Time Plaza building in New York City, the headquarters building of the law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway which specialized in legal cases relating to Superhumans including Superheroes and Supervillains. In one of the offices was a tall muscular green skinned woman with dark green hair tied up in a ponytail and a business suit.

She was Jennifer Walters the cousin of Bruce Banner the infamous Hulk, thanks to a blood transfusion with her cousin she could transform into a Hulk like form that she could control and could transform from her Hulk form to human and vice versa at will. Thanks to the confidence boost and the looks that it gave her, she chose to spend most of her time in her Hulk form. She had become a superhero by the name of She-Hulk with her identity public while still acting as a lawyer and she ended up taking more cases related to Superhumans. She had become a celebrity and used her confidence boost to lead a promiscuous partying lifestyle in her spare time, while still taking her career as a lawyer seriously.

With her in her office was an aged blonde haired woman in a dark blue business suit, short blonde hair and glasses; she was her legal secretary and close friend Louis Grant Mason but Jennifer liked to call her by the nickname 'Weezi'. Weezi was handing her the papers of the just finished case for Jennifer to finish the last of the paperwork on them. "Now that's Wrecker's case all done, plus smashing the latest plot by Ultron with the Avengers... Now I can focus on my date with Peter... We have done enough postponing as it is..." Jennifer muttered; while she was promiscuous, she had been thinking about how it had been a long while since she last had a serious relationship. So as a human and without using her full name, she had signed up for this online dating service and had been matched with this younger guy who worked as a scientist at Horizon Labs called Peter Parker, they had been going on a few dates and they had really clicked.

Peter appreciated her sense of humor that went through even as a human, she found him a cute dork as he was a bit of a nerd. He was not much if you compared him physically to other guys that she had been with but he was sweet and it was nice to have someone she liked get to know her before finding out that she was She-Hulk. Maybe soon she could let him know that she was She-Hulk, she would have to wait for the right time and place otherwise she didn't think his heart would take it and he would have an epic freak out.

"To think that I used to believe my days as a crimefighter would be as weird as it could get after Captain America disappeared." laughed Weezi and Jennifer did as well. Decades ago Louise had been the secretary of detective Mark Mason who she would end up marrying while also spotlight as a masked detective and vigilante with a secret identity under the name of the Blonde Phantom.

Jennifer soon said goodbye to Weezi and shared a look towards a short brown haired woman with supermodel looks in a grey business suit as she passed her who was walking into her own office, Mallory Books was a fellow attorney at the firm and was a workplace rival to her. She was known as 'the Face That Never Lost a Case' with confidence and arrogance at her own abilities. She had to get go home, transform into her human changed into her smaller sized dress and get ready to meet Peter for their date. Several times they had to reschedule with Peter having some last minute things to take care of and sometimes Jennifer had to when something related to her work or being a Superhero came up.

She felt bad when she had to postpone but Peter understood and it seemed that he had trouble with last minute stuff as well, nonetheless she could forget about being She-Hulk and enjoy herself with a nice normal guy...

In his apartment with the door locked 25 year old Peter Parker had gotten home from his shift at Horizon Labs in order to make some modifications for his Web-Shooters and the wires connecting to the lenses of his Spider-Man mask. Using tech parts that he found in dumpsters and junk shops, along with his salary he had a part time business doing photography and even

He had his powers for a decade and secretly being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man only gets so easier especially since he had no shortage of mistakes and regrets. The pictures of his old Midtown High classmate Sally Avril in her Bluebird costume and Gwen Stacy his girlfriend from college certainly proved that.

After Gwen, he stayed clear of romance until a few months ago when his Aunt May convinced him to try this online dating service. He ended up with this shy older woman who called Jennifer who worked in a law firm and wasn't comfortable with sharing her full name and Peter didn't really mind. She was private about her personal life and her family and Peter was a bit as well, not wanting her to get any hints of him being Spider-Man.

They actually really hit it off with Jen having a great sense of humor behind her shyness and she even appreciated his own bad jokes, but they had to postpone dates and late to some as well whenever he had to deal with something as Spider-Man with him making excuses about it being related to work. However Jennifer was as well as it seemed she kept being busy with her own work. Looks like he got lucky to be paired with someone understanding and had her own issues with things coming up.

Peter ended up admitting when the conversation of past serious relationships, that his was last one was Gwen Stacy and Jennifer knew what had happened and offered her sympathies. Peter was happy as they had gotten to the officially dating part and hoped that being Spider-Man didn't screw this up or that something bad would happen to Jennifer.

He noticed the time and freaked out as he got ready, pushing away some rent notices (some months he had trouble with the rent but was able to manage at the moment) as he got his wallet and after a look in the mirror he went out of the door. He managed to make it to the restaurant just in time as Jennifer was there at the door waiting for him in a nice red dress. "Looks like we are both on time for once..." Peter remarked and gave a face as he was kicking himself mentally for the line but Jennifer gave a giggle as she opened the door for him. Peter sighed as he walked through the door, the place sounded nice from what he heard but he heard things about them struggling for money due to some bad business.

They sat down and smiled at eachother and made some comments about how their work were going, Peter was smiling but felt his Spider-Sense go off. "Come on, please don't let anything ruin this date now..." Peter moaned mentally as Jennifer looked concerned as she asked if he was alright. Then out came the front of the restaurant bursted open as in came a black man with a bald head, a goatee and black and gold armored suit with a clear dome helmet. Peter recognized him as Steven Hudak, a rogue research chemist who went by the name Scorcher who used a flame throwing suit.

The employees led the panicking customers out as Hudak began using his suit to melt the security cameras and Peter jumped out of the way with him pushing Jennifer down besides a table as they went for the door. He didn't think he would need his Spider-Man suit hoping that things would go well but he should have known his luck better. He had to somehow get Jennifer to saftey and find a way to stop Hudak.

However Jennifer started looking stern as she walked towards Hudak to his exasperation, he had to jump and cling to the wall about to yell for Jennifer to run, however he was stunned when he saw her grow taller, more muscular and her skin turned green.

"This can't be real..." Peter said as he saw Jennifer transform into the famous She-Hulk; he knew that Jennifer worked in a legal office and had the same first name but he never thought of this possibility. You couldn't blame a guy as her human appearance was not as known her She-Hulk appearance and she couldn't be the only lawyer named Jennifer. Plus this would explain why she wasn't keen on sharing details on her personal life...

He watched as Hudak was caught unprepared for Jennifer ripping his suit apart and knocked him out, Jennifer looked towards Peter with her mouth wide open and told him "sorry Peter, this was not how I wanted you to find out... I was looking for a guy to get to know me first and... Are you clinging to the wall?" Peter paused and realized that he was with his hands and feet and jumped down.

The police came and Peter just acted casually as he stood near Jennifer, she was amused as he tried not to look at her red dress. They gave their statements to the PDNY officers and Peter actually thought how unusual it was to truly be a bystander in this. "We have some stuff to talk about later, don't we?" Peter whispered to her and Jennifer smiled as she nodded giving him a kiss on the cheek.

She said she would see him later as Peter walked home red face as he began thinking "Wait... All this time... I have been going on dates with the She-Hulk?" Curse his luck...

Using stuff from my other Spidey X She-Hulk stories and hopefully this one I can stick with.