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Chapter 1: A Fatal Failure

It was supposed to be an easy mission! They had made it so far, undergone so much pain! Yet thanks to her incompetence, their world was doomed. The world that they had spent much of their life defending was about to fall into nothingness. Evil had won the fight between it and good. Worst of all, she was entirely to blame: it was her recklessness that cost the mission. She had been told time and time again how much her impulsivity would cost her. Now, for her actions, she would be known as the foolish Skylander whose inability to wait let evil destroy her world. As a certain vampire derby girl hurtled helplessly throughout space and time, she wondered where had things gone so wrong.

Morale was high, and victory was within their grasp. They had the Dark Rift Engine with them, and they had just infiltrated the Sky Eater. The two best saboteurs and stealth experts of the Superchargers were ready to finish to the fight. On one hand was an elven girl with green skin, blue hair put into a ponytail/braid, and milky eyes wearing a green and yellow suit, a wooden helmet fused with metallic parts, black boots and gloves, and wielding a minigun made of wood. Her partner was a vampiress with glowing pink eyes, pink skin, and pink hair braided into a ponytail wearing bony armor on her forearms and head, black gloves and a sleeveless black dress, a black skirt, purple leggings, and bony roller skates. The armor on her right arm had a wicked scythe-like blade glowing with pink energy attached to it. These two were part of the most elite Skylander squadron developed thus far: the Superchargers.

"Ready, Roller Brawl?" the elf asked her vampire partner.

"You know it, Stealth Elf! Let's roll and bring this bad boy down!" Roller Brawl answered, a cocky smile, revealing her fangs, present on her face.

"Just remember. We must be silent, but deadly! Emphasis on the 'silent' part," Stealth Elf said. Nodding, Roller Brawl readied herself to fight. Within the Sky Eater would be the elite Drow servants of their archnemesis: the Dark Portal Master Kaos.

"YES! YES! The magic of Skylands flows through me! I feel like I could take on a thousand Ancients!" a deep, malevolent voice raved. This came from a violent cyclone of what looked like purplish-black smoke, with a square face coupled with horns and a mustache in the center of it. "You've done very well Kaos. I could not be any prouder of you!"

"HAHAHAHA! You see? I, Kaos, Emperor of Skylands, can be useful to you! And is it true? We can spread the awesomeness of my empire to stretch the universe?" a small squat man, Kaos, continued. His head was entirely bald, but it came with a strange alignment of six blue triangles. On his face were stranger black lines over his red eyes, and on his head was a jewel-encrusted cross between a crown and tiara. His attire was a purple robe, white breeches, and old-timey shoes with square buckles. Kaos was Public Enemy Number One of Skylands, making countless attempts to forge an empire and rule with a iron fist. Quite literally in one case, involving the ancient yet advanced empire of Arkeyans.

"Oh yes. I assure you. Your awesomeness will spread across the universe and spread doom and destruction to those that try and oppose you!" his partner continued. "All shall fear and obey us!" With this proclamation, two voices began laughing, their chortling melded with malice and evil.

"Mwaah!" Roller Brawl blew a kiss at a Pitch-Black Pitcher, weakening it and feeling some of its essence transfer into her. Afterwards, she rushed forward and used the blade attached to her wrist to slice them to ribbons. Meanwhile, Stealth Elf was disappearing and reappearing constantly, leaving sentry guns that punctured holes in Dark Drow, and turning more into Swiss cheese with her dagger cannon.

"Good work, RB. That clears up this section. Just one more before we can get to the main control center and get the Dark Rift Engine working!" Stealth Elf complimented.

"Thanks! But let's get movin'! I want to make sure Kaos' keister is kicked so hard, he'll think twice before messing with us!" Roller Brawl boasted, a toothy grin plastered on her face. Running up the elevator, the two girls made their way to the main control room of the Sky Eater.

It was tricky, but in time, the two Skylanders managed to make their way to main control ship of the Sky Eater. Apparently, it also doubled as an observation hall, as from here, Roller Brawl and Stealth Elf could see the devastation that had been wrought upon their home world, and it was horrible. Kaos really had crossed a line this time, and he would be lucky if he didn't get life in the rebuilt CloudCracker Prison.

"The Dark Rift Engine is in place, all we gotta do now is... Roller Brawl, what are you doing?" Stealth Elf said before noticing the vampire Supercharger heading for one of the control panels. "Don't be reckless! You don't know what any of those controls might do!"

"But if this controls the Sky Eater, maybe there's a chance that we can undo all the destruction brought by Kaos and his minions! We have to at least see what we can do!" Roller Brawl protested.

Figuring she had a point, Stealth Elf nodded. "Alright. Just be careful," As Stealth Elf pushed it closer to the core of the Sky Eater, which now looked like a giant black lava lamp, she readied the activation of the machine that would take the Darkness back to whatever realm it originally came from. However, what neither of them thought was that they were being watched.

"Hello, girls. What's the occasion?" A smooth, refined voice asked. Staring in shock, Stealth Elf found herself face to face with the Darkness itself.

"Y-y-you're-..." she sputtered, fear completely overwhelming her.

"The Darkness? But of course!" it replied, giving an evil, toothy smile. "So, Stealth Elf, what do you think you're doing with the Dark Rift Engine that takes me back to the home I left all those centuries ago?"

"What do you think? I would have been able to turn it on sooner had -"

"Roller Brawl been there to assist you?" he taunted, turning over to Roller Brawl desperately attempting to press buttons to undo the Sky Eater's work. "Kaos is getting his 'awesome beauty sleep of DOOM!', which he copyrighted by the way, and he will probably be really cranky if he is woken up."

"C'mon, one of these puppies has to do something," Roller Brawl complained, sweat dripping from her forehead. Stealth Elf panicked and ran towards her comrade.

"Roller Brawl, no! Don't press any -" she tried to order before an alarm blared across the Sky Eater. "-more buttons." Before she could lambast Roller Brawl for being reckless, she felt herself getting trapped in a telekinetic field, and she lost all control over her body 'So this is what a Drow feels like after a beatdown from Blastermind,' she thought to herself.

"Mother, I told you several times, I will not open a safe deposit - EHHH?!" Kaos sleepily muttered before snapping to attention. "Skylanders?! In my Sky Eater. What a wonderful surprise!"

"Indeed! We've consumed just enough magic that now, we'll be able to take over the entire universe!" The Darkness declared, with Kaos giving an evil smile.

"YES! Look upon my awesomeness, and then be honored as I, Kaos, take all the magic in Skylands and go on conquering the universe!" Kaos ranted. Turning on some switches, mechanical whirs and groaning droned across the Sky Eater. Shame surged through Roller Brawl's body, as she and Stealth Elf helplessly watched the last moments of their beloved home world, the sound of Kaos' obnoxious, yet much more sinister, laughter ringing in their ears.

"Stealth Elf. I'm so sorry. I mucked everything up," Roller Brawl said regretfully, tears about to spill.

"I'm honestly disappointed, but I'm not going to lay all the blame on you. Maybe I should have -" was the last thing Stealth Elf said before blinding light and deafening noise flooded Roller Brawl's senses.

That led to where she was now. Roller Brawl, once a proud defender of her home, had doomed it and the universe to forever serve under a much more megalomaniacal Kaos. Shame, anger, sadness, despair, and horror were all emotions that surged through her being. Shame for being such a fool and being so reckless. Anger at herself being so stupid and letting Kaos win. Sadness for all the lives that would inevitably be lost when Skylands collapsed. Despair at how little chance there would be to bring Skylands back to normal. Horror at what atrocities would be wrought upon the world. Deathly thoughts soon flooded her mind.

'At least Gill Grunt and his mermaid girlfriend will be together again. Stealth Elf's probably going to reunite with the parents she never met. Sprocket and her uncle will be together once again. Same with Voodood and his people. Chop Chop is probably back with the rest of his platoon. And my brothers are probably all together, free from Kaos' shackles. Raptor, Talon, Claw, Slash, Maul. We'll be together again. Free from Kaos. I'll be seeing you soon.'

Little did Roller Brawl that her life was not ending, but beginning anew.

It was a beautiful night, and Rock could not be any more relieved. Previously, Rock had found himself thrust into the limelight as the world's first robotic hero. But who was Rock. Well, Rock, serial number DLN-001, was created by the brilliant roboticist Dr. Thomas Light as a lab assistant. With his advanced artificial intelligence, he was essentially human, able to feel emotions like anger, joy, and shyness, and, albeit limited by the laws of robotics, make his own decisions.

Alongside him, Dr. Light built 7 other "Robot Masters": DLN-002 aka Roll, a housekeeping robot and for all intents and purposes, his sister; DLN-003 aka Cut Man, a timber-felling robot; DLN-004 aka Guts Man, a construction robot; DLN-005 aka Ice Man, an Arctic research robot; DLN-006 aka Bomb Man, a demolition robot; DLN-007 aka Fire Man, a waste disposal robot; and DLN-008 aka Elec Man, a power plant output control robot. Some of the most advanced robots of all time, they were meant for the sole purpose for helping humanity by bridging the gap between man and machine. However, what can be used for great good can also be used for great evil.

Dr. Light obviously did not build such magnificent machines on his own: he worked alongside an old classmate of his, Dr. Albert Wily. However, due to unethical robot experiments, he was shunned by the scientific community, and not wanting to be associated with such negativity, Dr. Light chose to not include Dr. Wily in the debut of the Robot Masters. However, Dr. Wily's jealousy held a far more unhinged side. The night after their unveiling, Dr. Wily reprogrammed them, and announced plans that if he was granted control of the world and recognition as the world's greatest genius, he would halt the attack.

Thankfully, from all this arose a hero from an unlikely source. Rock, having been built with a strong sense of justice, offered to be turned into a fighting robot so he could stop the Robot Masters himself. While initially refusing due to his pacifistic outlook, Dr. Light eventually relented to Rock's unrelenting determination and converted him into the super fighting robot now known as Mega Man. With his ability to copy the abilities of other Robot Masters, Mega Man valiantly fought every one of the Robot Masters and halted the assault, eventually managing to stop Dr. Wily entirely, leaving him to be arrested by the authorities. Now, with the city now ready to rebuild, Rock just wanted a relaxing night. However, fate held other plans.

As he spent some time in an empty clearing, Rock began to wonder if he wanted to remain a hero or return to being a lab assistant. Seeing a light in the sky, Rock wondered if it was a shooting star, but that soon changed when he realized the light was getting bright. Almost as if it was getting closer! Realizing this, he quickly ran and this turned out to be wise, as soon, a massive crater was created in its wake, and as Rock returned to see the meteorite, he was shocked to see that it wasn't a piece of rock but a girl! One with pale pink skin, bony armor, black clothes, and pink hair done in a braided ponytail. Just a cursory look saw that he legs were twisted in ways they should not bend, and he could infer that she was suffering from many more internal injuries. Figuring she needed medical attention, he ran to try to get to her.

As she regained consciousness, Roller Brawl began to go over what injuries she must have suffered. She felt very weak, so obviously she must have lost quite a lot of blood. She felt searing pain dance across her skin. Her legs were badly mangled, and she could not move them. Bones across her body were probably broken beyond fixation. As she opened her eyes, she saw a face filled with concern flood her vision. It looked like a human boy, probably no older than her, wearing a blue and white t-shirt, black shorts, and blue boots, and he had brown hair and blue eyes.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" he asked in obvious concern, a compassionate look plastered on his face, as he gingerly tried to lift her up.

"Just leave me," she brokenly stated, coughing up blood in the process. A crestfallen look on her face, she continued. "It's too late. I couldn't protect them. I deserve this,"

"What are you talking about? My father's a doctor! He can probably help you out!" the boy answered in confusion, the kindness and sincerity in his tone never wavering.

"Just let me die," Roller Brawl morosely continued, ignoring his calls for a "Dr. Light." It didn't matter what happened now. She would be dead, and be able to rejoin her brothers in the afterlife. Not the Underworld she came from, the afterlife where everyone went."It won't matter. I failed. There's no reason for me to go on. There's nothing for me to be fighting for now. I'm nothing more than the sole survivor of a destroyed world."

Voice Cast:

Roller Brawl - Cree Summer

Stealth Elf - Audrey Wasilewski

The Darkness - Ike Amadi

Kaos - Richard Steven Horvitz

Rock - Cole Howard

Author's Note

Wow. This was difficult to write. I really don't like writing tragic, sad stuff, but unfortunately, it was a necessity to get the ball rolling, and it was how it was in the original story. Make no mistake, though, this story is not going to be angst and despair 24/7. Consider this more about healing and a new purpose; Roller Brawl will be living a new life free of her old world.

Yeah. Like I said on my profile, I am making this, but I suppose I should explain why I'm publishing this. Sole Survivor, a short but sweet crossover between Skylanders and the Mega Man Archie Comics series, was the story that got me into fanfiction. It was what got me into this site, and Skylanders was the first game I played that made me connect to other people, so it holds a lot of value for me. Unfortunately, Sole Survivor and its sequel, Healing Wounds, disappeared, alongside their author, XandyFlare. If you happen to find this, XandyFlare, I am writing this in tribute of your work, and as thanks for getting me into this site. However, I will also be continuing her original story and adding twists my own, so be ready for things to not be the same as the original comic series nor the original fanfic.

So, on another note, I decided to give Roller Brawl's brothers names. We only found out the name of one of them (Raptor), so I made up the other names.

Like I said on Ben 10: Poyo Force!, I am going to be announcing the other story ideas I've been having right now. However, don't anticipate them to be out any time soon. They're rather big projects and I'd rather be 100% certain that my set ups for both of them are stable before releasing them. Just know they will be coming, and I will work on them.

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