Spider-Man/Doctor Strange The Midnight Sons Post Credits Scene

Somewhere deep in Space.

"Hey Quill! We got an incoming distress call!" said Rocket.

"Play it!" said Quill.

"My name is Sara Lance. I've been taken by some alien race for two weeks now. If this message gets out hopefully my team can trace it back and get me the hell out of here. If not, guess I'll have to find a way out of here myself. Ava. If you get this. I love you so much. Everyday that passes is a day that motivates me more to come back home. I'll come back to you. Whatever it takes."

The transmission ends as Peter then orders his crew

"Nebula see if you can trace the signal. Gamora as soon as she does, set a course to the coordinates. Hang on Lance, we're coming to get ya" Star Lord assures.

"Guys?" said Mantis as she sees a drifting body.

"Get us closer!" said Star Lord as the Benetar flies closer. The body however lands on the windshield.

"Is that...?" asked Drax.

"Oh my god..." said Gamora.

"I am Groot?" asked Groot.

The body that drifted was none other than Sara Lance's.

To be continued in: Legends of the Guardians Galaxy of Tomorrow