Chapter 7

Auradon. It's beautiful, isn't it? But not as beautiful and my silver kingdom,, but anywhoo. I'm usagi who is known as neo queen serenity and sailor cosmo. My true birth parents are dead from a crazy bastard used the seas of tge sound to kill them and won't be able to come back. But I was reborn here and merged my kingdom here as well. Fixed the wrongs of endymion. But I was sadly reborn to Maleficent, and my beloved father hadesxlird of the underworld. and now this is my home where my crystal palace lives with all my friends and family and my children but it woukd make it better if her father was there. But sadly It wasn't always. I was born on the Isle of the Lost, where all the villains had been banished, locked away for good. That is, until Prince Ben decided that their children should have a chance. So four villain kids- the VKs-came to Auradon, including me. Long story short, Ben's the king now. I'm his girlfriend, and we are about to head back to this Isle to pick what will hopefully be a long line of new VKs who get to come to Auradon and find their happily ever afters, too

Meanwhile with everyone

Usagi along with evie and jay and Carlos and amara and micgaru. As well loki was looking over everything and everyone that was waiting to be givin the chance to go to the grand lands. Loki stood with usagi along with amara and micharu next to her as well. So many happy faces. Usagi was hoping her father was going to come out and say hello to her. Maybe he was just waiting for the crowds go away. If not she would see him the next day. Loki laid ahand on usagi to show her that hades sends his love to her. His heart breaks each time he has no way to come to her. But not sure why. But he should be here to see her. Loki sighed as usagi kissed his cheek to let him know it was ok that he was not here even though it broke her heart. As everyone started cheering out that they wanted to be picked to go to the school.

"I can't believe this day has finally arrived! I honestly wish we could take you all with us, and someday very soon, we can." Chirped evie

"Yeah, we're gonna be back here so many times, you're going to be so sick of us." Said usagi

Tge crowds started to cheer left and right. While anara and micharu in scout form ready to protect when it was needed. But for now it seem that there was not much they could do, but they been looking around Asia trying find hades. And only sad to know that the fact that he was not coming. Or he was hiding for some reason. She should send hikaru and karou to drag their grand father out of his man cave since usagu dont live there. It seemed they have a way to get tge god to do what they want to do. Yes not a bad idea she will get them to come along next time with hades wants to be a little bitch then his grandson are coming to get him.

"First, I would like to begin with the granddaughter of Lady Tremaine, daughter of Drizella, my sweet, sweet friend, my Dizzy." Said evie

"Next...the son of Smee. Come on, Squeaky!" said Carlos

"And no way we're splitting up the twins, so get over here, Squirmy, come on! Bring it in buddy!" chirped Jay

Smee nudged his sons over as they took their places with the ones who called them was dabbing at his eyes with tears of joy. His sons are going to go and get a wonderful life. And he and his wife thanks that lunarian. When he sees hades one these days he must tell thank you for the joy of his daughter. She is spreading her blessing to all. And he was one of them. She cured his wife illness. He just wanted to thank him for the angel that hades brought into this world. Even though hades was one with emotions. But when it came down to his daughrer. That was when you see the true heart of the lord of the underworld. He was proud to call him his friend. But right now his sons are going to get a wonderful life. Plus have a place to stay at usagi or evie palace. Whike usagi smiled knowing smee is happy for his sons.

"And last, but certainly not least, we all picked this girl, because we all agreed that she could use a little bit of Fairy Godmother's goodness class. Give it on up for Dr. Facilier's daughter, Celia!" said usagi

Usagi waved her over as they all was presented from everyone and returned to their family's. and was told they would be back in a week for them to come with them. As they all got in tge car and before they left usagi saw her father he was crying, he missed her. She must find a way to get him out of the hellhole this place was. Her plans was going to take the barrier down for once and for all. She needed that to hapoenbe abuse there are people there that deserve a much better life. hell she kniw some people are awkward around d tge ones who used to be evil and turned to be good. They were shocked and her friends and family invented a class to show hoe evil can turn good. Ben made it mandatory when it came down to they need 5o learn their racist ways.

Meanwhile the following day

Usagi was loo,looking out at the sea as if she coukd spot uma. Usagi Neptune's mirror has been a big help. But uma was somehow blocking the mirror of sailor neptune. Usagi sighed as she continued to look o. the deck of her crystal palace. It feels so nice to be home again. Plus the class some of heheramily and friends was teaching was to make people make sense in the way they are thinking, everything is not all black and white. And her fami,family, and friends who is teaching it. She sat in a few its rather amusing. It's a thing these people need to learn. Usagi didn't even know someone was coming. Until ben tackled her and hugged her to him, he held her as if she was going g to disappear on live this palace and its meant to be theirs. Belle and beast could have the one he was raised in but this was going to be their palace. Usagi sighed as she smiled to ben who seemed to be overjoyed to see her.

"Not a tentacle in sight. And everyone been searching." Grumbled usagi

"I think if Uma was up to something, it'd be done by now. Even though our lively large family And friends is enjoying the search. But what else coukd be done usako." Said ben

"No,my beloved beastie, I know how villains think, sad enough I know how all kind of people think. and I don't trust Uma as far as I can throw her. She's gonna wait until our defenses are down and then that's when she's gonna strike. I really wish I had time to go do a dragon flyover. because I can go much higher. Or I have to send the others out again," said usagi

Usagi sighed as she looked through the Neptune mirror to see anything. While trying to find out through the time gates. This is all she and all the others are about to do with all the powers that they are blessed with. Ben sighed and knew that with the extremely powerful people out there doing something it was not going to work. Plus some of them had left to teach their classes at the school for adult and children who has issues. And can't understand a good reason a evil person turned evil and to good. And why some person turned evil in the first place. So that was a wonderful class. As well a few others that they are teaching in help with understanding. One class was on Maleficent's down fall and what her history was.. trista is teaching that one. So there will be truth going to family members that didn't know what made Maleficent's the way she was. It was the best thing for these people get a hint of truth and realty it something that was needed badly. Ben smiled the people usagi her friends and family and children been making great classes here for children and adults and he and fairy godmother approved of it. A lot kf people are going to them and some are doing it by force because it was needed. Plus there a very powerful group watching them.

"Well, you can't be everywhere at once. Besides, your friends and family's guts your back. Come on, everyone's waiting for us." Said ben

Ben put his arm around usagi waiste and lead her out of their home. It seemed he called this his home. The whole school and everyone was waiting for them. There was something that was going to go down now. And Ben was going to keep quite about it. All tbeir friends and family was there for the announcement. And the song he had prepared for her. usagi sighed and not sure what was going on, but whatever it is important and televised. Ben lead her to the school making usagi jump when minako was bouncing op and down for joy while everyone else was smi,smiling, brightly. The genius force and her father blood adopted father. And another blood adopted father as well . usagi looked around and wondered what was going on. Usagi looked to ben who was nervous. But hikaru and karou slapped his back for good luck. Kenpachi snickers but my daughter momoko slapped him in in in the back of his head. Fairy godmother handed tge microphone to ben and hope goes all to well.

"Thank you, Fairy Godmother. What's up, Auradon? Thank you, thank you so much for coming out to welcome our new arrivals. They'll be here soon. And most of all our new friends that came here through usagi. And the wonderful classes they are teaching for adults and children." Announced ben

Everyone of cheering on the whole think while the coronation leah started to hate her guts. It seemed that she was on Audrey side. They were complaining about they had no choice of being there. But Makoto was not happy and zapped them and walked off looking like she didn't do a think wrong. Plus they were looking around seeing who coukd zap them like that. They shrugged their shoulders and wondered what going to happen and see how it was going to happen. Usagi was looking nervous about everything. Ben smiled but his nerves was all over tge place by tge empath vampire sense them some calm. He nodded his thanks and so did usagi, but then again there was not much more to do other than get it done and over with and see what was to be tge coming out of it. Ben sighed and he was ready.

"usako, this is the exact spot we first met not so long ago. I feel like I've known you my whole life. But did I mention I'm in love with you?" said ben

"Who knows when love begins, Who knows what makes it start. One day it's simply there
Alive inside your heart, It slips into your thoughts, It infiltrates your soul, It takes you by surprise
Then seizes full control, Try to deny it And try to protest But love won't let you go, Once you've been possessed love never dies Love never falters Once it has spoken Love is yoursv Love never fades
Love never alters Hearts may get broken Love enduresvHearts may get broken Love endures And soon as you submit Surrender flesh and bone That love takes on a life Much bigger than your own uses you at whim And drives you to forces you to feel More joy than you can bear Love gives you pleasure And love brings you pain And yet when both are gone Love will still remain Once it has spoken Love is yours Love never dies Love never alters Hearts may get broken Love endures
Hearts may get broken Love never dies Love will continue Love keeps on beating When you're gone Love never dies Once it is in you Love may be fleeting Love lives on Love is enduring Love lives on." Sang ben

Usahi was blushing like there was no tomorrow. Ben is such a wonderful fan and that son was god awfully beautiful. Ben parents was proud in what their son had sang. Even though he pick the song for this reason. Ben swalled hard as her kneeling down in front of usagi. Usagi gasped and covered her face in shock. She royal marking remains in place. WWhl3 Leah and her group was watching to see what was going to happen. And hope it was not placing a ring on that finger to make her be the queen by his side. Even though if woukd be two kingdoms they will be ruling. But that didn't matter. Usagi gave up one of her medium palaces for evie and that made her very happy. It was big but not to much. But she was happy with it. She has a room that was made for her working on clothing. So she shouldn't be very happy with that. Hades was watching the TV and glared he knew what was about to hapoen.

"usako, it's you and me. It's you and me forever. Will you marry me? Will you be my queen?" asked ben

"NO!" screamed Audrey

Audrey had to be held back by her grammy and Chad so she didn't go up on the stage. It woukd seem that she was not happy that ben was not getting married to her like it was meant to be. And bad enough that she is stuck in these new classes. But this was not right. These people should see what demon spawn was going to be their queen. She and her family can't accept this fact. Chad was wondering if he should go with d everyone else since these classes he been taking he was thinking it was probably best to leave Audrey alone but he needed to do it slowly. He noticed how unstable she been the last few days. He wondered how to do it and not Audrey to spot him speaking to one of the newer teachers or one of the others. Chad had been having eyes for one girl. His heart stopped each time he see her. But can't go near the woman of his dreams until Audrey would be able to get help, butvusagi said yes and Audrey passed out. Ben gout up and placed the custom made ring on usagi finger.

"A lifetime of plans. Gone. Our family status gone. Audrey, you were supposed to be his queen, and you let him slip through your fingers. Your mother could hold on to a prince in her sleep." Hissed Leah

"Don't you think I feel bad enough already, Granny?" whined Audrey

Chad broken away he wanted to see the girl who was meant to be with him and he her. He made hisxway over to where she was standing. He now knew her name in orihime such a lovely name for a golden beauty. Minako smirked orhime found her sound mate. But said soul mate was jn a issue and a delema when it came down to Audrey. Chad sighed and nodded to minako. She woukd have to keep watch. But she was happy non the less. But Audrey and her grammy needed to be watched out for. Pluto and usagi said something will be going down. And it has to be Audrey that was going to be the one to be doing it. Its foggy at most right now. But won't end well either was. Audrey can't believe it. How can't these people just be so happy about things. And she still not happy with all of these classes that re new. Even her grammg didn't want to go. Belle and Adam was happy for their son and usagi. Two of usahi blood adopted fathers was will them. Well three of usagi b,old adopted father and two uncle's. Audrey snatched usagi arms.

"Congratulations. You won him fair and square. Oh, wait, no, you didn't. You spelled Ben to destroy all of Auradon. Touching story for the grandkids. Oh wait you already have children. Whore." Hissed Audrey

Usagi huffed and walked away to ben she was not going to stoop so low to ge what Audrey was being right now. This was not what she needed. As they all went to the royal limo that allowed more than enough people with them repaired with lunarian tech. so the limo can get as much people in and don't even look big too it. But it was time for them to gather some kinds. Hikaru and karou along with loki and spirit was coming along with amara and micharu. But they have a hard bad feeling about what was going to be going on over there. But they have to do 5his since these kids need to be shown there is. Good life out there. But it will, take some time for them to adjust when it came down to the fact that nothing was going to happen here. Plus they have more enough places to stay while being here. Evie will host some at her castle that usagj given them. Then some will be staying in the crystal palace and some at beast castle and moon palace if they chose to,

Meanwhile on the isle

Ben and usagi and some of the others who came along was watching the touching scene before them. You can see which parents that loved their children. It was touching to watch. But when fami,y day comes their parents will be able to come seethe. They already passed that one. With a few fighting her along with it. But loki always knew how to get them to shut up by using a power that will, see what people have been doing that no one knows. That was the thing he does and everyone shut up after that. Even his father since ben didn't know his father had dirty fantasies. Usagi was a tad bit disturbing by that factor. Belle was as well. But she was not going to stop him since their sex life has been loads better. So yeah it was not going to nothing,Ben smiled at everyone. He wondered if hades was going to show up. He heard usagi wanting to see her father. And will be odd to be face to face with him. He knew he should gotten his approval first. That and her other fathers that was blood adopted even though. After the new isle kids said their goodbyes. They took off to heard back home. As they were going through the gate hades ran right to it trying to keep it open. Everyone got out of the car. Usagi, hikaru and kaour loki and spirit gave hades a dead panned look from what he was doing.


Ben and some of the others decided to go and stop hades not hearing a word that he has just roared at them. Hikaru and karou along with the others went to go andtry to reason with him. But it seemed hades was not in the mood to notice who he went after so he shot his ember at whoever that came near him. Usagi turned into her cosmos form knowing she has to get her father back into the barrier before they think he was trying to escape because of evil. And that is not the reason why he is doing this. Its for the fact he wants to cone home with them, to be with her and his family, usagi heart ached and not sure what to do. She sees the sorrow in her father's eyes, she wants to take him back with her. But not sure if that would be the right or correct choice. If it was hers he woukd be coming back with them. To save her father from getting in anymore trouble she closed her eyes and her silver wings came out as she took up to the sky and prepared to fight her father back in, she coukd not bare to think to harm him. But hades shot his ember at usagj as she screamed out in pain. Usagi raised up her hand and used the power of her silver crystal and shot a blast at her father knocking him back into the barrier. Hades got back up with tears in his eyes his little one wings has been wounded by him. He hurt his baby. As usagi body went flying g down as she slammed into the limo unconscious. Hades was crying from what he had done. He left to go and be alone he hurt his baby. While loki got usagi down and into the limo her transformation shimmered away as she remained unconscious. Loki knew hades was beating himself up over this right now and he coukd understand. But they are headed back to the crystal palace to regroup on things.

To be continued