AN: This was originally going to just be a one-shot, but I had the thought of who else would become one of Nezu's 'tiny monsters' and wanted to make this second part. I still don't plan to make it a full story, might change my mind and make a crack filled slice of life at some point, but for now this is it.

AN2: Also, I know one of them wasn't the same age as this group but cut me some slack, it was stupidly hard to find good combinations for an entire class using only canon quirks that I took from villains. I had to dig through the wiki and use the episodes, but I think I have a good combination.

A Drunken Mistake

Chapter 2


Happily sipping his tea, Nezu smiled at his assembled staff all assembled to discuss the upcoming year, all of them noting his stellar mood. "Okay, I have to ask, why are you so happy?" Present Mic caved first and asked the question all the assembled heroes were thinking.

"Oh, you didn't realize?" Nezu fought hard to restrain his cackling "This is the year little Midoriya is joining our school as a student!" the teachers who'd met the boy either paled or looked excited, Aizawa just looked somehow even more tired.

"So, you'll be putting him and his friend Shinso into my class." The eternally exhausted underground hero sighed.

"Oh, not just them." Nezu gripped his teacup to control himself as Aizawa narrowed his eyes.

"How…many…more." Aizawa grit out as Nezu finally caved and started cackling.

"Nineteen more!" Nezu laughed as those who knew of little Midoriya, and the kind of monster he'd turned Shinso's quirk into, all paled.

"My class only holds twenty!" Aizawa protested hotly.

"Oh, don't worry, one is going to be Power Loader's." the support course teacher whimpered at that as the files were sent to the teachers.

"Class One A roster." Midnight read out "First seat, Izuku Midoriya, quirk: All for One. Able to take and give quirks at will." Those who'd joined the academy after young Midoriya got his quirk all looked stunned at that.

"Second seat, Hitoshi Shinso. Birth Quirk, the ability to brainwash anyone who answers him when he speaks. Second quirk, 'Confession', the ability to force anyone he asks a question to, to answer."

"Third Seat, Setsuna Tokage. Birth quirk, the ability to separate her limbs and move them independently, includes a regeneration ability for any destroyed body parts. Second quirk, 'Overhaul', able to manipulate the matter of anything she touches by breaking it down and reassembling it in whatever form they desire. Weakness was user has to make hand contact and if hands are destroyed user can't use the quirk. Negated by host's original quirk."

"Fourth Seat, Mezo Shoji. Birth Quirk, six limbs that could grow various new appendages and traits such as eyes, and ears. Second quirk, Muscle augmentation taken from the Villain 'Muscular', able to enhance the muscles of any part of his body, greatly increasing their strength. With multiple limbs, each can be enhanced allowing greater reach and strength exceeding most other pros."

"Fifth seat, Nirengeki Shoda. Birth Quirk, double Impact, the ability to make a blow and then use his quirk so a second blow is felt at the point of impact at several times the damage. Second quirk, 'Strong arm', allows him to rotate his arms at extreme speed and power, resulting in extremely fast and strong hits that are then replicate at ever greater strength by original quirk.

"Sixth seat, Reiko Yanagi. Birth Quirk, Poltergeist, telekinesis that at the moment only allows her to lift up to a normal person's body weight. Second quirk, 'Compress', allows her to turn anything whether living or non-living into a compressed lightweight marble which can then be manipulated by her birth quirk and turned back mid-flight at her will."

"Seventh seat, Denki Kaminari. Birth Quirk, Electrification, allows the user to generate electricity and expel it, weakness is that overdoing his 'watt' limit short circuits his bran and renders him unable to user higher brain function until he recovers. Second quirk, 'Amplivolt', taken from a Metaliberation supporter villain, allows the user to amplify and conduct electricity but not generate it, also makes the user immune to the negative effects of electricity. Result is Denki Kaminari being able to generate, amplify, and conduct electricity with no drawback to himself."

"Eighth seat, Jurota Shishida. Birth Quirk, Beast, makes Shishida have a constant more bestial appearance as well as being able to transform into a much larger more powerful and animalistic form. Second quirk, 'Chimera', taken from the villain of the same name. Grants several more animal traits that can be further boosted for more power. This includes fangs, scale armor, claws, and fire breath."

"Ninth seat, Katsuma Shimano. Birth Quirk, Cellular Activation, he can stimulate and speed up cellular activity including granting them regeneration. Second Quirk, 'Weather Manipulation' taken from the Villain 'Nine'. Grants full control of atmospheric weather phenomenon but at the cost of cellular decay, negated by birth quirk."

"Tenth Seat, Mashirao Ojiro. Birth Quirk, 'Tail', grants him a heavily muscles and prehensile tail which he utilizes in melee combat. Second Quirk, 'Barrier', grants him the ability to make domed telekinetic barriers around him that are nearly indestructible. When combined with his fighting style and timing allows him to use offensively by adding their durability to his blows and granting him defense to add to his style."

"Eleventh seat, Toru Hagakure. Birth Quirk, 'Invisibility', makes her invisible at all times by constantly bending light around her. Second quirk, 'Mimicry', allows the user to transfer their mind and body into solid objects to manipulate them as an actual body. Combined with her real body's invisibility allows her to make new bodies, attack, and then retreat invisibility to find a new angle to strike."

"Twelfth seat, Fumikage Tokoyami. Birth Quirk, 'Dark Shadow', a sentient quirk that grows stronger but also more violent and unruly the darker it is. Secondary Quirk, 'Cremation', a powerful flame generation quirk that allows the user to make bright blue flames around themselves, allows light to help manage Dark Shadow but also can burn the wielder if overused. Third quirk, 'Super regeneration', allows for intense self-healing, able to counteract side effects of Cremation."

"Thirteenth seat, Ibara Shiozaki. Birth Quirk, 'Vines', gives her hair-like vines that grow on her head which she can manipulate and use to attack, defend, or restrain. Second quirk, 'Slice', gives the user to move, sharpen, and harden, their own hair. Combines with Vines to grant further control and allow the fines to be as hard and sharp as Shiozaki wishes."

"Fourteenth seat, Itsuka Kendo. Birth Quirk, 'Big fist', allows her to expand the size of her fists which increases her punching power. Second quirk, 'Strike' allows the user to charge up and empower their blows, the longer they charge, the more powerful the strike."

"Fifteenth seat, Sen Kaibara. Birth Quirk, 'Gyrate', allows the user to rotate any part of their body at high speeds. Second Quirk, 'Spike', allows the user to grow sharp metallic like spikes from their hands and feet which can be rotated by the birth quirk to give him natural drills."

"Sixteenth seat, Tenya Iida. Birth Quirk, 'Engine', grants the user engines in his legs which allow phenomenal speed and kicking power. Second quirk, 'Crystalize', allows the user to grow crystals on their power which grant defense and can be used to make blows more devastating."

"Seventeenth seat, Eijiro Kirishima. Birth Quirk, 'Hardening', allows the user to harden his own skin, sharpening parts and increasing durability, the harder and sharper he goes the more stamina it takes. Second quirk, 'Vitality stealing', by touching someone and inhaling, he can steal their stamina to further increase his strength and size while recovering stamina."

"Eighteenth Seat, Juzo Honenuki. Birth Quirk, 'Softening', allows the user to soften anything he touches into a semi-liquid state. Second quirk, 'Finger guns', allows the user to turn their fingers into guns that fire with the speed of a machine gun, combines with first quirk to allow him to get opponents trapped and stuck in softened ground where they are easy targets."

"Nineteenth Seat, Mina Ashido. Birth Quirk, 'Acid', allows the user to secrete acid from their skin. Second Quirk, 'Air Step', allows the user to walk on air, added mobility allows the user to rain acid on anyone they choose from anywhere."

"Twentieth seat, Inasa Yoarashi. Birth Quirk, 'Whirlwind', grants user complete control of the air around them. Second Quirk, 'Endurance', allows the user to turn their physical morale into physical energy and stamina."

"At least the last one doesn't sound like too bad of a combination." Vlad King tries to console the nearly sobbing Aizawa who seems to perk up hopefully at that.

"The young man is already six foot three, muscled in a way that makes it seem he might be built like All Might in a few years, and his personality is already 'teenage All Might on all the coffee'." Nezu cackles "He's quite literally the most enthusiastic and driven young man I've met in years." Oh look, he might have broken Aizawa.

"And mine?" Power Loader gulps as Nezu hands him a small file.

"Mei Hatsume, Birth Quirk 'Zoom', allows the user eyesight that can zoom, to the point of even seeing things up to five kilometers away with ease. Second quirk, 'Metal Manipulation' allowing them to manipulate the metallic structure of anything they're in contact with." Power loader perks up at hearing that.

"That doesn't sound that bad to deal with….what's that?" the man was afraid again as Nezu dumped a massive second file on the table.

"The list of all the noise and explosion complaints she's had levied at her, the complaints from her sneaking into junk yards for metal and parts to tinker with, times she's gotten in trouble for dismantling random appliances and technology around Japan because 'she can make it better', and other similar situations you should be aware of." Nezu smiled innocently as Power Loader joined Aizawa in sobbing.

"STOP MAKING TINY MONSTERS!" the two broken men demanded.

"YOU'LL NEVER STOP ME!" Nezu cackled as he ran out of the room, he needed more tea to celebrate so many entertaining new students.