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***General Information About my Fursona***

Name: Rui

Species: Wolf

Age: 20

Orientation: Gay

Birthday: December 11 (Sagittarius)

Occupation: Unknown

Family: Unknown Father (Deceased)

Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Unknown Brother (Deceased)

Unknown Brother (Unknown)

Unknown Adoptive Brother

Unknown Adoptive Brother


Drawing, Writing, Hanging out with Friends, Pizza,


Rudeness, Heat, Loud Areas


Appearance and Personality: Rui is a male black, grey and white wolf who is the youngest wolf of his biological family and adoptive family. Rui is 20 years old and very gay. Despite being a full breed wolf, he is actually a mixed species due to his grandfather's heritage. He has two older biological brothers, one of them being 21 and the other one being 37. He also has two adoptive brothers who are also older, one being 20 but a few months older than him and the other one being 23. Both of his adoptive brothers are wolves as well. All of his brothers support him despite being the only gay wolf of them all.

2000, Staten Island, NY: This is the year Rui was born in. During this year, Rui's biological mother passed away a few months after he was born and his father is nowhere to be found, but his father decided to take care of his other two older brothers and cannot financially take care of him. Because of this, he was put up for adoption and after a few weeks, he has been adopted by another family of wealthy wolves and raised by them. After being adopted, he moved to a city of the Long Island region in New York.

2001 - 2014, Long Beach, NY: Through his childhood, he was often a shy and reserved wolf. During his school years, he would often get good grades and got rewarded for it. Because of this, he was often picked in school including by one of his adoptive older brothers but he got along well with the other elder one. His eldest adoptive brother would often bug him, doing pranks like stealing his food or pulling his underwear to hang him in a place like a fence and make fun of him playfully for being the youngest. His other brother would try to defend him and get him down from the hangings. Despite his brother picking on him, deep down they love and support each other like family. Rui sometimes keeps in contact with his biological brothers through these years, more often with the second eldest one. His oldest biological sibling is often times busy and is taking care of their father who is sick.

2014 - Buffalo, NY: This was the year we're Rui's father passed away due to his sickness and his eldest biological brother was accidentally murdered shortly after. It was a tragic year for Rui to find out about it, mostly about his brother since he wasn't very close with his father.

2015 - 2018: Rui's rebellious years started in this era. After entering high school in 2015, he quickly began getting bad grades, skipping school and hanging out with bad influences. Despite being rebellious through these years, his adoptive parents took it as a phase and regardless of it supported him for it, his brothers in the other hand felt like there was something wrong with Rui.

Present - 2020: Rui currently lives with one of his friends and they both support each other financially while also getting financial support from his adoptive parents. He currently works as a waiter and entertainer for an amusement park.