Professor Grace is currently on her way toward the Great Hall for lunch only to stopped in her tracks due to hearing the sounds of chuckles and the sound of a girl crying coming nearby her before Professor Grace resumed walking, turned a corner to find out the source of the chuckles and crying and saw 5 sixth-years smug-looking Gryffindor students standing around a fair-skinned, short white-haired, red-eyed second-year Ravenclaw female student named Hikari Fujiwara as she stand protectively in front of a pale-skinned, long pale blonde-haired, brown-eyed second-year Hufflepuff tiny and crying female student named Rei Kikuchi.

"Move aside and away from the crybaby behind you if you're smart enough to know what's good for you, Fujiwara. After all, aren't you one of the smart ones in Ravenclaw?" said one of the sixth-year Gryffindor students warningly to the white-haired, red-eyed Ravenclaw student.

"I will not! How could all 5 of you ganged up, corner and bully Kikuchi-san until she cries? Godric Gryffindor will be ashamed to have bullies like you 5 in his house!" said the white-haired, red-eyed Ravenclaw student in stern disapproval at the 5 Gryffindor students (which annoy and pissed them off).

"Why you…" growled the same sixth year Gryffindor student in anger at Hikari before he raised his left hand in preparation to strike Hikari, which motivate Professor Grace into approaching them and prevent the sixth year Gryffindor student from striking Hikari but before she could do so, Professor Grace suddenly saw a huge grey mouse with a tiny red hat with a single light grey feather on it on it's head and a brown belt strapped around it's body with a tiny rapier weapon on it showed up, sprint toward the 5 Gryffindor students before the mouse take out it's rapier to swiftly and easily attack and took down the 5 Gryffindor students (which make them gasped and yell out in surprised pain from the attack before they fell to the floor) while both Hikari and Rei (who stopped crying) watched the scene with surprise looks on their faces while Professor Grace watched in silent amusement.

"What in Merlin's name…" said the second sixth year Gryffindor student as he and his 4 friends look around the place for the one who suddenly attacked them until they glance at the mouse (who's now standing in front of them while holding and pointing it's rapier at them). "Huh? A mouse?" said the second sixth year Gryffindor student with a disbelief look on his face.

"Seriously? We got taken down by a mere mouse?"

"I don't believe it."

"And I thought that we got taken down by some fellow Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff classmates of you two, Fujiwara, Kikuchi."

"Really? That's what you bunch of bullies think, that you 5 got taken down by the other Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff fellow classmates of these 2 young girls? How disappointingly predictable." said the mouse in annoyance and disapproval at the 5 Gryffindor bullies, which make them, Hikari and Rei gasped and widened their eyes in more disbelief and surprise at hearing the mouse talking to them (which deepen the amused look on Professor Grace's face).

"Y-You can talk?" said Rei.

"B-But you're just a mouse and mouse can't…" said the third sixth-year Gryffindor student as he shake his head.

"Of course he can. Also I like all of your reactions at knowing and hearing that a mouse can talk. Reminds me of how surprise and shock my friends and I are once we met and hear him talk to us back then…" thought Professor Grace in her mind.

"Talk? I can and I just did, ignorant one. Allow me to introduced myself, sir Reepicheep of Hogwarts, at your service." said the mouse sarcastically to the 5 Gryffindor students before politely and formally to Rei as he turned to glance and bowed at her and Hikari.

"Merlin, aren't you quite the cute and noble one for a mouse, Sir Reepicheep." said Hikari as she crouch down for a closer look at Reepicheep with a smile on her face.

"Well, normally I'd make whoever call me cute to take back that word but I guess I'll let you off the hook for saying it today, only today, Miss Fujiwara." said Reepicheep politely and sternly to Hikari.

"Sure, Sir Reepicheep." said Hikari as she nodded at Reepicheep.

"Now that all of you have met and talk to Reepicheep, care to explain to me on why the 5 of you Gryffindor students think it's fun to corner and bully 2 second-year Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students? Also, nice to see you again, Reepicheep." said Professor Grace sternly to the 5 Gryffindor students before she greeted Reepicheep politely and formally.

"Nice to see you too and what are you doing here, Irene?" said Reepicheep as he turned to glance and bowed at Professor Grace before asking her a question.

"You don't know? The headmaster hired me as the new DADA professor for the next 7 years, Reepicheep." replied Professor Grace with a confused look on her face.

"Really, he did? Now I know thanks to you telling me about it and congrats on becoming the DADA professor for the next 7 years, Irene." said Reepicheep happily to Professor Grace about her job.

"Thank you and well, I'm waiting for any excuses or explanations from the 5 of you." said Professor Grace thankfully to Reepicheep then more sternly to the 5 Gryffindor students.

"W-Well, Professor, we…" stuttered a fourth sixth-year Gryffindor student before he and the others fell silent, unable to give any excuses or explanations to Professor Grace.

"No words, huh? In that case, I'll take it as proof that you 5 are guilty and will be deducting 10 points from each of you for bullying 2 girls 5 years younger than you five. Is that clear to you five?" said Professor Grace calmly to the 5 Gryffindor students.

"…Y-Yes, professor." said the fifth Gryffindor student as he and his fellow Gryffindor classmates stood up from the floor and nodded at Professor Grace.

The next second, a pale, transparent and mischievous-looking ghost named Peeves showed up through the wall in front of Professor Grace, Reepicheep, Hikari, Rei and the 5 Gryffindor students, saw them and as he's about to caused and create a prank upon them, he stopped when he see with a fearful look on his pale face at Reepicheep, who take out and pointing his rapier and threaten Peeves from coming closer and pranking any of them, which make Peeves quickly nodded and obeyed Reepicheep's words before Peeves quickly turned and fled through the wall away from them (especially Reepicheep) and after Peeves do so, Professor Grace, Reepicheep (who climb up Professor Grace and stand securely on her left shoulder), Hikari, Rei and the 5 Gryffindor students turned and went to the Great Hall for their lunch together.


A few minutes later, in the DADA class after lunchtime…

After Goro, Issa, Draco, Cepheus, Caelum, their fellow Slytherin students and Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff students have and finish their lunches in the Great Hall, they and their fellow Slytherin and Ravenclaw students left the Great Hall, make their way down some hallways and up some staircases toward their first DADA class, arrived and went into the classroom and saw Professor Grace already sitting and waiting for them in her seat (while they also saw Reepicheep standing on her desk and watching them) before the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students in their seats.

"Uh, why is there a rat standing on the desk near your mom, Cole?" whisper Selena in confusion to Cole about Reepicheep.

"You asked me, I asked who, Selena? I've no idea why either but I'll asked my mom about the rat later." whisper Cole back to Selena.

"Hey, Kogoro. Do you think that rat could be what I assumed and think it is?" whisper Issa to Goro with a fascinated look on her face at Reepicheep.

"Maybe, Issa." whisper Goro back to Issa.

"Good afternoon and welcome to your first Defense Against the Dark Arts class, all of you. This class is one of the most important classes that you all will attend and learn about for the next 7 years since it's the only class that'll teach and prepare each of you for any kind of bad situations that each of you will one day be trapped into so always stay and be wary and alert of your surroundings and everyone around each of you. Understand?" said Professor Grace firmly and slightly sternly to both the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students.

"Yes, Professor Grace." said the students in unison to Professor Grace.

"Excellent. Now, I shall begin the lesson by teaching you all how to cast basic spells like the Stinging Hex, Tickling Hex and the Light Spell. I'm sure all of you won't have any trouble practicing and casting the 3 spells. Now, all of you paired up and begin practicing and casting them." said Professor Grace as she stood up from her seat, walked toward and proceed to teach each Slytherin and Ravenclaw the 3 spells that she just told them, watched with proud/approving look on her face at Goro, Issa, Caelum, Blaise, Cole, Selena and Miyuki as they successfully managed to cast the 3 spells on their first try.

"Very well done and 5 points to each of you, Mister Akechi, Miss Lestrange, Mister Black, Mister Zabini, Mister Grace, Miss White and Miss Arisato." said Professor Grace proudly to them.

"Thank you, mo-I mean, Professor Grace." said Cole thankfully to Professor Grace while he mentally berating himself for nearly calling her mom.

"Aw, how cute of you to nearly call her "mom" instead of "professor" in her class, Cole." whisper Selena in joking amusement to Cole.

"Be quiet, Selena." whisper Cole sternly back to Selena as his face turned slightly red in embarrassment.

After an hour and a half of Professor Grace teaching, watching and helping the ones who didn't managed to successfully cast the 3 spells on their first tries until they can cast them before Professor Grace ended the class, dismissed and bade farewell to both the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students before they picked up their school stuffs, left the classroom, split up and head back to their different common rooms in one of the towers and in the dungeons.

After Goro, Issa, Draco, Cepheus, Caelum and their fellow Slytherin classmates arrived and stepped into their common room, bade goodnight to each other before the guys and girls split up, went into their own different rooms to put down their school stuffs, went to the bathroom to clean and dry themselves up, put on their pajamas before they climb onto their beds and fell asleep.