~~Ok well here we are again, Aj is about to race and after that he wants to see if he could maybe talk to Liz with out wetting himself.. So go on and read away~~

As Aj grips the clutch he remembers about his new nitrous (NX) tanks. He turns around and he opens them then he goes back to his concentration on the strip (road). With a cocky attitude the other racer is thinking about other thing because he thinks he is going to win ..or will he? Aj doesn't feel ready "something is missing" he says to himself ."o yea the sound "he says with a smile. He reaches for the remote and turns on his CD player and music starts to blast from the sound system in his trunk. Now Aj could really race with his surroundings ...his car, loud music, and a girl waiting for him. He saw a small little Asian come out to flag the race but then he saw Tech come out and he stood behind her and he had his arms wrapped around her waist. "Always like Tech" Aj says to himself with a smirk on his face. As Ah waits and waits he is wondering why she isn't throwing her hands down so the race could start. Aj looks a little bit closer and notice that the two are making out and she still has her hands up. Aj sticks his head out the window and yells "A yo tech let the girl breath take your tongue out of her mouth so we can start this race". "O yea the race" Tech says laughing. "Ok ok fire 'em up fire 'em up" Tech yells. The little girl with Tech throws her arms down and the both tires of the cars start to squeals. So far Aj is in the lead so far but the other racer is starting to catch up. Aj is guessing the he used his nitrous already. As the car passes Aj he notices a name on the back of the car and it read "Parker". Aj says "well well well parker you're in for a rush. Right before the Aj sees the finish line he pushes a button and all of a sudden people and buildings become a blur. Aj crosses the finish line and puts a little smile on his face and he says "dumbass". As Aj gets out his car he sees 3 small stacks of money fly into his chest. Aj catches the money and looks up while Parker is walking away. He sees Liz and says "hey Liz u hungry I got sum cash to blow". She smiled and her face turned red because he had said it out loud and when she got into Ajs car everybody went ooooooooo. After all there comment were done Aj burned out and he drove away.

~~ ok ok this waz chapter numer 2 as u can tell but I did I have more but I need to get off line rite now so ill write more and I hope u read my ( my storys in particular ** wink wink ** ) anywayz hope u liked chapter 2 cuz I got more were that came from.