Lucemon Potter

Chapter 1

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"I'm going to choke that old goat with his beard if Mr. L. Potter rejects the Hogwarts invitation," Minerva McGonagall mutters to herself as she looks at the ruins of Number 4 Privet Drive before confirming her destination on the invite.

Mr. L. Potter

Basement corner

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging


Address confirmed, Minerva puts up a minor Notice-me-not ward to avoid attention from the neighbors before transfiguring a hole into the basement. Before the hole is large enough to enter the basement, Minerva finds herself wrapped in yellow ribbons coming from a large figure in pink armor. "State your name and business or lose your head," a deep voice says. Turning her head towards the voice, Minerva sees a second figure in white draconian armor.

"My name is Professor Minerva McGonagall and I came here to deliver an invitation for the private boarding school I work at to a Mr. L. Potter. Odd thing though, the Potters are rather famous for their last surviving member defeating a madman and that last member was named Harry James Potter and would have been eleven this coming July 31st if he hadn't vanished six years ago," Minerva replies with a slight wave of the hand she happened to be holding the letter in.

"You might as well release her Lord Knightmon. I recognize Professor McKitty from the confusing memory data I inherited from my parents. You taught them transfiguration right Professor? I stopped identifying with my birth name after nearly four years of only being called 'Boy' or 'Freak'," a new voice says. Turning towards the voice as the ribbons fall from her, Minerva blinks in surprise at seeing a young child with messy jet-black hair and emerald eyes wearing white ankle length toga style robes and thick golden bracelets on both wrists and ankles with visible white wings sticking from his hair with a second pair at his waist.

"I told Albus the Dursleys were the worst sort to leave you with, but he overruled me. As for why he would be responsible for your placement after your parents were murdered, he is not only the Headmaster of the school I teach at, he is also the head of our court system. What name do you identify with since I doubt you would choose to identify with 'Boy' or 'Freak'," Minerva says, incidentally forgetting to answer the Potter heir's question.

"I get the feeling the Headmaster has at least one more major position and, if the inherited memories are right, you were just coming off a war. At least you personally tried to ensure the option chosen wasn't the greater evil. Wizarmon and Sorcerimon were of minimal help understanding the inherited memories since they deal with the magic of the Digital World compared to the Human World magic of the memories. I go by Lucemon even though my 'genetic memory' indicates I was actually born as a disguised Puttimon and matured through Cupimon before the disguise shattered when I digivolved during the lightning strike that destroyed the house," Lucemon says as he takes the Hogwarts letter from Minerva's hand. "You do realize I fit in with the non-magical world better than you at the moment, right? Should I grab a hooded cloak to hide my hip and head wings or will I fit in well enough without at the magical shopping district?" he adds after reading the letter.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf.

Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International

Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress

"A hooded cloak would be better as magical Britain has a poor opinion of part humans. No need to send me a reply by owl unless you are holding off on a final decision regarding attendance for a few days," Professor McGonagall replies, noting the format of the letter is the one used for wizard raised.

"Very well. Lead the way," Lucemon Potter says as he briefly converts a piece of rubble into data before reshaping the data into a forest green hooded cloak.

"Grab my arm and I'll apparate us to the London park where I'm scheduled to meet with a pair of muggle-born families," the professor says as she holds out her left arm. Following the instructions, Lucemon and McGonagall vanish from Privet Drive and appear in a park just barely out of immediate line of sight to a pair of families. One family with a daughter, who looks to be the older of the children present, seems to be upper middle-class while the second family with a boy is clearly upper-class.

"Another muggle-born? I'm Justin Finch-Fletchley," the boy says in a tone that goes perfect with his thousand-pound socks that serve little purpose beyond showing he (or his family) have money to burn.

"Don't mind his tone, I'm used to hearing it at school from the same people that call me a bushy-haired buck-tooth know-it-all. I'm Hermione Granger," the girl (who does in-fact have bushy hair and buck teeth) says for her own greeting.

"I go by Lucemon, but you'll probably see a few books that mention my birth name when we stop by the wizarding bookstore for our school books. I'm actually considered half-blood even though my mother was muggle-born rather than muggle. Then again, neither parent was strictly human," Lucemon replies to the introductions. At a prompt from Professor McGonagall, the three children and four parents head north along Charring Cross Road until they come to a dingy old pub that the parents can't see unless touching one of the children.

"I know this will be a little awkward for the adults among you, but the Leaky Cauldron acts as the primary gateway between the muggle and wizarding worlds," Professor McGonagall says as the rest of the group look at the pub that appears to be in violation of at least a dozen health and safety codes if the outward appearance is any indication. "The actual shopping district is located out the back door and tap the third brick up from the rubbish bin," she adds as she leads the group through the pub and demonstrates opening the hidden passage to the shopping district. Through the archway formed by displaced bricks, instead of a simple ally, the group sees a massive winding cobblestone street lined with the most unusual buildings seen anywhere in the Human World that Professor McGonagall introduces as Diagon Alley. The tamest of the buildings is a massive structure of white marble with columns along the front at the top of a large stairway. The door guards immediately draw Lucemon's attention despite the distance as they closely resemble Goburimon.

"I hope you aren't growling at the guard goblins... though you must have the eyes of a seeker if you can spot them from here," Professor McGonagall says on hearing Lucemon's reaction to the Gringotts guards.

"I've had issues with a species that looks similar though the Goburimon don't wear armor. They, Shamamon and Snow Goburimon are only minor irritants though compared to the evolutions: Orgemon, Fugamon and Hyogamon," Lucemon says as the group make their way towards Gringotts. On entering the first set of doors, Lucemon sees a second set with a poem:

Enter stranger but take heed

of what awaits the sin of greed

for if you seek beneath our floors

a treasure that was never yours

thief beware

of finding more than treasure there.

"Barbamon, non-lethal and only target the Goburimon knockoffs if you please," Lucemon says as he opens a small portal into the Digital World. Before anyone else can react, a large man with red wings and a knee length beard to match his hair steps through and boops both of the goblins guarding the inner doors before knocking said doors off their hinges.

"Dear Merlin! You've just kicked off another goblin war!" Professor McGonagall exclaims as Barbamon proceeds to knock out every goblin in sight.

"Not likely, this is the most fun we goblins have had since the last war. I would like to know who the young lad's summon is since the goblin monitoring charms suggest the summon was in response to our little warning against thieves," one goblin, wearing nicer clothes than the others, says while wildly evading Barbamon's attacks.

"Barbamon is the Digital Incarnation of Greed also known as the Schemer of Gold. He will obey my instructions because I hold the Code Crown of Pride and the potential to mature into the Incarnation of Pride also known as the Paradise of Loss. But that is not our purpose here today. I would like a full Bloodline and Inheritance test for myself and the other two children followed by a withdrawal of shopping money and a discussion of investments and properties," Lucemon says while signaling for Barbamon to leave the specific goblin out of his 'fun'.

"Follow me," the goblin says before walking to a side door that leads to a few tunnels holding offices. After a few minutes, the group comes to a door labeled 'Ragnok' behind which is a lavish room better suited to a king's throne room than an office. In fact, two guard goblins flank an actual throne behind a desk lined with shields. Sitting in the throne, the goblin pulls a sheet of parchment and a dagger out of a drawer and instructs Lucemon to deposit seven drops of blood on the parchment. Following the instructions causes golden writing to appear listing Lucemon's parents, godparents, titles, and properties but also lists James Potter (JESmon) and Lilly Potter nee Evens (Lilithmon) as not being properly alive or dead. And this is not even mentioning three marriage contracts listed as active and a fourth listed as invalid.

The three active contracts are for Harry (Lucemon) Potter to marry Daphne and Astoria Greengrass (one contract per girl), and Heir Peverel to marry Heiress Dagworth-Granger while the invalid contract is dated five days after Voldemort fell and is for Harry (Lucemon) Potter to marry Ginerva Weasley. "Are there any legal issues with following through with the active contracts? Depending on the terms, I may shift the Weasley contract to Slytherin or Gaunt unless Ginerva is a poor fit or they already have contracts the test didn't pick up on," Lucemon says, prompting Ragnok to indicate no legal issues beyond which Greengrass gets a line continuance option as well as mention issues with the status of the last Gaunt by blood. "I, Lucemon James Potter, hereby claim all titles and properties to which I am due. So mote it be, So Mote It Be, SO MOTE IT BE," Lucemon recites at the mention of a ritual oath needed to claim his inheritance.

On the last syllable, a bright flash of magic briefly blinds everyone before revealing four Head of House rings, one Hier ring, a locket, a wand, and a silvery cloak. One of the Head of House rings and the locket have dark auras that prompt cursing from Ragnok until Lucemon dispels the auras by picking up the objects. After putting on the rings and locket, Lucemon puts on the cloak only for it to be absorbed into him, the same thing happens to the wand. Despite the wand and cloak no longer having physical forms, Lucemon can sense a significant increase in power as well as invisibility data that can be used for high level stealth.

"I will send a notice to House Greengrass and initiate a search for more horcruxes within Gringotts. In the meantime, the two remaining children can perform their Bloodline and Inheritance tests," Ragnok says as he pulls two more parchments from his desk. "I would send a notice to House Dagworth-Granger, but Hector was the last known member and died twenty years ago."

Noticing the dagger Lucemon used has no visible blood on it, Hermione uses it to drip seven drops of blood on one of the two blank parchments. Mrs. Granger starts to say something, but stops when the test reveals Hermione is not only Heiress Granger, but also Lady Ravenclaw and Lady Dagworth-Granger, suggesting a split from the larger family had occurred in the past. The test also lists the same marriage contract with House Peverel. "I, Hermione Jane Granger, hereby claim all titles and properties to which I am due. So mote it be, So Mote It Be, SO MOTE IT BE. Not that I mind being required to marry my first real friend, but it would be nice to see the exact terms of the marriage contract," Hermione says when the blood red writing stops on her Bloodline and Inheritance test despite another flash of light on the last syllable of the ritual oath bringing her Head of House rings along with a diadem that Lucemon quickly cleanses of darkness. Her rings have a more feminine appearance to show they are meant for a Lady of the house rather than a Lord like Lucemon's rings.

"When they split from House Dagworth-Granger, House Granger never commissioned separate rings. Copies of the marriage contracts can be found in the main vaults for the relevant Houses," Ragnok says even as Justin uses the somehow still clean dagger for his own test. Disappointingly, Justin is a true muggleborn while Ragnok mentions offhand that Hermione is legally considered a pureblood because she has wizarding ancestors on both sides of her family tree despite those ancestors not being in the nearest generations. Just when they are considering heading down to the vaults for their gold, a guard goblin knocks on the door and introduces Lord and Lady Greengrass along with both Greengrass daughters.

"Heiress Daphne, a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better during our time at Hogwarts and hope we do not find reason to regret the choices of our parents. Sadly, you will have to learn to share as the contracts with you and little Astoria are not the only ones I inherited when I learned of my connections to the wizarding world. Lady Dagworth-Granger here is also contracted to me through my connection to the Peverels. Between Hermione and I, half of Hogwarts is directly owned and the Slytherin ring tells me this gives us solid control of the school greater than the Headmaster or the Board of Governors," Lucemon says when the introductions are made.

"Forgive me for saying, but you don't look like you would fit in Slytherin House based on what I've heard of its reputation in the last century or two. Partially based on rumors, I would guess Lady Dagworth-Granger is also Lady Ravenclaw? House Smith has often claimed descent from House Hufflepuff and usually end up in Hufflepuff House while attending Hogwarts," Daphne says in reply.

"Accurate enough, though despite rumors of Hepzibah Smith having Hufflepuff's Cup at the time of her death, the Smiths have never had real evidence of relations with House Hufflepuff. The Head of House ring was lost three generations after Helga," Ragnok comments. Hermione slips on Ravenclaw's Diadem as the Finch-Fletchleys are directed to another goblin while everyone else follows Ragnok to the vault carts for a trip down to the vaults. On reaching the first vault, the elder Grangers lose their breakfasts while Lucemon inquires if the carts can go any faster. At Ragnok's response in the negative, the Angel Digimon shrugs and opens the vault by placing his palm in the center of the doors.

"This is the Peverel vault. As Lord Peverel, you can remove anything you want though the Ministry may object to certain artifacts labeled Dark in the last 1500 years or so," Ragnok says as Lucemon heads straight to a table holding what is clearly a marriage contract. A quick read of the contract reveals mixed news.

"Looks like you are stuck marrying me Lady Dagworth-Granger. Good news is we have until the later of our seventeenth birthdays before we must get married and, even then, there is some leeway in how we produce heirs for our houses depending on how the vows are worded," Lucemon says when he is finished reading. After pulling out the Hogwarts letter to compare the supplies list with the vault contents to minimize expenses, the group has a quick discussion and decides to visit the Dagworth-Granger vault next followed by the Greengrass vault as Heiress Daphne has not done her shopping yet.

"I've not seen the exact wording of the Peverel contract with Dagworth-Granger, but it seems House Potter and my parents have similar thoughts on how to structure a marriage contract," Daphne says after looking over the Greengrass contracts with Astoria. During the brief stop at the Dagworth-Granger vault, Hermione fills a small bag with galleons much the way Lucemon had during the discussion inside the Peverel vault. Daphne now does the same before the group returns to the lobby to reunite with the Finch-Fletchleys. With all Gringotts business now concluded, Professor McGonagall suggests heading to Olivander's for wands but is convinced by Lucemon to head for a place to get storage trunks and enchanted bags to carry the other supplies first.

On entering Travis' Trunks and Bags, the first thing the upcoming Hogwarts students notice is the high price of anything more than a basic school trunk hardly better than a muggle trunk and even this is priced higher than the muggle version with equivalent features. A closer look at brand/model names shows that none of the trunks are linked to the Potter name. "Excuse me, Sir, would you be interested in a little business deal that would see record profits?" Lucemon greets the proprietor of the shop. After a few minutes of haggling about details, Travis L. Travis agrees to an exclusive deal to produce and sell a Harry Potter line of trunks while providing all five children with free eight compartment Harry Potter trunks and 30% royalties to Lucemon. With each compartment being walk-in size, and doors linking the compartments, each of the five trunks is practically a portable house even before the resizing and weight adjustment charms.

At the next stop, Flourish and Blots, Lucemon takes one step inside before pausing for half a minute. When asked by Hermione why he stoppped, Luce mon holds up one hand and shows a pale blue light that forms into a book from the school supply list before flickering into a second book, then a third and on until it is quite obvious, he somehow knows far more books far better than a simple list would allow and says: "I just scanned the Data for the entire stock of books. We can turn around now and I'll supply Digital World copies from the memories in my Data." After a short discussion with Professor McGonagall, it is decided that the students can owl order the proper books if Lucemon's plans fail on reaching Hogwarts.

The next stop is Olivander's for wands since the children have only touched family wands up to now and never used a wand. On first entering, the wand shop appears empty of both keeper and any employees when Lucemon suddenly shoots his hand out to one side and catches an old man by the neck. "My apologies Lord Potter. Garrick Olivander at your service. I remember every wand I've ever sold if you ever need a wand identified. For now, stick out your wand arm and we can get started with a few measurements," the old man says before pulling a tape measure from his robe pocket.

As soon as Lucemon releases Olivander, the measuring tape leaps into the air and starts measuring on its own while the old man heads into the shelves to grab a few wands for testing. The measuring tape starts with wrist circumference, hand length, finger length and overall arm length but then moves on to hips, waist and torso measurements before getting nose measurements and the females of the group blush when it slips beneath Lucemon's robes for genital measurements. "Disappointingly, I can't say I'm all that surprised to find a magical tape measure with perverted tendencies," Lucemon says at this point as he uses a hand glowing with Data to grab the tape measure and hold it away from his body. At this point, Olivander comes back from the shelves as the tape measure absorbs the Data and transforms into a bat-winged woman in geisha robes though the cut of the robes hints at the darker forms of entertainment that are outside a true geisha's purview.

"My darling baby boy is all grown up... or close enough anyways. Have fun at Hogwarts and I never intended for you to get saddled with Daphne or Astoria much less both but me and your father got sacrificed in the protective ritual wards we layered under a Fidelious when Voldemort attacked that fateful Halloween night," Lilithmon says while ignoring the measuring tape detailing on her shoulder ribbons. After a half minute of blinking in shock, Olivander hands Lucemon a wand and tells him to give it a wave. On following the old man's instruction, a fair mimicry of Lilithmon's Phantom Pain shoots from the wand and corrodes a three-legged stool into splinters.

"That's a reaction I've never seen before... pretty sure that wand is not for you though. Try this vine wood and unicorn hair next," Olivander says as almost everyone breaks out in sweat at how destructive a supposedly poorly matched wand turned out. An hour later, the shop windows are shattered and the front area looks like a miniature war zone as Olivander hands over one last wand for Lucemon to try. "Holly and phoenix feather, eleven and a quarter inches. Not sure if it would be more curious for you to need a custom wand or if this wand chose you as its brother wand gave you your famous scar," Olivander says with a brief look at the faint lightning bolt scar on Lucemon's forehead. As if to mock the old man, the wand emits a blinding golden light the moment Lucemon touches it.

'Ladies first," Justin, Daphne and Astoria all say at the same time indicating Hermione should go next. (And should have gone before Lucemon) Olivander just looks at Lilithmon who proceeds to roll her eyes before pulling a 10" vine wood and dragon heartstring wand from the discard pile and offering it to Hermione. The bushy-haired Lady Dagworth-Granger takes the wand in her dominant hand for an instant match. Daphne is next to be matched with a wand, 13" willow and dragon heartstring while Justin is chosen by an 11" elm with unicorn hair core. The four new wand owners pay 7 galleons each for their wands and another 3 galleons each for quality dragon hide wand holsters.

The next stop is Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions. Madam Malkin herself greets the group as they enter and sends Hermione and Daphne to one area to measure for school robes while leading Lucemon and Justin to another area where they are instructed to remove the outer layer of clothing for more accurate measurements. Justin's mother, having followed Justin, immediately blushes despite the age difference when Lucemon suppresses his robe data to stand nude on the measuring pedestal. Madam Malkin however, barely pauses before making a few quick measurements and asking questions about desired material followed by dressing Lucemon in a template robe to determine if any measurements should be less precise to improve comfort or perhaps a cushioning charm can be added to the embedded enchantments that come with school robes. In the end, Lucemon selects cotton robes with resizing and temperature regulation charms not much different from his normal robes beyond the obvious of style and color.

Justin chooses the same options and the boys spend another half hour waiting for the girls to finish their fittings. After swinging by Travis' Trunks and Bags to pick up their completed trunks, the group browses the various shops for scales, cauldrons, quills and parchment, and telescopes. To the mild disappointment of the parents, lunch is eaten at Fortiscue's Ice-cream parlor before entering the noxious smelling apothecary for supplies of potions ingredients. The last stop is an owl shop where Lucemon is selected by a snowy owl the shop keeper seems relieved to be rid of. At Lilithmon's prompting, the snowy owl is named Hedwig.

Meanwhile, Daphne picks an owl she names Artemis. With her duties complete, McGonagall heads back to Hogwarts while the Finch-Fletchleys return to their home. Both the Grangers and the Greengrasses decide to accept an invitation to spend the next week with Lucemon and the Royal Knights at Privet Drive with trips into the Digital World.

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