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A Drunken Mistake

-All for One-

Scowling and staggering, All for One looked around the park he found himself trapped (read lost) in. "Are you okay mister?" turning to the voice, he saw a little green haired boy who just looked concerned, somehow not judging the secret super villain for daytime drunkenness.

"I can' fin the way out!" he growled, distinctly unamused at how long he'd been lost in this park and that his ride back was undoubtedly lone gone by now.

"The Park entrance is that way." The kid pointed to one of the nearby paths "And you can use my phone to call a taxi if you want." The kid smiled with wide faced innocence. Even drunk, and vision blurry that he had to be sure the kid didn't have four eyes, All for One could sense the distinct lack of quirk in the kid. Taking the offered phone and calling a taxi, he then looked back to the little green brat and nodded.

"Thanks kid." He slurred before covering the kid's face with his palm muffling the kid's voice as he forced a quirk into the boy, "Have this." Chuckling to himself as he left the now passed out child, All for One felt extremely smug. Could All Might do that?


"All Might, we have a lead on him." Nezu's eyes gleamed "Apparently he got drunk and made a mistake?" upon not getting a response from the phone, Nezu from "All Might?" hearing a sonic boom as something rapidly entered the U.A. Campus, Nezu just nodded satisfied, "Ah, there he is. Well, now he can join me for some tea."

"Where is he?!" All Might burst into the office as Nezu poured two cups "Where?!" the man was half dressed and ready to fight.

"I said we have a lead All Might, not the man's address." Nezu pushed over a cup "Tsukauchi and I went to the major hospitals awhile back and told the heads that we were tracking a villainous scientist who was injecting artificial quirks into people through very experimental and illegal means and to inform us if someone registered as quirkless showed up and suddenly had a quirk factor. Just as a precaution, and with the good detectives Lie detector quirk we knew it was safe. Anyway, a child was found passed out in a local park and, upon being rushed to the local hospital, he said he found a strange man drunk in the park who was lost. The child, despite being quirkless, wants to be a hero so he helped the man find the exit and let the man use his phone to call for a taxi. Afterwards, All for One, being the drunk in question, apparently gave the child a quirk and left him passed out. Thanks to the child's statement, Tsukauchi is now looking into the taxi service and finding that address you want."

"And the child?" All Might was still in fight mode.

"Excited at having a quirk, terrified about being in trouble for helping a villain, and still trying to figure out what quirk he has now." Nezu sipped his tea, "We had him moved to U.A. medical wing so Aizawa would help if his new quirk activates in a dangerous way."

"Nezu, get down here now!" the P.A. system from Recovery girls' office blared to life as he heard all sorts of madness apparently happening in there "We figured out the kid's quirk!" before Nezu could respond, he felt All Might grab him and start running through the halls, that beautiful undrunk tea tragically left behind. Getting to the First Aid room they saw the teachers all there surrounding a panicking child and a passed-out Midnight, the child in question surrounded by her famous pink mist even as Aizawa stared him down with glowing red eyes.

"What happened?!" All Might demanded.

"He…kid…quirk…BWAH?!" the ever-coherent Present Mic gripped his hair.

"The kid somehow took Midnight's quirk." Aizawa sighed exhausted even as he released his own nullification.

"Wait…then he…" All Might blinked for a moment before the man was rolling on the ground, laughing his ass off.

"What am I missing here?" Vlad King demanded confused, "Why is All Might here and why is he laughing like a lunatic?"

"The villain who gave this child a quirk possesses, or shall I say possessed, a quirk that let him take and give quirks from others. It would seem, in his drunken state, he accidentally gave the boy the wrong quirk."

"Meaning I can have all the backup I need when dealing with this monster and not have to worry." All Might bared his teeth in a savage grin, "My mentor will finally be avenged."

"Wait…the rumors about the super powerful crime lord ruling Japan from the shadows are true?" Power loader looked surprised before seeing the amusement in the situation, joining All Might and Nezu in their raucous laughter.

"I'm going to be the one stuck training this kid now, aren't I?" Aizawa sighed, the man more than used to being assigned the 'problem children' of U.A.

"Of course." Nezu beamed even as Aizawa shrunk into his sleeping bag like a grumpy caterpillar.

"I hate all of you."

-One week later-

Happily sipping his tea, Nezu waiting for his teaching staff to arrive for a meeting to discuss the new developments of the last week. It was stunning how simple All for One was to deal with if you had someone like Eraserhead turn off his quirks so All Might can punch the bastard to paste and Snipe can shoot what's left.

"Nezu, you're far too happy for my liking. What has Midoriya done now?" Aizawa arrived first and sighed.

"Why he made a friend!" Nezu smiled even as he offered his problem teacher a cup of tea.

"And?" the man waited for the other shoe to drop.

"Oh, some Yakuza tried kidnapping the boy and so he stole all their quirks and gave one to his new friend." Nezu passed over a file "The kid's first quirk was that he can brainwash anyone who responds to a statement or question he makes. His new second quirk forces people to answer a question when he asks them."

"Nezu, stop making tiny monsters!"




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