Spider-Man/ Doctor Strange: The Midnight Sons Chapter 1

Earth Prime, Queens New York October 31st

*alarm buzz* Peter Parker rolls over in bed as he reaches to hit the snooze button. He hits his hand all over the night stand as he eventually shuts it off.

"Bout time" said MJ as she puts her arm around him. "Good morning to you too" Peter replied with a kiss to his girlfriend.

MJ was in the kitchen making coffee as Peter quickly hopped in the shower to get ready for work at The Daily Bugle.

"Peter, dont forget later we're meeting with your aunt tonight" said MJ. "Oh yeah, the Halloween Festival she does volunteer work for" replied Peter as he frantically puts on his "work" suit. "You picked out your costume right?" asked MJ. "Well, I mean I'm... technically wearing it." said Peter as he grabbed his mask and backpack. "Really?" asked MJ as she questioned Peter's dangerously obvious choice. "Why what's wrong?" asked Peter. "You sure you wanna do that when everyone knew who you we're at one point?" asked MJ. "I got a good lawyer didn't I? Besides, it's not like I'll have the mask on the whole time. I'll just look like someone cosplaying as me" said Peter as the sirens of Police cars filled the streets.

Peter and MJ looked out the window. MJ looked back at Peter as she knew it was time for him to go to work. "Go get em tiger" she said with a smile. Peter gives a goodbye kiss on the cheek as he masks up and leaps out the window and swings away.

Spider-Man was off to the races as he was following the police convoy.

"WOOOOOOOO! HAPPY HALLOWEEN NEW YORK!" he screams as he was in a good mood today.

He swings and sees a speeding car with armed men shooting back at police.

"AW man. Third time this week. At least I'll make this quick so I won't late for work" said Peter as he lands on top of the vehicle. He looks at the driver and signals him to roll down the window.

"Morning fellas. Hey do you mind if we cut this short? I kinda have places to be today" said Spider-Man as he gets shot at but dodges out of the way. "Guys it's Halloween for goodness sake, even bad guys take the holidays off right?" asked Spider-Man as he yanked both the guns and men from the car. Spider-Man created web nets to catch the thugs and one for the car so it wouldn't cause collateral damage.

"Thanks for the help Spidey" said the officer. "Just doing my part as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Happy Halloween !" shouts Spider-Man as he swings off.

Peter swings to the building of The Bugle and quickly heads to the men's room undetected as he changes from his suit to his clothes.

Peter heads to J. Jonah Jameson's office as his boss greets him.

"PARKER! You're late." said J.J. "Sorry Mr. Jameson, Lotta traffic this morning. You know how it is." explained Peter. "Course I do. It's New York. There's always traffic. Anyway, I need pictures for this morning's headline! Whaddya got?!" asked Jameson as Peter pulled out a folder of pictures.

J. Jonah Jameson with his cigar in hand, goes through the pics. "These are crap. Crap. Crap. Mega crap. But these'll do. Definitely not like the shots of Spider-Man fighting Count Dracula. Still never told me how you managed to do it. Got me my highest rated episode of the podcast!" said Jameson.

"It was just a very long night" Peter replied. "Well don't just stand there? What are you waiting for? Chinese New Year? Get me more pictures of that wall crawling menace!" shouts Jameson. "Right away Mr. Jameson.

"He had to bring up Dracula didn't he?" asked Peter to himself