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Outwitting The Hook

Captain Hook was pleased with himself. "At last," he said, watching the young monster hunter rowing to the shore. "Smee, at last we'll be rid of Peter Pan and those lost boys."

"If you're sure, Captain," Smee said, unsure about this. Anytime the captain got like this, he was certain that the plan would not really work.

Plus David, the monster hunter they found washed ashore and brought to the ship to help him recover, meant serious business about hunting monsters. The young man was barely a teenager and his equipment wasn't to be messed with either.

Hook grinned, readying himself mentally to take back his treasure and finally have Peter and the Lost Boys gone for good. No more tricks, no more pranks, and hopefully no more octopus that was just as bad as the crocodile.

David soon made it to the shore, getting out of the boat and putting it somewhere safely before beginning his hunt for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. According to Captain Hook, the flying boy and the other boys were vampires who had been turned into said monster at a young age.

And David hated monsters.

He brushed his dark spiky hair back away from his brown eyes as his tanned skin helped him to blend in the shadows a bit. His brown tunic and pants were well worn, but sturdy, as were his brown boots. A brown leather belt was around his waist and held pouches that had garlic and other items that would ward off monsters or return their victims to normal again.

He suddenly heard laughter and followed it, stopping in surprise at seeing a boy in a green tunic and pants flying around and crowing happily. "We did it, Lost Boys!" He said. "We got the treasure!"

"Yay!" The Boys cheered.

The taller boy smiled. "Who's the one that bested the Hook?" He asked.

"Peter Pan!" They cheered again, pointing to him.

David blinked as he saw the lost boys seemed to be wearing costumes that represented animals, but he waited for a moment as he saw Peter Pan flying around. A gold ball of light was beside him and the hunter got out his binoculars to have a better look, but whatever it was was moving too fast for him to fully make out.

Peter then grinned. "Alright, let's get this treasure back to our place," he said.

The hunter made his move. "Stop right there!" He said, coming out and pointing a crossbow at them. "You're not going anywhere, monsters!"

"Monsters!? Where?!" Asked the lost boy wearing a bear costume, grabbing his club. "We'll get 'em!"

David blinked in surprise at seeing them all grab their weapons and look around but then saw Peter looking at him and he aimed his crossbow at the flying boy. "I'll deal with you first," he said.

Peter grinned. "Take your best shot," he said, thinking of it like a game.

The hunter did and was surprised to see the flying boy dodging with ease and laughing up a storm. "Missed!" He cried out gleefully.

David growled and jumped up on a rock, aiming again. "Hold still!" He said, firing again, but Peter moved, which led to the teenage boy getting frustrated. "Alright, garlic bombs!" He cried out, tossing said items at the flying boy and the boys that were watching them.

A horrible smell filled the air and while the Lost Boys made faces at the stench, the hunter was quick to notice that the garlic didn't seem to be weakening them. Furthermore, Peter was flying right into the sunlight and not getting burnt. That wasn't normal for vampires. They couldn't stand the sun.

Curious now, David reached into his pocket and pulled out a small mirror, looking into it and angling it so that he could see Peter and the boys. His eyes widened as he saw all their reflections, which wasn't possible because vampires didn't have reflections. He was so surprised that he didn't move for a moment before feeling a tap on his shoulder. Yelping, he turned around quick and fell off the rock. Barely a second later, he hit a bush that cushioned his fall and he looked up to see Peter grinning at him. "What's wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost," he said with a laugh. "Doesn't he, Tink?"

The gold ball came into view and David could now see it was a fairy and she was laughing too. The hunter blinked before standing up. "What kind of vampires are you?" He asked. "Or...are you not vampires at all? If so, what are you?"

The flying boy laughed. "Vampires?" He asked. "No way! I'm Peter Pan and these are my Lost Boys."

The teenager blinked. "But...Captain Hook told me that you were vampires," he said.

"That old codfish?" Cubby asked. "Aw, he's just an old grump."

"And a big meanie!" One of the twins said as Tootles nodded.

"You don't look like one of his pirates," Nibs said curiously.

"I'm not," David said. "I'm a monster hunter and I got blown off course and ended up here. Captain Hook rescued me and told me about you guys."

"Sounds like the big codfish tricked you," said Peter.

The hunter blinked and saw the fairy come up to him and he looked at her. "Could he have tricked me?" He asked.

She nodded before making some hand motions, to which he cocked his head in puzzlement as he tried to sort out what she was saying. "He's been after you guys for a while?" He asked and she nodded. "What for?"

"The treasure," said Nibs. "Because Hook's greedy and doesn't like to play."

David blinked again. "So...he sent me to do his dirty work," he said. "But...what kind of captain picks on a bunch of kids smaller than him?"

"One that doesn't know how to have fun," Peter said.

The hunter looked at him before sighing. "I'm sorry," he said. "I misjudged you guys."

The boys were surprised, but noted the boy seemed nice. "Aw, it's okay," said one of the twins. "You can make it up to us by playing a game with us!"

"Yeah!" Cubby said.

David was surprised and looked at the fairy. "They forgive me just like that?" He asked.

She nodded, seeming to giggle and he noticed it was a tinkling sound that was really pretty. "What's your name?" He asked.

"Her name's Tinkerbell," Peter said with a smile.

The hunter smiled. "It fits her," he said, to which Tinkerbell smiled, seeing this boy wasn't all bad. The teenager then grinned. "Hey, is it true that fairy dust can make you fly?"

The fairy nodded and he smiled. "Then I've got the perfect game in mind," he said. "What do you guys say we scare the pants off Captain Hook?"

The boys grinned as did Peter. "Whatcha got in mind?" He asked.

Moments later...

Hook was eagerly awaiting the news of his enemies' demise. "Oh, this will be a grand day," he said with a chuckle.


The captain jumped as he heard that and looked around, wondering who had called out to him, but no one was around, not even Smee. "Hmm. Probably a squeaky hinge," he said, about to call for his first mate when he heard the sound again.

"Hoooooooooooook," the voice moaned out.

He now gulped. He wasn't a superstitious man, but this was beginning to frighten him. "Who's there?" He asked in a shaky voice.

Another moan answered him and out of his closet came a white figure that looked to be floating and had a horrible face that was looking at him. The captain felt like he was glued to the floor as his face went white and his knees knocked together in his fear.

The ghost came up to him, raising its arms and giving him a nasty grin before leaning in close to his face. "Boo," it said calmly.


The scream that left the captain was so high-pitched it could have been mistaken for a girl's scream and he literally jumped out of his pants before running away, his white long johns gleaming in the sunlight as he burst out of his cabin and grabbed onto a startled Smee. "Smee! It's a ghost! Don't let him take me!" He pleaded.

Inside the cabin, the Lost Boys gathered up a bunch of treasure and were soon out the port hole with Tink giving him fairy dust to fly and David was the last one out. The fairy gently cast some fairy dust on him and he smiled. "Thanks, Tink," he said as Peter kept watch before seeing they were out and they flew back to the island, heading for their tree hideout before the Lost Boys burst into giggles and laughter.

"Did you see his face?" Cubby asked.

"He was so scared!" Slightly giggled.

David and Peter laughed. "We really scared him out of his pants," said the former.

"That was fun," the latter said, nodding in agreement. "So, David. You wanna stick around and be a Lost Boy?"

The teenager smiled. "You know what? Yeah," he said with a grin. "If it means outwitting the Hook more, then I'm in."

The Lost Boys cheered happily while back on the pirate ship, Captain Hook refused to go back into the cabin without Smee there, to which the first mate sighed and shook his head.

Once again, the captain had been outwitted by a group of kids.

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