Chapter Three

"Wow, look at this place, it smells amazing as well!" The unfamiliar voices had Stiles looking up in time to see two men and a woman walking into the kitchen, all three of them looking around.

"Oh, hey, you must be Stiles!" One of the men spotted him and smiled brightly at him waving.

"Where are the pups?" The other man asked eagerly looking around as though they were going to pop out of nowhere.

"This place looks amazing!" The woman complimented.

"You know an old man could get offended!" Charlie growled walking in with Luke on his shoulders, dragging a giggling Leia who had her hand wrapped around his ankle.

"Guys, what have I said about hanging off of Uncle Charlie!" Stiles groaned.

"Oh, they're fine!" Charlie grinned.

"You know what we meant you…"

"Did the best you could but…" Charlie finished before them, before laughing at their expressions.

"Is your housekeeping being insulted again while Stiles is being complimented?" Peter asked drifting into the kitchen.

"You would think that the place had been a pig stye before!" Charlie said mournfully.

"No no no that wasn't what we meant, it was lovely in here but it see there is different and…" One of the men stammered as Luke and Leia raced at Peter.

"Please Peter, please please please can we…"

"Your daddy has said no on the pigs I am afraid," Peter smiled at them.

"Don't make me the bad guy, we are not getting pigs!" Stiles sighed.

"Please daddy, we would look after them, we look after the chickens!" Luke and Leia turned to Stiles instead, applying their best puppy dog eyes.

"No!" Stiles tried to say firmly, shoving at Peter's face when he imitated the kids.

"Please!" The twins said in unison.


"I don't see what harm it could do," Peter muttered petulantly looking down at the pups and their hopeful looks.

"The harm is that when the novelty wears off I will be the one that ends up looking after the damned things!" Stiles sighed.

"Please! We won't! We promise, we will look after them properly and all the time, please daddy!"

"If, if! You can prove that you don't lose interest in helping look after the chickens and the goats for a month, we will talk about it again!" Stiles sighed.


"I said we would talk about it, it is not a definite yes!" Stiles shook his head.

"Should I start working on you now about the puppies then?" Peter muttered into Stiles' ear while the kids were being too loud to overhear it.

"Don't even start," Stiles sighed shoving at Peter, the two of them missing the look that the three newcomers exchanged with Charlie who grinned at them.

"What smells so good in here?" One of the men asked.

"Stiles got a little nervous about meeting you, so he has baked up a storm, he is a stress baker, always has been," Peter smiled as Stiles went red.

"It is so weird thinking that you knew the Alpha before all this, so mad. It is so nice to meet you! I am Elizabeth," The blonde female wolf stepped forward and rubbed her cheek against Stiles' in welcome.

"I am Richard," The first man stepped forward and scented Stiles' other cheek.

"And I am Edward," The second man shoved Richard out the way to scent Stiles himself.

"Welcome to the Pack," Elizabeth beamed.

"So...cakes?" Richard asked hopefully.

"Over there!" Luke grabbed Richard's hand who looked delighted as he was toed over to the breakfast bar where a ton of cakes was laid out, he turned and held his hands up demandingly to Richard who carefully picked him up. "You should try that one, they're daddy's favourites to cook!"

"They're so cute!" Edward beamed.

"Thank you," Leia said primly. "You're very pretty too,"

"Well thank you," Edward preened.

"They're names are so cool!" Elizabeth grinned at him.

"Don't encourage him!" Peter sighed.

"Just call me Padme," Stiles grinned at her.

"Did you really carry them yourself?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah I did," Stiles blushed lightly.

"So cool!" She said brightly. "I'm going to get some food!" She added bouncing off.

"As bad as you thought?" Peter asked softly rubbing his back.

"Definitely not," Stiles laughed.

"Even if they do all keep insulting my housekeeping," Charlie grumbled.

"I am just super OCD about things," Stiles wrapped his arms around Charlie, the older man chuckling and patting his back.

"No, you're just a caregiver, this place feels so much more like home now, it was before, but this is right," Charlie hummed looking around the kitchen that Stiles had worked hard on over the last week and a half.

"He's right," Peter nodded as Stiles' cheeks burned a brighter red at the words.

"Oh...oh this is amazing," Richard groaned happily, his cheeks puffed out like he was a werehampster instead of a werewolf.

"Mmmm mmmm mmmm," Elizabeth nodded from beside him.

"Come on, let's get to know each other a little better, once these animals have finished stuffing their faces," Peter sighed.

"I may be reconsidering moving in," Edward said in between bites.

"Are they settled?" Peter asked as Stiles stepped out into the back and headed towards where he was lounging on the garden swing.

"Are you talking about Luke and Leia, or the others?" Stiles grinned.

"Both," Peter chuckled, moving a little to make space for Stiles, but ensuring that the human had to press against him once he was seated. Not that Stiles complained, he was touch starved and having pack around again finally meant that he was soaking up touches with the Pack like a sponge, though Peter was the one he sought out the most.

"I like Edward, Elizabeth and Richard, they're lovely," Stiles smiled, swinging them slightly before he rested fully against Peter.

"They're a good Pack," Peter nodded wrapping his arm around Stiles' shoulders. "It is a good life here, not what I imagined I would get in those years after waking up from the coma,"

"I gave up hoping for something like this," Stiles sighed.

"This life was built for you," Peter said but before Stiles could question him on what he meant by that he carried on. "Can I ask how you knew I was not guilty of working with Kate the way the others thought I was?"

"I know, knew, know you, there was no way that you would work with her except to save the last of your Pack, to save Derek. Whatever she was doing was going to be dangerous, we all knew that, and with the predictions of Derek's death being made, an idiot could have put two and two together and realised that you had thought that she was going to be the reason Derek's death had been predicted and that you chose to work with her to try and figure out what she was up to. Otherwise, you would have just killed her if you had been able to get that close to her," Stiles answered.

"I think knowing that at least you believed me kept me going when I left," Peter admitted. "Stiles?"

"What?" Stiles tensed at the tone in the Alpha's voice.

"Will you tell me what happened with your dad?" Peter tried to ask as gently as possible. But Stiles still tensed until it felt like he was a statue under Peter's arm instead. "You don't need to, ever, I just want to know what happened so I can understand,"

Stiles tensed even more before he shifted, and to Peter's surprise instead of walking off, he scooted down and rested his head on Peter's lap, curling his long legs up on the swing.

"I cut ties with him in the end. He married Mellisa, and moved in with her and Scott, said that it was best for me to stay in our house because Isaac already had the spare bedroom at Melissa's and they could just throw him out. That's when I met the twins' dad. I was vulnerable and hurt and...and I was really fucking lonely Peter. He had moved into the area and Scott let him stay. He was...he was nice to me, that was it, just a little bit nice, and that was all it took. We only slept together once, and he legged it as soon as I realised I was pregnant,"

Peter reached down and wrapped one arm over Stiles, tangled his fingers into Stiles' wild hair with his other hand, rocking the swing a little hoping that it would help soothe him.

"When Scott and Derek said that I had no place in their packs I thought dad would stick up for me, he didn't, he took Scott's side and said that I had no place in the Pack, that I was more likely to get myself hurt...or cause damage to the Pack than help. I moved to the other side of the country, had the twins and...he never even visited, he sent a card, no presents, for the twins birth...missed their first birthday. He's never met them," Stiles turned his face slightly, and Peter was aware of the scent of salt in the air and the damp feeling on his jeans.

"You cut off contact?" Peter asked.

"He contacted me, said he wanted to meet the twins, come see us. I was really excited, but I knew...I didn't tell Luke or Leia. He cancelled twice, 'something came up'. I moved a week after the second time and didn't tell him to where. I couldn't afford to keep a mobile by then anyway so I didn't need to worry about changing my number,"

"They're all idiots," Peter growled.

"Peter, everyone that I cared about thought I was worth nothing I…"

"Don't even think about finishing that, Stiles I mean it, you are likely to send me back into a killing spree across Beacon Hills...again," The addition managed to pull a laugh from the human, wet though it was. "Stiles, I mean it when I say that I wanted you in my Pack from the start, I wanted you in my Pack before I even got the Alpha spark back again. They are absolute idiots that couldn't see what a good thing that they had in front of them. I just wish I had known sooner! I wish that I could have been here for you sooner!" Peter growled.

"Peter I am not…" Stiles yelped when Peter's gentle fingers in his hair tightened and he found himself turned onto his back, Peter using the grip on his hair to tilt his head back so that his throat was bared to him. Stiles gulped at being held in such a submissive position for the other man, but he felt no fear when sharp teeth were brushed over his vulnerable throat.

"You are everything that I wanted in my Pack as a caregiver, you are everything that I wanted in my Pack. I wanted you from the start, that never changed, when I thought about reclaiming my spark and making a Pack again, you were the first one that I thought of. They are fools, absolute fools, their choices reflect on only them, not you," Peter said against the skin of Stiles' throat.

"P...P...Peter," Stiles breathed out, and the heavy scent of sorrow was slowly taken over by the cinnamon spice of arousal.

"Now I have you, Stiles, I'm not going to let you go," Peter promised.

" can you make that sound like a threat and sweet at the same time?" Stiles said before shuddering when Peter's hot tongue swept over his throat, followed by the scraping of teeth, and then tongue again.

"Because it is what you want, what you have always wanted, and I can give you that," Peter nudged Stiles' chin with his nose, tugging a little more on his hair so he was barred even more to Peter's ministrations.

"What do I want?" Stiles managed to breathe out as Peter's lips and teeth and tongue carried on their ministrations.

"To submit, to belong, we're perfect balances Stiles, me the Alpha, you the caregiver, I can protect you, care for you, the way you need, the way I have wanted to from the first time I saw you, no matter how wrong it was," Peter dug his teeth a little more into the skin of Stiles' throat, it was going to mark.

"I wouldn't survive if you decided to throw me away Peter," Stiles warned closing his eyes.

"Never!" Peter snarled. "Give yourself to me, and I will treasure you always, the way I have always wanted to, the way you deserve to be. By the moon Stiles you have always driven me mad, I wanted you so bad, I wanted you so much, I wanted to snatch you away, and keep you, I wanted to take you with me, I wanted to come for you once I got my spark back and take you and prove to you I was the best choice, that I could make you happier than anyone else could! I wish I had, if I had…"

"If you had?" Stiles cupped the back of his head, pressing him a little closer to his throat, submitting completely now.

"If I had, Luke and Leia may have been mine," Peter snarled the thought that had been bothering him since he realised Stiles' gift. "They could have been mine, and I would have looked after the three of you from the start. They could be mine now though,"

"Wha?" Stiles magic flared in his shock at the words.

"When the time is right, when you trust me, trust I am not going anywhere, I could adopt them, they would be mine, as you are. Let me love you, the three of you?" Peter practically begged despite the position that he had over Stiles, practically holding him in place by his throat.

"Yes," Stiles breathed out, and he let go, he let go of everything that had been holding him back, he let go of his fear and his worry, he let go of the hurt and the pride that he had been clinging to. And he surrendered himself into Peter's arms, surrendered himself to Peter completely.

The bite mark that Peter left on his neck was temporary, a promise for what was to come when they were ready.

Peter hummed at the giggling he could hear in the room, waking him up from the delightful sleep and dreams that he had been having about Stiles, not surprising considering his sweet caregiver was curled against his body, his face pressed partly into Peter's chest, partly into his armpit soaking up the scent of Peter, allowing it to relax him. Even in sleep, he was curled into Peter in a trusting way.

They had not done much more than kiss after Peter had bitten him, both exhausted and wrung out from their conversation and the emotions that had spilt from the two of them. Peter had carried Stiles inside, straight to his own bedroom, not even looking at Stiles' as they passed and he had bundled his mate into his own pyjamas that he had slept in the night before. He had hoped that Stiles would not spend long in that bedroom, and yet a part of him had not believed that he would be lucky enough to see his perfect mate on his bed, in his clothes, staring up at him with those beautiful amber eyes.

Amber eyes whose matching pairs were gazing at him over the top of his mattress when he opened his eyes, followed by another couple of giggles.

"Hello, are you both ok?" Peter asked softly. Stiles out for the count, the exhaustion of years of wearing himself thin still weighing on him.

"We woke up and went looking for daddy, he wasn't in his room, but we could smell him here," Luke said.

"Is he ok?" Leia asked.

"He's just tired. Come on," Peter waved his hand.

"We can sleep with you as well?" Leia perked up.

"Of course you can. Your daddy is going to be sleeping with me from now on, but you can always sleep with us, even when you're eighteen and have had a bad day and need us," Peter smiled and reached out to help them scramble onto the bed.

Luke tucked himself in behind Stiles, snuggling his face in between his shoulder blades and falling straight to sleep as though someone had turned him off. Leia, however, crawled into the small gap between Peter and Stiles considering before crawling up Peter's body and drooping herself over him. He quickly gathered the covers and dropped them over her even though it left his legs and side open to the air.

"Are you going to be our daddy as well?" Leia asked softly. Peter let out an amused noise, he had no doubt that this little wolf was going to be his successor.

"I would like to be, what would you think about that?" Peter asked.

"Daddy told us about you, he told us about everyone, but he spoke about you the most, he told us that you 'were what a wolf should be'. He told us stories about you,"

"He did?" Peter felt his heart clench in his chest.

"He did. I wished...I wished to Santa this year that you would come and find us, that you would look after daddy and us. I want you to be our daddy," Leia yawned widely and clenched her little hand into Peter's pyjama top. "You're even...even better…" Her little body went heavier against him as she fell asleep leaving him away with the three people that were now most precious to him in the world sleeping soundly and safely within his arms.

Stiles slowly came awake, feeling more than a little warm, but feeling safe and content. Lazily he opened an eye and was met with a sculpted chest with just a smattering of hair, and….he frowned when he realised that there was a length of hair that was not part of Peter's chest hair. Sitting up a little he had to hide his smile when he realised that Leia was fast asleep draped over Peter, one of her bunches was lying over Peter's chest.

Their Alpha had his arm wrapped around her keeping her in place and keeping her safe. His other arm was under Stiles' head, and cupping Luke's back where Stiles' son was snuggled into his back, his soft little breaths filling the room.

He laid back down looking at Peter, his face relaxed and calm in sleep, a small happy smile on his wondered if it was because he had Stiles and the pups in his room with him. His neck was feeling a little tight from the bruises that he had no doubt would be there.


He had not dreamt that something like this would happen. He had always felt a pull towards Peter, even when he had been mad and the bad guy. When Peter had come back and it had been clear that he was sane and less murderous, well the thoughts that he had had about that moment in the car park when Peter had his wrist in his hand, his teeth so close to the vulnerable point had been less than PG. And the time that they had spent together over the years had only deepened his feelings for Peter.

He had not imagined that he would come back into his life, despite his thoughts about what could have been. He had thought about the fact that his children could have been Peter's, he had thought about things being different and discovering that he had been carrying Peter's children.

Hearing Peter say that he wanted Luke and Leia to be his, that even though they were not his biologically he wanted them to be his anyway had sent Stiles' poor heart through the roof, it had given him feelings that he was sure that he was going to pass out from.

He found it so hard to believe that everything had come together like this, that he was lucky enough to be here, that Peter wanted him and his pups, that he wanted to be with him, the passion that he had displayed last night for Stiles had been unmistakable and called to things in Stiles that he had long been suppressing.

Peter had been right, he did like the caregiving role. It had been a role he had claimed for himself from when he was old enough, looking after his dad, Scott, Mellisa and anyone else that came across his path that he felt needed caring for, he had even tried with Derek as best he could. But he had always wanted to have someone to look after him as well while he cared for them, someone that would take control of him, would...well dominate him.

But it had to be someone that he trusted, someone that would not take advantage of that trust, and it had been a long time since there had been someone like that in his life. But Peter. Peter was something else, Peter was someone that he knew he could hand himself over to and trust him.

He thought that Peter could make him completely and utterly happy.

When the time was right he would tell Peter that the twins birth certificates held his name in the mother section after convincing the doctors that he was a hermaphrodite, and the father section he had left blank. He was fairly sure that with Peter's knowledge of the legal system as a lawyer he would be able to sort getting the certificates changed to name him as their father.

Just at that thought sea blue eyes fluttered open and Peter blinked a couple of times before an amazing smile crossed his face as looked at Stiles and then the pups. Leaning forward he gave Stiles time to pull back but Stiles leant forward and pressed their lips together sweetly, aware that his pups were in the bed with them, but Peter seemed more than happy just lying there exchanging gentle kisses.

Yes, this was what he was sure real happiness felt like.

"Stiles!" Edward called panicked.

"Oh no, this is really cool!" Darcy waved off his worry as they watched the human eyeing the Hunters standing with their guns raised disdainfully. "Peter!" She called over her shoulder in afterthoughts.

"We have figured out your trick! It won't work a second time!" One of the hunters snarled.

"Technically it would be the third time, two of you shot yourselves last time remember?" Stiles sighed as though they were idiots.

"Must you poke at the morons?" Peter snarled at Stiles through a mouthful of teeth as he stalked towards them. Carefully keeping his eyes under control as not to let onto the Hunters that they had an Alpha stalking towards them, stupid as they were even they would panic and run at that realisation.

"But they make it so easy," Stiles turned to grin at him. Charlie, Edward and Matilda all screamed and jumped forward when one of the hunters shot their gun at Stiles while he was turned, only to freeze on the spot when the bullet seemed to go into reverse and went through the hunter's head instead, his companions staring at him stunned as he hit the floor.

"Guess you didn't work it out after all," Stiles said cheerfully.

"I always hated that trick," Peter huffed passing him by stroking the back of his neck.

"But…" The hunters started backing away.

"So freaking cool!" Elizabeth enthused.

"Trick? This is complicated magic, Peter!" Stiles squawked in outrage.

"You think you can attack my people? My beta? My mate? My pups? I am going to make sure hunters don't dare step foot near my territory for generations!" Peter snarled, finally allowing the red to bleed into his eyes, red that was quickly mirrored by the blood he drew from the hunters.

Stiles watched as Peter ripped the hunters apart, anger and protectiveness flaring through them as he took them apart. Finally when the last hunter hit the floor, eyes empty and staring Stiles stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Peter, grinning when the Alpha grumbled a little as he tugged Stiles close and kissed the top of his head.

"Want me to sort the bodies out?" Stiles asked casually.

"If you wouldn't mind," Peter nodded.

"Want anything?" Stiles asked as Peter allowed him to turn in his arms but did not let him go.

"Leave a finger of each, I am going to send them to the Hunter's Council with a demand for recompense, even though they brought you into our lives I want to make it clear that we're not to be messed with," Peter said thoughtfully.

"No problemo!" Stiles nodded before concentrating and waving his hands. The bodies melted away into the ground as though they had never been there, only a finger from each lying on the ground.

"You two are a little creepy you know that?" Matilda said casually.

"Not the weirdest thing we have had to do," Stiles shrugged.

"Beacon Hills really was a shit show," Peter snorted.

"I've got them," Edward grimaced collecting the fingers.

They made their way back into the house and to the kitchen, Edward heading for the fridge freezer to get ice for the fingers.

"Don't use my Tupperware! I have the old take out containers in here, we will use them," Stiles protested when he saw the werewolf pulling out some of his new Tupperware.

Together they quickly had the fingers and ice in the container and put the container in the freezer, Stiles quickly adding a Do Not Eat sticker to it as an afterthought. They returned to their seats at the table where breakfast was still sitting as though nothing had happened.

"You know daddy, if we had pigs you could have just fed them to them, they eat everything you know!" Leia said cheerfully.

All the adults at the table turned to look at her before they started laughing.