The workers around the Cerulean Harbor watched as a huge ship sailed in. It was somewhat antiquated, being made of wood and propelled by wind sails, but it also seemed to have some modern additions, as evidenced by the bright lights that could be seen blinking around the hull. Whatever the case, the workers were clearly familiar with the vessel; some had looks of resignation on their faces, while others simply shrugged. However, there was one young man among them who seemed excited.

"She's back," he said in awe. "The Shining Pearl has finally returned!"

"Yeah, yeah," one of his co-workers said. "Which means we'll have to deal with the captain again."

"I mean, I wouldn't mind," the brown-haired boy said. "I might-"

"You won't," his co-worker interrupted. "Face it, Georgio, you don't stand a chance."

"You don't know that!" said Georgio. "I'll show you!"

"Fine," his partner said. "But you're tying the Pearl to the docks."

Georgio groaned, but did not complain. They then watched as the mast turned around, moving the boom right over them. They watched as a familiar figure swung down from a rope onto the dock and landed in front of the two dock workers.

The figure was a young lady with bright orange hair that was braided into dreadlocks. She was wearing a long dark blue coat which partly covered up her blue vest, yellow shirt, and faded blue pants, and extended almost all the way to her brown boots. She also wore a bandolier which held several pokeballs, as well as a thick belt which held a few more Pokeballs, as well as a sword. Most notable, however, was the three-cornered hat that she wore over the bandanna on her head.

The two workers watched as the girl walked towards them in a rather erratic manner. However, she continued to walk, ignoring them entirely.

"Captain?" the older man said, catching her attention. "You forgot to pay for docking your ship."

The girl turned around and made her way towards them.

"What say we forget the payment and you won't have to deal with any mysteriously disappearing cargo tonight?"

"Are you threatening us?" the man said as his eyes narrowed.

"No," the captain replied. "I'm just saying that I've heard that Team Rocket was sighted in your whereabouts, and it would be in your best interest to have some friendly firepower, mate. You know, just in case they do indeed decide to turn their attention to whatever precious cargo you have stored around these ships. Savvy?"

The man swallowed hard, then looked up at the Shining Pearl. He then looked at the Captain with a strained smile.

"Welcome back to Cerulean, Captain Waterflower."

With that, the worker rushed off, leaving Georgio behind to deal with her.

"Hey, Misty!" the boy said. "I hear you've had some pretty rough adventures-"

"Don't bother, Georgio," the orange haired girl said as she drew her sword. "I'm in a hurry, and we hardly have the time to spend on pleasantries."

"Well, maybe I can convince you!" Georgio said as he lifted up his hands. "I mean, you can't just spend all your time either sailing out there or fighting challengers here! You've got to have fun sometimes, right?"

"I have plenty of fun doing both," Misty said as she leaned on her sword. "I don't suppose you can offer me anything better."

"Well," said Georgio, "I happen to have three VIP season passes to this year's Kanto Baseball league!"

"Oh?" said Misty.

"Yeah!" said Georgio. "They're extremely hard to get, but I got lucky enough to win them in a contest recently, so I figured… since it's just me, maybe you'd like to share the second pass?"

"Intriguing," Misty deadpanned. "But have you not stopped to consider that there's a third pass? What, pray tell, do you plan on doing with that one?"

Georgio opened his mouth, then closed it. He lifted a finger, then lowered it. Finally, he shrugged.

"Maybe you could give it to your first mate?"

Misty raised an eyebrow, then looked up at her ship.

"Oi, Nessa!" she yelled. "What say you about baseball?"

A dark skinned girl with striped black and blue hair peered out from above.

"I prefer football, honestly!"

"Unovan or Glarian?"

"Which do you think?"

Misty shrugged, then turned back towards Georgio.

"I don't think she's interested, mate."

"Well, I'm sure I could find someone else who wants it," said Georgio. "Besides, the Electabuzz are probably going to dominate this year! Don't you want to be there to watch firsthand?"

"First of all," said Misty, "your chosen favorite team is an embarrassment to baseball, not to mention sports in general. Second of all, I have plenty of things to do that are more important than watching people running around throwing balls at each other. I'm a bloody Gym Leader, mate. And a ship captain. I don't have time to waste on your silliness. And lastly, you're not that good at convincing me anyway."

She then leaned in close to Georgio, causing a shiver to crawl up his spine.

"So don't get your hopes up, mate. Savvy?"

She then stepped back and sheathed her sword.

"But if it helps, it was much more convincing than some of your other attempts," she said with a smirk. "So, if it makes you feel any better, you can always remember this as the day that you almost seduced Captain Misty Waterflower."

With that, the young captain turned away and began to walk off in her own erratic fashion. Georgio sighed, then looked down at the ropes.

"Well, I guess I'd better get to work."

He then heard a splash up ahead. Realizing that Misty was no longer there, he rushed forwards, and saw her hat floating on the water.

"Misty! Are you okay?!"

In response, she popped her head and hands up above the waves, holding a very confused Horsea.

"I'm keeping him!"

Ash was clearly excited as he and his friends walked into the Pokemon Center. After the rather eventful passage through Mount Moon, he was determined to win his second badge. More importantly, he wanted to find out just how helpful Cynthia's advice could be.

"Well, even if I only have four Pokemon, that should be enough to win, right?" he said.

"It should be," said Sam. "After all, most gym battles have between two and four Pokemon. So I doubt you're going to need more than what you've got now."

"Pika, Pika."

"Great," said Ash. "I mean, I know Riolu wants to have her first big gym battle, so I'm probably going to use her."

"Rio, Riolu!"

"I thought you'd like that," Ash said as he looked down at his newest Pokemon with a smile. "As for the rest of the team, I think I might use Spearow, since she hasn't had a battle yet. And probably Meowth too."

"I like that idea!" said Meowth. "Let's do that!"

"Okay," said Ash. "But first, let me call Professor Oak. I need to get my Pokedex upgraded."

"Oh yeah," said Meowth. "You really want to be able to scan Riolu, right?"


"Yeah," said Ash. "I wanna learn more about you, and the Pokedex helps a lot with that!"

They soon reached the video phones, where Ash sat down next to the closest phone available. He then put in a coin and began to dial the number to Professor Oak's lab. After a few moments, a familiar voice responded.

"Hello, this is Professor Oak. Who's speaking?"

"Professor Oak?" said Ash. "It's me!"

"Ah, Ash!" the voice said. The video screen then switched on, and displayed the familiar face of the Kanto region's most respected scientist. "What a pleasure to see you, my boy! How has your journey been going so far?"

"It's been great!" said Ash. "I got my first badge at Pewter City, and I'm aiming to get my second one at Cerulean!"

"Well, that's wonderful!" said Oak. "You're doing very well! And how has Meowth been? He hasn't given you any trouble, has he?"

"Hardly," said Ash as he petted his partner. "We're best buddies!"

"Yeah!" said Meowth. "Traveling with Ash is way better than being a lab Rattata at your lab!"

"Ratta!" Ratty cried out, slightly offended by the comparison.

"Ah, well," said Oak, disappointment heavy in his voice, "I suppose I can't fault you for wishing to not be a subject of study. A shame, really. I would love to find out just how a Pokemon learned to speak a human language."

Fortunately, the old professor quickly perked back up.

"But enough about me! Why don't you tell me more, Ash? Perhaps you could start by introducing me to your friends?"

"Oh yeah," said Ash as he looked over to his companions. "These are my friends who I met and wanted to travel with me!"

"Hello," said Sam, "My name is Sam. And this is Pikachu."


"Really?" said Oak. "What a coincidence. My name is Sam too!"

"Oh yeah," said Ash. "I forgot that your first name was Sam."

"For realzies?" said Mikaela, "'Cause I thought your first name was Professor."

Everyone looked at Mikaela.

"Oh yeah," she said. "I'm Mikaela. And this is Eevee!"


Oak looked at her in bemusement.

"Well… it's nice to meet you," he said, then turned to Maria. "And who might you be?"

"I'm Maria," the blonde girl replied. "This is mi amigo Ratty."


"An Alolan variant?" said Oak. "That's interesting. Where did you get him?"

"He was stealing our food in Pewter City," said Ash. "We don't know how he got there, though."

He then pointed at Riolu.

"Speaking of which, I also found her. She's a Riolu from Sinnoh. I wanted to scan her, but my Pokedex doesn't have her data. Do you think I could get an upgrade or something?"

"Oh," Oak said, his voice clearly showing interest. "That is unusual. Have you found any other foreign Pokemon?"

"A few," Ash replied, though he decided not to elaborate. He had the feeling that Oak would not be happy to learn about his encounters with Team Rocket. And if Oak were to tell his mother… well, Ash really didn't want to think about that.

"I see," said Oak. "If you could connect your Pokedex to the computer terminal, I'll have some of the more advanced functions unlocked."

"Thanks," Ash said as he plugged his Pokedex in. "I can't wait to learn everything about Riolu."


"I'm sure you are," Oak said with a smile. "By the way, I've noticed that you currently have a total of four Pokemon. While it's certainly not a bad number, I've noticed that you seem to be lagging behind Gary as he-"

"I know," said Ash. "We met at Mount Moon."

"Oh, did you?" said Oak. "Well, that's wonderful! How is he doing?"

"He's fine," Ash said simply. "And yeah, he has more Pokemon than me, but that just means I can bond better with the ones I have now, right?"

Oak looked at him in surprise.

"That's… a surprisingly mature insight," he said.

At that moment, Ash's Pokedex beeped, and Ash picked up the device with a grin.

"Perfect," he said happily. "Now we can figure out how to beat the Cerulean Gym!"

"Ah yes," said Oak. "I believe that the Gym Leaders of Cerulean City use water type Pokemon."

"Gym Leaders?" said Mikaela. "You mean there's more than one?"

"Oh yes," said Oak. "Well, technically, Misty is the official Gym Leader. However, she's also a ship captain, and there are times when her duties at sea take her away from Cerulean. During these times, she employs her sisters as temporary Leaders in her absence."

"Oh, yeah," said Sam. "You mean the Sensational Sisters, don't you?"

"Ooh!" said Mikaela. "I love their performances!"

"Vee! Vee!"

"Can they really do that, though?" said Maria. "Just let someone replace the Gym Leader whenever they can't do it?"

"Oh, it's more complicated than that," Oak reassured her. "Substitute Leaders have to prove that they are as competent as the leaders they seek to stand in for. Therefore I can assure you that Misty's sisters will not be pushovers."

"That's good," Ash said with a grin. "I don't want to have the badge handed to me. I want to earn it!"

"You said it!" said Meowth.

"Well, you certainly have the right attitude," said Oak. "I would be very worried if you wanted to take the easy way out."

"Well, that wouldn't be right," said Ash. "I wouldn't have learned anything about Pokemon that way."

"Exactly," said Oak. "I am so glad you know what you're doing, Ash."

At that moment, the doorbell was heard on Oak's side of the call.

"Oh, that must be my pizza!" he said excitedly. "I'm sorry, Ash, but I'm afraid I'll have to cut this call short. But it was great to see you, and I hope to hear from you again soon!"

With that, the screen went blank. Ash looked at the screen for a moment, rather surprised by the abrupt ending to the call. He then looked down at his newly-upgraded Pokedex, then opened it and pointed it at Riolu.

"Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon. Riolu can discern the physical and emotional states of people, Pokémon, and other natural things from the shape of their aura waves. Despite its small body, Riolu is strong enough to crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night."

"Wow," said Ash as he put the device away. "You're pretty strong, aren't you, Riolu?"

"Rio, Rio!" Riolu said as she lifted up a paw.

"Yeah, Riolu are great," said Mikaela. "They're really strong, and their aura powers make them even more unpredictable than most other Pokemon!"

"Neat," said Ash. "I'll bet you're going to be a great teammate, Riolu!"

"Rio! Rio Riolu!"

"She said thanks," said Meowth. "And she says she can feel that you'll be a great partner too."

"Aw, thanks!" said Ash. "You know, I'll bet Cody would love to meet you!"

He then began to press the video phone's buttons, dialing his best friend's number. After a few moments, Cody's face appeared on the screen.

"Ash!" the purple-haired boy said excitedly. "You remembered to call!"

"Hey Cody," said Ash. "We just made it to Cerulean, so I'm going to be trying to get my second badge soon."

"Cool," said Cody. "I sure am glad you didn't leave me on the bench this time!"

"Jeez, I said I'm sorry!" said Ash. "Look, I can't always call, since I'm on the road a lot. But I'll call whenever I can get the chance."

"Of course he will!" said Meowth. "You're his buddy after all, right?"

"Yeah, we sure are buddies," said Cody. "Well, have you been having fun?"

"I sure have!" said Ash. "Mount Moon was a pretty wild ride!"

"Ri, Riolu!" said Riolu.

"That sounds great," said Cody as he looked at Riolu. "And who is that?"

"This is Riolu," Ash said as he brought his newest catch up to the video phone. "I just caught her a few days ago."

"Wow," said Cody, "she looks like a real major leaguer!"

"Yeah," said Ash. "I'm planning on using her in my next gym battle."

"Oh yeah?" said Cody. "Isn't the Cerulean Gym also where the Sensational Sisters do their performances?"

"Yeah!" Mikaela piped in. "They're super famous!"

"I know!" said Cody, a huge smile on his face. "They are so talented, and they're so beautiful when they're out on the stage! Not to mention that they always hit it out of the park when they're performing, and how they…"

He then froze up when he realized that the others were staring at him.

"I mean, that's what I've heard," he said quickly. "I mean, it's not like I'd be watching something girly like that."

Ash and his friends stared at Cody for a moment, unsure of how to respond. Then, Maria decided to speak.

"Well… just because they're all girls doesn't mean you can't like it just because you're a boy."

"Rattata, tatta!"

At this, Cody seemed to squirm uncomfortably. However, it only lasted a few seconds, and he soon had a smile on his face once again.

"I mean, I'm more of a baseball guy. So whatever."

"Uh, sure," said Meowth.

"Rio, Riolu," Riolu said as she watched Cody with a curious expression.

"Anyway," said Ash, determined to make his friend feel better, "how have you been?"

"Oh, I'm doing great," said Cody. "So yesterday, we played baseball at my school, and it was great!"

Ash grinned as he listened to Cody's story.

"Well, that was cool," Meowth said as they walked towards the PokeMart section. "Your friend is real nice. Right Riolu?"

"Riolu, Ri!" Riolu said. "Riolu, Ri Rio, Riolulu."

"Really?" said Meowth. "I mean I didn't see anything wrong with him."

"Rio, lu Rio, ri."

"Oh, I see," said Meowth.

"What's Riolu saying?" Ash asked.

"She says that there's something about Cody that was a bit weird," Meowth explained. "Not anything bad, necessarily, but something that didn't quite feel right about him."

"Riolu, Rio Riolu Ririo."

"Yeah," said Meowth, "she says that she wishes she could get to see Cody for real, since she can't really get a good feel for his aura over the videophone."

"Well, I'm sure it's nothing bad," said Ash. "Cody is my best friend, after all!"

"Yeah!" said Mikaela. "I'll bet his aura is just fine!"

"Ririo! Riolu Riolu, Olulu Riolu!"

"She says she agrees," said Meowth. "Also, she really wants to get to training so she can get strong enough to win that badge."

"Man, you're going to be a great teammate," said Ash. "Let's get to it, then!"

He then looked around the PokeMart section, seeking out one particular area. He then grinned when he saw what he was looking for.

"There!" he said as he reached a section full of small discs.

"Oh cool!" said Mikaela. "The TM section!"

"Let me guess," said Sam, "you're looking for something that will help with water types?"

"Yeah," said Ash. "Since I don't have any Pokemon with a type advantage against water types, I'm hoping to get something to give me an advantage."

"Neat," said Mikaela. "Maybe I should get something for my team too!"

The group looked around the section, looking at the various technical machines available. Then Mikaela's face lit up as she grabbed a purple disc.

"How about this?" she said as she held the disc.

"That's for Shadow Ball," said Maria. "It's a ghost type move. It's not really good for water types.

"Raa, tatatta."

"Oh," said Mikaela. "But are there any of my Pokemon that can learn it?"

"Eevee! Eevee!"

Maria sighed and turned back to the TMs. She then spotted a yellow one and pulled it out.

"How about this one? It says it's for Electroweb."

"Is that something I can teach to Eevee?"


"Probably not," said Maria. "But this one is an electric type move, so it should be able to help against Misty."

"Oh, electric type?" said Mikaela. "Maybe I can teach it to Shinx!"

Maria chuckled as she took the TM. At the same time, Ash and Riolu had found another good move.

"Thunder Punch?" said Ash. "That sounds like something you could learn. Not to mention it would help a lot against Misty. What do you say, Riolu?"

"Ri! Riolu!"

"I knew you'd love it," said Ash. He then grabbed the yellow disc from the TM section and took it to the checkout section. After he had bought it, he put it into his Pokedex.

"Booted up a TM. It contains Thunder Punch. Teach a Pokemon Thunder Punch?"

Ash then confirmed that he was teaching the move. He then selected Riolu's icon, which quickly showed him a confirmation logo.

"Riolu has learned Thunder Punch!"

Riolu then clutched her head, though she seemed more surprised than hurt.


"Sorry about that," said Ash as she rubbed the emanation Pokemon's head. "But don't worry. Once we've practiced a bit, that new move will be a big help against Misty's team!"

Riolu's eyes lit up at the mention of a battle, and she nodded enthusiastically. Ash grinned, then turned to his friends, who had found a variety of TMs of their own.

"Hey guys," he said. "Did you find anything good?"

"Yeah!" Mikaela said eagerly. "I'm going to teach Eevee to use Shadow Ball!"

"Vee! Vee!"

"That… doesn't help against Misty," said Sam.

"No!" said Mikaela. "But it's cool!"

With a sigh, Maria lifted her own TM.

"I found a TM for Electroweb," she said.

"Oh cool!" said Mikaela. "I bet Metapod can learn it!"

Maria facefaulted at Mikaela's remark.

Ash and his team stood in the field behind the Pokemon Center. Riolu and Metapod had both come out, and were ready to practice their new moves, while Sam's Pikachu was standing opposite of them, much to his chagrin.

"You ready, guys?"

Riolu and Metapod cried out with determination, while Pikachu simply grunted.

"Come on, Pikachu," said Sam. "You're an electric type. You're the only one we can use to practice on."

"Pika," Pikachu said, his voice showing a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

"Well, as long as we can practice," said Ash. "Riolu! Use Thunder Punch!"

Riolu barked as her fists were coated with electricity. She then rushed forwards and punched Pikachu, who seemed more annoyed than hurt.

"Yeah!" said Ash. "Well done!"

"Rio!" Riolu cried out as she moved in for a second punch. But before she could strike, the electricity in her fists fizzled out, and she ended up getting electrocuted by Pikachu.


The emanation Pokemon landed in a charred heap in front of her opponent.

"Pika Pikachu," Pikachu muttered.

"Riolu!" said Ash. "Are you okay?"


"She asked if anyone's got some cheri berries," said Meowth.

Metapod stood in front of Pikachu, determined to master his new moves.

At least, it looked like he was determined. It was hard to tell with Metapod sometimes.

In any case, Ash certainly hoped he would master his new move. It would be incredibly useful for dealing with Misty's team.

"Okay, Metapod!" he said. "Use Electroweb!"

Metapod shot out a number of strings towards Pikachu. However, Ash was disappointed to see that they didn't look any different from his regular String Shot.

"Are you sure you're using the right move, Metapod?" he asked.

"Meta," Metapod replied as he finished his move. Pikachu was mostly wrapped in bug string, though it didn't seem as if Metapod had managed to produce any electricity.

"Come on, Metapod," said Ash. "Electroweb!"

Metapod's body began to spark, and he shot out another round of string. This time, it was clearly coated in electric energy, which became even more evident as it surrounded Pikachu.


The electrified string enveloped Pikachu, wrapping him even more than the ordinary string had. Then, it flashed brightly as it let out a blast of electricity.

"Yes!" said Ash. "That was perfect!"

"Meta!" Metapod said in delight. He then let out a stream of regular string, wrapping Pikachu up once more.


"Okay," said Ash, "maybe we still need to practice."

Ash's friends watched as he and his pokemon continued to practice their new moves.

"You know, I think I might need to borrow Ash's Pokedex if I want to teach Eevee to use Shadow Ball," said Mikaela. "Or get one of my own."

"Yeah," said Maria. "Do you think it would be useful for Eevee to know Shadow Ball?"

"Totally!" said Mikaela. "Ghost type Pokemon are immune to normal type moves, after all, so Eevee needs some way to deal with them."

"Oh," said Maria. "I didn't know that."

"Well, type matchups are important," said Sam. "It's kind of like how when Ash had his battle with The Brock, he taught Meowth to use Iron Tail, or how he's teaching his Pokemon how to use Electric type moves bow. It's always good to have options to deal with Pokemon you weren't expecting."

"Very astute observation, sir. I would love to see where you're planning on going with this knowledge of yours."

The group quickly turned around at the new voice. Standing before them was a girl with orange hair and clothes that looked more like something from an old pirate movie than anything.

"Uh, hola?" said Maria. "Who are you?"

"I think that's the Gym Leader," said Sam. "You're Misty, right?"

"Captain Misty," the girl said. "As for you, would I be right in assuming that your friend over there who is practicing with electric moves is planning to challenge me soon enough?"

"Yup," said Mikaela. "Ash is going to win his next badge really soon!"

"Oh good," said Misty as she put her arm over the other girl's shoulder. "I do love a challenge. Though I'm not much of a fan of those shock type moves."

"You mean electric, right?" said Mikaela.

"Whatever you want to call them," said Misty. "They're annoying to deal with. But I can assure you that we can manage."

She then began to walk off, leaving the group behind.

"Well," said Sam, "that happened."

"Yeah," said Maria. "She's a bit odd, really."


"A bit," said Mikaela. "But I like her!"


Mikaela then put her hands into her pockets. She then realized something strange.

Where's my TM?"

In the lobby of the Pokemon Center, Misty frowned as she looked at the disc.

"Ghost type," she said in disappointment. "Not that useful to me."

She shrugged and put it back in her pocket, resolving to find some use for it.

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