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The Slums of Iacon always made him feel a tight form of unease.

Though that's not to be unexpected when it comes to Cybertronian society now-a-days as he understood it. Everything in this society was always all about two things that dictates everything that goes on throughout the world of Cybertron.

1: Energon.

2: What your ALT. Mode is and what it can do for others.

Such was the world they lived in. The world of a functionalist society.

It was these two facts that always made him feel uncomfortable on how things are run in the world these days.

And a bot like Orion Pax couldn't help but feel it was just a warning for harsh times to come.

Regardless though here he was. Driving through the lower districts of Iacon City, checking every corner and every kind of nook and cranny he could set his perimeter scanners. Always making sure there wasn't anything illegal going on.

Though in a place like the slums that last part was a definite guaranty.

You always find some kind of trouble down here.

Everything about the slum areas looked about as bad as the trouble you could and can find down here.

Buildings barely held together, honestly made him wonder how and why they haven't collapsed by now. Roads, Streets, and sidewalks looking just as bad. And don't get him started at the litter and junk he could see everywhere he looked wherever he went.

And yet despite this and that, people still lived down here. Barely getting by as is.

It often made him wonder how this kind of treatment could go on. How some bots are treated as equals (for the most part) while others are treated like their lives don't even matter.

Reasons like this made him worry about Cybertron's future.

Because seeing this made him realize how dark that future may be.

"Hey Orion. Can you read me?"

At that, Orion hit the brakes on his and transformed. And then placed a servo on the side of his helm to answer the other end of his com-link.

"Yes Ravage, I read you. Is there something you need old friend?"

"First off, don't call me old. I still got a lot of years on my warranty compare to you," The now named Ravage said in a sorta grumpy tone. "And secondly, I'm just calling in to see if all things are good on your end. Hope you haven't got into to much trouble since we last talked."

Smiling, Orion was quick to reply, "no Ravage. Fortunately it would seem that all is quiet tonight."

"Not surprising. With how little Energon these dreks get, it's no wonder they prefer to savor every bit they have by going into stasis." Ravage said. The Bot sounding somewhat somber of that fact.

"Yes, a fine point indeed. I'm on the last route of my patrol right now. I'll come randevu with you soon as I-."

However whatever Orion was about to say immediately died in his throat.

Because just as he turned a corner, he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight that was laid before him.

There, not to far from where he was, in the middle of a large open space was a bot. A bot that seemed to be under great distress if his optics didn't deceive him.

"Orion? You there?" Ravage spoke up, making Orion snap out of his stupor.

Orion looked at the bot in the distance for another moment, before he spoke up again. "Ravage, I'm going to have to call you back. Somethings come up"

"Do you need Backup?"

"No no, it's nothing that serious," Orion reassured him. "But if I do need you I'll let you know."

With that, the other side of the line cut off and Orion began to make his way over to the bot. And as he got closer to him he began to take notice of some things of this individual.

For starters it was very, VERY clear that whoever this person was they were under great distress of some kind. They were hunkered down on their knees and clutching their head almost painfully tight in their hands as they twitched in place.

Then, as he gently closed the distance, he heard them speak.

And honestly whoever this guy was he sounded worst than he looked.

"Sounds. Lights. Tastes. Smells. Everywhere. So many..." the bot said as he clutched his head in his hands even tighter than before. Seemingly looking like he was trying to shut something out.

So with this, Orion finally got close enough to them, and spoke up to them.

"Excuse me?"

The reaction was practically immediate. The bot's head suddenly snapped up to him so fast he was sure the guy pulled something in the process.

Getting a better look at their appearance, Orion took notice of the bots frame.

It was mostly blue with white on the areas above the knees and elbows. And there was also a glass chest compartment door as well. For whatever reason it was built on him, Orion was sure.

However what stood out the most was the Red Visor.

Such a color was rare for Cybertronian's.

Regardless though Orion gently put his hands up as he got to his knee and knelt down to him. "easy now, I'm going to hurt you. I promise." He said in a soft and gentle tone, "who are you?"

"I... I do not know... so many..." the bot spoke, his voice sounding extremely stressed and broken. However he then looked back out to Orion and said "Orion. Your... name is Orion Pax."

Orion was, well, stunned. Not that you could blame him of course.

"Y-yes. But how did you-" he started before the bot interrupted him.

"I can see... I can hear... everyone. I can see everything about everyone."

Hearing that, Orion couldn't help but wonder how a bot like this didn't end up an institute. Not to mention how the functionalist would have an entire WEEK of field days with this bot.

Just thinking about it made him glad he got to this stressed bot first instead of someone else.

Still, what to do with him though.

It was clear that he couldn't just dump him somewhere without the risk of someone taking advantage of his abilities. And he certainly wasn't going to leave him here to suffer anymore than he already has.

So what to do then.

However, as Orion thought about it more... he suddenly realized he had the answer.

"Where... where are..." the bot started again, putting a hand on his head. "Who am I..? I am... can't shut anything out... so much... so terrible... all the voices... so terrible..."

"I know. And I'm sorry you had to go through with this for so long. But I promise it's going to be alright now." Orion tenderly said to the stranger.

"I... I didn't mean...it's emotions... so strong down here." The bot clarified, looking as apologetic as a child right now.

"I can imagine. Look, whatever you've experienced here it's going to get better for you now." Orion said as he looked him in the eye, "there's a friend of mine that I know, one who has an ability similar to yours. I can take you too him and he can help you focus your power."

"F-focus on what..?" The bot asked.

Smiling, Orion then placed a comforting hand on the bots shoulder, looked him his visor, and gave his answer.

"Anything you can."

And just like that... that wheels of fate turned in a different direction.

And that would be the Prologue ladies and Gentlemen. Hoped you enjoy it.

Anyway, I can probably tell you already figured out who the bot Orion found in those slums. And belive me, the chnage in history won't be very big but it'll definitely be big enough.

Either way though i hoped you enjoyed the prologue. And please stayed tune for more to come.