the room or brush it off," said Ken.

Barbie said. "He's like a little brother"

And then Ken had an epiphany and said. "Oh, I see what you mean" before he said. "But without Trey, we wouldn't know that much about social media posts. Trey is the king of how to grow a following. Sit down and make it clear you want to talk about social media with him and that guy would crank out a slideshow and talk to you for days. It's mind-blowing"

"And we love him," said Barbie.

Ken said. "Yes. Very much"

"So Barbie. Ken" said Nadja. "The world really wants to know about this guy"

They saw the screen change and it was Ivan.

The most flattering image of him, which was hard to find, because he was just so good looking from each angle.

"Oh, Ivan," said Barbie.

"This guy just showed up and the whole internet went wild," said Nadja. "Even when he's fighting you, he looks like he's in a cover commercial. How is your family tree so good looking?"

"I must admit, that even in our time Ivan looks are exceptional," said Barbie.

"He does model," said Ken.

Really? Give us pictures! Thought many people.

However, Barbie said. "However, it's for a completely different reason then just looks. Ivan is a very big somebody in our timeline, it was a miracle that he managed to see my massages and we could hang out. If we show you the official pictures, all of you will figure out who Ivan ancestor is because even their face is very famous here."


Everybody wanted to see those official pictures and hunt his Ancestor down so that they can force them to produce babies and watch Ivan come into being in a controlled environment.

"Well, we won't press then," said Nadja, knowing how crazy fans could be.

And then she said.

"So Ken. Barbie" said Nadja. "If there was something from this time that you would like to have, what would it be?"

They looked at each other.

Ken said. "A completely white, Grill cheese sandwich"


That was an incredibly interesting response. Thought everybody.

He said. "In the future, we are even more obsessed with what we put in our bodies then you lot. The white bread has actually gone extinct, so when we go to the shop, its either 50,50 or multi-grain and so the same with cheese. You order from a fast-food restaurant and your ordering a much healthier version of the burger. I saw a picture from the past once and it looked so good. I heard it messes up your skin but it looks so worth it. I would love that person forever, if I was handed a completely white grilled cheese"


So you live at the Grande Paris hotel, right?

Many people checked their kitchen.

Barbie said. "I don't really have anything I want to bring back with me." Before she said. "Other than Ken"

And the audience awwwed.

"But I think the memories of getting to meet people from the past who made you who you are, is an unforgettable experience," she said. "I know from movies that many of the audience imagine people from thousands of years in the future as somewhat cold, always wearing white and thinking ill of the past. But the truth is, we're still people, no matter how advanced our society gets, we still form bonds, we still freak out about tests and exams, we cry when a death happens in the family and we look at the past with rose-tinted glass. Just because we have more knowledge doesn't mean we don't feel. I'm sure people from 200 years ago, thought your time will be just as how you imagine us. Well, the cycle is here and our two timelines get along well with each other"

She was right.

Neither of them had been assholes or talked down to them.

Ken said. "Well, we can are a bit different fundamentally." Everybody looked at him. "But it took a lot to get to our world"

"Oh, yeah. A lot" she said, she remembered the years of trying not to attract attention while she stole DNA from people.

She remembered the years of making sure her target was dead.

She said, seeing them interested. "But we can't tell you any of that. If you want to our school library, there are just rows and rows of history. Information that should never be seen by people of your time."

Hawk Moth would come after them if they let it slip, they knew who he was.