Thesis and Antithesis

"Are you absolutely sure that's the house where my runaway disobedient wife stay in with my newborn son and heir, Wormtail?" demanded a pale-skinned, short wavy black-haired, red-eyed tall and devilishly handsome black cloaked man named Lord Voldemort coldly and impatiently to the short, nervous and mousy-looking man named Wormtail standing to his right (while 2 more black hooded silent figures with white half skull masks on their faces stand behind them) without looking away from the house.

"Y-Yes, I-I'm very sure about it, m-my lord. A-And she and your son are not alone in the house, t-there's 3 more people i-in the house with them, a japanese Auror named Naoya Toudou, his wife Kaoru Kusanagi and their baby daughter." stuttered Wormtail as he glance and quickly nodded to Lord Voldemort.

"Is that so? How… unfortunate for them." said Lord Voldemort. "And what's even more unfortunate for them is that they didn't even set up any wards to protect themselves against people like us. Such blatant foolishness." added Lord Voldemort in sad disapproval in his mind at them.

"What're we going to do to her and her unfortunate guests, my lord?" asked one of the white half-skull masked, black hooded figure to Lord Voldemort.

"What else? Kill them as usual except my son and heir, Rodolphus." replied Lord Voldemort to the white half-skull masked, black hooded figure named Rodolphus.

"Excuse me, my Lord. Since we're here to retrieve your son and heir from your traitorous runaway wife, won't you make an exception for the other child as well?" said the other white half-skull masked, black hooded figure to Lord Voldemort.

"Bellatrix…" said Rodolphus warningly to the other white half-skull masked, black hooded figure named Bellatrix.

"And why should I do that, Bellatrix?" said Lord Voldemort as he glance and narrowed his eyes at Bellatrix.

"Please, you and my family knows that I'm barren and my greatest wish is to have a child of my own to love and cared for! Won't you please spare the other child and let me and Rodolphus have her for ourselves after you got rid of her parents? We'll make sure that she'll be taught and raised with our beliefs, worship and pledge her eternal loyalty to you as we do once she's old enough, my lord!" pleaded Bellatrix desperately to Lord Voldemort.

"… Hm, so be it. I'll spare the other child and allow you and Rodolphus to raised, loved and cared for her as your deserved reward for being my most loyal followers for years on the condition that she'll be killed if she show any signs or became a threat to me and my goal. Is that clear to you, Bellatrix?" said Lord Voldemort warningly and firmly to Bellatrix.

"Yes, very clear and thank you so much for sparing and allowing me and Rodolphus to have the other child, my Lord!" said Bellatrix in joy and relief to Lord Voldemort.

"Indeed. Thank you and we'll be forever indebted to you, my Lord." said Rodolphus in joy and relief to Lord Voldemort as well.

"Well then, let's see if you're correct this time because if not, you'll suffer another longer round of the Cruciatus Curse, Wormtail." said Lord Voldemort as he glance coldly back at Wormtail (which make his face turned pale with fear) before both he and Bellatrix make their way toward the house while Rodolphus and Wormtail stay behind.


Inside the living room of a modest two-storey house…

A fair-skinned, long light brown-haired, red-eyed woman named Yukino Akechi wearing a sleeveless white cotton dress that went down to her knees with a pink cardigan over it with the sleeves roll up to her elbows and white sandals on her feet is currently sitting on a peach-coloured armchair and sipping a cup of peppermint tea in her hands before she placed her cup of tea down on a small table beside her while a slightly tan-skinned, short black-haired, silver-eyed man named Naoya Toudou wearing a white dress shirt with a black necktie around the collar of his shirt, a black leather wristwatch on his left wrist, long black pants and black shoes on his feet and another fair-skinned, long light red-haired, pale blue-eyed woman named Kaoru Kusanagi wearing a short sleeve light blue shirt with a dark blue bolero jacket over it, long blue jeans and black shoes on her feet before they heard the sound of the front door being blasted apart, which make both Naoya and Kaoru swiftly take out their wands as they stood up from their chairs (while a baby start crying in a room upstairs due to the loud noise) and as Naoya, Kaoru and Yukino turned to see who the intruders are, their faces immediately turned pale with shock and fear when they recognized who the intruders are before both Naoya and Kaoru composed themselves and prepare to attack Voldemort and Bellatrix only for Bellatrix to beat them to the punch by raising her wand and casting the dreaded Killing Curse twice on Naoya and Kaoru, killing and causing them to fall dead on the floor and caused Yukino to gasp and covered her mouth with her hands in fear at seeing Bellatrix killing her friends and sorrow at their child being parentless now.

"Hello there, dear Yukino. It's been a while since we last met, isn't it?" sneered Lord Voldemort as he narrowed his eyes coldly at Yukino.

"How are you here and how could you just let her killed my friends like that? No… How did you find me, I thought I hide myself and my son well from you and your followers." said Yukino in nervousness and fear at Voldemort.

"Yes, you did hide yourself and our son well from me and my followers the first few months but not anymore because one of my followers have managed to find you and quickly informed me about it. Now if you'll excuse us, I'll be taking my son and Bellatrix will be taking the other child now, dear Yukino." said Voldemort smugly to Yukino.

"NO! I won't let either of you take my son and the other child away! You 2 stay the hell away from them, you monsters!" snapped Yukino as she quickly put herself between Voldemort, Bellatrix and the staircase behind her, blocking and preventing them from going upstairs and taking her son and the other child.

"Oh, you won't let us take the childrens away? As if you can actually stop us from taking them." chuckled Bellatrix as she smirk at Yukino.

"He's my son too, dear Yukino. Now step aside before you make me lose anymore of my patience." sneered Voldemort even more coldly at Yukino.

"No, I refused and get out of my house, both of you!" snapped Yukino as she shake her head at Voldemort.

"Avada Kedarva." snarled Voldemort as he raised his wand and cast the Killing Curse on Yukino, killing and watching her body fall to the floor before both he and Bellatrix make their way past Yukino's body upstairs, went toward and entered the room where the crying is, saw his son and the other child lying together in a crib with an almost fatherly look on his face before he gently picked up and hold his son close to him while Bellatrix picked up and hold the other child close to her (which make both babies ceased their crying) before they turned, walked out of the room, make their way downstairs past Yukino's body, walked out of the house and back to where Rodolphus and Wormtail are waiting.

"Y-You 2 have them, my lord?" said Wormtail.

"Yes, we do." said Voldemort as he and Bellatrix showed him and Rodolphus the 2 babies in their arms.

"Excellent and what should we named them, my lord?" asked Rodolphus.

"My son shall be named Goro Adamos Slytherin. What shall you named the other child, Bellatrix?" replied Voldemort before he glance at Bellatrix.

"Hm, I think I'll named her Issa Leta Lestrange, my lord. What do you think, Rodolphus?" said Bellatrix as she glance softly down at the child in her arms.

"I like it, it suits her a lot, Bella." said Rodolphus as he glance down at the child with a small smile on his face.

"Now that we're done in naming them, let us depart before Aurors or that damn old man show up." said Voldemort before he, Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Wormtail swiftly apparated away from the place.

A few minutes later, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Wormtail appeared in Slytherin manor before Voldemort take his leave of his 3 followers and went upstairs toward a room that he prepared for his son in his arms while both Rodolphus and Bellatrix quickly left Slytherin manor and head back to Lestrange manor to perform the blood adoption ritual on the child in Bella's arms to officially make her their daughter and Wormtail slink back into the shadows until he's needed.